Hello lovely GREYsessed readers! I know many of you are anticipating this next blog, so I am caffeinated up and hoping to bang it out~no pun intended;) If you didn’t see my last post, I had mentioned a live twitter chat with the amazing author, Nikki Gemmell. She wrote “The Bride Stripped Bare,” and ” With My Body.” We are working out the details now, but looks like it will take place in a couple of weeks! So get to amazon or itunes and purchase it now! If you liked Fifty Shades, which I know you did, then read this beautifully written book! I think it’s a great opportunity to tweet with an author of a book! So please let me know if you want to participate! Love & Laters©, Michele
ps~In case you forgot part 2~Ana and Christian indulged in some of their own Olympics-Red Room style! Christian brought his own equipment for the games- the pink feather!! I’d say they perfected the “Breast Stroke” with a 10.0! At the end, Christian suggested the next Olympic event, the “Butt Stroke.” Both Ana and her inner goddess left speechless. Now let the games begin!
     “Mrs. Grey,” Christian says as he waves his hand in front of my face. “Have I scared you into silent stupor?”
     “What?” I say as he snaps me out of my frozen state of “Did he just say what I think he said?”
     “Ana, it was just a suggestion,” he says with a smile.”We never have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”
     “I know that,” I say getting up from the bed. “It just took me by surprise is all.”
     “We can put it on our to-do list,” he says laughing.
     “Sure, let’s see, get Teddy a haircut, finish reading manuscripts, and have anal sex. Ok, it’s on the list.” I walk over to my robe and put it on.
     Christian is laughing. “Well, you better get going on that list then, Mrs. Grey. Don’t put off today BUTT you can do tomorrow.”
     I shake my head, smiling. Playful, kinky Christian. Who wants to have a playdate in the backyard. I smack him in the arm. “Let’s get moving, we have to call your parents.”
     We head down the hallway towards the kitchen. Christian stops me and leans me up against the wall. “You. Are. Mine. And it doesn’t matter to me what we do and don’t do in the bedroom, ok?” His eyes on mine, searching for an answer.
     I am momentarily mesmerized by his beauty. “Yes,” I finally say. “I am yours. And thank you for not pressuring me.” I put my arms around his neck and reach up for a kiss. A long, hot kiss.
     “Ok, Mrs. Grey. We will be right back where we started from if you don’t stop.”
     It’s a long week of work. Grey Publishing is doing great, but along with that comes countless manuscripts, meetings, and phone calls. I am so happy it’s Friday. We are meeting Kate and Elliott at some club for drinks and dancing. It’s been a long time since we’ve been clubbing, and I hope I am up for it. It will be nice to see Kate though. I’ve been thinking all week about the backdoor sex and really need some girl talk.  Of course Kate will tell me to get over it and dive right in. But I have never been as adventurous as her. Although that’s really not true anymore since being with Christian. And come to think of it, we’ve done some serious kinky fuckery in the bedroom. So why I am I obsessing about this? Well, because it’s…it’s that. It just seems like a big deal and it shouldn’t. I’ve got to get my mind focused and back to work.
     There’s a knock on the door, and then my secretary, Kelly peeks in the doorway. “Sorry to butt in, your three o’clock is here.” Did she just say butt in? I must be looking confused because she says, “Mrs. Grey, did you hear me? I said sorry to barge in, your three o’clock is here.” Oh, barge in! Get it together Ana. You’re losing it. No big deal. It’s just your ass. Ass, ass, ass, ass! I scream out in my head.
     “Yes, sorry. Please show them in.” I glance over at my inner goddess who’s leaning over my desk. “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” she ‘s singing and smacking her rear. Ok, Sir Mix A Lot, off the desk. We have a client coming in. Ms. Silence is Golden in the Red Room is now rapping about butts. Lovely.
     I glance at myself in the mirror. Wow, if I may say so myself. I am finally getting a chance to wear this black, very tight, very short dress that the personal shopper had bought me back when we were just dating. And it better look good for the $900 price tag I just cut off. And the Jimmy Choo stilettos are just as pricey. All this money is still throwing me for a loop.
     “Wowza,” Christian says standing in the doorway. “You sure are a sight, Mrs. Grey.”
He walks towards me while staring me up and down.
     “You like, Mr. Grey?” I ask as he grabs my hand to spin around for him.
     “I more than like,” he says, pulling me into him. “Although I don’t want every other guy in the club to be liking this as well.”
     With my arms around his neck, I look him in the eye and say, “You. Are. Mine. And that’s all I will ever want.”
     Christian smirks. “Did you just steal my line? You can’t do that, it’s copyrighted. Come up with your own.” He grabs my behind and squeezes. I give off a little squeal.
     “Christian, stop,” I playfully say.
     “Just because I said we aren’t going THERE, doesn’t mean I can’t grab it,” he says with a huge grin.
     “Well, maybe I do want to go there,” I tease back. Did I just say that? Yes, yes I did. My inner goddess is holding up a piece of paper with a 9.0 on it. 9.0? That was definitely better than that. I give her the stink eye. She shrugs her shoulders at me and gives me a “let’s see what else you got” look.
     Christian is just standing there. He’s now Mr. Silence is Golden. Wow. It’s rare that I get to shock him. I give a devilish grin to him and start walking away.
     “Mrs. Grey, get back here. Were you serious?” He’s following behind me. This is suddenly fun.
     Christian grabs me back to him. I giggle. “Yes, maybe I did. But you are not finding out now because we are late. So you’ll have to hold on to that idea.” I grab my purse and leave the room.
      We arrive at the club and it’s already packed. The hostess shows us to our table after temporarily being dumbfounded by all that is Christian Grey. I can say I am still not totally used to it, but I get it. He’s my own husband and I still get glamoured by the Christian Grey effect.
     “Ana!” yells Kate as she sees us walking towards her and Elliott. She throws her arms around me. “You look amazing Ana. This dress was made for you. Have you seen her ass in this dress?” She points to my behind while looking at Christian. I turn fifty shades of red.
     “Her ass does look good in that dress,” Christian responds, loving the remark. “And I am in ass man,” he adds. Seriously? I give him my best stink eye.
     “Come here and give me a hug, Elliott,” I say as I walk towards him and doing my best to divert the conversation.
     “Well, c’mon and let’s get drinking,” yells Kate across the table. Gosh it’s loud in here.
     Christian gestures to a server and orders a bottle of Bollinger. We sit and start to catch up on things.
     Two and a half glasses of wine later, and I am feeling happy! We’ve been sitting and catching up on kids, work, and Kate and Elliott’s upcoming wedding. It’s going to be an event to remember for sure. And I am so excited that the kids are part of the wedding too!
     “Who’s ready to dance?” asks Kate, jumping up from the table. She adjusts her silver tank and black leather mini. “Come on Elliott, you promised you’d dance.”
Trying to resist but failing, he gets up and follows her to the dance floor. “See ya out there,” yells Kate back at us.
     “Mrs. Grey, may I have this dance,” Christian says while offering his hand to me.
     “Why Mr. Grey, I thought you’d never ask.”
     We head to the dance floor. It’s packed. I don’t see Kate anywhere and it’d be hard to walk around to look for her. Usher’s new song, “Scream” is blasting from the speakers.
     Christian puts his hands around my waist and pulls me into him. We slowly start moving in sync. Our hips grinding to the beat. Usher telling us, “If you wanna scream, yeah, Let me know and I’ll take you there. Get you going like oooh baby baby ooooh baby baby.”
     Christian turns me around so my back is against his front. His arms tight around my waist, moving slow and sexy to the music. “Do you want me to make you scream?” Christian whispers in my ear, his breath hot on my neck.
     I nod my head. His head is in my hair, lips nuzzling my neck. And with one sentence, he manages to make me weak in the knees and horny as hell. Suddenly it’s just the two of us in the club. Our own little bubble of kinkiness.
     We continue to move together. And I am aware of something stiff against my backside, and now the growing wetness between my legs. I push back against him as I dance. Christian lets out a breath. Then he turns me back around to face him. I look up at him, and there is that spark. The same one I had the very first time we met. It still happens and I love when it does.
     He pulls me into him and lowers his hands to my backside and starts to slowly rub me there while we move to the music once again. It’s like a slow, erotic seduction what he’s doing to me. With his eyes locked on mine, his right index finger slowly glides down my backside sending shivers all over. Then his finger goes back up. I feel nothing but hotness down there and sensitive to where he is rubbing. My eyes close in pleasure. I open them up after a moment and look to see him with a sexy grin. And maybe it’s the wine, the atmosphere, or just because I’ve gotten to a place of readiness, I lean in and say, “I want you. I want you here.” I take my hand and put it over his that is resting on my behind.
     “Ana,” he says looking happier than Ryan Lochte winning at the Olympics. “Are you…” I put my finger over his mouth to stop him. I smile at him, letting him know it’s ok. He opens his mouth and starts sucking on my finger. Oh my. Right in the middle of the dance floor, I am having the best foreplay of my life. He continues to suck slowly, twirling his tongue and making me ache below.
     I take my finger out of his mouth and replace it with my lips. We start kissing. Slowly. Tongues doing their own dance. Christian’s hand lowers again to my bottom. He starts rubbing and puts his finger down the middle of my ass. “Ana,” he whispers in my ear,”I am going to lick this later. And get you nice and wet for me.” Holy shit. I tense up at the statement, totally turned on. Then all of a sudden, his hand is around to my front and up my dress. I look around embarrassed. But nobody is watching. It’s so crowded and everyone is busy getting their own groove on. His hand is sliding over my panties. He finds my wet spot and starts massaging slowly. I put my face to his chest, breathing heavy. He holds me close with his other arm while he continues to massage me. He finds my clit and I buck in his arms. Holy shit, he’s going to make me come in the middle of this club! And he does. His fingers rubbing hard. My face buried into him as I moan into his shirt, coming fast.
     He removes his hand and holds me close. I look up at him in amazement. God that was good. He leans down and says, “Let’s get out of here. I need you, now.” Don’t have to tell me twice. I scan the club for Kate and still nowhere to be seen. We head back to the table at lightning speed. Christian has his phone out and texts Elliott to say we are leaving.
     The ride home is torture. With Taylor driving a few feet away from us, we have to behave. But Christian is horny and in a playful mood. He pulls out his phone. Suddenly my phone buzzes. He’s texting me.
                    ***I can’t wait to get you home and naked.***
   Grinning from ear to ear, I text him back.
                    ***And then what will happen, Sir?***
     He looks at me with that look that makes me practically come, then starts texting.
                    ***I am going to lick every inch of you til you come***
     Well that one gives me a tingle. I smirk and then text back.
                    ***What about my ass? I thought you wanted that.***
      Immediately he texts.
                    ***baby, you are going to come hard with me inside your ass.***
      Holy shit. Turned on. Need to get home.
     And luckily we are pulling into the driveway. Like two sex-crazed teenagers, we practically run up to the bedroom.
     We don’t say a word. We just quickly open the door to the Red Room. Christian locks the door behind him and then grabs me. His hands in my hair, gently pulling my head back to kiss my neck. He pulls my dress down in one swift move and it drops to my ankles. My bra is off in one swift maneuver of his hands.
     He picks me up and lays me down on the bed. He leans down and starts to tease my nipples with his tongue. Slowly licking, hardening them as he goes around and around. I moan out. Christian moves down and lowers my panties to my ankles. He slides them off, one leg at a time. “I think I want these on,” he says grabbing my stilettos. He lowers my leg and moves back up towards me.
    He kneels above me, and take off his shirt. God he’s beautiful. I could just stare at him all day, but I know we have other plans. Our backyard playdate is about to happen. And right now, I am ready to play! Christian unbuttons his jeans, then the zipper. My eyes locked on this show, he pulls his jeans off. His erection, huge and ready.
     “Ana, stop biting that lip or this will be over sooner than later,” he commands. I didn’t even realize I was doing it.
    Then in one quick move, he turns me on my stomach. His hands caressing my back, moving down to there. He moves down the bed and is now got his head…there. I breathe heavy in anticipation. His hands take each cheek and he gently pulls outward. I suddenly feel really open, aching to be touched. I can feel him breathing against me. Please, touch me already!
     His hand then reaches under and caresses my wet entrance. Oh my god this is hot. His finger finds my clit and he rubs gently. “Christian, yes!” I yell out. He keeps rubbing as I grab the pillow with my hands. Then his tongue is there. On my behind. Now moving inward. His left hand still holding and pulling me open to him. His right hand still rubbing my clit. I am moaning and moaning some more. His hand comes off my clit and reaches to pull my right side open. Two hands holding me open as his tongue goes from my ass to my entrance. Holy fuck. My hips bucking in pleasure. Christian grasps my ass harder to hold me in place. He pulls me up on all fours then continues his tongue bath. I am getting close, but then he stops. He reaches over the bed and opens the drawer of the nightstand. He pulls out a tube of something. It must be lubrication. We’ve used it before with the butt plug. Oh, the butt plug. I remember that being very good. So this can only be better I tell myself.
     “Baby, I am going to get you very lubed up. It will help ok?” he asks. “And as always, just tell me to stop. And I stop immediately.”
     I shake my head yes. Then I feel the cool substance all over my backside. He moves it around, massaging my back entrance. Ah, that feels good. I moan out and Christian takes that as a go ahead to keep rubbing. He circles the entrance, making my tingle everywhere. Then I feel his finger start to make its way in. Slowly it enters. I gasp. Christian stops and lets me adjust to it. I relax and he continues. He takes his other hand and moves around to my clit. I scream. His finger there and another in my backside is too much. It’s the most amazing feeling. I’m practically screaming it’s so good.
    He takes his finger out and I feel more lube being applied on me. “Ana, are you ready baby?” I am in such heat, so turned on. I yell, “Yes, yes, please. Put it in!”
     I feel his hands on me, pulling me open. Then the hardness of him make contact with me. He slowly pushes the head into me. I feel myself tense around him. “Relax Ana. It will help if you just relax around me.”
     I breath out and bear down. I relax my muscles and I can feel a difference. He continues to slowly enter me. Oh my god. He feels huge inside of me. So different and good, I think. I try to get my head in the right place and not over think.
     Christian removes his right hand from my behind and reaches around to massage my clit. Holy shit. It intensifies everything. My behind is suddenly sensitive everywhere, and the two different feelings are crashing into one. I start moving back into him. He slides deeper into me. “Holy shit Ana,” he moans out. This turns me on hearing him say that. I push against him again and he goes deeper slowly. With each time he moves in, he stops to let me get used to it.
     His finger circles my clit, then moves up and he inserts it into my entrance. I scream. “Christian, oh god.” He starts moving his finger along with him inside me from behind. I am so wet, that he is sliding in and out with ease. And with each thrust, the feeling gets better, more intense. His finger continues in and out. And just when I don’t think it can possibly get better, he moves his thumb up and hits my clit. “Fuck,” I scream out. He starts thrusting me from behind a little harder, filling me deep. I am one big sensation. I feel my orgasm growing and I know its going to be intense.
     “Oh baby, you are so tight,” Christian whispers and I can sense he’s getting close too. “Are you close? Tell me when Ana, so I can come with you.”
     He continues moving in and out of me, getting a bit faster. His fingers pleasuring my front. “Christian, Christian,” I wail out. “I’m gonna come, please, make me come”
    He pumps harder into me and rubs my clit with such intensity that I explode everywhere. I scream, feeling myself coming all over him. Then I feel him coming inside of me. Oh my god its a total turn on feeling him come like that. He collapses on top of me and we fall together onto the bed.
     Christian’s on top of me, breathing heavy into my back. “Mrs. Grey, that was insanely hot. I take it that you enjoyed it.”
     I lean my head to the side. I’m too spent to lift my head. “Yes, Sir. You know how to show a girl a good time.”
     “Well, we aim to please,” he says then kisses my back. I look over at my inner goddess. She’s waving her paper in the air with a 10.0 on it and belting out “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child. “I don’t think you’re ready for this cause my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe.” Bootylicious is right. Backyard playdate accomplished. And I ‘ve got my calendar open, ready to schedule our next playdate. We are open for business!