Happy Friday GREysessed lovelies! As always, I am so grey-tful for all of your wonderful, kinky comments on all of my posts! So this Friday officially opens the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. And I will be watching with my family, with great American pride. I just love watching the camaraderie of our fellow Americans and the rest of the world as well. And though these games represent drive, dedication, determination, and years of hard work, I am all about bringing home the gold in the Studs of the 2012 Olympics. So, here’s a little eye candy to look out for during these Olympic games. God Bless America.
Ashton Eaton-decathalete, gets it done in 10 different events.
*stamina ladies, and gets it done in 10 different ways (we like variety!)
John Isner- he sizzles on the tennis courts. He knows how to handle a racket. (Is he just as good with a flogger? )
*wicked backhand πŸ˜‰ , weakness for hot men in backwards baseball caps, hot grunting sounds when he hits it hard on the courts.
Michael Hunter, three-time national boxing champ.
*good with his hands, quick on his feet
*writes poetry-that’s hot.
John Dalton, gymnast
*holy biceps
*pommel horse anyone?
*did I mention limber?
Ryan Lochte, swimmer
*has moves in the water
*breaststroke expert
*can do it on his back too
Nathan Adrian, swimmer
*he’s a “freestyler”
*holy biceps
*another speedo alert
Ky Hurst, swimmer
***HOTNESS international exception***
Ok, he’s Australian, but seriously? He’s too pretty to pass up. And besides, the Olympics are all about coming together isn’t it? So I say let’s go down under with this guy and throw some shrimp on the barbie, huh mate?
There are tons of other gold medal-worthy hot athletes, but I’d be here all day posting beefcakes, and as fun as that could be, I’ve got to get onto my next story! Enjoy! Love and latersΒ©, Michele
It’s yet another grey day in Seattle. I look out the window of Grey Publishing and stare out into the misty skyline. This kind of day just makes me want to be back in bed with Christian. Instead, I’ve got a stack of manuscipts to read thru. Thank goodness it’s Friday! I’ve got plans with Kate and and Jose tonight for happy hour. It will be great to see them. It seems forever since the three of us have hung out together like old times. The ping of my Blackberry brings me back to the present and I see that it’s an email from my Christian.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Enquiring Minds
Date: July 27, 2012 08:25
To Anastasia Grey
Dear Mrs. Grey, ←I still love seeing that
I am sorry I was long gone to work before you were up this morning. I look forward to making it up to you later, should you desire.
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
I smile and hit reply.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Always desired
Date: July 27, 2012 08:27
To: Christian Grey
Dear Husband of mine, ←I love seeing that ❀
I love that you would like to make this morning up to me, and I shall take you up on it. But I have plans tonight with Kate and Jose, remember? Raincheck for afterwards? We are going to watch the Olympic openings tonight and have drinks.
Your Ana,
Crap, I hope he isn’t going to go all twitchy on me. The name Jose can still make the palms shake a bit, even if we are married. Oh well, he’s going to have to get over it. Jose is a good friend and Christian knows this. My Blackberry dings. Do I even want to look at it?
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Olympics?
Date: July 27 2012 08:29
To: Anastasia Grey
So you are telling me you’d rather watch a parade of athletes with your two besties rather than having me all to yourself? Remember the kids are with my parents for the weekend?
Christian Grey, gold medal winner in the Bedroom Games
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
I chuckle to myself. I love playful Christian, a lot. Did he really say besties? And he’s making it hard to not cancel on Kate and Jose but I’ve already rescheduled once. Plus there’s nothing worse than the Kate inquisition, and the judgemental remarks from Jose. So I will go ahead with my plans, and besides, I am looking forward to seeing them.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Games on hold
Date: July 27 2012 08:33
To: Christian Grey
Dear Michael Phelps of the Bedroom,
You do make a girl want to be locked in a bedroom with you, but I cannot reschedule. I cancelled once already. So you will have to do your warm up breaststrokes without me and I’ll be home tonight to see you go for the gold.
your Ana and biggest fan in the crowd!
I put my phone down and try to get some work done. Although the thought of what I get to come home to tonight has suddenly gotten me a little hot. I send a quick text to both Kate and Jose to make sure we are still on for tonight.
As I finish texting the two of them, my Blackberry dings again. Jeez, Fifty. Work much? I’m all up for a distraction at work but I have a feeling he’s just getting started. I open up the email.
From: Christian Grey
Date: July 27 2012 08:44
Subject: Your Breaststroked
To: Anastasia Grey
There won’t be any warming up of the breast stroke until you are there to supply the breasts baby. I’m just wondering if you’ll be able to hold out until tonight to get a piece of the Olympic gold. I could wait, but can you Ms. Sex Mad and Insatiable? Remembering your night in the Audi makes me think I’d last longer than you.
Christian Grey,
CEO and Olympian, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
Oh, he’s persisent when he wants to be, and quite funny too. I consider silencing my phone. No, because that would warrant a visit from Christian when I don’t reply to his messages. And I have got to get something done before the weekend. I don’t want to be reading manuscripts all weekend. Especially when the kids are at Carrick and Grace’s. I sit down and open up to the page I left off on. I’m reading a really intriguing first novel by an author named Michele Blackburn. The story has definitely caught my attention, and I’d love to get thru it before 5:00 hits.
I’m deep into this manuscript when I hear the all too familiar ding of the Blackberry. I look at my watch. Well, he waited 45 minutes this time to email again. That may be an Olympic record right there. I close my reading and open the email.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Added sport to the Olympics
Date: July 27 2012 09:30
To: Anastasia Grey
I take your non-response that you will not be partaking in the Summer Games, Escala penthouse 2012. Perhaps I could change your mind with the last minute entry into the games. It’s called Sexting Summer Olympics. Are you in? What’s the object of the game? Well it’s easy. The person who can hold out the longest for sex is the winner. It will start immediately upon your acceptance of the games and go until there’s a winner. Texting, emails, etc. are encouraged to break down your opponent. In fact, it’s required. And the bonus? Well, its a trip to the Red Room with a special decathlon of events to take place, winner’s choice. Intrigued yet? How about “Popsicle” for the “I surrender” word. Just text that when you give up!
Christian Grey,
CEO and future gold medalist, Grey Holdings Inc.
I stare at the phone. Is he for real? Who thinks of this stuff? Seriously, who’s running the business over there today? Or is Grey Enterprises closed due to the upcoming Sexting Olympics? Perhaps everyone is out buying there flags for the ceremony. And me not holding out longer? I don’t think so. I am so not the sex mad and insatiable one, that’s for sure. But thinking back to the hot sex in the Audi was more than hot. That was a bonfire, complete with smores and hotdogs. Christian has definitely put the challenge out there. And it seems easy enough, right? I look to my inner goddess who’s already wearing her red, white, and blue track suit, holding up the Olympic torch and singing, ” Oh beautiful, oh spacious bed, with amber walls of red. For leather couch, and masks to wear, and floggers-oh my, Ouch!” And there it is. My show tune, tracksuit-clad inner whore, ready to rumble. I pick up my phone.
From: Anastasia Grey
Date: July 27 2012 09:41
To: Christian Grey
Dear Mr. Olympian,
As the subject says, “Let the games begin!” I accept your challenge because I know I can win. And I can’t wait to get you in the Red Room for my victory lap.
Mary Lou Retton Grey, gold medalist in the All-Around
I hit send and giggle out loud. This is just crazy, but I love the challenge Christian has put out there. And now I must decide how I am going to bring him down at his own game. Darn, I know he has got to have a plan because he always has a plan. Well, two can play at this, so start thinking Ana. So much for work.
My phone buzzes. It’s a text message from Christian. Well, he wasted no time responding.
*I’m thinking of you naked*
Oh, and yes, it’s begun. Quite frankly, that did nothing. I stop and think. Nothing. He can text me all he wants. I have got this. I see he is taking the short route and is going to text me. Ok, I’ll do the same. I pick up the phone and text him.
*And I am thinking of you naked, Sir.*
I sit down at my desk, and attempt to pick up the manuscript. Buzz. Text from Christian.
*I’m thinking of your beautiful naked breasts and how
they’d taste in my mouth right now.*
Oh. Well that evoked a tinge of a reaction down south. And I am not sure now how far I can take this in terms of verbiage. I can get down and dirty with my Christian, but expressing it verbally has never been my strong suit. Ok, well it’s a going to be a long day, so I take it at a slow pace.
*Well, I think that would make me moan, Sir.*
Ok, not going to win me the gold automatically, but I think I can warm up to this. I get another text. Oh but it’s from Kate telling me that we are meeting at Metropolitan Grill at 5. Well, this should be interesting with Kate in the picture. But too late, the games are on and hopefully I can play along without her catching on. Yea right, Ms. Investigating Kate. And there’s my phone buzzing.
*I will make you do more than moan, my Ana*
Ooh, this makes me blush. I look around to see if anyone is watching me. Jeez Ana, pull yourself together. Nobody is in your office, and nobody can see your texts on your little Blackberry screen. I relax back in my black leather chair, kick up my heels, and think about my response. Here we go.
*Yes sir, I am sure you will. But I can make you moan
just as much. Perhaps more. Shall I recall when I visited
your office? (scarf, anyone?)*
I smile, and wait for his response. Yes, I can dish it out too Mr. Kink. I sit back and flashes of that lovely afternoon come to mind. Christian in his leather chair, blindfolded, and my own personal ice cream cone. Mmm. Suddenly, I am aware of the ache going on down below. Stop it, Ana! You must not fall into the Christian Grey effect. Think of something else. Anything else but sex. I look to my inner goddess who’s pouting on the floor. Listen sister, not the time for pouting. We want to win so we can have it our way in the Red Room. It’s like what Burger King says, have it your way. Oh, good. Now my inner goddess is up and jogging in place, fist pumping the air, and humming the Rocky theme song.
A few hours have gone by, and it’s been a sexting sort of day. I scroll down and look at all that’s taken place.
*Yes, your mouth around me was hot. I’m getting
hot right now thinking about it.*
*Perhaps that’s what I shall do to you when I see you
*I can’t wait to have your lips in my mouth. And not the lips
you’re thinking of (licking my lips right now.) *
*I’m biting my lip right now, Sir. Really biting it.*
*Bite it hard, baby. The harder I get to smack that
beautiful ass of yours (rubbing hands).*
*Ooh, I’m shifting in my seat over the thought of that.
I hope you will put me over your lap, Sir. (bending over
to pick up my pen, oops)*
*Bend over and think of me massaging your ass as you do
it. Then my hand moves to take your panties off.*
*Oh, my panties are down Sir. What are you going to do
now? I hope you are hard for me. (licking my lips slowly)*
*(breathing heavy) and I am hard and ready for you to
straddle me. *
*Straddle you, I think I want to have you in my mouth first
Sir. *
*No, I want you in my mouth. Slow, tongue swirling, wet.
(mmm, I want to taste you baby.)*
Oh. My. God. I read it over again. And yes, I am definitely turned on, sitting at my desk, and gotten nothing done. Suddenly, there’s a knock at my door. I sit up in my chair, and adjust my black pencil skirt. “Come in,” I say as professionally as I can. My secretary, Kelly walks in with a package.
“This package just arrived for you, Mrs. Grey,” she says and hands me the brown parcel. I thank her and she leaves the office.
There isn’t any return address, which is odd. I grab my scissors from the top drawer and splice open the taped end of the box and open it up. Inside is a fluffy, light pink feather. A fairly large feather. Probably a foot in length. It’s quite delicate looking. My phone buzzes with a text. Mr. Stalker at his finest.
*Receive your gift, Mrs. Grey?*
*Yes, just now. Your timing impeccable as
usual, Sir. What shall I do with this lovely
*Nothing for now. I just want you to look at it. Imagine
it gliding over your breasts. Tickling your nipples.
Making them hard. Hard for me to suck on.*
*I’m breathing heavy over here, and wanting your lips
all over me. (feather in my hand) I’m ready if you are
*Does that mean what I think it means? Are you giving in
right now? I will come right now and take you on your
desk. (just text the P word)*
Oh, heck no. I am not caving that easy! I look over and my inner goddess is just getting warmed up. She’s changed into a red leather mini dress, silver stilettos, and waving her flag. No, I will not be the first to text Popsicle. Although I am aware that I am entirely wet and turned on. And now I have mental images of that pink feather and me getting chummy in the Red Room.
*No, sir. I am not giving in. And it’s 5 o’clock. I’m
running late and have to get to Metropolitan Grill*
*Look forward to sexting you like crazy while you watch
the Olympics. Hope you can take it baby.*
I pack up my things, including my new pink accessory, and head out quickly to meet Kate and Jose. Seriously, a change in panties would be helpful right about now. Oh well, no time to stress since I am already late.
I make it to the Met in record time. I love this hip place, and it’s been forever since I’ve been out. “Hey guys,” I say as I flag down Kate and Jose who are sitting at a table next to the bar. “Sorry I am late, issues at work.” Issues for sure, and that issue is now present in my panties.
“That’s ok, it’s just awesome to see you,” says Jose. He wraps his arms around me in a big hug. It feels great to see him. And hopefully tonight will distract me in hope of being sexting victor.
“What are you guys drinking?” I ask, eager to get my drink on. I place my purse down and fish out my wallet.
“Excuse, are you Anastasia Grey?” a blond waitress is standing behind me.
“Yes, I am,” I say as I notice her tray that’s holding three wine glasses and a chilled bottle of Bollinger. Christian, of course.
“Your husband called ahead and asked that we have this chilled and ready for when you and your party arrived. May I pour you a glass?” she asks as she sets the tray on our table.
“Yes, and thank you. That would be lovely,” I say as I watch the reaction of Kate and Jose. They both sit smiling in approval, yet not surprised by Christian’s gesture.
“Does he have someone waiting to wipe your ass in the bathroom too?” asks Jose, kidding and laughing.
“Ha, ha. Very funny,” I say as I hit him in the arm. “You could learn a thing or two from my very chivalrous husband.”
“I’m kidding, Ana. It’s very sweet. And nice that he’s picking up the tab,” he says and hits me back in the arm. And there’s my phone buzzing, of course.
*I hope you enjoy the Bollinger. Are you wet yet?*
*Yes, thank you, Sir. As always, a step ahead. And
yes, I am wet. Wish you were here to take care of that.*
*I would if you would just text what I am waiting for.
Waiting, hard, and wanting you. You may win for hardest orgasm ever.
I can’t wait to be inside you.
(Stroking myself, thinking of you)*
I don’t know if it’s the wine or what, but I am suddenly feeling exremely turned on. I try and engage in conversation with Kate and Jose. “So Kate, how’s Elliott? Things going well?” I shift in my seat, now realizing the wetness between my legs. There goes my phone again. I have it in my lap so that it’s not so obvious that I am sexting while visiting with my friends.
*I hope you are not ignoring me. How
are your panties. Perhaps you should take
them off. The thought of that gets me even
more turned on for you. Text me the word
Ana. I want to fuck you. Now.*
Shit. I look up to see if I am being watched but my friends are fixated on the TV and watching the precession of all the countries during the opening ceremony. I decide that I cannot take my panties anymore, and since Christian challenged me anyway, I’m going for the commando portion of the Sexting Olympics. I excuse myself from the table and head towards the bathroom. On the way there, I text Christian.
*heading to the bathroom. My panties are super
wet and I am going to take them off. Does that
make you want to do naughty things to me? *
I take care of business in the bathroom and head back to the table. Eyes still stuck on the flat screens hanging over the bar. I sit back down and drink more wine.Delicious. I love that Christian knows his drinks. And this one is going down oh so nicely. My phone buzzes as I finish my second glass.
*I hope you are not going to drive if you plan on
drinking more than those two glasses of wine you just
downed? I would have to spank your ass until it turned
the shade of that wine.*
Holy fuck he’s here. I look up to the second story seating and there he is in all his stalking glory. Damn he looks too hot to even be angry at. He’s sitting at a table looking down at me. He’s got his white dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top, jeans, and tousled hair that screams fuck me now. Wait, jeans? He must’ve changed from work. And it’s THOSE jeans, my Red Room jeans. Oh, damn he’s good. Seduction by ripped jeans. Great. My inner goddess is now slapping me in the face with her flag and yelling,”Here we come Red Room, here we come. Here we come Red Room, here we come.”
Not so fast. It’s not time for the 100 yard dash to the Red Room just yet. Yes, I realize either way I am a winner when it comes to the Red Room. But I want to be the victor in these games. He thinks he has just moved ahead of me, but I can bring it too. I take out my phone.
*Very slick move, Carl Lewis. I’m glad you are up there
actually. Because now you can keep a close eye on me. Oh,
and I’m not wearing any panties.*
I watch closely as he reads the text. He looks up quickly at me and I am sitting oh so naughty. Legs crossed, my skirt pulled up just a tad too high, exposing my bare legs. As his eyes lock on mine, i rub my thigh slowly, discreetly. I inch my fingers up then under my skirt slightly. I look over at Kate, then Jose. They are talking about USA’s outfits they are wearing. I shake my head to something Kate says about how nice they are this year, and pretend to care. I lock eyes back on Christian and then uncross my legs slowly. I stop for a second, maybe two, with my legs wide open to him, then cross them again. Yes, I Sharon Stoned him, and the stoned look on his face right now is priceless. Phone buzzes. Did he just text me without even taking his eyes off of me?
*I don’t know whether to take you to the bathroom
right now and fuck you or spank the shit out of you.*
I smirk up at him, trying not to be obvious. I don’t need my friends knowing Christian is here, or what we are up to.
*Well Sir, just text me the word and you get your way with me.*
*You are going to have to do better than that, Mrs.
Grey. But thank you for the peep show. Know that
when I do get my hands on you, my mouth will
be down there, licking you until you come in
my mouth.*
Crap. I am on fire now. I need him now. I am actually squirming in my seat. And seeing all of the hotness that he is right above me is the biggest tease ever. And I can see that he is coming undone a bit too. That’s it, I won’t go down without a fight. I look to my inner goddess for some sexting help. She’s got her dress hiked up, and a coach’s whistle around her neck singing, “Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby, let me know. Boy I’m gonna show you how I do it, and we start real slow.” Thank you Flo Rida and your sexual innuendos. Now we are talking sister. We are on our last lap of the race, and this girl needs to pull ahead. And then get some head. I pull out the phone.
*yes Sir, I can’t wait for you to lick my clit until I come all
over your mouth. Then I want you to turn me around and
fuck me doggie style. Hard. Until I come all over you. Then
I want to feel you come inside of me. Then I want you to take
me home to the Red Room and have your way with me. Starting
with that pink feather. I want you to tie me up, torture the hell
out of me, and give me the biggest orgasm of my life. (wet. very
wet right now.)*
And because I have a really good buzz going right now, my inner goddess has now dropped her flag and is taking this race to the finish line. I shift my chair so that part of me is hidden by the white table cloth. I lock eyes with Christian who is sitting with his mouth half open from reading my text. I take my right hand, move it slowly under my skirt, and touch myself. There. I gasp slightly, but aware of the company I am in. I quickly take my hand out, and place my fingers slowly in my mouth. Phone buzzes.
I see Christian get up from the table and head for the stairs. I look at my phone and say, “Guys, I am sorry. Teddy is running a fever. I’ve got to head over to the in laws. I am so sorry, can we get together again soon?”
I hug them goodbye in Olympic speed and head outside. I look around for Christian. I start to walk towards my car when I see him on the corner. He sees me and gestures for me.
We don’t say a word to each other. He grabs my hand and we walk swiftly around the corner to a dark alley. We walk halfway down and then I am suddenly against a brick wall. Christian is leaning on me, and we start kissing, passionately. Really passionately, heavy breathing, and hands everywhere. He’s grabbing my hair, hiking up my skirt, and lowering himself to me. Oh god. Oh god. His mouth on me. There. I am so wet and turned on that I start convulsing in his mouth. I grab his hair, moaning outloud. And in seconds, I am coming hard. In his mouth. Holy shit it’s so good. Instantly, he stands up and pulls himself out of his pants. He turns me around and puts my hands on the wall. Then he takes my hips and bends me partially down and enters me doggie style. Oh my god. He starts moving fast, pounding into me. We move together in unison, both so full of lust and want. He starts going harder, with his hand on my hip and the other hand on top of mine. His head into the back of mine.
“Oh Ana, fuck. Come on baby.” And that’s enough for my undoing. I start coming hard. It’s almost too good. A day spent with texts full of foreplay has come down to this moment. And it was worth it. Christian pushes into me one last time before he orgasms too. He locks his hand into mine against the wall. And this moment is so hot and sexy, a perfect ending to today’s Olympic games.
We stand together, him still against me from behind. Our breathing slowly coming down from orgasm. “So I guess you won the gold, Mrs. Grey. Well deserved. That last maneuver with your fingers did me in. You surprised me for sure, sexy wife of mine.”
And there’s my inner goddess, doing her victory lap down the ally and singing, “We are the champion, my friend. And we’ll keep on fucking, til the end. We are the champion, we are the champion. It’s time for the flogger, Cause we are the champion. We are the champion. Of the world.” Ok, MaryLou Retton meets Queen, grab your flag. Because that was just the preliminaries. Next stop, decathlon.
Stay tuned for that!