Welcome readers! I have something totally new here and I hope you love it! How many times have you read the books and then had your own visions or fantasies of who/when/what and how a scene goes down? Because I know I’ve been to the Red Room of Pain more than a few  times with Christian Bale. But I am not here to play and say. What happens in the Red Room stays in the Red Room:) So, here is your chance to vote for your favorite elements of Fifty Shades. Will it be Matt Bomer with Amanda Seyfried in the Red Room using the flogger with Closer by Nine Inch Nails booming in the background? Yes, sounds very Clue-like, but no murder mysteries here. Just putting together a lovely BDSM scene amongst friends! This is all in fun, so no twitchy palms if your Christian doesn’t make the cut. After a week, the results will be announced! When the first round of polling is done, a new poll will take place. So instead of having 7 or 8 or 20 Christian wannabe’s, we will do multiple polls to keep it fresh. And each weekly poll will have brand new names, positions, and music~OH MY! Stats will be hidden, but visit my blog often for updates, new posts, and all things Fifty Shades. Ok, its time to play along in my GREYsessed room of games and see what scene wins out in the end. Vote away and may the best Christian win! Polls open for a week~good luck! Love & laters, baby©