Hello GREYsessed readers! I am happy to finally sit and get the next blog out-*fingers crossed, kids are playing nicely*. It’s been a lot of late nights with all the excitement of the Olympics this week. And how awesome was it to hear that the Australian swim team is reading Fifty Shades? Love it! Olympians getting their kink on!! So, due to many requests, I give you part 3 of “Driving Me Crazy.” In case you forgot what happened in part 2, Christian and Ana had major kinky sex in the Audi. It had been a fantasy of Ana’s, and she finally made it happen. This all takes place in the parking garage at Grey Enterprises. And at the end, they fall asleep in the car. As they wake up, Ana thinks she sees something move in the garage! So without further adieu, here’s part 3! As always, thanks for all of you for giving me inspiration to write, and for being wonderful GREYsessed fans! Love & Later©, Michele
I sit up quickly from my sleeping position on Christian’s chest. I scan the parking garage quickly. The same two vans are parked across the lot, and they belong to the cleaning crew. A few cars are scattered throughout the lot, but nothing obviously out of the ordinary. Still, something doesn’t feel right.
“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Christian says while trying to tuck his shirt back into his pants. with me still sitting in his lap. “Why don’t you get yourself together and we can head home.”
I crawl over the console and into the passenger seat. I adjust my black trench coat and look around for my stilettos, thrown somewhere in the midst of Operation Audi. My senses are still telling me that something is off. Suddenly something catches my eye in the mirror on my side of the car. I swear I see something move again!
“Christian, something or someone is out there. I just saw something in the mirror!” I frantically say as I continue to stare out the window.
“Ok, stay in the car. I’ll go look.” Christian zips up his pants and opens the car door. I watch nervously as he walks towards the other end of the huge garage. He looks under and around a few parked cars, but nothing. Then I hear him yell something, but I don’t know what. My stomach drops, and fear sets in. I turn the keys in the ignition quickly so I can turn down the window. And what I see next makes my blood boil instantly.
There is Christian walking towards one of the huge poles that hold up the garage. And walking out from behind is that bitch troll Elena! She’s dressed in her usual head to toe black attire, making her blond hair stand out. What the fuck is this crazed lunatic think she’s doing? And is that a camera around her neck?
I stick my head out the window to watch and listen. “I said, What in the hell are you doing here? Answer me now, or I swear I will call the cops!” Christian is now yelling. “Damn it, I asked you a question!”
I cannot believe what I am witnessing. I want to get out of the car, but my body won’t let me. And my inner goddess is in the backseat singing, “You are an obsession, You’re my obsession. What do you want me to be to make you sleep with me?” Thumbs up, my 80’s loving songstress. This is an obsession that’s ready to get bitch slapped back to the hole she crawled out of.
Finally after what seems forever, Mrs. Robinson speaks. I have to poke my head out further to listen because she is practically whispering.
“I…I…I don’t know,” she is stumbling over her words and is she crying? Oh, cry me a river so I can send your ass down it without a life-preserver.
“Christian, please. It’s not what it seems. I just want what’s best for you,” she says crying, as she goes to grab hold of him.
Christian throws her hands down and steps back. “Don’t. Don’t you dare touch me Elena. You think spying, stalking, whatever it is you are doing is what’s best for me?”
“I know you better than yourself, Christian. You can’t possibly think this girl is any good for you. I know what you need, baby. Please, please just hear me out.”
“I have told you to leave her alone, Elena. And you obviously know nothing about me. Ana is the best thing to happen to me, so stop trying to ruin it. You don’t belong here,” Christian says right in her face.
“The best?” she asks with desperation.
“Elena, we are over. We have been for a long time. I have always considered you a friend, and now I’m questioning that. And would you like to explain the camera around your neck and how you even knew Ana was here. Speak quickly because I have no patience for waiting.”
She glances over in my direction. Shit. Here I am dangling out the car window thinking I was invisible to the situation at hand. I keep my cool, although I am sure I look ridiculous, and stare right back into her crazy eyes.
She looks away and back at Christian. “Damn it Elena! WHY???” And there it is, pissed off Christian in high def. Elena jumps back, obviously startled by his screaming.
“I knew she came here after work, ok?”
“What do you mean, you knew? You followed her? Then hung out in this garage this entire time? What the hell is wrong with you?” Christian says while clinching his fists at his side.
Followed me from work? Crazy just got crazier and she’s about to get a piece of my mind. I jump out of the car and practically run to where they are standing. My adrenaline is pumping and my inner goddess is behind me with a straight jacket.
“What did you just say?” I scream at bitch troll. “Why can’t you leave us the hell alone? Christian is with me so get over it already. This entire situation is pathetic.”
I grab Christian’s hand and hold it tightly. My heart is racing so fast, I feel like it’s going to come out of my chest. Nobody says a word for a few seconds. Then Christian speaks. “Consider this your warning. You are not to contact, follow, stalk, or email Ana. If I find out you are, god help me I will have you arrested and I will take you down. This is the last straw. Understood?”
“Yes,” Elena says quietly. “I hope you know that this was all because I care. Please believe me. But it’s obvious you love her. I won’t get in the way anymore.” She turns to walk towards the exit of the garage.
“Elena,” Christian calls after her.
She stops and turns around.
“The camera. Hand it over,” Christian demands and holds out his hand. Elena doesn’t hesitate. She walks back towards us while taking the strap off from around her neck. She hands over the expensive looking camera to Christian without a word and then turns to walk away.
I stand there, trying to process what the hell just happened. My heart is still racing a mile a minute and I feel like I want to throw up. Our lovely rendezvous in the Audi now overshadowed by the lunatic with a camera. Camera, right. What was she doing with the camera?
“Christian, are you going to look at what’s on the camera?” I ask, looking up at him still watching the garage exit.
“Right now, I just want to get you safely home,” he says. He turns and looks at me. Grey to blue eyes interlocking, and suddenly a sense of calm washes over me. “Ana, I am so sorry. The thought of anything happening to you, just..” He doesn’t finish his words. He just shakes his head and seems lost in his own thoughts.
“Let’s get out of here. We can talk more at home,” he says and lead me to the car.
We walk silently, holding hands. So much has just taken place, yet I don’t really feel like discussing any of it. My head is swirling with a mix of emotions. Fifty and all his exes are proving to be more and more of a problem the closer we become.
The ride home is uneventful. I stare at Christian’s hands on the steering wheel. Only a short while ago I was tied up to that wheel with a lovely silk scarf. Now I watch Christian driving, his eyes somewhere else, and his face showing concern. I decide not to dig for information. I’ve seen enough of twitchy palms Christian for one day and to be honest, I can’t take anymore of the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on today.
We arrive at the Escala still in silence. We don’t say a word until we are standing outside the elevators waiting. “I have some things to take care of once we get upstairs,” Christian says in a monotone voice as he leans against the wall. His face looks drained of any emotion.
“Oh, ok,” I reply. why is he suddenly being cold to me? I understand what we just dealt with was no playdate in the Red Room, but I could use a little tenderness right now. “So are you going to join me for dinner or not?” I nervously ask.
“No, you can eat without me. There’s too much I’ve got to deal with at the moment,” he replies and is rubbing his forehead as in pain.
I don’ respond. I look up at him and just give a little smile then look away. Great. I can feel the tears starting to pool. Don’t. Don’t cry.
The elevator ride up is not the usual sex in a box feeling. Christian is quiet. I’m quiet and trying not to cry. I rest my head on him, mostly to hide the dam of tears I am holding in for dear life. Can this elevator be any slower?
We finally make it up to the penthouse. I quickly exit the elevator and head towards the bedroom.
“Excuse me, Ana,” Gail calls from the kitchen. I turn to face her. “Dear, are you going to want dinner?”
“No thank you Gail,” I respond with as much pep as I can muster up. “I’m exhausted. Long day at work. I think I am just going to shower and call it a night but thanks for asking.”
“Ok dear, I will leave macaroni and cheese and chicken pot pie in the fridge in case you get hungry later,” she says. “And don’t stress sweetheart. Whatever it is that’s bothering you will work out,” she says as she smiles and turns back to the kitchen.
Sweet Gail, who always knows what to say. And always knows what food will make me feel better.
After a very long hot shower, I get dressed in one of Christian’s t-shirts and climb into the soft, comfy bed waiting for me. Ah, heaven. Instantly, my body relaxes and I am feeling somewhat better after the day’s events. I lie there, staring at the ceiling and replaying everything from this evening. And I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. In no time at all I went from kinky sex including the downward facing dog on the floor mat of the Audi, to looking like a dog hanging out the window of a car driving down Interstate 5 as I watched crazy go crazier. “Welcome to my world”. Isn’t that what Christian once said to me? Not sure I am a fan of the welcome wagon so far. All this thinking has me exhausted. My eyes fighting to stay open. I finally succumb to it and fall asleep.
My eyes pop open. What time is it? How long have I been asleep? I sit up to look at the alarm clock. It’s 10 pm. I’ve been asleep for a few hours. I turn to see if Christian is next to me and as I do, I notice he’s sitting in the chair across the room.
“Hey there sleepyhead,” he says as he gets up from the chair and walks towards the bed.
“Why aren’t you in bed?” I ask. “How long have you been sitting there?”
“I came in to see if you wanted to eat, but you were already sleeping. I didn’t want to wake you. Besides, I enjoy watching you sleep,” he says as he climbs into bed next to me. He leans into me and puts his arm over my stomach and pulls me closer to him.
“You look beautiful in my t-shirt, Ms. Steele. Although I’d rather see you in silk,” he says as he kisses my neck.
“Well, I was missing you in bed. Your shirt helps with that. Plus, I thought you were angry with me” I say back.
“I apologize. I was working thru my anger Ana, and didn’t want you around to see it. I hope you know that I was never angry with you.”
“I guess,” I reply. “You got really cold with me and I really needed you after what happened. You shut me out and it didn’t feel good Christian. We’ve got to talk about these things if we are ever going to work out.”
He suddenly picks his head up off my chest. His face looks concerned. Crap. Have I said something wrong?
“Ana, have you any idea the guilt I feel for you having to go thru today? Knowing that she was following you, putting you in danger, just infuriates me. I was so mad. Mat at her. And mad at myself. I promised to protect you, and I nearly failed. Will you ever forgive me?” he asks like a lost boy. My heart melts.
“Christian, please don’t blame yourself. I know what you’re thinking. And the answer is no. I’m not running. It will take more than that psychotic bitch to make me leave you.”
His body visibly settles at my words. He looks into my eyes, my soul. “I can’t ever lose you Ana. You are my world now. I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings in that garage, so I just hid with my feelings. It all happened so fast. And a million things went thru my mind. I should’ve been there for you,” he says as he caresses my face. And I am speechless at his words. My heart overflowing with love for this man. But my words are lost behind my tears, so I lean up and kiss him. Soft, gentle, loving kissing.
“I take that as being forgiven, Ms. Steele,” Christian says after a long passionate kiss.
“I know you were mad Christian. And you have every right to be. But when are you going to get it thru that thick skull of yours that I’m not leaving?”
“I don’t know. You may run for the hills after I share something with you,” he says avoiding eye contact. “I saw what was on Elena’s camera.” Shit.
We sit quietly. Neither one of us willing to speak first. Do I really need to know? I look at my inner goddess who’s holding up binoculars to her face and singing,” I always feel like, somebody’s watching me. An I have no privacy oh o oh.” Well, thanks Einstein. Tell me something I don’t know already. I give her the stink eye. Her choice of songs today are not very uplifting today. Something needs to be done about that.
I speak first. “So, do I have to beat it out of you?”
“Interesting choice of words, Ms. Steele,” he says with a slight smile. Well, that’s a welcome change in his somber mood at least.
“It seems that Elena has taken the liberty of following you for the last week or so. There were pictures of you coming and going from your apartment. And pictures of us at dinner a few days ago. And then some from…” His voice trails off and he sits looking out the window. Again avoiding eye contact with me.
“What Christian? Some from what?” I lean up so he has no choice but to look at my face. “Tell me. Please.”
The waiting is killing me. I’ve suddenly got knots in my stomach and I’m going to scream if he doesn’t answer me soon.
“There’s some of us in the Audi this evening.” Fuck. Blood boiling. Tears forming. My mouth open and speechless.
A tear escapes without permission and runs down my cheek. Shit. I don’t want to shed tears because of that bitch troll. I quickly wipe it away and turn to look away. I feel enraged, violated. But I don’t want to make Christian feel any worse than I know he does. He reaches for me, and I allow it. He pulls me to him and holds me close to his chest. I feel his heart beating against my cheek. I take my hand and put it to his beating heart. He holds me close and we don’t say a word. He knows I just need him at this moment. Please don’t let go. Being held in his arms makes me safe from the world, if only for a minute.
“Ana,” he whispers into my hair. “I am sorry.”
I won’t let Mrs. Robinson get the best of me. She has his past, a fucked up past. But I won’t let her take our future. I want to believe that somewhere in that 50 shades of fucked up, is a man who loves me. And is capable of receiving love. From me.
“Christian, I want you. The rest of it we’ll figure out,” I say in the strongest voice I can find. He sits there, staring at me. ” Well, say something Mr. Grey.”
“I am just in awe of you, Ms. Steele,” he says then kisses me on my forehead. “Come here,” he says as he pulls me back on the bed in a lying position. He moves my hair out of my face while leaning over me. And there we are again. Grey to blue eyes, only us in this moment.
Christian leans up and pulls my shirt over my head. His lips find mine. Gently and slowly he kisses me while his hand caresses my face. He continues kissing me and moves his hand down to my breasts. Slowly he circles my nipple, making me moan in his mouth. He moves to the other, massages my nipple. It immediately stiffens under his touch. He squeezes lightly, making me gasp in delight. His kisses stop as he moves down to suck on my nipples.
“Ana, you’re beautiful,” he says before sucking gently, then licking each nipple. I close my eyes, breathing heavy. I feel his hands move down toward my wet panties. He slides them off with one hand. I raise my bottom to help get them off. He spreads my legs with his hand while still sucking and kissing my breasts. His fingers slowly move down my thigh, starting at my knees, then crawling gently towards my inner thigh. I can feel myself tensing in anticipation. My sex just screaming to be touched.
His fingers finally reaching there. He caresses my entrance, slowly moving up. I am so wet that his finger just slides up. I moan out loud when he finally touches me there. He comes back up to face me. Still, we don’t speak. We are in a moment of pure passion.
Christian finds my lips again. Kissing me in between my moans. His fingers teasing me. Slowly he rubs my clit, my moans louder and more intense. Then he goes back down to my entrance and massages me there. Then he brings his fingers back to my clit and increases the intensity. His eyes find mine. And I know what they are saying. He’s going to make me come. His expert fingers massage my clit just right. I start coming. And all that we went thru tonight escapes me in my screams. He watches me orgasm and I enjoy it. No words, but we can feel it between us. Could it be love? I know what I feel. And I think I know what he feels. Do I dare ask?
My breathing evens out. Christian is taking off his clothes to reveal his ever-ready self. God looking at him never gets old. He lies on top of me and I spread my legs to receive him. We kiss as he enters me. Our breathing gets faster as he starts moving harder. But this is different. We have yet to say anything but our eyes continue their conversation. This moment is so intimate, so hearts and flowers. As he continues making love to me, he takes me face in both hands. Our breathing in unison. Tears pool in my eyes. I close my eyes momentarily and try to fight it. He caresses my face, and wipes the teardrop that peeks out from my eye.
Christian starts going harder, and I am close. Really close. He moves slightly harder and I come. I grab him and pull him into me. And a moment later, Christian has his own orgasm. His face nestled in my neck, warming me with his breath.
We lay together, him still inside me. I caress his hair as I contemplate my next question. “Christian, is it true? What Elena said about your feelings about me. Do you know what I am asking?” I whisper, glad that we are not face to face. My stomach does flips. I regret it as soon as I hear myself asking. Crap.
Christian looks up at me. “Yes. And yes I do.” Holy shit. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me. Tears pooling again. I look over at my inner goddess and she’s doing the running man and singing The Black Eyed Peas, “I gotta feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night. A good good night.” I wink at her. Thanks for a more uplifting song, sister. And yes, it’s a good good night.