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And without further adieu, here is the winning combination for your first “Fifty Shades of Grey, written by You!”

***Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Emme Rossum as Anastasia Steele. You would like them to have sex standing up with Ana’s legs around his waist while in an elevator. Your choice music is Sex on Fire, and your adult toy choice is the silver balls! *** Please look for Poll #2 and participate! 

Love, and laters©, Michele
     Christian and I fall into the backseat of the Audi, exhausted from the evening and ready to get back to the Escala. The ball at Carrick and Grace’s home had been a most wonderful evening. I now understand how Cinderella felt when she rode up to the castle for her enchanted night. Between my beautiful gown and five-inch matching stilettos, I truly played the princess part tonight. But what stands out as my favorite part of playing dress-up, are the insanely gorgeous diamond drop earrings from my Christian. As we drive off, I caress one of the earrings affectionately between my thumb and forefinger. The diamond is smooth between my fingers as I drift back remembering that moment. Christian had been so nervous, and seeing him like that makes my heart swell with emotion. Presenting it to me as his “second chance” gift was my own Cinderella moment. Not for the diamonds themselves, but the meaning behind them. My Fifty, who had found his way back to me, just like Cinderella’s prince and her glass slipper. Only now the wicked stepmother of my fairytale has yet to let us live happily ever after. I am quickly reminded of this by the heavy silence in the air.
     “Are you going to be okay soon?” I murmur cautiously as I turn to face Christian. He is looking out the window into the dark sky, and I can see just by the profile of his beautiful face that he is still raging.
     “I will be, as soon as I deal with Elena and her bullshit.” he says with anger in his voice. “I was having a perfectly pleasant evening until she showed up with that letter to you.” I couldn’t agree more. Our perfect evening had just been sabotaged in an instant and he wasn’t the only one twitching their palms for once.
    “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it right now Christian. So let’s just try to relax and enjoy the ride home, ok?” And I do mean what I say, but my inner goddess is trying not to show her smirky self and indulge in his mood over Mrs. Cradle Robber. I lean over and put my hand over his. I caress gently and cautiously, not knowing if my affections are wanted at this moment.
     A slow smile comes across his face. “Thank you,” he says as he leans my way and kisses my forehead. “You’ve been amazing with all this fucked up mess that is me. And here you are trying to comfort me, when I should be the one comforting you. I apologize for that. It’s just that I am so f’ing angry and I don’t want to take it out on you.” I don’t know if it’s because I am really on a slight high over his anger towards Elena, or his sweet apology because of her, but I am suddenly turned on. “Go! Go! Go,” cheers my inner goddess, or maybe it’s my lower half now talking. But if Christian is that mad, then maybe I should save the cheering for when I know my team is on track for a guaranteed victory.
     Oh screw it, he’s already mad so what could it hurt? I take my hand off of his and slowly move it towards his groin. “Ana,” he says surprised at my gesture. “Not now.”
I continue to make my way down until I reach his zipper. I can feel that he is quite the opposite of “not now,” which I continue to take advantage of by caressing his erection. His breathe grows heavy as mine does the same. Damn it, this is only going to go so far with Taylor inches away.
     Christian puts his hand over mine and pulls it away. Seriously? I was just getting in the zone. Jeez, has Mr. Mercurial crashed the party?  I give him a disappointed look, but before I know it I’m being pushed onto my back. Oh, it looks I was wrong and playful Christian has shown up to the party and guess who’s dessert! He leans up and pushes a button on the remote for the stereo. “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon starts playing through the surround sound speakers. Ah, perfect mood music. Love me a full experience kinda man.
     “Why Mr. Grey, that was quite rude of you to interrupt me.” I say with a smirk.
He doesn’t answer me. Instead he has a hand up my dress and is pulling my panties down. Holy crap, he’s the Dale Earnhardt Jr of panty dropping and I am a race car raring to go. Sudden, he is holding up the silver balls and gives a sexy as hell grin. “I would tell you to suck on these, but something tells me we don’t need any lubricant.”
     Oh. My. God. I practically come with that very sexy, very true statement. Cinderella is about to attend another ball. In her crotch.
     Christian leans down and we are now face to face. That electric spark I know and love envelopes us, full of lust and need. Slowly his lips find mine. Breathing heavy, he parts my lips with his tongue and he enters my mouth. Does kissing get any more passionate than this?  At the same time, his hands are under my dress and spreading my legs open. God I hope Taylor is zoning out to the music! His hand cups me entirely and it takes total control not to moan out loud. He moves his forefinger over my clitoris, slowly. Almost painfully slow. My body is one giant ball of sensory overload. He rubs his finger up and down but pausing in between each rub. It’s like shock waves thru my every cell. But Christian knows what he is doing. He’s slowing seducing me, knowing that if he goes any faster, any harder, we will both explode.
     Then suddenly, he stops. What? Who invited the orgasm police to the party? As I start to ask, he inserts one ball then the next. What the? I shutter in his arms, and  don’t know whether to come or cry. The balls feel… oh so good, but I’m left wanting more in other parts of my body.
     Christian sits up and adjusts his pants. I look up at him, questioning him with my eyes. “Sit up beautiful, we are almost home.” he says nonchalantly. The song has ended and “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak begins. How Fifty Shades fitting. I sit up and adjust my dress while taking a quick glance up at Taylor. He seems oblivious but I also know he wasn’t born yesterday. We’ve really got to start driving ourselves around.
     We sit for the rest of the ride as if we never got ballsy in the first place. But I am overly aware of the ball situation going on down south. Is it me, or did this road just get really bumpy? Between the fact that he left me wanting more of his magical fingers, and the ball game going on in my own private court, I am going to lose it . Soon.
     “Ms. Steele, are you enjoying the ride home?” I shoot him a look of I don’t know what. Perhaps it’s a” I’m so turned-on, left hanging, going to combust, what’s with all the bumps like I’m Laura Ingalls riding on a wagon, can’t believe I let you do this to me” look. Yea, pretty much sums it up. “You are a sight to look at, Ana. And try to relax, we are almost there.” Did he just making fun of me?
     Almost there, indeed. I look out the window, relieved I see the Escala coming into view. I need to get out of this car and quickly. Or Taylor is going to get to know me on a whole new level.
     “I can’t wait to get into the elevator.” Christian whispers softly, he’s almost mouthing it. “Then I get to finish what I started,” he says with eyes burning with desire. Fuck, this man is going to be the death of me.
     We pull up to the Escala and I quickly grab my panties off the floor and shove them into my purse. I gather my dress in my hands so I am ready to jump out of the car as soon as we come to a stop. “Are we feeling a bit eager, Ms. Steele?” He’s grinning from ear to ear, obviously enjoying the hot mess that is me. “Good things come to those who wait,” he says as he opens the door. I don’t answer him. In fact, I am trying hard to block his voice out because every word he says is like a moth to a flame.
      I get out of the car and walk past him quickly. Oh jeez! The balls! I forgot for a moment about them, but am quickly reminded as I try to pick up my pace. The balls start moving faster as I do. Crap! Taylor and Christian are both behind me, but I’ve got to slow down my walking. I am about to fall to the driveway over too much stimulation. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Christian trying to keep from laughing. Very funny, Fifty. I’d love to remove these balls and whip them at the smirk on his face if only I had the balls to do so. Ha! Now we are both smirking, but for different reasons! 
     We finally make it to the elevator. The elevator! Wait! Taylor is with us, which means I am going to have to hold out until we get into the penthouse. My inner goddess is now sitting on the sidelines, throwing a hissy fit. I see Christian whisper something to Taylor. “No worries, I’ve got it Sir,” Taylors says as he turns and walks back towards the garage.
     “I forgot my phone in the Audi, he’s going to get it. He’ll meet up with us later,” Christian says, practically giddy. Oh, game on!
     We stand outside the elevator doors, waiting. Christian stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. “Mmm, you smell divine Ana. Good enough to eat,” he whispers into my ear. Then his tongue slowly makes its way onto my earlobe. Slowly he starts twirling his tongue all over, then he starts sucking on it. I can’t take this torture anymore. Where is the damn elevator already? His hands around my waist are now slowly inching downward, but he stops abruptly with the ding of the elevator. Thank you Mr. Elevator, you and your ding.
     Christian scoops me up, taking me by complete surprise. He carries me into the elevator and then slowly puts me down. He pushes the penthouse button in a flash and makes his way back to where I am waiting against the wall of the elevator. He crashes into me, kissing me hard on the lips as if his life depended on it. “I want you so bad Anastasia. I need to fuck you right here, right now,” as he pulls my dress up to my waist. His hand goes right to my clitoris, and I let out a long moan. God, it feels so good to get that out. His fingers work their magic, bringing me closer and closer with each caress. I’m nearly there from all the teasing in the car. “Ana, after you come I am going to fuck you against this wall. And hard. I want to feel you come all around me.”  
     Those words are enough, and I finally explode. “Oh my…! Aaaah. I continue to moan and grasp onto Christian to prevent collapsing to the floor. And just as I start to come down, he pulls out the balls, sending me into another tailspin. “Ah! Oh god, yes!” I am convulsing with pleasure as my orgasm feels like it is from head to toe.
     “Yes, baby. I love watching you come,” Christian whispers as he undoes his pants. He lifts me and says “Wrap your legs around my waist,” as he enters me. “Oh my god, Ana. You are so wet.” He pushes against me, my back against the elevator. “Christian,” I moan. He responds by thrusting into me hard. it is unbelievablly deep in this position. Hitting that spot inside of me, I am not going to last much longer. “Christian, Christian,” I mutter. It is so good.
     “I know baby, but don’t come just yet,” he commands nicely. Then he slows down his thrusts and removes one arm from around my waist. He lets up on the pressure of his body against mine and leans up. And what he does next is so mind-blowing good. He squeezes his hand down in between where we are connected and finds my clitoris. Holy shit! He picks up the pace and starts moving hard into me while massaging me. There. Only moments later, I start coming and hard. I can’t take it. “Aaaaah, Aaaaah, Christian! ” I call out loudly. The orgasm seems like it’s forever and I am seeing stars.
     “You. Are. Mine.” His voice soft like velvet. And then he climaxes  while embracing me, our breathing in unison. We stay in this position, lost in each others eyes.”You are so beautiful Ana. In so many ways,” he sweetly says while looking into the depths of my soul. And I am lost completely in him. Suddenly the elevator stops. We quickly come back to earth and compose ourselves in a timely fashion.
     As the doors open, Christian leans in and whispers, “I hope you are not tired, Ms. Steele. Because I hear this place has a Red Room of Pain, and I am still in the mood to play.”
     What’s that I hear? Oh, just my inner goddess up and cheering, “Red room, red room!” Ok, I guess it’s game on!