Happy Friday GREYsessed fans! I just got home from a trip to NJ for work, ugh. It’s 3:00 am and feeling restless from the enormous coffee I drank while cruising the NJ turnpike. I should be going to sleep since I have to be up at 6:30 to do a cupcake order. Yes, it’s obvious that I wear many hats and my hat rack has runneth over. But we are leaving for the weekend, and not sure if the house we rented has wi-fi, so I am getting this blog out to you (hopefully), since last night I stayed up til 3 and I somehow wiped out the entire post. Cried, stomped, and pleaded with the Google gods to send me my story back. No such luck, so here we go again. This is for all my GREYsessed friends, especially you Maroon 5 fans! Luv you all, thanks for reading/supporting/tweeting me! Love & laters, Michele
Watch the sunrise
Say your goodbyes
Off we go
Some conversation
No contemplation
Hit the road, car overheats
Jump out of my seat
On the side of the highway baby
Our road is long
Your hold is strong
Please don’t ever let go Oh No
I know I don’t know you
But I want you so bad
Everyone has a secret
But can they keep it
Oh No they can’t

I’m driving fast now
Don’t think I know how to go slow
Where you at now
I feel around
There you are

Cool these engines
Calm these jets
I ask you how hot can it get
And as you wipe off beads of sweat
Slowly you say “I’m not there yet!” (Secrets, by Maroon 5)

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Driving Miss Daisy
Date: June 12, 2011 08:24
To: Christian Grey
Good morning, Mr. Grey. I hope you are having a good day at work. I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening, despite all the drama with Mrs. Robinson. You surely made up for it during the ride home. And the ride up. (in the elevator that is!) Just a thought, perhaps it would be nice to drive just the two of us sometime. What do you think of that Miss Daisy? Perhaps I could make it worth your time!?
Anastasia Steele
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Commissioning Editor, SIP
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Driving me Crazy
Date: June 12, 2011 08:33
To: Anastasia Steele
Point well taken, Ms. Steele. Although the thought of driving alone with you is intriguing, it is wise to keep Taylor with us for the time being. With Leila missing, it’s best we keep to the usual vanilla driving arrangement. I’ll see you after work. Miss you.
Christian Grey
aka-Ms. Daisy & CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc
Humph. My inner goddess crosses her arms in disapproval. This mess with Leila is starting to get on my last nerve. I had plans for a private drive with Christian, and now it seems it’s on hold until he finds Leila. Or is it? I can’t stop thinking about the lovely trip home from his parents’ charity event, and his “balls to the wall” stint in the car. With me being the wall of that expression. So now the thought of driving with Christian again has me all hot and bothered. But my walls are thinking of something new and different. Perhaps it’s time for me to turn the tables on Ms. Daisy and take the driver’s seat into my own hands.
I call Taylor, and basically lie through my teeth. Man, he is tough one. But I guess when you have to answer to Mr. Control Freak, toughness comes with the job. Well, if all goes according to my plan, both Taylor and Daisy will not stay mad. At least for not too long.
I go to the closet and pick out my outfit. The amount of clothes hanging with tags is mind-boggling. It’s like my own private department store, stocked with enough clothes and accessories to never repeat an outfit. But I am thankful for the abundance of clothes to pick from today. I grab what I need and head out to find Taylor.
“Are you sure Mr. Grey approves of this?” asks Taylor as he pulls into Grey Enterprises. “I still feel like I should call Christian and double-check with him.”
“Yes, Taylor. It’s fine. Trust me, please,” I say with as much conviction as I can without sounding like it’s forced. “I see Sawyer up ahead. Don’t worry about me.” I give a quick smile to him and hop out before he can continue to question me.
Whew, step one complete. Now to step two, which entails me to channel my inner silver balls and go for it. Breathe, Ana. I let out a huge breath of air and head to the elevators.
Once inside the elevator, I push the button to go up to Christian’s office. Seriously, what really is it about elevators? Perhaps it’s all the kinky fuckery I seem to have everytime I’m in one with Christian. No worries, because I am getting that warm and fuzzy feeling which in this case is going to be in my favor. The elevator dings to let me know I’ve arrived at Christian’s floor. I step out into the very quiet foyer. All I can hear is a low hum coming from the overhead lighting. Everyone is gone for the day, just as I had hoped. Ok sister, time to step it into high gear and see how far we can ride Miss Daisy!
As I approach the door to Christian’s office, I can hear the faint sound of his voice on the phone. Butterflies are taking over my stomach and my palms are suddenly wet from nervous sweat. Get a grip! my inner goddess screams from the passenger seat.
I give her the stink eye as I reach for the doorknob.
My eyes lock on Christian’s as he stands with his mouth gaping open, phone in hand. “I’m going to have to call you back.” And he hangs up the phone instantly.
“Ms. Steele?”
“Yes, Christian. That’s my name,” I say with my eyes still locked on his. Refusing to be the first to address the fact that I am standing in his door, only wearing 5 inch black stilettos and a lovely silk Coach scarf around my neck.
“Uh, umm, I mean, nice scarf. I am pleased to see you wearing it.” He is standing still, unmoving. “Uh, what, or rather why are you here?”
“Well, I found this lovely scarf in the closet and I thought I’d come by to thank you personally,” I respond as I walk over to his desk. “It is silk and feels just lovely on my skin. Perhaps I should let you feel it as well.”
“It must be some really silky silk for you to come all the way here to let me feel it,” he says as he turns to face me. “And may I note how cold it is?” as he looks directly at my hardened nipples.
“I bet they feel silky too, but that’s not why I am here,” I say as I take off the scarf from around my neck. Christian’s eyes fixated on my every movement, and I am aware that he is sort of deer in the headlights at the moment. Perfect. Fist pumping perfect.
“Well, you are naked and in my office Ms. Steele. Another first. And now I’d love for you to explain your plan quickly before I throw you on this desk and fuck your brains out.”
Oh, that was hot. And yes, I would love to get up close and personal with the lovely cherry desk next to me, but Operation Silk Scarf is now unfolding itself and ready for action. “As enticing as that is, I had other thoughts Mr. Grey. In fact, I need you to sit your fine ass in your chair.” I look at him with confidence although my lower half is starting to quiver. I am also aware of the moistness that is now between my legs.
Christian just looks at me, not showing any reaction. Then a slight smirk escapes him and I breathe a sigh of relief. “As you wish,” he says as he walks with his sexy-as-hell swagger. And I notice he’s wearing THOSE pants. The you can do anything to me in those pants that hang just right.
He sits down in the chair I am holding out for him. Then I stand behind him and place the scarf around his eyes. As I go to tie it in the back, Christian turns to face me. “What’s this?” he asks almost nervous.
“Don’t you trust me Christian? Or shall we have a safe word?” I ask as I finish tying the silk scarf around his head. He relaxes his shoulders and I can sense he’s thinking this thru. “Mine is popsicle, so you can’t use that one. Sorry.” And I wonder if he’s going to play this out or not.
“Oh, Ms. Steele, I see where this is going. But I am not sure I need one,” he says with a tone I don’t think I want to hear. So I decide not to wait for his safe word and turn his chair outwards to face me and I get down on my knees.
“Since you don’t think you need one, I guess I will just get down to business. And please keep on the scarf, it helps you to feel things more intensely” I say as I drop my head towards his bulging erection. I unzip his pants and reach under his Calvin’s to take hold of him. I pull his underwear down a bit to get a better grasp.
“Ah, Ana. That feels good,” he mutters as I put my mouth to him and start licking the tip of his penis. “Ana, Jeez.” I lower my tongue, circling it around and take in the taste of my own personal ice cream cone. Vanilla ice cream cone.
Christian starts moaning and grasping the arms of his leather chair. This gets me even hotter, and I take him in my mouth completely. God, he tastes good and I am loving what my tongue can do to him. He reaches down to my breasts, and starts fondling my nipples as I continue to suck and lick him completely. “Mmm,” I moan deep in my throat. Reacting to me, he takes each nipple and squeezes them, forcing me to stop sucking to let out a moan that can’t be contained.
“Ana, I want to see you sucking me,” he says in a soft commanding voice.
I shake my head no, refusing to stop my rhythm. Afraid he is going to try to take control of my ice cream social I’ve got
going on, I start sucking deeper, harder. I mimic the motion with my hand that is holding the bottom of his penis.
Christian starts breathing heavy, and I know he’s getting close. This gets me even hotter and I can feel the wetness of me starting to really get my attention. “Oh god, Ana I’m close baby.” He’s cupping my breasts while moving his thumbs back and forth over my nipples. If he continues, we’re both going to come. Breathing heavy and hand motions in unison, I can feel both his buildup coming to an orgasm and mine as well.
He takes each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and starts squeezing. And I start to come, hard. But I don’t stop, the orgasm only makes me take him as deep as he will go and then Christian follows me in an intense orgasm. Oh my! This is crazy sexy and better than I had imagined. “Ana, Ana,” he is muttering with his head leaning back and still holding my sensitive nipples.
We both come down from our orgasms, and he takes off the scarf. I am kneeling on my knees, trying to catch my breath. “Was that to your liking, Sir?” I say with a smirk.
“Beyond my liking baby. You never cease to amaze me. I can’t get the vision of you naked in fuck me heels, standing in my doorway. What are you doing to me?” I could say the same to him.
“As much as I’d like to stay here all night, Taylor is waiting for us downstairs baby,” he says as he stands to pull up his pants.
“Actually,” I say hesitantly, “Taylor isn’t downstairs. I sent him home with Sawyer.”
Christian looks at me quizzingly.
“Don’t be upset with me Christian,” I say quickly before he goes twitchy on me. “I um, had plans for us that don’t include Taylor.”
“Would you mind explaining, and do so before I lose this high I am currently on,” he says with a tone.
“Well, I wasn’t happy with your disapproval of us driving just the two of us. I know, it’s silly now that I say it out loud. There’s something I wanted to do, is all. I’m sorry and hope you can forgive me,” I say as whole hearted as possible.
“And you wanted to do what?” he asks, with a disapproving face.
“I want to have hot sex in the car with you. I’ve been dying to ever since that night after the charity event at your parent’s.” Gosh, do I sound ridiculous? I can’t tell. My nervousness gets the best of me, and I continue. “Did you think what I just did to you here in your office was hot? Don’t worry, Mr. CEO, it can be our kinky little secret. And what I have planned for the Audi is hotter. Much hotter. It involves you, and me only in these fuck me from behind heels.”
And for the second time, Christian stands there speechless. “I’ll take your lack of response as a yes,” I say as I stand up and head for the door. “I’m going to get my raincoat I left in the lobby, then I’m going to the car.”
“Oh, get ready Ms. Steele,” Christian says after a moment of silence. “This Ms. Daisy over here is ready to take the wheel. I hope you are ready for the ride of your life.”
To be continued……