Happy National Ice Cream Day, GREYsessed readers! And what else is a FSOG blogger to do, but write you a kinky, anything but vanilla ice cream post! I realize it’s now July 16th, but I still want credit for starting the blog on the 15th! So kick back with your own vanilla cone, or whatever flavors gets you going;) and enjoy! Because you scream, I scream, we hope Ana’s going to scream for Christian’s ice cream! Love & Laters©, Michele
From: Christian Grey
Date: July 15, 2012 15:33
Subject: Vanilla, anyone?
To: Anastasia Grey
Good afternoon Mrs. Grey. In case you weren’t aware, its National Ice Cream Day today. And I am not usually one for getting all into the holidays, I am declaring this one my favorite. Perhaps I can remind you tonight why. In fact, I think you should be wearing that reminder.
Laters© and Licks,
Christian Grey, CEO Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
From: Anastasia Grey
Date: July 15, 2012 15:44
Subject: Seattle Creamery
To: Christian Grey
Dear Sex, Mad, and Insatiable,
You sure know how to intrigue a woman. I look forward to having an ice cream date with you. I favor Virgin Vanilla any day, but since it’s your favorite holiday, perhaps we could try something new? Whip Me White Chocolate or Cream-y Caramel? Or I’ve heard Kinky Kotton Candy is a party for your tongue. Just some other SUBmissions by your lovely wife.
Ana~ 50 flavors for you to try
Wow, I just love my playful Christian! And how does he just turn me into a bowl of Jello instantly? But I’d say that my email was even better at bringing on the kink. My inner goddess is outside pumping up the volume in the Mr. Softee ice cream truck. Yes, sister-we just raised the ice cream bar to a triple-decker sundae. Now trying to concentrate at work for the rest of the day should be interesting as usual.
Finally 5:30 arrives, and I’m ready to leave work. As I gather my things, my Blackberry buzzes. It’s a text from Christian.

***I’m outside waiting for you with Taylor***

Oh, a personal pickup today? Perhaps we are starting the party earlier than later. I gather my things and head outside. “Hello, sir,” I say as Christian steps out of the Audi to open the door for me. “And what do I owe this lovely surprise?” I climb into the back seat and get comfortable.
“Well, it’s an unusually warm day today, so I would like to cool off with something refreshing to eat,” he says with a devilish grin. “And I thought you could be that something to eat, I mean I thought you could join me for something to eat.” And that grin just got bigger.
I am speechless for a moment, because as usual, Christian has stopped my heart and speech. I come to, and give him a playful punch in the arm. “Oh, Mrs. Grey, keep the rough play for later,” he says laughing. Oh my playful, kinky Christian.
We head downtown and I know just where we are going. Seattle Creamery, the best ice cream in the city. Ben & Jerry’s Very Vanilla will always be close to my heart, but this place has it going on. They’ve got unique flavors and catchy names, so I am interested to see what’s on the menu for National Ice Cream Day.
As we head into the store, Christian rubs his hand over my backside. “I’m thinking Whip Me White Chocolate may taste nice running down this very spot,” he whispers into my ear. I push his arm away, embarrassed that somebody may be watching.
“Christian, behave. At least in public,” I say as we get in line. “Besides, I don’t think the help will appreciate us getting in on inside their store.”
“Hmmm, don’t be so sure. Maybe they’re voyeurs,” he says jokingly. “But no worries, what I have planned for you will have to wait until I have you bent over the table at home.”
I try to ignore him, because it’s getting awful hot all of a sudden. I may need to throw myself into one of these freezers to chill myself out. “Let’s just order then, and get out of here, Sir.” We are next in line, and I look up at today’s menu.”Oh, they have Creamy Caramel and Luscious Lemon today. Yummy.” Seriously, this place is foreplay on a sugar cone. Just add the warm chocolate syrup and call it a day.
“Hello Ms,” Christian is addressing the teenage worker. “Is the Creamy Caramel really creamy?” he asks in his sexy commanding voice. This girl is a goner. “Because if you name an ice cream creamy, it must be really creamy.”
“Well, um, um I mean yea, it’s creamy I guess,” the poor girl stumbling on her words. “Um do you want a taste?” she says as she turns the color of the strawberry sorbet. It’s the damn Grey Effect. Ordering ice cream has just turned a poor girl into mush.
“Sure, I’ll have a taste. Would you like a taste, Ana? I know you like your ice cream really creamy.” I could kill him. Really? He’s going to include me?
“Yes, please,” I tell the girl. She hands me a miniature spoon of ice cream. “Tastes great, I’ll have that please,” I say trying to help the poor girl who’s having a hard time speaking and my growing hotness in certain places.
“It’s creamy enough sweetheart? Because they also have Kinky Kotton Candy. We could go the kinky route instead of creamy.” He’s totally calm, cool, and collected like he’s talking foreign money exchange.
“The caramel is fine, whatever you want Christian,” I say trying not to be put under the Grey Effect. At least not at the Seattle Creamery for heaven’s sakes.
“Hmm, I think we’ll do a pint of caramel and a pint of the cotton candy flavor. I could go for a little creamy and a little kink,” he tells the poor girl standing there looking like she’s in the middle of a storm she can’t get out of.
We pay for the ice cream and head back to Taylor and the waiting Audi. “Jeez, do you enjoy doing that to people?” I ask Christian as I get into the car.
“What are you talking about? I was just ordering ice cream, Love,” he answers nonchalantly.
“You just make women turn into a deer in the headlights is all. The poor girl was lost under the Grey Effect.”
“Grey Effect? This is just a face and that’s all they are seeing, and you are what I care about. The effect I have on you, here,” he says as he places his hand on my heart. And just like that, the Grey Effect has me lost.
We head back towards the Escala, ice cream waiting to be eaten. “Once we get home, I want you to meet me in the Red Room. You have 10 minutes to be only in you panties, and waiting for me,” he says softly in my ear. “Ice cream, ice cream! Who wants some ice cream?” yells my inner goddess from the pastel pink ice cream truck. Oh yea, and apparantly is having creamy and kinky today!
I sit quietly in the semi-dark room. Butterflies of anticipation dance around my stomach, as I sit in the Red Room for Mr. Softee. All afternoon has been a frozen treat of foreplay and I am anxious to finally get a taste. Suddenly the door opens and Christian enters.He’s carrying the ice cream, and a spoon. He’s wearing those jeans, of course. And that would be all. Damn he’s hot. And mine. Happy Christian Cone Day to me!
He walks over to the stereo and turns it on. It starts playing a funky song, but one I’ve never heard. Something about making you ice cream, melting your vice dreams. Oh, Playful Christian is ready to be King of Playground tonight, in full surround sound.
He turns around and looks me directly in the eye. Fuck, I am so turned on right now as he calls me over with his finger.
I get up from the floor and do my best to walk over without looking too giddy. He doesn’t say a word. Instead he grabs my head from behind and grabs my hair in his fist. As he does this, he pulls me towards him and lands a passionate all out kiss on my lips. Not a tender, I love you kiss, rather it’s a I want you here and now kiss. And I feel it everywhere.
Christian stops kissing me and looks at me. “Take off your panties, then I want you to walk over to the table, and get on all fours on top of it.” I don’t hesitate, in fact I practically skip on over. Settle down, I tell myself. Think sexy, not giddy school girl.
I climb up on the table and get into position. Christian is standing behind me, and the proximity of him is overwhelming. I steady myself and my breathing. Falling off the table would not make for a Kinky Kotton Kandy moment. At least it’s more of a padded leather ottoman-type table and my knees are thankful.
“I think you’ve seen enough for the moment, Mrs, Grey,” he says with lust in his voice as he walks around the table and slides a mask over my eyes. The music is still going, it’s a total play on ice cream and I must remember to ask him the name of the song. “Are you ready for your ice cream treat,” he asks as I realize he’s now standing in back of me.
“Yes, I am Sir,” I say almost pleading because I am so turned on and ready in this hot position. “Do I get a taste of some Creamy Caramel ?”
“Of course, ladies first,” he says as I feel him walk around towards me. “Open up that beautiful mouth so I can give you a taste.” I open up and Christian slowly enters my mouth with the cold spoon. I put my lips over the spoon and take in the yes, very creamy caramel ice cream. Oh, it’s good. “Is it creamy enough for you love?”
“Yes, it’s delicious,” I say and want more of it to cool me down.
“Well, Ms. Grey, I think you will have to wait until I’ve had my taste.” He walks back around and I know he’s standing in back of me. My lower parts are like a magnet to his proximity and I am begging to be touched. Suddenly, there’s cold ice cream on my lower back. I flinch at the intense chill of the ice cream, now starting to run down my lower half, and into certain places.
“You do have a fine ass, Mrs.Grey,” he says as he brings his hands up to touch me there. He takes each hand and spreads me apart so that the ice cream runs even deeper into my sensitive areas, biting into me and sending goosebumps everywhere. “Oh, this view is amazing. You and your ass covered in creamy caramel. But I do think I need to taste how creamy it is,” he says as he lowers his head to me and starts licking at the cold ice cream, now starting to drip everywhere.
I flinch a little at his tongue. Is he really going to lick me? There? I guess I should’ve assumed earlier, but wow! This is a first for sure, and so far it’s pretty damn hot. Christian slowly licks my right cheek, licking up the dripping ice cream. Holy shit, that feels good. I moan loudly while bucking on the table. “Mmm, this is creamy,” he says as he moves to my other cheek. He places his tongue to my skin, and it’s a mixture of cold and warm. A lovely balance. He starts moving his tongue upwards in small swirls. “You taste divine,” he says as he continues sucking and licking my ass.
“Christian, please,” I say in a somewhat begging tone. But I’m unsure of what I’m begging for. And as I say this, his tongue is inching its way towards there. Yes, where a tongue has never been, and I cannot believe how erotic it is. My breathing gets heavier, and I grab the corners of the table.
“Aaaah, yes, yes. Christian. Yes,” I mutter as I grasp the table even harder. His tongue is soaking up the ice cream and so much more. Creamy caramel does not even start to describe the hot sundae that is me. And just when I think that being his personal scoop of kink wasn’t enough, his hand is suddenly cupping my front. Again, I am startled and clench the table for dear life. “Fuck Christian, I can’t. I can’t take this.”
“Oh baby, you are so hot. You’re ass in my face is a lovely sight. Keep holding on baby. Are you ready to come?” He says this as he continues to lick me from behind, and I moan and moan. His finger finds my clitoris and he does not take it easy on me. He is rubbing my enlarged clitoris swiftly as he continues his tonguing in the same rhythm.
In moments, I am coming. Really, really hard. “Fuck!” I yell out as I am coming in places I didn’t think I could. Christian’s hands and tongue all over me, driving me fucking insane. “Christian, Christian, please.” I’m begging again for what? More? Less? For my ass to be covered in hot fudge and cherries next? And as I start coming down from the best orgasm ever, Christian inserts not one, but two fingers. “Oh god, oh god,” I am moaning, bucking, as he continues to lick me from behind as well. I come again, quickly and my entire body explodes in pleasure. Christian grabs me from behind to help steady me on the table. It’s obvious my balance is in question as I am practically convulsing.
Suddenly, I am aware that Christian is in front of me. He gently removes the mask from my face. ‘Hey there beautiful. Welcome back,” he says sweetly. “You are a mighty fine and creamy sundae, Mrs. Grey. Thank you for that.”
I muster up a “You’re welcome,” as I sit up on the table. I feel the stickiness on me and the table. I must be a mess. “That was very intense, and yes creamy.” I smile at Christian and he reciprocates with a kiss on my forehead. “What was that song by the way? I love your effort to make it an all out theme today.”
Christian laughs. “We aim to please, baby. It’s called Ice Cream, by the Young Pony Club. Very fitting for my Anastasia Sundae.
“I love it, and I love you,” I say as I get up and put my arms around him. “That was Creamy Caramel, but what about the Kinky Kotton Candy?”
“Oh, my love, are you ready for round 2 of our ice cream social? Because the Kinky Kotton Kandy is just that-kinky.”
“I thought what we just did was kinky myself,” I say with conviction. What the heck does he have in mind now? And I can hear my inner goddess yelling “kink, kink,kink” as she holds up her cotton candy in each hand.
“Well, let’s just say my idea for that flavor is something like a “Kinky Kotton Kandy Christian Cone,” he says smiling and eagerly.
“That’s quite a tongue-twister,” I say laughing.
“I know what I want you to do with that tongue Ms. Grey, and it does involve the twisting of your tongue.”
You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. And this girl has screamed. Now it’s time to make her Christian cone scream. “Go get the Kink,” I command as I cue the stereo. I like to eat my ice cream to a good song.
to be continued…… xo