Hello my GREYsessed girls! Due to popular request, I am doing my best to get out this next blog! With school opening today, scheduling has changed around here so I’ve got to figure a way to get this blog done and not at 2 am!! So here is the next installment of “Caught in the Act” part 4…..Love & Laters©, Michele
An audible gasp escapes my mouth as I stare down at the phone screen.
From: Elle Stevens
Subject: Information
Date: July 22 2011 20:17
To: Christiana Grey
What is my information about your “playroom” worth to you?
Inquiring minds would like to know…..
I stare down at the phone in my hand, unable to move or speak. Wishing I could tell Christian to pinch me, but words will not form. Flashes of that day in the Red Room flood my head and I plead with my brain for it to stop. The phone suddenly snatched out of my hand by Christian is what whips me back into real-time. He starts walking quickly towards the car as he makes a phone call.
“Taylor,” he says with a raised voice and eyes wide open. “Bring the car around immediately. YES NOW!” Shit. Shouty, twitchy Christian is here in full Technicolor.
I struggle to keep up with as we quickly walk to the end of the street.
“Damn it,” Christian shouts with total rage in his voice. This is bad. Really, really bad.
We get the corner and Taylor is there waiting in the Audi. He jumps out to open the back door for us.
“Hi Taylor,” I say with a quick smile. He nods at me as I climb in.
“Just get in the damn car Anastasia,” Christian yells from behind me. I start to say something but bite my tongue, quickly realizing this is not the time for a lecture in manners.
We quickly get in and Taylor takes off towards the Escala. “I got in touch with Welch, and he’s meeting us at the Escala, sir,” says Taylor. I glance over at Christian, who is staring out the window and not saying a word. My eyes meet Taylor’s in the rear view mirror. He flashes a slight smile at me then quickly darts his eyes back to the road.
We drive in complete silence the rest of the way home.
Following another bout of silence the while ride up in the elevator, we step out to a waiting Welch and two other sharp dressed men in suits. Nobody says a word, just a nod exchanged between all involved. “Ana, I will meet up with you in an hour. Mrs. Jones will make you something to eat.” And with that he and the other men swiftly disappear into Christian’s office. Left standing there, I feel helpless and annoyed. Doesn’t this involve me too? Why can’t I be in on the power meeting? The tears start to well up in my eyes and I struggle to keep them at bay.
“Ana dear,” Mrs. Jones calls to me from the kitchen. “Come, have something to eat.”
The last thing I want is food. And right now I don’t care that Christian has ordered me to eat.
“Thank you, Mrs. Jones. But I really couldn’t eat right now. Perhaps some tea after I shower.” I give my best shot at a smile and turn towards the bedroom before the tears escape.
“Ok dear, just let me know when you want that tea. And Ana,” she calls to me. I stop and hesitantly turn to face her from across the hall. “It will all be ok. Christian cares for you and whatever is going on, he will make it right.” Her sweet words only make the tears weigh down my eyes even more. I nod my head to acknowledge what she’s said. I know if I tried to speak right now, I’d just break down on sweet Mrs. Jones.
I get out of my dress and quickly change into one of Christian’s white t-shirts. Ah, I inhale the fresh laundered smell that is Christian. Lying on the bed, my mind wanders back to that day with Elle, and a ton of regret overwhelms me. What were we thinking? Knowing Christian is super possessive and controlling, we should’ve taken a moment to think things thru instead of getting caught up in the moment. And Elle having  the nerve to email Christian and I assume blackmail him. All I know is that Christian is in fear of losing everything he’s worked so hard for. My thoughts bear down on me, and I drift off to sleep.
Mmm, the scent of him. That lovely Christian smell that I wish to bottle and wear around my neck. The intoxicating smell wraps me like a warm blanket on a rainy Seattle morning. I move my arm back to grab hold of him, but it just flails in the wind. I turn my head. Christian? Where did you go? I get out of bed to search for him. The door to the closet is ajar and I peek my head in. Why is the closet empty? Not a trace of Christian’s clothing, shoes, nothing. I whip my head around and scan the bedroom. It’s been stripped bare. Only the bed and dresser remain. Fear sets in as I put the puzzle together. Christian is gone. The Elle debacle has ended him and ended us.
“No!” I cry out.
“Ana.” An arm around me. That familiar scent. My body jolts awake. I turn my head as our eyes lock, blue to grey. “You were having a nightmare. Come here,” he says and wraps himself around me. My breathing slows as I gladly fall back into reality.
Suddenly I remember the mess we are dealing with. I want answers. I open my mouth to ask but I get I am promptly interrupted as Christian leans up and commands, “Shower with me.” He jumps off the bed and walks towards the bathroom. Well, ok then. Looks like we are showering. I hear the shower spring to life as I make my way to join Christian. His hands are suddenly around my waist and pulling me into the bathroom and against the wall. He leans in and kisses me. His hand grabs my hair from the back and he pulls me in harder. There’s an urgency in his body, like he needs me at this very moment.
His hands trail down to my breasts. Fingers graze my nipple over the white t-shirt I’m wearing. “Ahh,” I moan as his touch makes my clit throb down below. Christian’s breath hot and heavy in my mouth as he bends his leg to fit in between mine. He grinds his leg up towards my sex as he pushes me harder into the wall. I moan and he continues to massage his leg against my clit. “Christian,” I groan as I continue to ride his thrusting leg. He moves harder in reaction to my moans and I wrap my arms around his neck to hold myself up.
“That’s it baby, move against my leg,” he whispers into my neck. His hand moves under my shirt and he caresses my nipple with slow circles.
“Ahh…ahh..” My moans getting louder as I get closer to coming. Then Christian takes my nipple in between his fingers and squeezes just hard enough to make me scream out as I come against his leg. “Ahh….yes…yes..” I mutter into his chest as my body continues to orgasm against his.
Christian pulls me gently off his chest and takes a handful of my hair, pulling my head slightly back. He leans in and kisses my exposed neck. He glides his tongue up my neck, kissing as he goes. “You. Are. Mine.” he says after his tongue reaches the top of my neck. “To always protect,” he says while looking deep into my eyes.
“Yes, I am yours. Always.” I look into his grey eyes, completely absorbed.  I pull him into me and we kiss. Slow, soft kisses with eyes stealing a glance in between each tender touch.
“Time to shower,” Christian says as his hands take my shirt and pulls it over my head. He throws it to the floor as I stand there in my panties. “Those won’t be necessary,” he says looking down at them. He takes his hands and puts them on the strap of my panties and wraps his fingers under the thin material. My breath quickens at his touch and anticipating what’s next.
He takes my pantie strap in each hand and slowly slides my wet panties down. I gasp as the air hits my still throbbing sex. Christian bends down to remove them, stopping so that his face is there. I feel his breath hit me there and my own breath hitches.
He leans forward and kisses me. There. “Ahh,” I gasp as his lips kiss my sensitive clit.
Then suddenly he stands up. I look at my inner goddess who’s throwing her bath towel and stomping her feet. Agreed.
Christian scoops me up as my panties fall from my ankles. “I want you in the shower. Now.” He walks me over to the ginormous walk in marble shower, already hot and steamy. He places me down gently as the massaging water hits me from the numerous jets.
Christian stands under the stream of water soaking his beautiful body. He wipes the water from his face and moves into me so that I am now against the shower wall.
“Put your legs around me baby.” He lifts me onto his erection as I wrap my legs around his hips.
“Oh god,” I mutter as he slides easily into my wet opening. “Ahh,” I moan as he fills me completely, hitting my clit as he thrusts into me.
“Oh baby, you are so wet. Always so wet for me.”
“Hold my neck baby. I am going to fuck you hard now.” Oh my. I tighten my grip around his neck and clench my thighs around him.
“Ahh…ahh…Christian…” I yell out in total pleasure as he enters me hard and fast. He doesn’t let up, he only pulls me in closer. Deeper he pushes, as I rise to meet his every thrust.
He moans deep in his throat and slams into me as my back hits the wall of the shower over and over again. I feel his hands grip my hips, his fingers digging into me. And just when I thought he couldn’t make it any better, he moves one hand over my bottom. His finger finds the crevice and he massages. There. Holy fuck. It sets my clit on fire all over again and I have a mind-blowing orgasm. “Aaargh,” I yell out as I explode all over him.
“Yes baby, I feel you coming,” he says, still going as hard as before. And moments later he lets out a deep moan of his own as he comes.
“Mmm, thank you Ms. Steele,” Christian says while moving my wet hair off of my face.
“We aim to please, Mr. Grey,” I respond with a tired voice. “Are you going to tell me now what is going on?”
“Always so eager, Ms. Steele,” he says. I am not in the mood for him to play games though.
Looking him straight in the eye I say, “Tell me what is going on with Elle. I have a right to know. I am just as involved.” I keep my eyes on him and my best confident face.
“I have Welch and the team on it, Anastasia. Don’t worry.”
“Christian, tell me now or I am leaving.” He looks up at me wide-eyed and startled.
“You’ll leave me? he asks with a petrified look. “You told me you wouldn’t run, Ana.”
I sigh at him and do my best eye roll. “No Christian, I am not leaving leaving. I meant that I will leave for the night if you are not going to share information with me. It will take a lot more than Elle to make me run for the hills. Jeez.”
A slight grin crosses his face. Oh good, he’s not as mad as expected. I can’t help but grin myself.
“Amusing you, Ms. Steele?” I see his body physically relax.
“Yes, as much as a traveling circus Mr. Grey. When are you going to realize that I am here with you. But you’ve got to start trusting that I can handle things all by myself. I don’t need you to hide things from me on my behalf, ok?”
Christian shuts off the shower and takes my hand to help me out. He hands me a lovely white fluffy towel.  I wrap myself up in it, and stop to look at him. “Well?” Is he seriously going to try to not talk to me?
He lets out a huge sigh and presses his hands to his head. “She is asking for money in return for silence about what she saw. We are trying to figure out if she has any physical evidence in her possession. And also how she got my private email. So right now, my men are working on specifics and we will go from there. But starting now I want you to stay here with me at the Escala and I am assigning protection.”
I start to interrupt at that but he quickly shoots me down. “I don’t want an argument Anastasia. She’s made a threat and we have to take it seriously. If you can’t go along with this nicely, I’ll have you working from here.”
And I know by now not to argue with twitchy palms Christian. Plus he’s got stalker skills to scare the FBI. “Fine, but stay away from my job. I can handle myself there. Agreed?” Staring him in the eyes, I refuse to back down on this one. It’s bad enough he owns the company.
“Fine, but you will have the proper security to and from work. No arguements. C’mon, let’s get dressed and have dinner.” We towel off and change into comfortable clothes.
We start down the hall towards the kitchen. Christian stops me right before we get to the archway. He takes my arm and pulls me into him. “I should’ve told you earlier what was going on. My natural instinct is to protect you. Always.”
“Christian thank you for that. But you have got to know that I am a big girl who can handle knowing the truth. I do love that you want to protect me.”
“Always, Ms. Steele.” He kisses my forehead. And leads me to the kitchen.
I walk along side Christian, but food is the last thing on my mind. Something seems off with this whole Elle situation. We weren’t BFF’s or anything, but i knew her well enough to invite her to the Escala. I would love to talk to Welch or even Taylor about the details but I just know Christian will not even consider the idea. But something is bugging me about all this and I must investigate.
As we sit and eat the chicken caesar salad made by Mrs. Jones, my mind is racing. And suddenly an idea hits me. But Christian can’t know or find out. At least not right away.
I happily finish all my salad as they wheels start turning in my head.
to be continued…..