Hello GREYsessed readers! It’s been a very long day for me. If any of you are on Twitter, you know how addicting it can be. I got sucked in once again last night, and stayed up way too late. Then an early visit from friends this morning kept me busy most of the day. But I am determined to get this out. Fresh coffee is brewing, comfy pants on, and ready to go. I’ve got my Batman socks on too, just to keep my thoughts of Christian Bale fresh. He’s always kink-inspiring for me! FYI-this story takes a different path than usual. I am a bit nervous on what’s to come or who;), so hopefully you like it! Love & Laters©, Michele
“Let’s go out and celebrate afterwards, Elle!”
Of course my roommate, Gabby would suggest drinks. Anything is worth celebrating with drinks in her opinion. Crazy Gabby.
“I’ll text you when I am done and we can meet downtown,” I yell back from the bathroom of our snug apartment. It’s not the biggest apartment you’ve ever seen, but it’s perfect for two soon to be college graduates of WSU.
“No worries. Elle, you are fun, smart, and charismatic. Mr. Moneybags will be under your spell!” Hmm, I hope so.
Back to the task at hand. Looking at myself in the full length mirror hanging from the back of the bathroom door, I hope I look professional enough. Well, as professional as a college student who has the most popular blog at WSU. Wearing my favorite black tank dress that hugs in all the right spots and shows off a hint of cleavage, and black heels that are high but do not scream fuck me heels.
As I stare into the mirror, I start feeling nervous. The butterflies starting to flutter about in my stomach. Oh relax Elle. It’s a simple interview and a few pictures. Right. I’ll keep telling myself that when I am walking thru the Escala, home of Christian Grey. Yes, the Christian Grey. Hottie CEO of Grey Enterprises who has nicely agreed to let me take a few pictures of his penthouse and ask a few questions about his lifestyle outside of the boardroom. This interview will be posted to my blog and hopefully win me a ton of recognition for future interviews. As of now, my blog is the hit of WSU, students and alumni alike. This has given me much attention, including several phone calls from interested publishers and advertising agencies.
So this interview is to be a pinnacle feature in my blog. Christian Grey is known for being very recluse about his private life. I’d like to think it’s because of my charming ways that scored me this interview, but it’s because his new girlfriend has helped me get it. Anastasia Steele may be the most envied girl in all of Washington right now. And I am one of those girls fifty shades of green. Ana, who I see as somewhat shy and clumsy in her ways is with Mr. Christian Grey. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be dating the most eligible billionaire who happens to be beautiful? I’m just thankful that we had English lit together this semester and became friends. She knows how much this blog means to me and what this interview will do for my resume.
One more check of my makeup and a spritz of hairspray over my long waves of brown hair and I am done. Breath Elle. You’ve got your questions ready and your camera set to go. Ana mentioned that I should come totally prepared and prompt since Christian appreciates complete professionalism. Of course he does. He’s Christian frigging Grey.
“Wish me luck,” I yell out to Gabby as I grab my keys and purse.
“Good luck, you’ll need it with Mr. Billionaire!”
Thanks Gab, just what I wanted to hear as I open the front door and make my way Will the reality fit the fantasy? My mind starts turning to the dark side with that thought. Yes, Christian Grey is the ultimate package. But now my curious mind wonders how he is in the sack. My relationship with Ana is not to the level of let’s talk about your sex life with Christian. I can only imagine it’s hot. Really hot.
Straight ahead of me I see the word Escala on top of the building. Nerves set in again as I drive around to look for a parking spot.
After giving my name to security, I am guided to the elevators that I will take up to the penthouse. The foyer of the Escala is gorgeous, with a cascading marble staircase and cushy sofas by the fireplace. Lifestyles of the rich and famous for sure. The elevator dings and I step inside and hit PH for penthouse.
The doors open and I am greeted by a lovely women wearing an apron. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Jones. You must be Elle,” she says as she extends her hand out to me. “I am Mr. Grey’s cook, obviously,” she sweetly says as she points to her apron. “Mr. Grey and Ana are their way home. They shouldn’t be too long dear. May I offer you a drink?”
I follow her thru the all white foyer that has a round table in the middle of it. Beautiful flowers sit in the middle of the table, giving off a lovely floral aroma.
We walk into the enormous state of the art kitchen. My eyes glance around, trying to take my surroundings in. Between the gourmet kitchen, grand piano, and stunning views of Seattle from the floor to ceiling windows, I decide to see if Christian has a brother who needs a girlfriend.
Mrs. Jones hands me a lemonade, then turns around to answer her phone. Mmm, fresh squeezed lemonade. It feels refreshing as it goes down my throat, easing my nerves as I sit in Christian Grey’s penthouse.
“Excuse, Ms. Elle. That was my sister on the phone. She’s having car trouble and I need to go help her. I hope you’ll be ok here by yourself until Mr. Grey returns.”
“Oh, that’s fine. Don’t worry about me, please go to your sister.”
“Thanks, hon. Make yourself at home, but it’d be best if you stayed in this area of the penthouse,” she says but doesn’t look at me. Hmm, weird vibe I’m getting.
“Sure, no problem,” I say with a smile.
Mrs. Jones gathers her things and says, “Bye dear, it was a pleasure meeting you.”
I give a wave to her and then she’s gone.
The penthouse is quiet except for the low hum of the refrigerator. Deciding that I am too antsy to just sit on this stool, I get up and walk around. There’s a hallway that I can see leads to some more rooms. Jeez this place is massive. “It’d be best if you stayed in this area of the penthouse,” whispers to me in my head. Oh, a little peek around the place couldn’t hurt. And I’ll be quick.
Making my way down the marbled hallway, I feel my adrenaline kick in. Oh it feels good to be bad. My curiosity has always gotten the best of me, so I am not at all surprised at myself. On the right is a good-sized office with a massive cherry wood desk. Momentarily I toy with the idea of going in but my subconscious tells me to keep walking. A few feet down I come to a closed door.Why are there locks on it? I look around expecting to see someone standing behind me. Nobody is behind you, Elle because you are alone, I tell myself. Suddenly I feel like a contestant on the Price is Right, deciding if I want to see what’s behind door #1. My hand acting like it has a mind of its own is now grabbing the doorknob and turning it. It’s unlocked! My hand freezes for a split second, questioning whether to proceed or not. Surely I will hear the elevator coming right? I decide yes and continue turning the knob until the door pops open.
What the fuck is this? I stop dead in my tracks and try to comprehend that I am indeed not dreaming. The distinct smell of leather and something else is in the air. Wood perhaps? The walls and ceiling are a dark burgundy color, giving it a warm feel, despite me standing here flabbergasted. There’s a large wood cross like an X connected to the wall across from the door. This is crazy. Absolutely fucking crazy! Something is hanging from the ceiling, made of some sort of metal. Whips, paddles, and feathery-looking things hang from wooden rods. Next to the door is a mahogany chest of drawers. Wonder what’s in there, Mr. Grey? But what takes up the entire room is the enormous bed. It’s beautifully carved and has a swooping canopy. It gives off a historic feel, until you notice the red leather and satin cushions gathered at the top. Mr. Grey is Mr. Kinky! I smile at the thought. He’s kinky, I am definitely kinky. Maybe he’s dating the wrong college student. And Ana goes along with this? Well, they say it’s the quiet ones that are the freaks in bed. A large leather bed. Images of Christian enter my dirty mind and I feel it down below. Dang it. Not cool Elle. Ana’s doing you this huge favor and you’re thinking of boinking her boyfriend.
My kinky thoughts are quickly stopped in its tracks with the sound of giggles and footsteps. Fuck! The sound is getting closer and louder. Do I make a run for the door? As I ponder this, I hear “I guess she decided not to wait around. We are late after all.”
It’s Ana! Shit! Mrs. Jones’ words of advice coming back to haunt me. Damn me and my nosey self.
“So then I guess we are alone, Ms. Steele.” That must be Christian. Even his voice is hot. Damn it Elle, not the time for accessing the voice of the man who’s about to go ape shit over you being in his room of pleasure and pain. I hear the footsteps heading my way. Walk out and say, “Boo” is an option but don’t think ghostly antics are going to go down with a man known for his no-nonsense personality.
“Well, Mr. Grey what shall we do then?” I hear Ana say. Ooh she’s quite the playful little cat isn’t she. Kudos to you Miss I Like to Just Read Classic Novels.
“How about you and this sweet ass in the playroom, now.” I hear Christian say with authority. Crap, the playroom? Obviously the leather-clad, chains from the ceiling room I’m standing in.
Panicking and freaking the fuck out, I stupidly duck next to the dresser next to the door as I hear them right outside. “I’m going to have my way with you, Ms. Steele,” Christian says.
The door pushes open. “Why is the door open?” says Ana. “Perhaps Mrs. Jones was cleaning and forgot to lock up before she rushed out.”
Next thing you know, they are kissing passionately and stumbling over each other as they enter the room. I just stay in my squat position, praying for this to end and I can run.
Christian pulls her hair back in his fist and kisses her neck. Ana moans out and I am very aware of the growing warmth in my panties. I watch as he continues kissing her neck and his hands move to her shirt. He puts his hand under her practically see thru white t-shirt and places his hand on her breast. She moans at his touch and they start to kiss again. Then Christian pulls off her shirt and unclasps her bra in an instant. God he’s hot. His head goes down and he places his mouth on her nipple. He gently bites down, making Ana gasp. He moves his hands to the denim skirt she is wearing and unbuttons it. It slides down to her ankles, revealing black lace panties.
“Ms. Steele, you are lovely in these,” he says as I watch him trace his fingers along her backside. She closes her eyes and moans softly. Then Christian moves away from her and starts walking towards the dresser I am crouched next to. Fear sets in as I brace myself to be outed. I hold my breath in as I look up at him next to the dresser. He opens the top drawer and takes something out. He looks at it for a moment and I see a slight grin cross his face. He closes the drawer and walks back to Ana. I breathe out a sigh of relief, although this is far from over I suspect.
Christian takes Ana’s hands and puts them behind her back. He has a black tie in his hands that he wraps around her wrists. Oh god. I am about to witness kinky Christian Grey and wonder if he’s ok with this being part of the blog.
He reaches down and helps Ana out of the skirt around her ankles. He removes the silver flats she is wearing on her feet. She stands in front of him, hands tied behind her back and wearing only her black thong. It’s pretty hot. Christian walks over to a chair that is next to the bed and sits down. He gestures over to Ana to come to him. Ana walks over and stands before him. Christian is now eye level with her black thong. My clit throbs at the thought of what’s going to happen.
“Ms. Steele, I am now going to kiss you here,” he says as he traces his finger along her sex. She moans softly and I have to hold my breath in to stop myself from moaning right along side her. He cups her with his hand and starts rubbing her with long strokes. Ana moans louder. Slowly Christian takes her panties down while kissing her belly. She steps out of her panties and Christian throws them to the floor.
“Spread your legs for me,” he directs and grabs her by the waist. He moves up in his chair so that he is leaning out of it. His hands grab her ass as he brings his mouth to her sex. His tongue comes out and I watch intently as he slowly licks her lips. He pulls her in closer, then brings one of her legs up onto the arm of the chair. My mouth is wide open as I watch this incredibly sexy show in front of me. He moves in between her spread legs and I cannot contain myself. The wetness between my legs is increasing by the second. He brings his hands to her and spreads her lips open. He buries his face in her and I watch his tongue caress her clit. My own body is moving to the rhythm of their bodies. Ana yells out, “Oh god. Oh god. Yes, right there, Christian.”
Feeling left without a choice, my hand moves in between my crouched legs. My panties are soaked with wetness. I bring my finger under my panties and find my clit. Trying not to make a sound, I rub gently. God, this feels good. I continue stroking myself as Christian continues licking Ana. His hand comes down and he inserts a finger into her. Ana yells out in pleasure, throwing her head back. She starts bucking and Christian grabs her hip with his other hand to steady her.
His finger comes out and he puts it to her mouth. Holy fuck! Is he seriously going to do what I think? And I get my answer as he says, “Taste it baby. Taste how sweet you are.” Ana takes his finger and sucks it slowly. Then she licks it from top to bottom. Whoa. He removes is finger and brings it back down to her sex. But this time he inserts two fingers. His tongue goes back to her clit as he fingers her. She moans loudly. “Ah, ah, ah.” I hold my breath harder as my finger rubs my enlarged clit. My orgasm is approaching quickly, and I suspect Ana’s is too. Christian’s hand moves from her waist up to her breast. He takes her nipple in between two fingers and squeezes. Ana moans out, “I’m coming! Yes, yes, oh god.” Her entire body convulses as I bring myself to orgasm. This is the hottest experience of my life. And that’s saying a lot for this kinky chick.
I watch Christian remove his fingers and undo the knot holding Ana’s hands together. Her hands fall instantly to her sides and Christian embraces her. My mind is wishing they fall asleep on the big leather-clad bed and I can make a run for it.
“Are you ready for me to fuck you over this table?” Christian says. Shit. So much for sleeping. And now they are going to fuck? As if watching Christian make Ana come with his mouth wasn’t enough, now I am getting the VIP seat to watching him do her. I know I should be stressing over my escape plan, but part of me is excited to see whats next.
Christian scoops up Ana in his arms and carries her over to the long table set against the wall. He bends her over and smack her behind. “Aah,” she moans out. His hand comes down again and she moans louder. Christian quickly takes off his shoes and pants. My eyes widen as I get a look at the huge erection poking out of his black boxer briefs. I tense in anticipation of seeing what’s underneath. He pulls down his briefs and steps out. Oh. My. God. Mr. Grey is Mr. Huge. He steps behind Ana and spreads her legs. Oh Jeez, here we go. I watch him move into her. I’m slapped out of my fixated trance with a very loud buzzing sound. Christian’s head pops around, looking confused.
Fuck, it’s my phone! I must’ve put it on the bed when I was looking around. I can see it lighting up against the red leather covers. Oh god, I am frozen behind the dresser. Christian stands and starts walking towards my buzzing phone.
“Is that yours?” Christian asks.
“No, my phone is in my purse in the kitchen.”
“It’s mine,” I murmur as I stand from my crouched position. Ana and Christian both whip around to face me in unison.
“Elle? What. What are you doing in here?” Ana asks, looking completely dismayed.
“Um, well, it’s not what you think actually,” I say with a crackling voice.
Christian picks up his briefs and puts them on. Ana holds her breasts, although I’ve already seen them in their full glory.
They both stand there staring at me. I quickly make a crazy decision in my head and say, “I know you’re both shocked right now, but watching the two of you go at it was incredibly hot.” I give my best sexy look and roll my tongue over my top lip.
A slight grin moves across Christian’s face and he glances over to Ana. “So, what do you think?” he says to Ana.
to be continued….