Hello GREYsessed fans! Thanks for all the great comments for part 1 “Caught in the Act.” It was definitely a start down a different path for Christian and Ana and something I thought about for quite some time. I know that some people take their stories above and beyond the original. I had always had it in my mind to try to stay true to the characters and write stories that would seem to mesh with the books. Well, I don’t know if this next installment will do that or not. I’m just going to see where it takes me. So join me back in the Red Room and see what does or does not happen…. Love & laters©, Michele
I stand in the middle of the room, feeling my cheeks warm with slight embarrassment at what I just suggested. Yet, eager for them to answer me. The Ana I know is a studious good girl. But as I stand in the midst of floggers, chains, and wooden crosses, I realize you really don’t know anybody.
Christian and Ana exchange glances, as if communicating with their eyes. I watch as Ana’s eyes widen a touch like she is answering Christian. They both turn to me and Christian says, “I am assuming that Mrs. Jones told you to stay out of the playroom.” He walks over to Ana and stands behind her. He puts his arms around her waist and kisses her neck. I go to answer him, but he stops me with, “And since you didn’t follow the rules, I think we need to punish you.” Both Christian and Ana grin simultaneously at me. My already wet self is now on fire…again. I am both relieved and turned-on.
“So what kind of punishment is in order?” I ask while taking my finger to my mouth and rub my lower lip with it. I can tell from watching their earlier sexcapade that Christian can bring the kink, and I am a girl who can take it. Well, I hope anyways. This is definitely something I was not expecting on the tour.
“For starters,” Christian says as he walks over to the dresser I was hiding behind. He opens the drawer and takes two items out. “I think you’ve seen more than enough today, haven’t you?” He leads me to the enormous bed and gestures for me to get on. And for a person who is usually Miss Chatterbox, I seem to have lost my voice. I quietly climb up on the leather-clad bed and sit. Christian stands in front of me and takes what I now see is a mask and puts it to my eyes. A warm wave of excitement rushes through my entire body as I feel the silk against my skin. He reaches around to tie the mask snugly to my head. I hear footsteps come around the bed. I am not sure what to do, so I sit quietly trying to take in the sounds around me. I am so aroused that the thought of an orgasm before this all starts crosses my mind. After a few moments, I feel someone brush against me as they reach around to unzip my dress. At the same time, music enters the room. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s heavenly. A classical piece both beautiful and ethereal.
I feel a hand on my arm, gently pulling me up off the bed. I stand up and feel a hand on each shoulder. My dress straps are slowly moved down my shoulders then my arms. My breath hitches as fingers brush lightly against my skin as my dress falls off and drops to my ankles. I sense movement and wonder if Christian and Ana are both now standing before me. The angelic music is making it hard for me to decipher. I jump a bit as a hand is now down by my leg, prompting me to step out of my dress. I am now standing in my black lace thong and bra and heels.
My heart is beating out my chest as I stand there in anticipation. Then suddenly hands are on me. Fingers trace the strap of my bra down to my breasts. Slow and barely touching, yet enough to have me burning down below. A soft moan escapes me as fingers move over my nipples. Then squeezing, slow but hard. “Ah,” I moan out. Whose fingers, I can’t tell. The music, mask, and intensity of this moment has clouded any judgement from me.
Hands now undoing my bra. Cool air hits my nipples as my breasts fall free from my bra. Fingers go back to stroking my nipples then I moan out as a tongue sweeps over my hardened nipples. “Yes.” My head goes back in pure pleasure. And just as I feel my orgasm quickly building, hands and tongue stop. I’m scooped up quickly to the bed by Christian I assume. Cool leather hits my body as I am laid down on the bed. My arms are then moved above my head by both Christian and Ana. I can feel each of their bodies on either side of me. My wrists now being tied with something that feels smooth like satin.
Sensing their bodies moving away from me, my sex throbs at the thought of whats next. Hands find my legs and gently pull them apart. Oh my god. My body is screaming to be touched. Touched at the center of my wetness, now escaping my panties. Someone leans over me at the waist. Breath on my belly, making my hips arch and my clit throb. “Aah,” I yell out as fingers trace my sex over my panties. Slow and teasing fingers that make their way under the thin straps. Then slowly pull them down to my ankles. Different hands take over at my feet. My left heel taken off and dropped to the wood floor. Fingers grace the bottom of my foot, sending throbs up my leg to my clit. I’m moaning and writhing in pleasure. My leg is put down and hands move to my other foot. Again my heel is skillfully taken off and dropped. At the same time, whoever is on the bed with me shifts their body and I feel breath on me once more. My legs get spread open more and then I start screaming as a tongue hits my clit. Hands spread my lips open as their tongue starts at the bottom of my entrance and slowly makes it way back up to my clit. I am aware that nobody seems to be down at the bottom of the bed anymore and I try to listen for movement but it’s impossible with my clit now being sucked on. Hard. “Oh god, yes,” I scream out. Their mouth giving me no mercy. I feel the bed move as someone sits nearby. My nipples start getting squeezed and I start coming instantly. “Ah, ah, ah,” is all I can get out. My voice practically lost as every part of my body explodes in pleasure.
My breathing regulates slowly and my body comes down from orgasm. Hands on me again and I am turned over on all fours. “Was that good?” Christian whispers in my ear.
“Yes,” I reply.
“Good. We aim to please. But now it’s time for your punishment,” he says in a commanding voice. Punishment? Something tells me I am going to like this punishment. His hand moves down my back and to my ass. He massages my right cheek making my clit throb once again. “Aargh,” I yell out as his hand comes down onto my backside. It hurts, but it’s a good hurt. Again his hand comes down and the mixture of pleasure and pain fills my body. I jerk as his hand finds the other side of me. Again and again his hand makes contact and I moan out in pleasure. My backside is burning from his spanking. After a few minutes of pure spanking ecstasy, he stops. I am turned back over to my back. Where is Ana? The thought suddenly hits me after I am calm enough for a logical thought.
Warm breath hits my ear. “You took that spanking well,” Christian whispers in my ear. “Would you like to see your reward now?”
“Yes, what is it?” I ask but feel like he’s not going to tell me.
“Well, you almost had a chance to see me fuck Ana until we were interrupted. Would you like to now?” Nothing would excite me more at this very moment.
“Yes. Yes I would,” I answer.
“That’s good. Because I am going to let you watch. And only watch. Because Ana is mine, and I am not good at sharing her. But she wants you to watch. And she also wants you to enjoy it too. So are you ready?”
Those words are like a tongue to my clit. I shake my head yes. Christian leans in and pulls off my mask. I blink a few times as my eyes try to adjust. Sitting on the bottom of the bed is Ana, fully naked. I look at her and she gives me a smile. “Hi Elle.”
“Hi,” I say with a smile. I take in her nakedness. She’s got a beautiful body. Perfectly round breasts. Flawless skin. And completely shaved down there. Wow. Not what I was expecting to see. Hot as hell, but unexpected.
“Come here baby,” Christian says to Ana. She moves on all fours up towards me. I notice something in her hand. Oh fuck, it’s a vibrator. It’s light pink in color and from experience a good-sized one. My thoughts race, wondering if that’s for her or me.
“This is for you,” Ana says to me with a hint of shyness in her voice. “Brand spanking new,” she says holding it up for me to see. I reply with a huge smile.
Christian moves around behind Ana. He reaches between her legs and caresses her. She moans out at his touch. “God you are so wet Ana.” He continues stroking her as I watch intently. My hands still tied to the bed restraining me from touching her like I wish to do. Her hips buck as I watch Christian insert a finger. Ana screams out in pleasure. And what happens next blow my mind. She leans down on her arms so that she is crouched right between my legs. She extends her right arm out and her hand cups my sex. “Yes, yes” I moan out. I’ve done my share of kinky things with boyfriends, but this is by far the hottest thing I’ve ever done.
“Ah,” Ana yells out as Christian spanks her from behind. Again he smack her while his other hand is still fingering her. Every slap is a surge of pleasure to my clit. Ana continues massaging and stroking my sex bringing me closer to orgasm.
I watch as Christian removes his finger and puts his hands on Ana’s hips. He leans down and enters her. “Aah,aah,” she moans loudly. She lifts her head and looks me in the eyes. God she looks hot like this. I look past her at Christian who is watching me. And he’s even hotter. I am suddenly floored at the realization that I am watching Christian frigging Grey do his girlfriend. With me watching.
Ana removes her hand and reaches back to grab the vibrator. Moaning as Christian thrusts in and out of her, she looks up at me as she puts the vibrator in me. “Fuck!” I yell out. She moves it in and out in rhythm with Christian. The room suddenly taken over with our moans, the music a faint noise in the background.
Christian starts thrusting harder, feeling it as Ana is pushed harder into me. The vibrator hitting that spot in me putting on the brink of coming. Our moans get increasingly louder as we both get closer. I watch Christian’s hand come around and find her clit. Ana moans out, her breathing hits my sex. Then she leans up and extends her other arm towards me and fingers my clit. “Holy shit,” I yell and start bucking on the bed. Moments later we both scream out in orgasm. I come hard, wanting to grab her long head of hair so badly. My wrists sting a bit from all my shifting and bucking all over the bed. A few thrusts later, Christian falls into Ana’s back as he has his own orgasm. I watch in delight as he grabs her hips and squeezes as he comes.
We all quietly lay in the same position for a few minutes. Then Christian puts on his boxer briefs and walks towards the bed. He reaches up and undoes the knots tying me to the bed. My arms fall in relief. I feel exhausted and want to just sleep. Ana sits up and looks at me. “You know this can’t be part of your article, right?” she says with a smirk.
“No, it can’t,” interrupts Christian. “In fact, we need to talk about an NDA.” He glances over at me.
“I’m sorry, what?” I ask and feeling confused.
“It’s a non-disclosure agreement. You’ll have to sign it before I allow you to leave.”
I look at both Christian and Ana who are looking at me with serious faces. What the hell have I just gotten in to?
to be continued….