Good evening GREYsessed readers! I have gotten MANY twitchy people waiting for the next blog, so I am getting to it! No big intro here…just mentioning that as we left off, Christian and Ana had engaged in a triangle in the Red Room! Christian mentions an NDA at the end of it. So let’s see what has happened since. Love & laters©, Michele
It has been a few weeks since that day in the Red Room and I feel like things may be getting back to normal. Or as normal as Christian Grey can be. With the help of Dr. Flynn, we have been working to get past the incident and move forward. Christian is trying to not let his anger continue to get in the way of our relationship.I think back to that day and wish it had never happened. Amazing at the time, yes. But not worth the past few weeks of us miserable and on edge. It had started out as a great day. We took a scenic drive to an out-of-the-way restaurant for brunch. Afterwards Elle, a girl in my English class, was scheduled to come by the Escala for an interview. Christian was dead set against it of course, but I eventually convinced him that it would be good for his image. He’s famous for being Mr. Private, so I thought a simple article and some pictures showcasing his private life would be perfect. Elle was going to meet us at the penthouse and photograph Christian at home.
So the fact that we somehow went from an interview to having a full on threesome is something we are still working through. I can still see Elle’s mouth drop open and stay there when Christian told her to sign an NDA. “You’re joking, right?” she said after a long and awkward silence that filled the room.I tried avoiding eye contact with her by getting dressed and straightening the bed. We had just finished having amazing sex and now twitchy palms couldn’t help himself any longer.
“No, it’s the furthest thing from a joke,” Christian said with a stoic face. “I have to protect what’s mine, which includes Ana,” he continued.
Elle didn’t respond. Instead she gathered her things quickly then looked over at Christian. “I’m not signing anything. Yes, I was wrong to have snooped around. And for that I apologize. But what happened afterwards was between three consenting adults. You can’t make me.”
I watched as anger took over Christian’s face. He clenched his hands and took a deep breath. I knew it was a losing battle with Elle. She’s a no-nonsense kind of girl who was not signing anything.
“I cannot let you leave until we talk this through,” said Christian with a seemingly calmer tone. There was even a hint of desperation in his voice, not that I don’t understand what’s at stake here.
Elle looked at me. “Ana?”
“Elle, this is really uncomfortable I know. But Christian is just trying to protect himself. People are always looking to blackmail him for money and power. Please understand.” I tried to sound as sincere as possible. Thirty minutes had past and we were getting nowhere. Eventually Elle had convinced Christian enough to let her go without signing.
“I promise, I’ll take this to the grave with me. We all have our kinky side, and obviously I enjoyed it too. No mention of this to anyone.”
Her words seemed honest, at least enough for the moment. She got some pictures of the apartment and said she’d just email some questions for Christian to respond to for the interview portion. And with that she rushed to the elevator.
“I’ll talk with her in class next week,” I said to Christian who stood silent in the kitchen. He looked past me and out the large windows. I could sense his fear. Fear of the Red Room making a media frenzy that would destroy his reputation.
“Do you understand how completely stupid that was Ana? For one moment I lose control and now everything is at risk.” He walked past me and down the hall to his office. I stood alone, worried that we were not going to get past this. And that we were not going to make it either.


Now three weeks later, I feel like there is a glimmer of hope. Christian has been seeing Dr. Flynn double time. He doesn’t share everything they talk about, but enough to make me feel like we are moving ahead. And I’ve been to a few sessions with Christian, which has been insightful and helpful in sorting my own feelings. out. Elle had avoided me as much as possible up until graduation, which was perfectly fine.But my relationship with Elle is not a concern. It’s the one with Christian. With each passing day, he seems to relax more in knowing that Elle has kept her promise to stay quiet. But he remains distant from me and I hope it ends soon.
Life has moved on with me graduating and now working at SIP. Starting a new job and dealing with this has been emotionally draining. Jack Hyde, my new boss, has so far been great to work for. I find myself getting tense in his presence, but I can’t figure out why. Perhaps its just me and all my other personal problems at the moment.
I sit at my desk at SIP, unable to be productive. My phone buzzes me back to reality. An email from Christian.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Request
Date: July 22 2011 10:17
To: Anastasia Steele
May I request your presence this evening? I was thinking a movie at the Cinerama. Taylor can collect you at 5:00 if you wish.
I have been an arse ← 🙂 and want to make up for it.
Christian Grey
Graveling CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
A huge smile takes over my face. Not only did he ask me out on a real date, but playful Christian was also present in that email. I immediately respond.
From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Request Happily Accepted
Date: July 22 2011 10:18
To: Christian Grey
Good morning! I would love a movie date with you! And the Cinerama has chocolate covered popcorn! To die for!
I can’t wait. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed us.
Anastasia Steele
Assistant to Jack Hyde, Editor, SIP
I hit send and feel butterflies flutter in my stomach. Why am I so nervous? I guess I feel like this is a huge step forward and it was initiated by Christian! For the first time in weeks I feel a sense that our relationship will make it. Now to try to actually be productive today and it’s only 10:30 in the morning!
The day has dragged but finally coming to an end. I close down my computer and head to the bathroom to refresh. I walk quickly past Jack’s office. I don’t want him stopping me to ask his usual questions of my whereabouts.
Looking in the mirror, I am pleased that I wore the plum dress that Christian likes. I fix my hair, tousling it a bit to add fullness. A swipe of peach lip gloss and I am ready to go. Gathering my purse, I head out to Taylor who is waiting in the Audi with Christian.
“Good evening Ms. Steele,” Christian says as I step into the back of the Audi. Gosh he looks good, wearing his pinstripe suit and lovely grey tie.
“Evening to you,” I say as I lean in to kiss him. Mmm, not only does he have the softest lips, but he smells good too. I smile and look up at him. “It’s good to see you, Mr. Grey.”
“As it is good to see you in that dress, Ms. Steele.” A sexy grin follows and I am loving flirty, playful Christian.
We take off towards the movie theatre and I am giddy like a school girl for this date. I look over at my inner goddess who’s got her 3-D glasses on and doing the Running Man. I can’t help but smile because I too want to do a happy dance at this moment.
The Cinerama is my favorite movie theatre in Seattle. It’s a landmark theatre and one of three operating cinerama theatres in the world. We walk into the lobby and the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies is in the air. I inhale the delicious smell.
“We have to get the chocolate-covered popcorn,” I say to Christian as I practically pull him towards the concession stand. My adrenaline is pumping from excitement. This is so fun, being on a regular date with Christian.
Armed with soda and popcorn, we make our way into the theatre. “Let’s sit in the balcony,” Christian says as he points to the upper tier. We make our way up the stairs. I start walking into an aisle, but Christian nudges me to keep moving up.
“Let’s take the top row,” he says. I follow him to the very top. So far the theatre is pretty empty. Only an older couple are up in the balcony with us, sitting in the front row. Perhaps it’s because we are at the early evening show. We walk to the center of the row and sit down. All the seats are red, velvety, and super comfy. It feels like we are ready to see a Broadway play versus Friends With Benefits. Hmm, a romantic comedy. Another first for Christian and I.
“I want to apologize, Anastasia. These past few weeks have been difficult. And I know I have been difficult. But I think I am finally moving forward and you’ve been a great help in that.” He leans over and puts his hands on either side of my face. “Control is something I need in my life. And that control was lost when we did what we did. Everything I have worked seemed threatened by my lack of control.”
Christian then kissed me. Gentle kisses on my forehead, cheeks, lips. He looks at me and continues his apology. “What we did was fun, don’t get me wrong. But Anastasia, I only want you. The feelings I’ve been dealing with are not worth losing you or worth being with someone else. I’ve told you before that I don’t share. And now more than ever, I know it to be true. You. Are. Mine. You only, understood?”
Tears fill my eyes and I shake my head yes. The weight that’s been on my shoulders for weeks are suddenly lifted from my shoulders and a sense of calm takes over my body. And Christian’s apology hits me right in the heart.
“Don’t cry Anastasia. Please. I don’t like seeing you like this.” He takes a monogrammed handkerchief from the inner pocket of his suit jacket and wipes my eyes. Only Christian Grey would be carrying a handkerchief. “The movie is going to start soon. Let’s get comfortable.”
He takes off his jacket and tie and hangs them over the seat next to him. I watch intently as he undoes the top two buttons of his white dress shirt. Does he even realize how hot he can make undoing a button? I peek over at my inner goddess who has his silver tie around her neck and is giving me the thumbs up.
The lights dim and we settle in our seats for the start of the movie. “Isn’t this popcorn amazing?” I ask as I shove another handful of chocolately goodness into my mouth.
“It’s amazing to watch you eat it, Ms. Steele. If I knew you could eat like this, I’d have it delivered to the Escala,” he says with a chuckle. And part of me now expects to see a monthly delivery of chocolate-covered popcorn. Perhaps just this once I won’t disagree with his control freak issues.
The movie starts and the lights go completely out. I continue my attack on my popcorn bag when I notice Christian start to shift in his seat. Then he slides off his seat and kneels on the floor in front of my seat. Still chewing on popcorn, I look down at him confused. He takes the bag from my hands and puts it on his chair.
“The popcorn can wait, Ms. Steele. Though I love watching you eat, there’s something I want to watch you do even more,” he whispers.
“And what is that?” I ask. My body temperature is already rising at his words.
Christian reaches up and gently pulls me forward into his lips. We passionately kiss, tongues exploring, and his hands in my hair.
“I want to watch you come, Ms. Steele.” Oh my. I look around quickly. It’s still only the couple down below in the first row. It is rather dark I suppose. Christian pulls me in again and kisses me. “Mine,” his breath whispers to me. “Yours,” I whisper back as I look into his eyes.
His hands move away from my hair and slowly down to my shoulders. His fingers lightly touch my skin as he makes his way down my bare arms. I shift in my seat as I start throbbing at his touch. His hands move back up my arms slowly then to my breasts. He caresses each one, making me moan softly.
The movie is underway and Justin Timberlake is on the screen. So much for you JT, I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate. Christian moves his hands down my stomach to the bottom of my dress. He pulls it up and I have to lift up from my seat so he can lift my dress up to expose my panties. “Oh, Ms. Steele, I like these,” he says as he runs his finger across my pantie line. Oh god. Instantly I am on fire and wanting more.
Quickly he reaches up and pulls my panties down and off. He grabs each of my legs and gently pulls me down towards him so that I am practically sitting on the edge of the seat. I take each of my hands and hold onto the arm rests for stability. He pulls my legs apart. My breath deepens as I prepare for what I know is next.
Christian leans in and his mouth finds my sex. I grip the arm rest, holding my breath. His hands reach up to my inner thighs and slowly move up as his tongue slowly glides up my sex to my clit. I squeeze the chair and arch back at the intensity of his tongue. He reaches up and pulls me open. His tongue slowly circling and caressing my clit. I hold the moans at the back of my throat, hoping one doesn’t escape. He increases the pressure and I start writhing in my seat. “Oh god,” escapes me and I am thankful for the loudness of the theatre. “Fuck,” I almost scream as he slips in two fingers. Grabbing harder to the arm rests, I lean into his finger. “Ah…ah…ah…” I moan as I move over his fingers and his tongue continues to torture my clit. “Yes, yes,” I moan out as his fingers move quick and hard inside me and I come all over his hand and mouth.
Christian takes his fingers out and places them in his mouth. Slowly he licks off the wetness covering his two fingers. “God you taste good, Anastasia.” I throb at his words, still trying to catch my breath. I look around. Thankfully nobody has noticed.
I sit up in my seat, adjusting my dress. Christian stops me. “Oh no, I am not done with you, Ms. Steele.” He stands up from the floor, and quickly undresses from the waist down. He pulls me up from my seat and takes my place. With both hands on my hips, he slowly pulls me back onto his erection facing outward. “Aaah,” I moan as he fills me. Slowly he brings me down then up while holding my hips. “Oh, oh, Christian,” I cry out. It’s sweet torture.
Christian leans up and whispers into my ear,”Take control, Ana. Ride me baby.” And his words ignite my sex. I start thrusting up and down on him. I bite my lips, holding in my screams as he pushes up into me. “Come baby. Come all over me,” he says and takes me by the hips and thrusts deep inside me. I explode in another orgasm, my muscles contracting around him. Christian wraps both arms tightly around me as he comes soon after. He breathes hard into my back, holding me into him. We sit like this for a few moments as we catch our breath.
“I think I like going to the movies with you Ms. Steele.” Christian kisses me as we walk out of the theatre.
“Well, Mr. Grey, if you promise me that kind of show, I’ll come to the movies with you anytime.” Christian’s phone buzzes. He reaches into his pocket and takes out his Blackberry.
“Shit.” Christian is mad. Very mad.
“What is it?” I ask.
“Our fun in the playroom has come back to haunt us. I fucking knew this would happen.” He hands me the phone so I can read the email. I gasp at what I see.
to be continued….