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Thanks to all of you who gave me such wonderful and supportive feedback from my last post. I am filled with GREYtitude to be surrounded by loving, caring, and hilarious friends who can get me out of a “pickle” in a heartbeat! One of the things I have realized is that we all just want to be heard and feel connected with others. Right? I mean, that is why we facebook, twitter, etc. But want to in a way that does not offend or does not offend us. Log on to twitter and the tweets are a mile a minute with everyone’s choice for Ana and Christian. Do I agree with all of them? Hell to the NO!!!! In fact, I’ve learned to just read and move on because I am adamant in my choice as well. And I definitely have a strong opinion who is NOT suitable as well, but I do try to keep that to myself (and Kelly). What is important to remember in these open forums, is that “everyone is different”, as I have said in my prior post. And in keeping with that motto, I have befriended a great group of pickles that make me laugh, make my kids think I am crazy from all my outbursts from inappropriate tweets, and make me see William Levy as a wonderful candidate~holy caliente!!! Somewhere on twitter I posted something like this when things started getting too heated in the race for casting Christian, “The Crayola box of Christian crayons has 64 Shades to pick from. Let’s all respect each others choice in shade.” And I try to keep to that when Twitter starts giving me twitchy palms over casting. Makes a sister want to break all those damn crayons and leave 1 shade to pick from:) ….ok, chanting mantra….and…I’m good. Let’s stop talking crayons and get back to talking shapes…triangles that is!
From: Jacob Black
Date: April 13 2010 10:24
Subject: Putting your face on a milk carton now…
To: Michele
hey….where are u????? I am sure you are now ignoring me since the “backhand” remark and I’m sorry. I’ve been in Canada, running thru the woods and just thinking. I can’t wrap my head around this Christian guy. Do you really want to be spanked, whipped, and flogged? I mean, this is a huge step up from wanting to cuddle in my camoflauge blanket. Speaking of blankets, do you even use your once beloved Jakey blanket? The one you paid to have made from all your t-shirts..yes that one. Or maybe you have moved on to being tied to the bed instead. Yes, I told you I would love you until your heart stops beating, but at what price? I worry…and I am gonna say it because it needs to be said. WHO IS CHRISTIAN GREY ANYWAYS? How can you have the same level of obsessive behavior when he has no face?!?! riddle me that one sister. I am out of words and don’t want to beg.(hold your tongue with the dog comments, you’re not Rosalie). To sum it up I’ll give you an 80’s quote since you just love that era. It’s from Pretty in Pink, and to be quite frank, I’m feeling a lot less wolf and more like Duckie. Yep, I am Duckie to your Blaine. So here you go….but still love you.
“Well, here’s the point Andie. I’m not particularly concerned whetheror not you like me, because I live to like you and…I can’t like you anymore. So…
so..when you’re feeling real low and…and dirty, and your heart is splattered all over, don’t look to me to pump you back up, cause.. ’cause…’cause maybe for the first time in your life I WON’T BE THERE!” (Duckie, Pretty in Pink) http://youtu.be/fDFmRETqKTs ←bonus
I hope this is at least still keeping you warm:(
From: Michele
Date: April 14 2012 10:26
Subject: I am alive
To: Jacob Black
Don’t send out the milkman, I am here. Just figuring it all out. And to be quite honest, it sounds as if you don’t want to hear from me anyways, Duckman. That was a pretty harsh quote there, wouldn’t you say? I still care about you, very deeply. And of course my Asian ass will be front and center on November 16th, cheering you on. And I’ll have my “Forks Gets Me Wet” t-shirt, because you know we both love the double takes it gets. But shall we mention what is to go down that night? One word, Renesmee. Oh, how things have shifted (no pun intended) my little wolf friend. Maybe it’s me who should be worried that you will no longer be available as King of Obsessionland anymore. A little girl, and I stress “girl”, is making her way onto the big screen. Hmmmm, what’s a WOMAN to do? Seems to me like I am not the only one who’s joined the circus. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I direct your attention to the high wire for a balancing act…” Cue the circus music because I think Marty the zebra is coming on in!!!! (duh duh datta datta da da da da)….just sayin..Balls in your court now dog;) xo, Ring Master Michele
**and here’s your own personal circus act! Enjoy the song! Laters, baby©