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Welcome back #greysessed fans! I hope you are enjoying my posts, and that you are caught up in reading them. At least read the last post, “The Boy I used to know” so that you understand what has been going on. I am not sure how all of you are handling your Greysession, but over here it seems like I can only handle one obsession at a time. But when a new greysession has taken over your thoughts, time, sleep, and overall welfare of your household~something’s gotta give. Well, for me it has been the once-loyal and loving relationship with Jakey. Yes, Jacob Black from Twilight.

Now, I’ll have you know that it didn’t start out all “hearts and flowers”, excuse the steal from Christian but there is bound to be a crossover of sorts with these things. When Twilight first emerged, I was not a Twihard from the get go. In fact, I hardly read. Ok, honestly I never read. I am a true magazine whore and still am. My bathroom is stacked with shiny magazines galore ranging from Rachel Ray to Us Weekly and every Twilight memorabilia keepsake magazine. Don’t know why I didn’t read much, but can’t imagine life without books now! Who turned me on to Twilight was my partner in crime, Kelly. Our daughters went to preschool together and that is how our friendship was born. She kept telling me to read the books and that I would love them but I wouldn’t budge. I actually saw the movie first, then afterwards was like, “Hand them babies over Sister.” And read them all in a week. I turned Twihard as fast as Jake can phase on the fly.

But my relationship with Jake did not flourish until New Moon. Until then I was all about Edward. That was until we realized that there was a $4 movie theatre about 25 minutes from our house and that New Moon was playing there. Kelly and I started going 1-2 times a week to see New Moon. And maybe after the 15th or so time (yes, you read right and you’d be there too if you could escape your kids for a night for $4) and for the record I will tell you that we probably saw New Moon about 40+ times. And I say that loud and proud. So obviously from previous posts, I like to take a passion and run with it. Really run…like marathon run. Tight like this peeps (fingers crossed), right? We all need a happy place and at that time is was called Beltway 6. Ok, so after the umpteenth viewing, there was that moment that bitchy Bella says, “don’t make me choose because it will be him. It’s always been him.” and poor Jakey, who has saved her dumb ass more times than Ana bites her lower lip, just stands there needing a group hug. And you can’t help but think, “geez I just love that kid.” How can you not love him? And for the record-I love,love, love Edward in the books and generally speaking. But for god’s sakes, can he look any worse in New Moon and Eclipse? That’s another whole blog in itself and I don’t want to go all Joan Rivers on the red carpet here. Dang it I have to just say one thing and I’ll move on…green hoodie. Seriously costume department????? Like Edward friggin Cullen would ever wear a green “I rushed here as soon as I could but was studying while wearing this horrendous looking sweatshirt.” And the dumb hair to boot. All you Edward lovers have now unfollowed me, but c’mon you were thinking it too;)

So ever since our marathon run at Beltway 6, Kelly and I have loved that sweet wolf. More than I care to share with you until the background check from Welch has been approved;) Below is the continuation of emails that tell the story of Jacobgate and (spoiler alert!) how eventually he and Christian cross each others paths. xoxo


From: Jacob Black


Date: April 1 2012 9:03

To: Michele

Are you serious with the shouty capital reference? Don’t feel like arguing with you, or whatever it is we are doing. Just miss ya…sending you a pic and a little music reference to make you smile and think of me:)