Birth of the KFCThe birth of KFC, aka-the Kinky Fuckery Club was established June 2012.  Why? you ask…well, to quote a phrase I found on pinterest, “I’d rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” pretty much sums it up! My dear friend Kelly and I have dabbled in the thought of a book club. But when talking about it, I said, “But then that means we need to read other books.” Well, we had a good laugh over that, since we were in the midst of our Fifty Shades revolving door.  We may have been on round 3 or 10 of the books (who’s really keeping track at this point?). Anyways, in order to keep our greysession going, a club that envelopes all the senses was born.  Why just read about Christian and Ana when we could live like Christian and Ana. But maybe I am jumping ahead to how crazy we like to take our hobbies to. Perhaps after this post, I should go back a few years and explain how first a friendship was born. Born out of a shared interest in all things Twilight. Yep, need to blog about all that later…..but back to KFC. So we have some other friends totally into the idea of taking a book club to the next level. And what shall be our first “field trip” on the agenda? Christian and Ana’s favorite breakfast spot-IHOP! Then it was off to a sex shop. Because we all need to see these silver ball things in person!

Stay tuned for my next blog-Pancakes, Bacon, and Balls-Oh My!