Hi GREYsessed readers! I hope the last two posts have been enjoyable for you, and you’ve cooled off with your own version of a Christian Cone:) But seriously, thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback and continued support! It seems that the majority of you want more kink, so here is the continuation of “Kinky Cotton Candy Christian Cone.” Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele
I walk out of the Red Room, tired from the ice cream social for two. We definitely had our ice cream and ate it too! I’ve got dried ice cream in my hair, and in places I didn’t know ice cream could dry. A shower is going to feel so good and although I am ready for a nap, I am intrigued by the certain package that has arrived. I still can’t believe that we have purchased our first adult toy together. That was an experience to say the least. Never in a million years would I think I’d be buying bedroom novelties with my Fifty. And enjoying the experience too! My inner goddess was up front and ready to shop! With her hot pink boa around her neck, and juggling some silver balls.
“So, I’m thinking we should buy a vibrator together,” he had stated nonchalantly on a random Saturday. And after spewing my lovely English Breakfast tea all over myself, I give an accepting nod and smirk as I grab a napkin to wipe my shirt.
Seriously, could you give a sister a little warning before you throw out the “let’s go vibrator shopping” comment.
After I had gotten my composure back, and made sure that Gail wasn’t in earshot, I asked Christian, “And what brings up this conversation?”
“Well, I was thinking it would be a real turn-on to look at some toys together and see what you want to try. I do aim to please, Mrs. Grey,” he said with his come hither stare. “Let’s boot up the mean machine and do a little shopping my lady.”
I remember how daunting the whole experience was at first. With one click of the mouse, there was a screen full of kink. Jeez, was that store really named Ass World? Play with my Toy Box? VaJayJay’s? Oh lordy, we had hit Costco mothership for the kinky. “Why don’t we narrow this search down to just vibrators? Is that ok,?” I asked Christian, because my eyes couldn’t take in all of Kinks R Us at once.
So we stuck to just vibrators for our first shopping experience. And even that was overwhelming, yet hot as hell! “How do you think that one will feel when I put it inside you hard?” Christian whispered into my ear. Part mortified and part ready to pounce, I couldn’t even answer him. My face was 50 shades of red and my palms twitchy from sensory overload. The online shopping trip for toys had led to very hot sex, so it was worth being subjected to Ass World and all its glory.
We finally decided on the Butterfly, which I went with because of all things, color. It’s pink with a smaller butterfly next to it, that’s smaller than the main part and is for clitoral stimulation. And holy fuck its huge! And has dial controls for speed! Is this a vibrator or remote control car? But Christian never does anything on a small-scale, so why start with vibrators?
As I walk into the kitchen, reminiscing and giggling to myself about all of this, I see Gayle preparing dinner for us. “Hello there,” I say to her as I remember the sticky mess I am. But the lady has got to be used to the 50 shades circus that she is part of. She may only be on the sidelines selling peanuts and popcorn, but she’s definitely aware of the “hide the pickle” act and has heard the fat lady sing way more than once I’m sure. So I try and act as normal as my awkward self lets me. “It smells great Gail, what are you making?”
“Chicken pot pie, one of your favorites,” she says with her friendly smile. Christian walk into the kitchen and is holding the box. Yes, the toy box with my name written all over it. He’s got his cocky smirk going, as he sees my eyeing the box as he walks towards the stool I am sitting on. “Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes, ok?” Gail asks as she preps the pastry dough for the top of the pies. As she is talking to us, Christian starts moving his hand up my leg. I can see playful Christian is ready to spread the wings of our waiting butterfly, but really? With Gail on the other side of the island? There’s got to be some sort of boundaries with this kinky shit and the help. I move his hand away, but this only seems to entice him more. He places his hand back on my thigh, but is now inching his way up north. I try to act casual as I nudge his hand away once more and get up from the stool.
“Gail, can I help with something?” I ask as I make my way around the island and start wiping up some of the unused vegetable pieces. I look over at Christian, and he seems agitated. Great, he’s taking it personal and my inner goddess is now chucking carrot stubs at my head.
“Why don’t we leave Gail to do her thing Ana,” says an obviously annoyed Christian. “Besides, you need a shower and should probably get one before dinner.” Just perfect. Twitchy palms are out and pointing to the bathroom. I look quickly at Christian whose face is now all business.
“It’s fine, Mrs. Grey,”says Gail in her sweet as always tone. “I ‘m done here. Just need to bake these for 30 minutes, but I appreciate your offer to help. Her eyes telling me that she gets what is going on. She’s been around Mr. Mercurial longer than I have and knows a shift in mood when she sees one. “Ok, thanks Gail. See you in a bit.” I make my way to our bedroom, not looking at him as I walk by. I don’t know what his deal is anyways.
Once inside our bedroom, I start peeling off my clothes that are stained with ice cream drippings. I smile proudly to myself for the oral show I gave Christian. I’m thinking an encore would be nice if he’d lighten up.
Christian walks in soon after, as I am standing there naked. He’s still holding the box, which he places on the bed. He sits down and gestures with his finger to come to him. Not wanting to get into an argument, I comply. “Is there a problem?” I ask as I stand in front of him. “Why do you seem mad at me all of a sudden?”
“Do you remember at my parents’ house when you said no to me? Well, that was the only time you did and I spanked and fucked you hard because of it. Remember?” he asks in a no-nonsense way. “And now you push my hand away, not once but twice. Then proceed to get up and walk away. So how do you think I feel Ana? I don’t like you denying me. You are mine.”
“Yes, Christian. I am yours,” I say with attitude while waving my wedding band in his face. “We’ve covered this, and I am your wife. And you fondling me in front of Gail is both rude and embarrassing. She has probably seen and heard too much already, so I’d like to be as discreet as possible with our sex life.”
Christian just sits and looks at me for I don’t know how long. Finally he says something. “Please forgive me, love. I just find you so irresistible and sometimes forget to stow my wandering hands. I was wrongly angered and I hope you will forgive me. I’m a constant work in progress. Fifty shades, remember?”
Oh my. Well, I can’t possibly stay annoyed when he says all that. Marriage is work and I am in it for the long haul, fifty shades and all. “Oh Christian, you are ridiculously sweet and I love you. Every last shade,” I say as I bend down and wrap my arms around him. “What am I going to do with you, Sir?” I ask with a flirting tone.
“Mrs. Grey, are you trying to flirt with me?” he asks with a devilish grin. “Because if you are, it’s working,” he says as he looks down to his growing erection. Mad sex insatiable right in front of me.
“Well, Mr. Grey, I was told to take a shower. And I don’t want to disappoint anyone, so that’s where I am going.” I turn around and walk towards the bathroom. Christian grabs me from behind and wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses my neck softly. Ah, not the neck. I’ll be putty in his arms for sure.
Christian takes his hands and moves them up to my breasts. Ah, neck and nipples. I can feel the wetness becoming greater in between my legs. “Mmm, you still smell of ice cream Ana. But we need to get you cleaned up. And then I need to fuck you with the lovely vibrator in that box.”
Holy fuck, he’s done it again. I am practically combusting with just his sexy words. “Go start the shower, Ana. I’ll meet you in there, along with what’s to become your new best friend.”
Don’t need to tell me twice. Me and my inner goddess are skipping towards the bathroom, singing “Rub a dub dub, I’m getting fucked in the tub.” I start the shower and step in as soon as it gets hot and steamy.
I stand under the spray of numerous massaging shower heads. Ah, that feels amazing. The water is like fingers all over my body, easing any tension away. Christian steps into the shower, naked and holding our new pink pulsating friend. A sight for sore eyes!
He comes over to me and doesn’t say a word. He just takes the back of my head with his empty hand and pulls me towards him. Passionately kissing me, my lips, my neck. Mmm. Then he stops and looks me in the eye. “You are so damn sexy, wife of mine. Are you ready for this?” he asks as he holds up the vibrator. “If at anytime its too much or you don’t like it, just say stop. But something tells me that won’t be the case. But I want you to be comfortable. Okay, baby?”
“Yes, I’m ready,” I eagerly say. Although I am unsure of how this is all going to happen. “I trust you Christian.”
He turns me around so that I am facing the wall opposite of the shower heads. He places my hands gently on the wall and then slowly spreads my legs apart slightly. Why is this position already got me aching in certain areas? He goes back around so that he is now behind me. Just the proximity of him has me breathing heavier and that familiar spark ever-present.
Christian plants a slow, soft kiss on my back and I arch slightly in surprise. He continues to make small kisses down my back, while he reaches his hand around and finds my breast. I moan as he massages my nipple and making it hard. “Ah, Christian.”
“Do you want me to squeeze it harder,” he asks in response to me. I shake my head and he squeezes my hardened nipple even more. Oh my god, I could come like this.
And as if he can read my mind, Christian stops his erotic play on my breasts and says, “I don’t want you coming to soon Mrs. Grey. Now spread your legs a little further.”
I quickly do so, because I am so aroused and want to come sooner than later. Christian now has the vibrator in his hand. “Open your mouth,” he says as he hold up the pink toy. I open up and he puts the tip of it to my mouth. “I want to see you suck on this. And then I am going to fuck you with it. Hard.” Holy shit.
My lips part and I slowly place my tongue on the vibrator. It has a rubber taste to it, as to be expected. I start swirling my tongue around the tip, as I watch Christian with his open, gaping mouth. Watching him a bit entranced makes me hungry for more. I open wider and take it into my mouth and suck. My head goes up and down, as I go deeper. Then I pull up and start swirling my tongue around the tip again. I can see Christian’s breathing becoming more labored. He’s liking this, and so am I.
“As much as I want to watch you do that all day, I also know I can’t take another second of you doing that,” he states and gently takes the vibrator out of my mouth. Then he takes it and goes towards my vagina. Oh god, here it comes. I am a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of it, but I am also aching for it to be inside.
Christian takes the vibrator and starts to rub my clitoris with it. Oh fuck. I gasp at the feeling. I am so wet that it just glides over me, making me moan deep inside my throat. He continues to rub me there, and then moves it down towards my entrance. He doesn’t put it in yet, but rather,starts rubbing it up and down my entire sex. I am in sensory overdrive. The feeling is amazing and I am starting to have a hard time standing against the wall. “Yes. yes. Christian.” I murmur in between moans. I can feel myself starting to get close, and so does Christian.
Suddenly, he slides the vibrator into me. “aah,” I practically scream. It feels huge and so fucking good. He is moving it in and out slowly. Then with a click of a button and a turn of a dial, Christian turns on the vibrator. The butterfly part is moving at a slow but torturing pace, and so is the main part deep inside me. “Oh my god. Oh my god.” I am screaming in ecstasy. So much for Gail and discretion. The poor woman can probably hear me all the way down the hall. I may have to eat dinner in the bedroom.
Christian responds to my screaming by turning up both dials, making them move a bit faster. He then starts fucking me harder with it. Deep has a whole new meaning. My fingers are searching the shower wall for something to grab onto. He sees this and pulls me towards him so that I can put my arms around him for support. “Hold on baby, I am going to fuck you senseless with this now.” And he starts fucking me with a goal in mind. I’m grabbing his neck as he continues going in and out of me. The butterfly part is buzzing over my clitoris, sweetly torturing me. And then there it is, the biggest orgasm of my life. He’s hitting my g-spot and clitoris simultaneously, giving me the hardest come ever. It continues on as he does not let up on the intensity. “Christian please,” I am begging I think for him to stop but I can’t be sure.
“Oh no baby, I think I need to make you come again,” and he continues to fuck me. The combination of his words and the vibrator hitting every erotic spot is the most amazing feeling. Or so I thought. Just to put me completely over the edge, he brings his other hand around to my bottom. Fuck no. I won’t be able to take it there too. He takes his index finger and find his way in between my buttocks and starts massaging me. Yes, there. And that’s all it takes for me to come again. Harder than the first orgasm. It’s so intense, that nothing comes out of my mouth. I am holding my breath in complete and utter ecstasy. Convulsing all over the vibrator and his finger for what seems minutes, I don’t know.
I finally start breathing. Breathing but heavily. Christian turns the dials and switch to off. He pulls the vibrator out of me and smiles from ear to ear. “Well, my beautiful wife, I think you look thoroughly fucked.” He places the toy down and puts both arms around me, and pulling me to him. “Oh baby, that was amazing to watch.”
“Mmm, amazing it was,” I murmur into his chest. I can barely stand on my own. Bed. Bed is where I really want to be right now. Then I realize that Christian is probably in need right now. “So Sir, what shall I do to you now?” I ask. Don’t want to leave my Fifty hanging.
“Ana, I don’t think you are up to that right now. I think you need a hot meal and a good night’s sleep. Perhaps after a little shut-eye, I can take you up on that offer,” he says while shutting off the shower and grabbing a towel off the rack.
Wow, Christian is now saying no to me? Is this a joke? “Are you for real Christian?” I ask. “Shall I get my twitchy palms out for you saying no to me?” I’m part kidding, but my inner goddess has her bath towel and is twirling it around, ready to whip Christian’s ass with it.
“Yes, I am for real. Do you realize that we’ve been in here for over 30 minutes, and I don’t want to keep Gail from serving dinner,” he says as he dries off his body. His very toned, hot body. Gosh he is the everlasting gobstopper of eye candy. “And besides Ana, I need you rested before I take you again. Because fucking you with that vibrator was so so hot, and I now want to fuck you even harder. And I will. You’ll be screaming louder and coming harder.
Oh.My.God. Just when I think it can’t get any hotter with Mr. Gobstopper, he presents me with the Willy Wonka golden ticket. And me and my inner goddess smile, hold hands, and skip to the kitchen singing “Candy Man.” Yes, Candy Man. Because, “Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew. Cover it with Kinky Kotton Kandy, giving me an orgasm or two? The candy man. The candy man can.”
To be continued….