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ImageSo the first official meeting of KFC,the kinky fuckery club, got underway last Friday evening. With three members strong, (half the club couldn’t make it) we made our way downtown to the closest IHOP, where Christian and Ana have breakfast~so darn cute in the book, btw. First of all, color me happy because I have not been to an IHOP in years. Many, many years. And second, breakfast for dinner-heck yeah. The best idea for all us moms out there who cannot come up with one more clever idea for chicken. So needless to say, the thought of fluffy, warm pancakes made by someone else is heaven on a plate. And I had already made the decision in my head that I am going full throttle tonight….calories don’t exist since we are just pretending to be Ana. Pretending=not real…remember this when we need to “pretend” we are eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream for future Fifty Shades field trips. Anyways, our breakfast for dinner was delish. And to make the experience oh so Fifty, I placed my iphone in the middle of the table so we could listen to the Fifty Shades soundtrack as we ate. Nothing like a little Sade to sweeten up the mood! Three very happy ladies, indulging on chocolate, carbs, and caffeine. In the words of Anastasia Steele, “Oh my.”

Please look for the next installment of “Pancakes, Bacon, and Balls”, when we indulge the senses even further at Sugar~a most lovely adult toy store. Bring on the balls, baby….