Hello GREYsessed lovelies! Thank you for all the great comments for the last post, “Christian’s PCA.” It was a lot of fun to write-up, and I honestly believe that I will have to sign it because I need something to hold me accountable for my actions on casting day. In fact, I suggest we all adopt the PCA buddy system. Find yourself a fellow GREYsessed friend who will also need moral support on doomsday. So find yourself someone who will understand that you want to lock yourself in a dark closet with a bucket of fried chicken and a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s. Seriously. Do it. Now.
On a kinkier note, I realized that I did not finish my “Driving Me Crazy” post, although the Ice Cream Trilogy was a pretty sweet replacement;). So to recap part 1: Ana surprised Christian at his office wearing only a scarf and 5 inch stilettos. She seduced him, blindfolded him with her lovely Coach scarf, and had a party in her mouth thanks to Mr. Grey. She also told Taylor to take a hike, since what she really wants is sex in the Audi. Whoot whoot-Go Ana! But at the end, Christian turns the table, and promises her the ride of her life. So here is part 2~ enjoy the ride! Love & Laters©, Michele
I walked into the foyer of Grey Enterprises, and looked quickly around with a sheepish grin. Still empty and quiet. And a small sigh of relief exits my semi-numb lips. Wouldn’t Christian’s stepford secretaries love to know what just went down in the CEO’s lovely cherry wood chair. Mmm, cherry wood and leather, making me think of that Katy Perry song. And now my inner goddess is cat walking thru the foyer singing, “I kissed his stick and I liked it.The taste of his cherry chapstick. It felt so wrong, it felt so right. Don’t mean I’m in love tonight. I kissed his stick and I liked it.” Ok, Gisele wanna be. Stow the chapstick and get your damn raincoat on before the cleaning people get a look at my cherry chapstick.
I bend down to get my shiny black raincoat from the floor. “Oh, Ms. Steele, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in that position unless you want me to fuck you right in this foyer,” Christian says as he walks out of his office. Jeez, he really can stop a girl in her tracks and thoughts. And must he looks so hot with his just-fucked hairdo he’s sporting from his date with my scarf?
“Now Mr. Grey, wasn’t my umm, performance in your office sufficient?” I ask with a smirk. I quickly put on my raincoat, in fear of unexpected visitors.
“It was quite sufficient, Ms. Steele. And surprising. I think you have a flair for dramatics, my dear. But I have a flair for being inside of you, as often as possible. So let’s not be hasty, or I will have you on this hard marble floor,” he says directly to my now on fire crotch.
We walk to the elevators, holding hands. I rest my head against Christian’s arm as we walk. “Tired, Ms. Steele? Taking charge is hard work, isn’t it?” he says, then kisses the top of my head. “Perhaps our Audi escapade should wait,” as he pushes the elevator button.
What? Wait? You know who has just popped her head out wearing a helmet and waving her Indy 500 flags. Waiting is not an option. Sex in the car is the pinnacle of my Christian Grey, CEO sexcapade. Adrenaline kicks in luckily and I am ready for the race flag to be waved.
The ding of the elevator snaps me out of the car zone I’m in and we step in. Christian hits the down button, and there it is. Yes, that electric spark between us. Our eyes are locked on each other, grey to blue. We speak no words for what seems forever. My eyes just take him in, and he the same it seems. Images of our first time together in an elevator flash quickly thru my mind, enhancing my breathing and body temperature. “Fuck the paperwork” is and will always be the hottest words ever spoken to me in an elevator.
“Penny for your thoughts, Ms. Steele,” Christian asks as if he can read my mind. Is it me, or is he suddenly very close in proximity? And who turned up the heat in here? I ‘m sensing Audi sex may happen here in Elevator #2. “Are you wondering what I am going to do to you once we get into the car?”
No, actually I was thinking how I’d like you to do me up against this elevator wall. But I am determined to get my behind, preferably with his hands helping, into that Audi. “Yes, Sir,” I say feeling like my skin is on fire. Seriously, I may have to start taking the stairs. This enclosed moving sex box just screams, “Do me baby!” I turn to complete jello legs, but actually a stair workout could do me some good in the cardio department. All this kinky fuckery is whipping my ass, and not in a good way.
Christian moves towards me and puts his hands against the elevator wall above me. His eyes on mine and our breath suddenly becomes one. His lips inches from mine, looking succulent as ever. “Stop biting that lip, Anastasia. Or your Audi fantasy is going to happen right here, right now.” Oh, well maybe if you stopped hovering over me like white on rice, I wouldn’t be a ticking sex bomb.
As always, the crotch-saving ding of the elevator saves me once again. I adjust the belt to my raincoat and quickly head out. “Lovely choice of attire by the way, Ms. Steele,” says Christian as he follows behind me. “It makes for easy access to this,” he says as he puts his hand up my raincoat and grabs my behind. I squeal in surprise then quickly pull the coat down. Love playful Christian.
We make it to the Audi, parked in the CEO-marked parking space. “I hope you have the keys, Ms. Steele,” he says smirking, yet serious. I pull them out of my pocket and dangle them in front of his face. Was he doubting my sex mad and insatiable skills?
“Ok, are you ready to go for a ride?” he asks with a smile like a kid on Christmas morning. “Mistletoe alert!” screams my inner goddess, dangling it and now singing, “Just hear those car keys jingling. Ring ting tingling too. Come on its lovely weather to be fucked in the Audi by you.” Oh lordy, my inner goddess has been watching too much Glee lately and needs to stow the song outbursts.
Christian holds the door open for me and I climb into the passenger seat. Oh, I don’t get to ride up front very often. Practically never due to Driving Miss Daisy. But I intend to make the most of this ride that’s for sure. Christian goes around and gets in the driver’s seat. Hmm, I am wondering how this is all going to happen. I hadn’t completely thought Operation Audi through. I guess I was going to start the ride, and hoped that he would finish.
“I do believe Ms. Steele, that you are wearing way too much clothing,” Christian states as moves the driver’s seat back. I am relieved that he is indeed going to take the wheel on this one. Ladies, start your engines! And keep your hands in the moving vehicle at all times. It’s going to be a bumpy and kinky ride!
I look around the garage as I undo the belt on my raincoat. A few sporadic cars, but mostly an empty lot. And thank goodness for the tinted windows of the Audi. I take off my coat and hang it over my seat. “Oh, Ana. You look so amazing naked in my car.” He extends his hand to me, and then gently pulls me towards him. I climb over the console and wind up straddling him. Oh my. Did someone order sex on fire? I can feel his erection beneath me, and the growing wetness from me. This position, me on his lap in the confinement of his car is so incredibly erotic. The faint scent of sex is in the air from our previous engagement in his office.
Christian takes his hands and runs them slowly down my back. Barely touching me, it tickles and makes me arch my back. My breathing intensifies and I am now aching for him to touch me in other places. I lean in and kiss him. Hard and passionately. He responds with the same intensity and suddenly we all control is lost. His hands move to my breasts. He takes each one in his hands and massages my nipples. They harden instantly and I moan in his mouth. He stops kissing me and brings his mouth to my left nipple while continuing to massage the other with his hands. “Ah, ah,” I am moaning, and now moving myself against his erection. Oh that feels good.
“That’s it, baby. Keep moving over me,” he says as he takes the other nipple in his mouth. He tongues it up and down, then bites down gently. “Oh god,” I moan out and my head goes back in pure delight. He licks it again then takes another bite. This time slightly harder and I moan and move my hips harder. Oh god, I am getting close to orgasm already. “I want you to come like this. Rub your clitoris on me baby. Make yourself come all over me.” And he continues licking and biting on my nipples, increasing his speed. My hips start to move in sync with his tongue and fingers.
We are moving together, a synchronized dance of lust, and with one more suck of my nipples I come. “Yes, yes,” I scream. I was grinding on him, my orgasm exploding all thru me. I grabbed the seat for stability as my orgasm continued with the help of Christian squeezing each nipple with his fingers. “God, yes” I moan.
I’m just starting to come down from the intense orgasm as he places his hands under my armpits to lift me off of him. I give him a confused look. “I’m turning you around, Ana. So I can fuck you from behind,” he says seductively and suddenly holding my scarf in his hands. “Forget something in my office?” he asks as he helps me to now face towards the window. Oh boy, I think it’s my turn to be blindfolded. Then in Batman speed, my wrists are tied together with the steering wheel. And there is Christian once again earning his merit badge in kinky knots.
I am straddling him, my back to his front and now tied to the wheel. And my inner goddess is out and ready to wave her flag to start the race. Although the warm up lap, being Christian’s lap actually, was pretty darn good in itself. “You are a sight, Ms. Steele. Your beautiful ass in my face, hot fuck me heels on, and tied up.” He opens his pants and pulls them down to expose his huge erection. My head turned, I watch as he strokes himself. I lick my lips watching and wishing my mouth to be sucking him again.
Christian pulls me up so that I am now on my knees in doggie style. God this is hot and I am my lower half is screaming to have him inside of me. He brings his hand around to me. “Oh my god Ana, you are so wet,” he says as he find my aching clitoris. I moan loudly. “So, are you ready for me, Ms. Steele? Because you went out of your way to have me in this car. And I am to please,” he says rubbing my clitoris, my lips, my entrance. Having complete control of me with my hands securely tied. I start bucking my hips, it is so good. He knows how to pleasure me, how to keep me on the edge until he’s ready for me to come.
“Yes, yes please Christian,” I say practically begging him to continue, or to be inside of me. Both perhaps. My wetness now making its way down my thigh. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet and so turned on by him.
Then his fingering stops. And instantly he is inside me. I scream out in surprise and total fulfillment. He fills me so deeply I am already on the verge of explosion. He puts his hands on my hips and starts to pull me into him hard. Then pulls me out slowly. Oh fuck. Then grabs harder on my hips and again brings me down quick and hard. I scream out each time he fills me. I am so wet that I am just sliding up and down on him and my entire being is begging to be touched.
Christian then kisses my back and says, “I’m going to fuck you hard and fast until you come. Then I’m going to continue to fuck you until you come again, ok?” Did he just ask me if that’s ok? My inner goddess elf peeks out with a “Mistletoe alert!” and singing,”All I want for Christmas is my two orgasms, my two orgasms. See my two orgasms. Gee if I could only have my two orgasms, then I could wish you a kinky fucking Christmas.” Yes, Christian is my kinky Claus and I’m wearing the Christmas morning smile now.
“Yes, sir. Yes, please, please.” I am begging for more. Christian takes his left hand to my hip and his right hand to my clitoris. He starts fucking me hard and fast. His hand is over my clitoris, rubbing me. “Aaaah, aaaah,” I moan. And he continues to fuck me as I come all over him. And I want to grab something because I’m shaking from this orgasm but I can’t. Christian has complete control and he shows it by not letting up on me.
“Yes, baby. I love feeling you come all over me,” he says with a heavy breath. And he starts moving faster, harder. I am a constant moan, overtaken by him. It’s so good in this position. Then with one hand, Christian undoes the scarf and my hands instantly fall down to hold the seat. “I want you put your hands down on the floor of the car.” He pulls me forward a bit but still inside of me. I am wondering what he has in mind but at this point I am game for anything. He shifts a bit in his seat to adjust to me now being lower to the ground. I’m now in a push-up like position, but still somewhat on me knees, with my head below the steering wheel now. Luckily this SUV is much roomier than his other cars.
“Do you feel ok baby” he asks. “If this is too uncomfortable just tell me and we can change positions.”
“No, it’s good Sir.” And it is. Damn good.
“Ok, cause I am going to make you come again. And if anything I do is not to your liking, tell me to stop immediately, ok?” I nod my head.
Christian takes his hands and pulls me upward so that my ass is a bit higher. He starts plunging into me hard. God he feels good. This position feels good. I grab hold of his ankles that are on either side of my head. As I do this, I feel his fingers slide under and start to swirl around in the wetness. I buck and moan out. He moves his fingers up towards my bottom and starts massaging me. There. I yell out at the incredible feeling. He goes back to my entrance and with two fingers he gets them wet again in order to lubricate my back entrance. Oh my. I just realized what he is doing, or going to do I think. A split second of uncertainty stopped in its tracks by Ms.Holly Jolly sitting silently, but dangling her mistletoe and pointing at it with a wink.
I continue to ride up and down while Christian keeps rubbing me there, oh so gently and erotically. Holy shit this is hot. And just as I am getting in a groove, he slowly puts his finger in. Holy fuck. I feel myself clench around his finger. He stops momentarily, checking my reaction. I’d give him the ol’ thumbs up but then I’d be doing a face plant on his car mat. My silence seems to express my ok with it, and he starts to move his finger in a bit deeper. “Yes, yes!” I scream out, surprising myself. I then lose all control. I want him to continue with all he is doing. I am on fire everywhere and I already know that my orgasm is going to be epic.
Christian takes my screaming as a go ahead to keep going. And then he goes all out. He is filling me front and back and it’s mind-blowing. His finger moving in sync with his hardness pumping me. Holy fuck, holy fuck! And then the biggest orgasm hits me front and back. My muscles convulsing all over the place. I am grabbing his legs for dear life, while screaming in ecstasy. Then I feel Christian’s orgasm, as he lets out a loud moan as well. I am bucking all over him and he’s coming all inside of me. “God Anastasia, ” he murmurs, still inside and fingering me. I finally start to come down and he slowly takes his finger out and then lifts me off of him. He turns me around and bris me into him.
I rest my head on his chest, breathing in his lovely Christian scent. We sit in our embrace, getting our breath back to normal. He rests his head on mine and we fall asleep like this. I open my eyes and the garage is dark. Christian pops open his eyes and takes in the surroundings. “Jeez, how long were we out?” he asks. He turns the key hanging in the ignition to check the clock. “Wow, I think we slept for an hour.”
“Really?” I ask, surprised at how deep a sleep I was in. But I guess Audi sex will do that to a girl.
“So Ms. Steele, was kinky sex in the car everything you wanted it to be?” he asks with a smile and my favorite just fucked hair.
I look over at my inner goddess, now swinging some silver balls on a string singing, “Silver balls, silver balls, it’s fuck me time in the Audi. Ring-a-ling, hear them sing. Soon it will be fuck me day.” Great, I’m officially a show tune singing whore.
“Penny for those thoughts, Ms. Steele,” Christian says, as he plants a kiss on my forehead. Suddenly, I see something move in the garage out of the corner of my eye. Is it? No, I hope not!
to be continued……