Welcome back GREYsessed readers and hello to any new readers! I am excited to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, so I hope I can get this done before then! Plus I know some of you are twitching like Christian as you wait for this blog so here it is! As I always say, thanks so much for reading, commenting, and supporting my Fifty Shades obsession! Oh, and I wanted to mention that I am sure you’ve noticed that my stories go back and forth with Ana and Christian dating and married. Hope this isn’t annoying. It just depends on where the story takes me and how their relationship works into it. Thanks! Love & Laters©, Michele
I sit at my desk at SIP, trying to keep my mind on work but I keep going back to Christian and our situation. We’ve decided to work things out, but my mind still questions this “relationship.” Will I ever be enough for him? He says that he wants to understand me and my limits. And that we can do the vanilla thing until I feel I am ready to do the Red Room again. My mouth was on the floor when he expressed all of this to me, words I have wished for. So why am I sitting here feeling uneasy? Perhaps it’s not so black and white for me. But how do I explain to Christian that my situation in one that is well, a grey area? I struggled with his enjoyment for inflicting pain on me, yet the thought of a spanking across his lap gets me excited. I love him so much. I love him for wanting to change and try making this work. And all he seems to be giving up for me. Me. I think of all that is Christian Grey, and feel undeserving of this. He wants to give me everything I’ve wanted, and yet I find myself frowning at a one flavor relationship.
     Christian has not tried anything other than vanilla since we’ve been back together. And I find myself craving a chocolate covered Christian cone, topped with nuts. And a cherry. But I don’t want to cloud the situation and confuse Christian either. So I feel stuck in a grey cloud, unsure of how to approach the situation. Twitchy palmed Christian is not what I want since he’s been so understanding and loving. I can’t talk with him now anyways. He’s been in New York City since yesterday. Mergers and acquisitions, as usual. My phone buzzes, startling me out of my
My phone buzzes. Email from Christian, as if he knows I am sitting here obsessing.
From: Christian Grey
Date: June 16 2011 12:14
Subject: Bored
To: Anastasia Steele
Sitting here in a very important meeting and can only think of you. I look forward to seeing you in a few days. I hope you are behaving and eating.
Christian Grey
Distracted CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
     I can’t help but smile. My heart beats fast with excitement while I get that warm and fuzzy feeling all over. In perfect timing, Christian has made me feel more secure than I was just a minute ago. I email him back.
From: Anastasia Steele
Date: June 16 09:16
Subject: Giggly
To: Christian Grey
Thank you for your email. It made me giggle with joy. And just so you know, I had a banana and Greek yogurt for breakfast. As far as behaving, what if I’m not? Your across the country…
Anastasia Grey
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Editor, SIP
I hit send and immediately hope I didn’t ruin the lovely mood Christian was in. But seriously, the constant be good, eat your food bit has always been bothersome to me. Besides, if he’s bored at work, I’ve just given him something to think about. My phone buzzes and my stomach quickly knots up at the sound.
From: Christian Grey
Date: June 16 12:20
Subject: So help me….
To: Anastasia Steele
Is that all you’ve eaten all day? Please don’t make me fly home just to put you over my knee. We’ve talked about this. And I hope that your remarks have nothing to do with your boss. Remember who owns SIP.
Nonetheless, still looking forward to seeing you. Wish you were here.
Christian Grey
Stowed Palms and CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Well, that went better than expected. And the thought of him flying home to be put over his knee is, well, sort of hot. This is the grey area I am caught in. We really need to talk about this. No, I don’t want any whipping or caning but those silver balls and some spanking is definitely a yes. The problem is that he is hell-bent on being Mr. CEO of Ben and Jerry’s and keeping it vanilla. Plus, it’s only Thursday and he won’t be home until Sunday.
The idea is crazy. Crazy, stupid, mad. But perhaps crazy enough to show Christian how I love a good vanilla. But sometimes I’d like a good vanilla with a spanking of hot fudge and some silver balls on top. My mind is racing faster than I can keep up with it. Adrenaline has kicked in and my inner goddess has her pom poms in hand and doing her best herkie jump. Ok, relax before you break a hip or something. We still have to think this thru. Remember its control freak Christian we’re dealing with.
“Ana.” I jerk back in my chair, surprised by Jack standing in my doorway. “Sorry, did I startle you? I just wanted to see if you wanted to grab a drink after work today.”
“Oh, um,” I stumble on my words. “I am not feeling well, actually. I was going to see if I could take a half day today if that’s ok. I am all caught up with the projects I’ve been working on.”
Jack stares at me. He’s leaning over my desk, making me uncomfortable in his position. I push my chair back a bit from the desk, hoping to give myself a little more breathing room. Personal space is something Jack seems to be unaware of. Often.
After what seems like a year and a day, he says, “Sure. I mean if you’re not well than of course you should go home. Do you need me to drive you?”
My stomach drops. Immediately I answer, “No, no but thanks for the offer. I should be fine if I go straight home and right to bed.”
Jack’s eyes glower slightly and I can see he’s thinking of something. “Is your boyfriend going to be taking care of you?” he asks with a bothered tone in his voice.
Ah, yes. Are we going to have another pissing contest? Christian would be twitching in the wind if he heard this conversation going on right now. “Actually, Christian is away on business. I won’t see him until Sunday. But Kate is around if I feel worse later on.”
Crap. I feel like I shouldn’t have shared that information with him. I constantly feel on edge when it comes to personal talk and letting him know Christian is away feels like a mistake.
There’s a tension in the air that I wish away. Sitting in the small confined space of my office with Jack leaning over my desk has me wishing Christian would magically show up. Suddenly, my phone rings. Saved by the bell! Jack stands up from my desk and says, “I’ll let you get that. Then just let my secretary know you’ll be leaving for the day.” He turns and walks out of my office. I breathe out a sigh of relief. That was the most uncomfortable five minutes of my life.
I quickly answer the phone. It’s Kate. “Hi girl,” she says with excitement in her voice. “I’m calling to see if you want to meet Jose and I for happy hour. Christian is still away, right?”
“Yes, until Sunday,” I answer. “And by the way, you just saved me from my creepy boss. I was having an awkward moment with him and your call broke it up. So thanks! But happy hour is going to have to wait. Actually, I need your help with something. Can’t talk now though. Can you meet me at the apartment in 20?”
“Sure, of course,” says Kate.”But is everything ok? You’re making me nervous for some reason.”
“Yes. It’s all good. Just too many ears here. See you at the apartment.” We hang up and I gather my things from my desk drawer. I shut down my computer and head home.
I step into the bar and I am greeted with the faint sound of live piano music played by a man in a tuxedo. He sits in the far back corner of the bar, offering a light melody of sound that doesn’t overwhelm the atmosphere. I look up at the enormous glass light fixture hanging over the bar. Colored with muted hues of gold, it looks like giant icicles hanging together to form a lovely hint of light. There are lush trees throughout the bar and table area, giving the space a homey feel. Leather stools line the square-shaped bar. I quickly do a scan of the place and estimate about twenty or so people here at the moment. Not too many for a Thursday night. 
I’m suddenly overwhelmed and my hands start to sweat. Get it together Ana. No turning back now. I look to my inner goddess who’s doing the running man and singing, “Sexy and I Know It.” Right. Sexy. And I know it. Right.
I walk up to the bar while wiping my sweaty palms on my dress. I stop a few inches away from him and whisper softly, “Excuse me, Sir. Come here often?”
He whips his head around in my direction and stares.
“Hello. My name is Ana. It’s nice to meet you,” I say with as much seduction in my voice as I can. I extend my hand out to shake his.
He looks at me confused, but offers his hand out to me.
“And your name is?” I ask with a sly grin.
We are still holding hands. He gives a slight grin back at me and suddenly understands.
“Well, Ana,” he says, still gripping my slightly shaky hand. “That is a beautiful name. Is it short for Anastasia?”
“Yes, it is. But only a few people call me by my full name,” I reply. He let’s go of my hand and turns on the stool so that I am standing in between his spread legs.
“So Anastasia, what brings you here?”
“I was just in the neighborhood and thought I’d check out the scene,” I reply.
“Just in the neighborhood, huh? So you don’t come here often then?”
“No. Do you? You look like a man of serious business.”
“I am here on business actually. But I am always up for pleasure too,” he replies while staring into my eyes. The bartender walks over to us with a wine glass in hand.  He hands it to me.
“Thank you,” I say. I never ordered a drink but I’m not going to refuse it either. I take a sip of the white wine. It feels cool and refreshing as it goes down my throat. I take another drink of it. I feel myself relaxing slowly, although my heart is still ready to jump out of my chest.
“That is some outfit you are wearing, Anastasia,” he says looking me up and down. “I like the shoes especially. Those heels are what, 4 or 5 inches? Very sexy indeed.”
I feel a rush of warmth take over my body. My breathing quickens.
“Sexy? Well, may I ask what you think of these?” I ask as I pull my tight black mini-dress up to expose my thigh-high lace trimmed stockings.
I look up at him. He takes his eyes off my thigh and slowly looks up at me. The tension between us is getting to the unbearable level. My body is on fire and I am waiting for him to say something.
“Those are a sight indeed. And what is holding up those stockings, may I ask?” he reaches towards my leg and I pull away. His eyes light up with amazement at my move.
“Hands off, Sir. I will show you if you are nice,” I say and pull my dress up higher to let him in on the secret underneath.
His breath hitches at the sight of the lace garter belt holding up my stockings. I pull my dress back down to my thighs. “You are quite the bossy one aren’t you?” he asks.
“perhaps,” I answer. “But maybe I like being controlled too.” I move towards him so that we are face to face. That energy and tension the only thing separating us.
“Is that a fact, Anastasia? You take me as a woman who wants to be spooned and cuddled, not controlled.”
“Spooning? Well, we all know that spooning always leads to sex. At least those who really know how to spoon. Are you a good spooner?”
“I’ve been told so. But back to you. What does being controlled mean to you?” he asks while gently touching my arm that’s resting on the bar. His touch, his words, his stare. All starting to break me down. I can feel the wetness between my legs building, ready and needing release.
“I could tell you. Or perhaps I could show you. How do you feel about that?” I ask. I open my purse and pull out a set of handcuffs. I dangle them from my left forefinger in his face. He goes to grab them from me and I pull them back. 
‘Uh uh, you want these? You’ll have to come and get them. Your room. Now.” I put the cuffs back in my bag and walk towards the lobby. I watch as the bartender call him back as he tries to follow me. Perfect! It’s amazing what a girl in a tight dress and stilettos will get you if you ask. I wink at the bartender and turn back towards the elevators.
I hit up and wait for the elevator to open. Come on! I stand there antsy and looking around the corner to see if he’s coming. Ding. The elevator doors open and I hit P for penthouse.
I hear the click of the door lock. I position myself for his arrival. My body is high on anticipation. This is it. I am praying that this will be what I hope it will be. I hear the click of his shoes coming thru the hallway. My heart starts to race and I can hear it beating like a drum.
“There you are,” he says. “And what a sight you are.” He walks towards me. I am sitting up against the fluffy white pillows. My legs crossed, heels still on, handcuffs in hand. My dress is off, only my black lace bra, garter, and stockings remain.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” I say. “Waiting to be controlled.”
“Are you sure about that Anastasia?” he says as he comes around the side of the bed and sits next to me. He quickly grabs the handcuffs from my hands and holds them up out of my reach.
He leans in and brushes his hands on my cheek. I quiver at his touch. “Ana,my love” he whispers. “Are you sure? This is me, Christian, asking you, Ana if this is ok.”
My heart skips a beat. It’s my Christian asking for permission for this to go forward. I shake my head and grin at him.
He stands and says,” Well then, Ana, I think you’ve made your last decision for tonight.” Ok, we are back to it. He unbuttons his black dress shirt and lays it over the armchair. He kicks off his dress shoes and climbs onto the bed.
“Arms above your head,” he commands. God I’m ready for this. I want this. Bad.
He takes my hands and cuffs them. “Keep your hands above your head, or you will be punished.” I shake my head in compliance. The cuffs are cold and the metal digging slightly into my wrists.
He straddles me and then pulls me down so that I am lying flat on my back. I can smell him as he leans over me. Every part of me begging to be touched, my lower body to be fucked. He lowers himself and pulls my legs apart. Oh god. He takes one hand and slowly starts at my thigh and moves it down.I tense at his touch. His touch that’s teasing my sex, making me ache. He turns and puts his hand to my ankle. Then moves slowly up my leg. He reaches my inner thigh and I feel like I am going to combust. “Please,” slips out of my mouth. His finger immediately goes to my lips and he shakes his head no, telling me to be quiet.
“Behave,” he commands. He turns towards me and grabs both nipples. I yell out. A slight grin escapes his mouth. He grabs and twists again, making me moan and buck. He moves my bra to expose my nipples. The cool air adding to my excitement. Again, he grabs my nipples, rolling them in between his fingers while I pant under his touch.
He moves down the bed and leans in towards my inner thighs. With only a garter on, I am bare and exposed to him.  I feel his breath in between my legs. He knows I am begging to be touched and he likes it. His eyes look up at me then back to my sex. Please, please touch me! And in one swift move his finger is inside of my wetness. “Aaaah!” I moan. “Aah. Aah,” I continue as he puts in another finger. Slow thrusts at first. Then he starts fucking me hard with his fingers. Then a third until I come all over his hand. I’m moaning, arms above my head, and legs being held down by his other arm. I want to move, buck my hips to the rhythm of my orgasm but he’s not letting me.
Finally, I come down from my orgasm. He quickly turns me over and onto all fours. “Keep those hands above your head, no matter what.”
I feel his breath on my behind. I am still breathing hard from the orgasm and now I am building up anticipation again for what’s next. I feel his fingers lightly brushing my bottom. Slow circles on each cheek, making me tense up. Without warning, he slaps my right cheek. Hard but not too hard. The vibration of it goes right to my aching clit. I moan out in pleasure. “You like that don’t you?” He rubs the same area he just hit. Then comes down again in another slap. “Aaaah,” I yell out. He moves his hand in between my legs and reaches under to my clit. I can feel how wet I am as his finger rubs me up and down. I scream out. His other hand suddenly on my bottom, deliciously spanking it. He continues fingering me as he spanks me. Every time his hand makes contact, my clit vibrates in pleasure. He increases the intensity on my clit and lands one more slap to my bottom as I come hard. “Oh god. Oh god.” I moan out as I come again.
Then suddenly he pulls me off the bed and stands me on the floor next to the bed. My hands come down in front of me and I welcome the relief. He takes my hair and pulls me into him. Kissing me hard, I moan in his mouth. He turns me around to the bed and gently pushes me down. I hear his pants unzip and fall to the floor. My hands above my head. I am lying over the side of the bed. He pulls my legs apart. And quickly he is inside of me. One hand on my back, the other grabbing my hip. He starts thrusting hard. Really hard. Oh god, he’s so deep inside me. I so badly want to grab the covers but can’t.
“I love fucking you Ana,” he moans out. “Do you like it hard like this?”
I don’t respond. “Ah!” I yell out as his hand slaps my bottom.
“Answer me Ana. Do you like being fucked hard?”
“Yes, yes. I love when you fuck me hard.” And those words are enough to send me into a spiraling orgasm. I tremble as my muscles convulse all around his hardness.
He feels me coming and moves his hand to my clit. Oh my god. He takes two fingers and swirls them over my clit, making me scream out loud. 
“That’s it, come again,” he commands while fucking and rubbing together. I can’t take it. I am all pleasure everywhere. He shows me no mercy as he thrusts even harder, sliding in and out of me with all my wetness. I come again, shaking all over the bed and thankful I have it to be lying on for support. He falls into me as he orgasms next. He moans into my back as he thrusts one last time.
I walk down the corridor leading into the airplane. I walk inside and look around. Oversized plush seats in the front, a glimpse of the bed that is nestled towards the back. I walk back a few feet and lean in.
“Hello, sir. Welcome aboard. I’ll be your servant for this flight. Anything I can do for you?”
Christian looks up at me and reveals a wide grin.
to be continued…..