HAPPY ORGASM DAY! Yes, that’s what I said! How GREYsessed-fitting is that? Ok, it was officially on Tuesday, but this blog ran over into Wednesday! So before I get to today’s Fifty Shades Olympic-inspired story, here are some fun, interesting sex facts! And as always, thanks for reading and COMING back for more;) Love & Laters©, Michele
The average person spends 2 weeks of its life kissing.
For every ‘normal’ webpage, there are five porn pages.
 Sex is biochemically no different from eating large quantities of chocolate.
 The man’s beard grows fastest when he anticipates sex.
 Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. It is 10 times more effective than Valium!
 Sex burns 360 calories per hour.
 French kissing can prevent cavities.
 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra-large condoms.
     Wow. Wow. Wow. Christian and I stay embraced against the brick wall of the dark alley. Our breathing steadies and our eyes locked on each other. After an Olympic record of foreplay, I had the most intense sexual experience right against this cold brick wall.
     “Well Mrs. Grey, as much as I’d love to have you against this wall again, I do believe we should head home before we get caught,” says Christian as he brushes my hair out of my face. He kisses my forehead.
     “I suppose you are right. Besides, wasn’t there talk of a gold winner’s choice in the playroom?” I ask with a grin.
     Christian picks me up over his shoulder and starts walking towards the street. Usually I’d object to being controlled, but since my legs are worn out from our alley escapade I stay put.
     He slaps my behind playfully. “What have I turned you into, Mrs. Grey?” he asks. “Are you sure you are up for what I have planned for the Red Room Olympics?”
     “I think from my performance today, I’ve shown you that I’m pretty good at your games, Sir.” I prop my head up and wink at my inner goddess. She’s walking behind us, with her gold medal around her neck, doing the victory wave to the crowd.
     “Yes, I am quite impressed with your performance, especially the gold medal round when you shocked the judges with your finger dance,” he says as he props me back down onto the sidewalk.
     Taylor is waiting for us with the door open to the Audi. How does he do that? I swear there must be a GPS tracking device on me somehow. And I really don’t want to know if that’s true or not. I just hope Taylor doesn’t know what we were doing in a dark quiet alley. I give the stink eye to my inner goddess, who’s bumping and grinding the telephone pole, mocking my naive self. 
     “What about my car, Christian?” I ask as I hop into the back of the Audi. My car is parked in a nearby garage.
     “No worries, we can get it tomorrow,” he says as he climbs in next to me. I take a good look at him. Those jeans on him should just be illegal in public. They scream Red Room of Pain and I am helpless in their presence. I look up at him. He’s got his just fucked hair and his shirt is untucked. He looks at me with his dark eyes dancing. “Penny for those thoughts,” he says as if he can read my mind.
     “Just admiring the view, Sir,” I say as I move closer to him. Taylor starts the car and we head towards the Escala. “And it’s a pretty good view from where I am sitting.”
     “I don’t know about that, I’d say my view is better,” says Christian as he moves in to kiss me. I am aware of Taylor in the front seat, which prohibits me from going in full throttle. We kiss softly, sweetly. I take in the scent of him as we kiss. I love my Christian’s smell, I wish it could be bottled.
     We get back to the Escala fairly quickly. The ride has mellowed me out and I am suddenly feeling tired. Perhaps my victory lap in the playroom will have to wait but I’m not suggesting it first.
     “You seem exhausted, Mrs. Grey. I think we should call it a night and have a fresh start tomorrow morning,” says Christian as we head inside towards the elevators.
     “I think if I take a hot shower, I’ll pep up,” I say quickly. My inner goddess perking up. She did not like to hear the words wait until tomorrow. She’s gesturing towards his jeans and singing, “ripped jeans, skin was showing. Where you think you’re going baby?” Yeah, yeah, yeah sister. You just can’t hear that song without thinking of Christian. Stow it though, nobody wants to see the my inner goddess on youTube doing a parody of Call Me Maybe from the Red Room.
    “Yes to the shower. No to the Red Room tonight,” he whispers in my ear as we head up in the elevator with Taylor. I shoot him my best sad face. “Good things come to those who wait, Mrs. Grey.” He turns to check his buzzing Blackberry.
     Oh no you don’t. Why are my eyes watering up? We are married, so don’t act like he’s totally rejecting you. I quickly wipe my eyes, hoping he doesn’t notice. I don’t want pity either. We may be married, but a small part of me still gets insecure sometimes. I know he loves me, but I still get overwhelmed by all that is Christian Grey.
     The elevator dings and we head inside the penthouse. Taylor heads out of the kitchen, leaving Christian and I alone. He walks over to where I am standing against the counter. He places his arms on either side of me so that I am trapped between him and the cool marble. Blue into grey eyes. Warmth blankets my body and I suddenly want him. Now.
     He cocks his head to the side, looking at me as if he is trying to figure something out. “Ana, why the sad eyes?”
     Crap. Not the question I was hoping for. “It’s nothing. Just tired, I guess,” I reply with a trying smile. “But I want to go to the Red Room.” Might as well be direct, right?
     Christian gently takes my face in his hands and kisses me. “I always want to go to the Red Room, but I need you rested for what I have planned.” I look at him with a disappointed face. “Don’t look at me like that Anastasia,” he says with a direct voice. “I told you that this trip to the Red Room will be of Olympic proportion, and I am a man of my word. So that sweet little ass of yours needs rest so that I may have my way with it.” Oh. My. I stare speechless. Well, sounds like a plan.
     “Ok, I’m going to shower,” I say with a bit more pep in my voice. As I turn to walk towards our bedroom, Christian stops me in my tracks and pulls me into his chest.
     “You. Are. Mine.” he says, “And don’t forget it.” He grabs the back of my head and brings me into him for a passionate kiss. Our tongues find each other, and they synchronize in an erotic dance that has me warm all over again.
     “Christian, please,” I quietly plead. And I’m not sure if I am pleading for him to stop or pleading for more. He takes his hands off of me and steps back, knowing I am getting hot all over again. My inner goddess now pouting and wiping my head with a cool towel.
     “I apologize baby. Go shower and get your sleep. I actually need to do a little work before I can join you in bed.” He kisses me gently on the lips and reaches for his phone. I take that as my cue to leave, so I head out of the kitchen towards the bedroom to shower.
     I wake up from an unrestful night’s sleep. Between wondering how the kids were at Carrick and Grace’s, to anticipation for the Red Room Olympics, I kept waking up during the night. Christian and I are entangled under the sheets as usual. He’s legs are a death grip around mine, making it hard to move. I turn my head to face his. He looks peaceful, and of course beautiful. Only he could look runway ready while still asleep.
     His eyes pop open at my stare. “Good morning wife.” He gives me his Christian smile.
     “Morning, sleep well?” I ask as I untwist our legs so I can stretch. “You weren’t in bed when I went to sleep.”
     “I know, minor problems with work, so I didn’t come to bed until you were drooling all over the pillows,” he says grinning.
     “I do not drool, Mr. Grey! And if I did, it is quite rude of you to even say so,” I say with dismay.
     “I’m kidding my love,” he says apologetically. “Besides, I love watching you sleep. I could sit for hours just looking at you.” Ok, he’s forgiven.
     Christian sits up and leans over top of me. “I think we’ve talked enough for now, Mrs. Grey. I want you in the playroom in 20 minutes,” he says point-blank. “And don’t forget to bring your team spirit. It is the Olympics, after all,” he says now grinning. Oh, there’s my playful Christian. And there’s my inner goddess of course, wearing her red sparkly bodysuit singing “He will, he will rock you. Rock you.” I wink back. It’s go time!
     I walk towards the door of the playroom. I’ve got my silk robe on and nothing else. As I reach for the doorknob, I notice the door is ajar. Hmm, that’s odd. Usually the door is shut. I push open the door and see Christian already in there. Again odd, he usually comes in after me.
     As I enter the room, I am taken aback. There’s an American flag hanging on the wall and the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background. Is he serious? This is playful Christian in full Technicolor! He is standing there with a huge smile. “Welcome, Mrs. Grey, to the 2012 Red Room Olympics.” I am not sure what to say, so I just stand there listening to the anthem in the background.
     The song ends, and Christian immediately turns it off and starts a new song. Principles of Lust, by Enigma starts playing. Well, that’s a shift in mood. “Take your robe off,” he says walking towards me. Oh, opening ceremonies have ended and the games have begun.
    I slowly disrobe with Christian’s eyes locked on me. The robe falls to the floor and I stand naked. “Sir,” I start to say, and am quickly stopped with Christian’s finger on my lips.
    “I think you are done talking for now,” he says as he traces his finger down my back.”It was hot as hell watching you in control at that bar, but I think it’s my turn now.” He takes my hand and walks me over to the bed. I notice that there are four pieces of rope attached to each post of the bed. And in the center of the bed is my pink feather. The feather that Christian had sent to my office as a way of distraction. And that it was and is now.
     “I see that you’ve noticed what is part of today’s first event, the Breast Stroke. And whatever other body part I feel like stroking. So please lie down,” he says as he helps me up onto the bed. My heart is beating fast with anticipation. It’s been awhile since I’ve been tied up this way, and the feather thing is new.
     I lie on my back as Christian ties each wrist with the white rope. “And remember,” he says kneeling over me, “if at any time you are uncomfortable, just say stop.” I nod my head in approval. He turns to face the other way and proceeds to tie each ankle up. I am now spread eagle with all four ropes securely in place. He hasn’t even touched me yet and I am already aching down below.
     Christian straddles me. He is wearing nothing but his jeans. I stare up at him, stopping at his chest momentarily. I can’t help but notice his burn marks, and that usual pull at my heart gets me again. Only now, I know and understand his story. And I welcome those marks, for it only humanizes my Fifty and makes me love him all the more.
     “Like what you see?” he asks in a low and sexy voice. I give a smile in appreciation. “Well, I think I need you blindfolded for the rest of the event,” he says as he pulls a red silk scarf from his back pocket. He folds it up neatly, then covers my eyes with it. I pick my head up off the pillow so that he can tie it in back. “Nod your head if it feels ok,” he instructs. I nod then lower my head back to the pillow.
     “Good, because now it’s time for my to make you come.” My lower half reacts to his statement with an involuntary shift and my breath deepens in my throat.
     I feel him move off of me and move to the bottom of the bed. “I am going to take my time with you Anastasia. Until you are begging to come. And then I am going to give you the orgasm of your life. Or perhaps two. We’ll see how you behave.”
     Then suddenly I feel the feather lightly brush over my left foot. It tickles, but not in a laugh out loud kind of way. Its touch feels soft, sensual. He brings the feather up and down, making my foot jerk a bit in the rope. I moan, surprised, as the feather elicits my clit to ache in unison with his strokes. My god, this is so hot and unexpected. Then the feather is on my other foot, tickling it from top to bottom. Again, I moan and get wetter with each stroke. The erotic touch goes from my sole up my leg to my sex. I am breathing heavy, totally turned on and we’ve only just started. Now he has the feather on one foot and his fingers on my other. Lightly caressing the bottoms in unison, then moving up towards my toes. Holy fuck! Is it possible to come this way? I never realized how erotic this could be. And just as I am loving my foot torture, he starts up my leg. Slow. Soft. I can feel my wetness and I am aching to be touched there. He moves the feather to my other leg and caresses it just the same. My hips are starting to buck under this sweet torture.
     Then there it is. The feather moving towards my sex. My legs open and begging for him. “Oh Ana, you are so wet baby. God, you look delicious like this. I think I need a taste,” he says and then puts his tongue there. I scream in delight. My clit is on fire at his touch. He slowly moves his tongue over my entire sex. I moan, buck, moan some more at his tongue bringing me to orgasm.
     Suddenly, he stops. No! Please no! My inner goddess now jumping up and down on the bed, having a full-fledged, don’t keep me hanging tantrum. “I don’t think you are ready to come yet baby,” he says as I feel the feather now on my breasts. Um, I beg to differ.
     Christian starts teasing my nipples with the feather. Slowly circling the feather around my hardened nipple and pulling the other with his fingers. “Christian,” I breathe out, even though I trying to be quiet.
     “Sssh, baby,” he whispers, “Soon.”
     He moves the feather over to my other breast, tickling it just the same. I continue to moan and move my hips from under him. He moves down towards my stomach with the soft feather and continues south to where I am begging to be touched. He brings it to my entrance, teasing it. Moaning. Harder. The wetness now moving down my inner thigh. “Yes,” I scream as his finger finds my clitoris while continuing to tease me with the feather. He doesn’t move his finger at first, and that alone would probably bring me to come. It is so swollen and sensitive, that his finger just lying on top of it is getting me oh so close.
     Slowly, his finger starts caressing it. I want to grab him, his hair, something, but the ropes holding me in place just adds to the torture. He is in complete control over me, and he’s so damn good at it.
     Then suddenly, his finger moves off of me just as I was almost there. And before my inner goddess can grab the feather and shove it where the sun don’t shine, his mouth is there. The feather also gone, replaced by his hand. “God, you taste good Ana,” he says then places his tongue over me. And if it can’t get any hotter, he places a finger inside of me. I moan loudly, almost there. He responds by putting in another finger and starts fucking me with his hand while his tongue tortures my clit.
     “Yes…yes..,” I mutter out and then his fingers find that spot inside. He moves his fingers against it hard and his tongue does the same. “Oh, oh,…,” is all I get out as I come all over his mouth and hand. My mouth is wide open, but nothing can come out. I continue coming as he keeps fucking me with his hand. “Christian, Christian,” I yell.
     I am still moaning as he takes his hand out and is suddenly at the bottom of the bed. He undoes one knot from my ankle, then the other. I instantly bring my legs to my stomach to stretch them out. “Oh Ana, how did you know that’s where I want your legs?” I didn’t. I hear his zipper come undone and then being removed. Oh, the games are still going. Gold medal round coming up!
     Next, Christian is between me and pulls both legs over his shoulders. “Oh god,” I yell out as he gives no warning and is suddenly inside me. He moans as he starts moving. He is so deep with my legs bent and feet over his shoulders.
     He continues grinding into me and I raise my hips to meet his every thrust. We move together, moaning in unison. ‘I want to feel you come baby,” he says with labored breathing. Then starts fucking me hard. Really hard and it’s so deep. I scream, coming all over him. He thrusts into me again and then he spirals into his own orgasm.His body falls onto me, my legs fall from his shoulders. His head on my chest, I feel his breath slowly coming back to him. He reaches up and pulls off the scarf.
     “Hey you,” he says looking up at me. “Are you ok?” Other than having two of the best orgasms ever? Sure, I’m good. My inner goddess practicing her rhythmic gymnastics with the red scarf and singing, “He’s got the moves like Jagger, moves like Jagger.” I giggle to myself.
     “I’m liking these Olympic Games, Mr. Grey,” I say with a post-orgasm smile.
     “Well, I am to please Mrs. Grey,” he says while removing the ropes from my wrists. “But the Breast Stroke was only the first event. And while your performance was gold medal-worthy, we have our next event.”
     “Next event?” I ask with curiosity.
     “I told you that rest was needed. And the next round is for a true Olympian only. I don’t know if you are ready.” Is he questioning my ability to carry the Olympic torch to the promised land? I look over at you know who, and she’s already got her fist pump ready for me.
     “Ready? I was born ready,” I say with conviction.
     Christian lowers his eyes, and I can tell he is hesitating to say something.
     “Ok, if you say so,” he says with a sly grin. “Want to know what it is?”
     “Yes, bring it,” I say.
     “Well, we’ve just done the breast stroke, and next up is the butt stroke.”
 Does he mean what I think he means? Sure we’ve knocked on the back door a bit, but we’ve never had the door wide open for business. I quickly look at my inner goddess, who’s standing there mouth open. Great, the show tune singing, sparkle wearing Gleek is speechless.
     “Anastasia, say something.”
to be continued!