Hello GREYsessed readers! I was not planning on firing up the mean machine this morning and starting a post, but my emotions have gotten the best of me. So instead of reacting negatively, I am hoping to do my best in passing along words to maybe have you stop and think for even a moment. Before I continue, I want to note that the following is my opinion and my opinion only. You may read this and disagree and that’s ok. In no way, shape, or form is this post meant to offend or hurt anyone. I’m just a GREYsessed blogger with an opinion! Thanks and as always, Love & laters©, Michele
     “Words have weight, something once said cannot be unsaid. Meaning is like a stone
      dropped into a pool; the ripples will spread and you cannot know what back they
      wash against.” Philappa Gregory, author.
I have read this quote before, and look to it today to help convey the purpose of today’s blog. Nobody knows better the weight of words than me. In starting this blog months ago, I have seen the effect my words have on both you the reader, and myself. With my stories there is a reaction, a feeling, an emotion that I have caused. It is an empowering thing, writing that is. I think about the millions of readers who have read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, and are so effected, myself included. This is what I call the Christian Grey effect. Like all who cross paths with the Christian Grey in the books, we are mesmerized, dazzled, glamoured, or whatever word you want to use to describe the passion we all share.
So what’s my point in al this? Well, being the Twittersessed person I am, I grabbed my iphone first thing this morning and starting reading. The majority of tweets are Fifty Shades related. We all partake in the campaigning for “our Christian.” Believe me, I am right there along with the rest of you who feel passionate enough to tweets pics, news articles, etc. showing why we believe our Christian is best. I love the camaraderie and bonding that we all share, that’s kept in check for the most part.
What I saw this morning on Twitter might have been taken the wrong way. I’m not sure. I am the first to admit that I am over emotional. I’ve been crying all week at the Olympics. I’ve been crying over the book, With My Body. And I teared up this morning watching my daughter play soccer. So, yes, I am the poster child for Kleenex. With that said, I sit here typing with beyond twitchy hands. Blood boiling, and my passionate self trying to stay a lady. But when I wake up to a tweet that says, “Casting Matt Bomer is the equivalent as casting Jesse Tyler Ferguson,” I am instantly enraged. Is this validated? Am I overreacting? Perhaps this is the reaction he wants to stir up for his own public campaign to get the job as writer. I don’t know. Freedom of speech? Sure, he has every right to tweet what he wants. Just like I have the right to go off on a rant about it.
So, first off, I am not a Matt Bomer fan. I don’t watch White Collar. In fact, I didn’t know who he was until I joined Twitter. Yes, I agree he is beautiful. And I enjoy seeing all my twitter friends post lovely pictures of him all day! My point is that this not a “get Matt Bomer cast as Christian Grey” blog. What I am fuming over is a statement that seems to judge a person’s sexuality. In the heat of the Chick-fil-A anti-gay remarks recently, it just saddens me that this is still an issue at large.
Do I have my own Christian? If you read my blog and tweets I don’t hide the fact that I love Christian Bale. Will I tweet with my buddies about his loveliness? Hell yea. Will I  get into a Twitter war over it? Hell no. I am quickly learning the pros and cons of social media. Twitter has been great for getting my blog out into cyber world. It has connected me with all you Fifty Shades fans. But I guess with good comes bad. I’ve blogged about this before. I had a certain tweeter start giving me the reasons why Christian Bale is not Christian Grey. I am open to opinions, but I will not stand for rudeness, or jokes at my expense. When it happened to me, I simply exited the conversation. And I certainly think that when you have a platform of over 300,000 followers, a statement at someone’s sexuality is absolutely irresponsible and ignorant. While some of the Bomer-haters rejoice in the tweet, my heart is saddened.
Let’s think about it. Is E L James going to cast (fill in your Christian), just because you tweeted 5000 times during your campaign? No. Is tweeting negativity and hate going to change her mind? No. What is a constant in my mind is all the haters of Fifty Shades of Grey. The ones who call it “mommy porn” and laugh as they call me a bored housewife with no sex life. Ha. If they only knew this housewife runs marathons, has a sex life, and writes kinky stories!  These same haters ridiculing our passion and love for the books. So out of respect for myself and these books, I try to keep it all in perspective. I love the women I have met thru all this. I love getting positive comments from readers of my blog. And I hope you all feel the same. That these books have brought us all together in one way or another. That we can all share our thoughts, love, and passion under one forum being Twitter. When casting is said and done, I want to be able to continue my friendships. I am hoping this for everyone. That Twitter does not become a war zone. That we can all still share our excitement for the movie, and continue to support E L. and maintain dignity for her stories.
I apologize for the long rant that in the long run may make no sense. I have just typed this in a stream of thought that may not talk to you in the end. If there’s anything I want to come from this blog, is what I said in the beginning. Our words have weight. I think of how I felt when I read those words about Matt Bomer. And Jesse Ferguson. Our actions have reactions. And although it’s easy to hide behind our words with a computer screen or iphone in hand, we must remember that the ripple of our words continue on past our keyboards to the unknown. I know I will try to keep this in mind. And I hope that a certain person looking to cast himself as writer for Fifty Shades, that his words have weight. If his tweet was meant to stir up animosity and hate between women for his own enjoyment, then congrats. What I ask is that as a united Fifty Shades of Grey fan club, we rise against the hate, the urge to bring each other down. Critics say these books repress womanhood, I say we show them the positiveness we are capable of. Words have weight. Enough weight that when dropped into the pool of Twitter, it rippled strongly enough to offend and hurt. Words have weight. Words cannot be taken back, even after deleting or untweeting them. A lesson I’ve learned and hope to pass on. And remember this: It’s nice to be important. But it’s more important to be nice.