Hi there GREYsessed readers! It is bonus time for all of you. I don’t usually write two posts in a week. But, sitting outside by the pool and feeling bored, Google called my name. Google and I are BFFs, and she didn’t disappoint! Being that Google knows everything, I am calling it a she;)! Anyways, I started looking at different pics for blogging inspiration and found many. Too many to mention and it started getting hot. And by hot I don’t mean the 90 degree weather. So I need to use this opportunity to put all the heat into a blog!  Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele
      It’s been another long day at the office. Countless meetings with clients and books behind in date to be published has me fried. Or perhaps it’s the numerous wake up calls in the middle of the night from the kids. I think it has been over a week since I have slept thru the night. Welcome to parenthood 101. They weren’t kidding when all those blogs said to say good-bye to sleep. I put my head down for a moment and close my eyes. My iPod is playing music quietly in the background of my office. “Your Love is King,” by Sade is quickly cradling me to sleep. Thoughts of Christian float in my head like fluffy clouds drifting along on a windy day. Picnics in the meadow, bubble baths, making out on the couch, and kinky fuckery. Oh, how the kinky fuckery has gotten kinkier. My mind replays the scene from a few weeks ago and our first backyard playdate. It was definitely a new level of play for me but it’s bringing back lovely memories as I doze off on my desk.
     The buzzing of my phone startles me awake. Crap. did I really just fall asleep on my desk? I fix my hair back into a bun and wipe under my eyes in case my makeup is now smeared. I look down at my phone and see that it’s Christian emailing me.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: This Evening
Date: August 8 2012 16:21
To: Anastasia Grey
Dear Mrs. Grey,
How are you? Our children’s lovely sleeping patterns have me missing you. I hope to have you all to myself this evening. Remember that they are going to the zoo with my parents tomorrow, so they are spending the night with them.
Christian Grey
Horny, hungry for you, CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
     Oh, that’s right! A kid-free night! This hopefully means at least five hours of straight sleep I hope. I’d even be happy with five. I hope we are just having a quiet night in. I email Christian back with my idea of a perfect evening.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: I’m Boring
Date: August 8 2012 16:24
To: Christian Grey
Hi husband of mine. I am counting down the minutes til I am done with work. Tired beyond belief. I hope we are having a quiet and relaxed night at home. This lady needs sleep! (spooning included)
Ana x
     Immediately there’s a response email from Christian.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Spooning vs. Forking
Date: August 8 2012 16:25
To: Anastasia Grey
Clearly you can’t be serious about just sleeping and spooning? Besides, spooning always turns into me wanting to use other utensils on you.
Christian Grey
CEO of Utensils & Grey Holdings Enterprises, Inc.
  I sit there smiling and staring at my phone. My playful Christian. All it takes is one email and he’s got me favoring kitchen utensils over much-needed sleep. Ugh, I need to get myself moving here. I call Kelly, the best secretary ever, and ask her to get me a tea. I have to plow thru the rest of my work before I can head home to relax with Mr. Spork.
    I throw my keys into the glass bowl sitting on the foyer table. “Christian,” I call out. No answer. He must still be on his way home. And it’s Wednesday, Gail’s day off as well. Empty house. I make my way to the bedroom to shower. It is so quiet. An unusual sound that I welcome. All I hear is the clicking of my heels as I walk down the hallway.
     I take off my heels. Ah, nothing better than that initial feeling of relief from 4 inch heels. I continue taking off my clothes and walk naked into the bathroom.
     This shower is my best friend right now. I have all the massaging jets spraying directly on my tired body. I stay in the shower for who knows how long. I finally feel like I am decompressing from the long work day.
     As I dry off, I call out to Christian again. Still not home. That’s fine, I am enjoying my alone time at the moment. I slip on some white lace panties and a fitted white tank. Kids are with the grandparents, so I can walk around like this. I take my damp hair and pull it up into a loose bun and then lie down. Ah. This bed is the most comfortable bed ever. I reach up and throw the accent pillows to the floor, then crawl up onto my pillow. Just for a minute. I’ll close my eyes for a minute then get up and start dinner.
     Mmm, don’t stop, Christian. I can’t see anything because I am blindfolded. But my imagination is working overtime. I can smell the leather couch in the corner of the Red Room, and hear “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. God that song screams Red Room sex a mile away. Please keep going Christian. He’s been massaging my legs, moving up towards my behind. I’m on my stomach moaning into my pillow. Keep going. Please, higher.
    “What did you say baby?”Christian says in my ear. I pop my head up and turn to face him.Christian is down near my legs, hands up towards my behind. I must look confused because he says, “I’m sorry Mrs. Grey, did I wake you?” What? I look around at our bedroom. Yes, we are in the bedroom, not the playroom.
     “I was dreaming, Christian,” I say as I lie my head back down on the pillow.
     “I came home and you were sound asleep,” Christian says as he rubs his hands down my back. I then realize my tank is off. “You looked so damn sexy in your lace thong that I couldn’t resist you. Do you forgive me for interrupting your dream?” He leans down and kisses my lower back.
     “No, Mr. Grey. Although I was having a lovely time in my dream. Much like the position I happen to be in right now. Only we were in the playroom. And there was music. Nine Inch Nails.”
     “Well, we aim to please, Mrs. Grey. Shall we move to the Red Room?”
     I smile appreciably at him. “No, I am way too comfy to move, but thank you.”
     Christian walks over to the dresser and turns on the iPod sitting in the speaker dock. The song “Closer” comes over the speakers, bass pumping. He looks over at me with his come hither stare. Suddenly I am aware that I am already wet from my Red Room dream and that I am getting wetter just watching him walk across the room.
     He unbuttons his grey dress shirt as he makes his way back to the bed. He throws it to the floor then undoes his belt. I watch the striptease from the bed. Mesmerized by his beauty, I just stare in anticipation of  those pants hitting the floor. And in a split second they do. Christian stands there in his black boxer briefs, erection underneath. I give a smile at what stands before me. He slowly pulls down his briefs, aware I am waiting for the reveal. Finally, he is completely naked. And fully ready. A beautiful god  who just happens to be my husband.
     Christian climbs onto the bed. I turn over onto my back as he hovers over me. Between the sex music playing and Christian leaning over and looking me in the eyes, I am completely turned on. He leans in and kiss. A hard kiss that begs for more. His hands suddenly on my nipples. Slow caresses that mimic our tongues. I moan in his mouth. He moves down and puts his lips to my breasts. He licks one nipple then the other. “Ah.” And just as I am loving his tongue, he turns me over onto my stomach.
     “I do believe, Mrs. Grey, that these panties need to go.” His hands move over my behind. Each hand massaging me there. I feel his warm breath on my backside. The closeness of him down there making me need to be touched. He slides his hands down to my thighs and pulls my legs up so I am now on my knees. God this is hot. What is it about this position?
     “You have a mighty fine ass, Mrs. Grey,” he says as he lightly brushes my bottom with both hands. Up then down. I shudder in pleasure. Then I feel his face right next to me. There. My panties being pulled, not by his hands, but his mouth. I turn to watch. Christian glances up briefly then back down to my panties. He pulls then halfway down, exposing me completely. He lets go of the lace thong from his teeth, and kisses my left cheek. Then the right. Oh god. I am aching to be touched.
     His hand slowly reaches between my legs. I spread them slightly at the feel of his hand from behind. He moves up to find my moist clit. When he fingers it, I moan out. “Ah…ah…ah.” His other hand comes down to grab my left nipple. He squeezes it between his thumb and forefinger. “Christian, yes,” I moan out. I bury my face in my pillow, holding myself up on all fours. His hand moves to my other nipple and squeezes again. I breathe heavy into the pillow, feeling my orgasm building. My hips start to buck as his fingers tease my clit with more pressure. “Yes…yes….” He knows I am close. His hand on my nipple now goes to my clit, and he brings the other hand back to my sex. He inserts two fingers and starts flicking them hard inside of me. I scream out as a third finger enters me. My body wants to move, but he’s hovered over me and possessing with one arm on my front and the other from the back.
     “Yes, Ana. Scream for me,” he says in my ear. I yell out as my orgasm hits hard. He doesn’t let up on my clit or with his fingers. He continues rubbing my hard clit, making me scream as the orgasm goes on. Holy shit.
     He removes his hands and bends down to kiss the center of my back. Then he pulls me off my pillow so that I am on kneeling up on my knees. He falls to the bed and gently brings me down with him. I’m leaning over his face, still breathing heavily.
     His hands come up to my hair and he gently strokes it. “You are so beautiful, Mrs. Grey.” I smile, lean down and kiss him. Slow at first. Then passion takes over and our tongues explore each others’ mouths. I lean back and take his erection in my hand. Christian gasps in my mouth. I move my hand up and down while loving the heavy breaths from Christian. I start moving harder, faster. Our kissing matching the intensity.
     “Ana, ” he whispers out. “On top. You.” I take my hand off of him and straddle him.
     I am so wet that he slides right into me. “Aaah,” I yell out. Fuck. I just sit there momentarily, welcoming the deepness of him. His hands move to my hips and he starts pulling me up and down. “Oh god. Oh god,” I moan out. He is so deep inside of me and hitting my clit as I come down.
     “Ana, grab your nipples, I want to watch you play with them.” I remember how something like this would mortify me. But now I am finally comfortable with Christian to do these things to myself. I grab each nipple and tug on each one. I throw my head back in pleasure as he continues pumping in and out of me. He thrusts himself into me with each time I come down on him. Faster, harder. I moan out as I come. My body convulsing in complete pleasure. He grabs my hips tighter and thrusts hard into me as I come. Holy fuck. “Yes, Ana. Yes.” And he starts to come moments after me. He moans out as I feel him come inside of me. We slow down and I bring my head down to his chest. We stay like this for a few moments. Mmm. The smell of him as I snuggle into him. His hands play with my slightly damp hair.
     I climb off of him and lie down next to him. Now I am officially exhausted. Forget dinner, I just want to sleep. I roll to my side and Christian curls himself around me.
“Now we get to spoon, Mrs. Grey,” Christian says as his legs wrap into mine. Skin to skin. His breathe in my back.
     “I love spooning with you, ” I say then kiss his hand that is wrapped in mine. He moves in closer to me. We lie quietly in this position. The music stopped. Only the sound of our breath is present.
     After a few minutes, I feel something on my back move. “Christian?” I ask. “Is that..” My voice trails off.
     He lets out a small giggle. “I can’t help it, Mrs. Grey. I told you that spooning turns into forking.” His hands start moving down to my still wet sex.
     “Christian, no…” It’s too late. I am suddenly on my back and he’s in between my legs.