Thank you GREYsessed fans for voting and being part of my blog! Sincere thanks to all of you for the encouraging and kind words throughout this fun process! And the winners are….
Ian Somerhalder as Christian and Emilia Clark as Anastasia. The song choice is Wicked Games by Chris Isaak. You want to see them in the kitchen with the Bollinger wine. Playful Christian was the choice by 1 vote! and you chose Ana to be tied up by Christian (yum)!
Here’s your Fifty Shades scene….hope it brings some kink to your Sunday! Love, & Laters©, Michele
I wake up in Christian’s warm, cozy bed. What time is it? I look out the window to see dusk setting in, with light hues of pink hovering over the Seattle skyline. Mmm, I could get used to this. Christian, his bed, and this lovely view. Speaking of Christian, where is he? Just as I’m about to get up to look for him, I hear my Blackberry buzzing. I pick it up to see I have a new email. Oh, from Christian and from an hour ago! How long was I asleep?
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Sleepyhead
Date: June 3 2011 18:25
To: Anastasia Steele
I apologize for not being there when you woke from you nap. I had to go into the office to take care of something and didn’t want to wake you, although I was having a lovely time watching you sleep. I shouldn’t be too much longer. Hopefully we can continue to celebrate your new job when I get back. Oh, and no touching the rope without me. I’ll know if you do;)
Laters©, Christian
CEO with eyes on the back of my head, Grey Enterprises Inc.
From: Anastasia Steele
Date: June 3 2011 19:35
Subject: Alien?
To: Christian Grey
I was lonely when I woke in your bed, but I had the smell of you to keep me happy. I hope you are on your way back sooner than later. And what’s with the orders about the rope? You know how I am about rules;) So keep your twitchy palms and alien eyes stowed. I better not come to find out there are some sort of nanny cams watching my every move either.
Ana, your E.T. (Extra-Terrestrial) Lover
Ha, that should give him something to think about on his ride home! And was that a winky eyed smile in his email? I do love playful Christian! But Jeez, is he serious about the rope? Control freak much?
I put the Blackberry down and walk over to the dresser with the rope on it. I can’t help but smile, thinking back to Christian admitting that his appearance at Clayton’s was by no means a coincidence. It was Mr. Mad Stalker Skills at his finest, showing up to see me. Although flattered I suppose, his stalking tendencies have no boundaries. I stand there looking at the 5 yards of tie me up, tie me down and now have an overwhelming urge to touch it. And how would Christian ever know? As I look to the ceiling and my surroundings for a camera hidden somewhere. Oh, get a grip Ana. And talk about snarky eyes on heads, I swear that rope is now looking at me. Taunting me to touch it. What to do, what to do. I put my hand out over it, and slowly brush over the rope. Nothing exciting about it, or is there? Because part of me has just come alive. I quickly pull my hand back and feel like a kid that took a cookie from the cookie jar when Mom wasn’t looking.
As I stand there, all crazy, gone rogue on the rope, the million dollar question crosses my mind. What do I tell Mr. Controlling when he asks if I touched it, because I know he will. Do I go with door #1 or door #2? My head is saying that either way it’s, “C’mon down Ana because you have won yourself an all-expense paid trip to the Red Room of Pain.” And my inner goddess is also suddenly up and giddy, looking to give me a fist pump. But I now see what’s just happened. Christian has put out an order, knowing I hate them, and is probably getting twitchy in numerous places with the idea of what I will do. I’ve suddenly gone from “Alex, I’ll take 2 orgasms for $100 please,” to being spun on the Wheel of Fortune, and Christian is controlling that wheel. Dang it, how does he do that?
I decide to give up on trying to figure this out and head to the kitchen for a drink. I enter the enormous kitchen that still baffles me every time I’m in it. The state of the art kitchen could hold my entire apartment in it! I open the fridge and see there’s a bottle of the Bollinger champagne. “An excellent year,” I say out loud with a smile. Champagne in teacups, a sweet memory. I take a drink, and it is refreshing and yes, Christian has great taste. I fish my iPod out of my purse and hook it into the speaker dock on the counter. I guess I’ll just relax while I wait for him to get home. The music starts as I settle into the stools along the breakfast bar. Wicked Games by Chris Isaak starts coming through the speakers. Ah, this is a great song. I’ve always loved it, but it somehow brings on a whole new meaning now. “What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way/What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you.”
I suddenly jump from Christian’s hands on my shoulders. “Startle you, Ms. Steele?” I was so zoned out by the music, that I didn’t hear him come in. He comes around to face me and kisses me softly on the lips. “I love what I’ve come home to. You, hot sex music, and an excellent year in your champagne glass,” he says with a grin. Ah, seems like playful Christian is still present. “So, have you had curious fingers while I’ve been away?” he asks sheepishly.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, Mr. Grey,” I reply with a playful tone and a grin. If he wants to play this game, then count me in. Perhaps its the Bollinger taking effect, but this girl is ready to see what he’s got.
Christian doesn’t respond, but instead turns and walks towards the bedroom. Is he seriously going to check on the darn rope? Crap, did I move it when I touched it? I can’t remember for the life of me, and part of me is nervous and the other excited. Christian comes walking out of the bedroom with a slow swagger, and holding the rope in his hands. He’s rubbing it slowly while his eyes are locked on mine. Damn, he’s hot. Wearing his white button down shirt, untucked from the do me now grey flannel pants. Yes, the ones that hang, there. And barefoot. Breathe Ana. But it’s hard to when he looks the way he does, and is now giving a massage to this lucky piece of rope.
Standing right in front of the stool I am on, he looks at me and says, “Someone has been naughty.” And my lower half has just caught on fire. Decide Ana, admit or lie.
“Again, I don’t know what you are talking about Christian,” I say again, only with less conviction perhaps because my inner goddess is ready to raise her hands and say,”Yes, we stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Now show me whatcha gonna do about it!” But no, I am grounded in playing his game and being last one standing with her all expense trip.
“Well, if you aren’t going to tell me nicely then I guess I’ll have to force it out of you,” he says as he walks around the stool. And before I can turn around to see what he’s doing, he has both my arms behind my back and is tying my wrists together. And not just my wrists, but the rope is looped thru the back of the stool, attaching me to it. Well, I know who earned his rope learning badge from Boy Scouts with no problem.
“And what do you think you are going to do to me?” I ask with hesitation, because it really doesn’t matter to ask. Me and the stool are now in this together, so he’s now got the upper hand.
“Well, Anastasia, perhaps I should torture an answer out of you. And no, not that kind of torture,” he quickly adds probably from my eyes suddenly popping out of my face. “You may enjoy this torture, who knows. I guess we’ll have to start and find out.”
He bends down and puts his mouth to mine, but doesn’t touch me. I can feel our breath become one he’s so close. Eyes locked on mine, he puckers his lips ever so slightly and suddenly I am warm all over. He softly places his tongue over my lips and caresses them. Ah, this is hot. I wiggle in the stool, aware of things other than my lips wanting part of his tongue.
Christian then stands up and then takes his hands and parts my legs on either side of the stool. “I am happy to see you still wearing this lovely nightie, makes for easy access,” he says as he lifts the sea-foam blue lace nightie I’m wearing. He lifts it just enough to expose my now wet panties. “Oh, I don’t think we are going to need these anymore.” And there he goes again with the statements that practically make a girl come. And Earnhardt hands are once again at their job and have my panties off in one slick move. “Now that’s more like it,” he says as his hand goes right to that place. I quiver on the stool, and realize being tied up is going to make things hard. He has his hand over me, but doesn’t move. “Now Ms. Steele, wouldn’t it be lovely if I just moved my finger ever so slightly to rub your clitoris?” His hand is warm and I can feel myself yearning for more.
“It would, but I am not going to beg,” I answer. Crap, how long will this play out? I don’t think I have it in me to go to the bonus round of the game. Part of me just wants to give in and get my ginzu knife parting gift and an orgasm. “And what does it matter if I touched your precious rope?”
“Because I asked you not to, and I want to experience all things new with you. I don’t think it was too much to ask. So please just answer me so I can make you come then fuck you on the counter,” he says commanding yet is hot as hell. I don’t answer him for what seems forever, and then he suddenly moves his middle finger across my now swollen clitoris. It takes me by surprise and a loud moan escapes my mouth. “Christian, please'”a beg unwarranted escapes me. .
“Please what Anastasia? Make you come on this stool? Or please stop? What would you like?” He strokes me again, making me pant helplessly because I can hardly move.
“If I tell you, will you let me come?” I have to ask because I don’t know how much more I can take.
“Yes, but if the answer is yes, you touched it, then I think you are going to have to beg me to come,” as he slips in one of his fingers.
“Oh god, Christian. Please.”
“Please what, Ms. Steele. You’ll have to explain what it is you want.” He has his finger inside me, but doesn’t move. It’s torture.
And because I cannot take another minute I surprise myself with, “Please Christian, make me come. Make me come so hard, I am screaming your name. Then I want you to untie me, take me into the Red Room and have your way with me.”
Widened eyes overtake Christian’s beautiful face. He is obviously stunned by my outburst and stands frozen for a split second. Wow, I’ve managed to shock the unshockable. “Oh Ms. Steele, you have no idea how incredibly hot that was.” And he leans down and starts to kiss me. Our tongues entwined, his finger starts moving to the same rhythm.
“Ooooh yes,” I moan. I am totally turned on by this whole scenario. With my hands behind my back, I have no choice but to succumb to him. Then, he inserts another finger and starts moving faster. “Oh my god, Christian.” I am moaning, squirming on the stool, and about to explode.
“Yes baby, that’s it. I want to hear you come loud, ” he says as his other hand finds my clitoris and I come hard while screaming his name.
I am dead weight in the stool, exhausted from coming. Christian walks to the back of the stool and undoes the knot in the rope. “I declare this Ana free,” he says as my arms drop to my sides. I muster up a giggle, love me a playful Christian.
“So Ms. Steele, I do recall a request for the Red Room.” And I am suddenly livening up. “You look nicely fucked Ana, so I’ll carry you in, and uh, won’t be so hard on you,” he says as a grin comes across his face. “Ready, beautiful?”
I fist pump my inner goddess, who’s chanting, “Winner, winner chicken dinner!” Winner alright. This girl has her ginzu knives in one hand and her all expense paid trip in the other. Now let’s go see what’s behind the Red Room of Pain’s door #2!!!