Good evening lovely people who are reading my blog! Of course, its 12:30 so it will probably be morning when most of you read this. A quick thank you for taking the time to do so, and please follow me on twitter! (@bale4fifty).

So, where did I leave off? No, not referring to my Charlie Brown’s teacher rant a post ago (whah whah whah, swagger wagon, whah whah whah whah whah)… I think it was me freaking out that I couldn’t get to Bethesda for my bracelet. Geez, I think I freak out a lot. You learn a thing or two about yourself with this blogging. But don’t tell my husband I admitted that…it would reverse tons of arguments from the past. Anyways, stay on track Michele before we start spewing at the mouth again..and stop talking to yourself, so not attractive.

In a nutshell, Kelly’s awesome friend Reenie agreed to do a 3 hour roundtrip car ride to fill in for me so that I would have my precious bracelet. (trying hard not to make a Gollum quote at this moment..oh crap but its screaming in my head right now. “My precious” ←insert Gollum voice). Ok done..not even a Lord of the Rings fan but that was sort of unavoidable. So got “my precious”, dang it sorry. So my poor friends, Kelly and Erica would now have to get back in the car only 4 hours later to do the trip again! We wanted to get there as early as possible, not knowing what the crowds would be like!

Living by the rule of never showing up anywhere without a little something something for the hostess of a party, I go to work on some special cupcakes for E L James. I run a cupcake business from my home called Oh Baked Goodness! and would love Ms. James to sample a few! In the end, I was pretty happy with my Fifty Shades of Grey cupcakes, but nervous as hell to actually give them to her.

So we all jump in the swagger wagon and head to the Barnes & Noble. Lovely ride since we boot up the Fifty Shades soundtrack and envision ourselves riding with Christian in the Audi R8. Gotta say that when the Thomas Tallis song comes on, you know the one that Christian tells Ana he’s always wanted to have sex to, it’s very distracting. So not a “look at us hot mamas cruising to meet E L” kinda song. Well, I can only speak for myself, but it’s more a “this song is putting me in the red room of pain with Christian and here come the inappropriate thoughts. And Erica is telling me directions but I can’t concentrate because my mask is on and the earbuds make it hard to hear.” Ok, we’ll just hit the arrow for the next song. Problem diverted by Toxic and I always giggle because one of my daycare cuties told me that song freaks her out.

So fyi, Bethesda is one hopping town! Right where the Barnes and Noble is, there are tons of restaurants, unique shops, and one big outdoor party! Loved it, and have got to get back there soon.

Once inside the bookstore, I am feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. The anticipation and excitement of what’s to come. And it’s in the air too. Small groups of girlfriends just chilling throughout the store, whispering and wondering the same things as the group next to them. We are all giddy schoolgirls-kinda like my daughter getting ready to watch Justin Bieber this morning on the Today show.

So we get in line and just hang with the rest of the 500+ greysessed fans! So fun- sharing stories, sizing each other up by comparing the # of times we’ve read the books. (5 times each for me to date. “You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.”) Oh wait, wrong obsession.

But yes Christian, you are an addiction. To me and every one if these women standing here. What’s amazing is the conviction in All of our voices as we proudly state who is “My Christian.” You can hear random names being thrown around. And all the reasoning behind their decisions. This is Fight Club waiting to happen. We all stand there, shaking our heads to show our understanding of why William Levy just has to be Fifty. But really we are all thinking “Sister, you crazy like Elena and I’ll throw a lemon martini in your face if you diss MY Christian.” Well maybe no martini but we are all standing with an awful tight grip on our books that could leave a nice shade of pink;) Seriously though, a great crowd of women with one goal in mind. To convince E L to cast their Christian;) Well probably not far from the truth, but we were all just really psyched to meet the lady who put kinky fuckery into our everyday conversation.

And then the moment of truth arrives. We hear the clapping and start looking around for our first glimpse. And then they introduce her Royal Highness!!! We all freak out of course, and then start primping quickly as if with one look, Ms. James will pluck us from line and declare we play Ana in the movie. Ok, well I thought that for a moment at least. But then I remembered I’m Asian and probably not sporting the right eyes that day. All good though because I’ve got cupcakes. And not just any cupcakes. First off, who cannot be happy over a baked good? Exactly. And a baked good with silver balls on them. And silver ties. And the Audi symbol. Oh yeah, this Asian gonna win Ms. James over with her cupcakes. And she better because this Asian is starting to get sweaty palms. Kelly and I have realized how pathetic and stupid we get in the presence of stardom. As I realize how long this story has gotten, I’ll get to the point and just say we’ve been to a Twilight convention or two. Not our shining moment when meeting Chaske Spencer (aka Sam). Met him twice including in an elevator ( go figure) and froze up like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Same when we got a picture with him. Imagine two frozen popsicles with smiles on either side of Chaske! So yes, suddenly I am wigging out in my head, I’m soooo nervous! Thank goodness for Erica, who flogged our asses and got us to buck up and put our big girl panties on.

E L was a treasure to be cherished! So sweet. So down to earth and humble. Almost lost my shit when I walked up to her but thank god the cupcakes speak for themselves! Best moment ever! She’s a ray of sunshine- could see us hanging in the swagger wagon and chilling to the Fifty soundtrack. As long as it’s not Thomas Thallis….. Can we say awwwkward!

Please check out the pics from the best day ever!!!Sorry, couldnt upload video right now. As always thank you for reading this ridiculously long post. Are you even still reading? Geez I just had vomit of the fingers on this one. Love to you all and Laters baby©