From: Jacob black
Subject: copyright?
Date: April 08:05
To: Michele

Hey. Thanks for the song i guess but you know I’m not 100% good with being a wolf and all. But glad my cargos still hold a special place for you. So explain the” laters ” blah blah blah, copyright signature. And don’t lie to me because I’ve been researching this Fifty Shades crap. You are not Ana FYI. Oh surprised I know her name? Your lil jakey has had lots of time since Bella ditched me for Mr Sparkles. And then I get the ©? I’m on to what’s going on. It’s called an adrenaline rush. You can google it. And why do I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere? Anyways, I feel like I’m losing us. What does this book have that I don’t? Tell me because I really don’t want to read it.
From, shaky paws Jakey ps- look what I found on facebook. Sorry I’m now stalking you to get answers. Have you forgotten what your first Escala was? See pic #2 for a reminder.



Btw- know this song? My new stalker anthem for you since you won’t tell me anything. I’m kidding! Who would want a stalker for a boyfriend?? 😉