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“…we’re scum! We suck!”( bending down and paying homage). No, this is not Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World meeting Alice Cooper. This is thing 1 and thing 2 (aka Michele and Kelly) meeting our beloved E L James herself!!! *note the shouty exclamation points!!!!!*. Yes, it’s true. In the hype of all things fifty in our lives at that very moment, our creator of all things sacred was coming to Maryland for a book signing. Are you kidding me? Kissing the Escala building in March and now this? Oh yeah, jump into the swagger wagon sister, we are going on a road trip! This was Ben & Jerry’s vanilla, the Red Room of Pain, and “that” silver tie all rolled into one!

Screeeeech….the braking sound of the swagger wagon. “What? I need a bracelet to get a book signed and I have to be there in person to get my bracelet?” umm…buzz kill. I do daycare and have to pick up my daughter from preschool. Clearly cannot do a 3 hour roundtrip car ride with daycare kids in tow. Could you imagine that conversation? “is it ok to bring your child to Bethesda this morning? I need a bracelet so I can get my precious book signed? Yes, the book that keeps me up til 3 in the morning and why you always see a coffee mug permanently placed in my left hand. Yes that’s the one. Ok if we go?”

Agreed, not a good conversation to tighten the parent/daycare provider relationship. So what’s a nice girl with a slight greysession to do? FREAK OUT is what. Call Kelly and freak out! Palms twitching while still holding my permanent coffee mug, and freaking out! Cannot miss E L James. Stay tuned for the next blog to hear how it all goes down. (truth be told, it’s 1:30 am and this girl needs to get to sleep. Would like to finish but then I’d need a permanent coffee mug in each hand tomorrow. Then how am I supposed to pick up any daycare kids? Another conversation not so good for the parent/ daycare relationship). Night and laters baby. Thanks for reading:)

↓ *yes that’s Kelly and me (Kelly’s the redhead, and I’m the Asian;) ) and yes, I am aware that Vogue is not calling anytime soon. It’s actually a still from the video taken in the parking garage. I don’t think the geniuses we are ever took an actual photo. But there we are, all excited and twitchy!!!