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I finish eating with Christian and quickly excuse myself. “Thank you for another delicious meal, Ms. Jones,” I say with a smile and put my dishes in the sink.
Feeling antsy but trying to play it cool, I say quickly to Christian, “I’m sure you have more work to do on the situation, so I’ll go occupy myself in the library for a while.”
Christian stands up from the stool and puts his arms around me. “I am sorry for this mess. In fact, I do need to revisit things with Taylor and Welch. Are you sure you’ll be okay? I promise to make it up to you.” A slight smirk follows and I feel a small tinge of relief.  Perhaps this situation with Elle does have an end in sight. I can only hope that Mr. I Run the World can work his magic with this.
“What is that grin for Mr. Grey?” I ask in my best flirtatious voice while playing with back of his hair.
“We’ll see, Ms. Steele,” he says softly as he leans into me and kisses my forehead. Mmm, I love when he does that. And in this moment I feel safe. Loved. Although we haven’t said those words yet, I feel hopeful that this could be something more. More being the operative word that isn’t used often by Christian Grey. But right now I realize we have bigger problems to deal with and put my love worries on shelf. For now.
“Fair enough, Mr. Grey. I will let you get to it then.” I grab my Blackberry from the counter and head towards the stairs.
I open the door and step into the library. This is one room I am always happy to be in. With every wall covered from floor to ceiling in books, it’s a dream room! I could spend all day in here just exploring the never-ending collection that Christian has acquired. And in the middle of the room is the pool table. I can’t help but smile to myself. The lovely memories of Christian and I on that pool table. But as much as I’d like to sit and read, I have an agenda for being down here alone. I sit down in one of the oversized brown leather chairs and adjust the white robe I am still wearing since we showered.  I turn on my phone. Scrolling through my address book, I finally find it. I hit send as butterflies flutter about in my stomach.
“Hello?” Holy shit! I can’t believe she even answered.
My mouth opens but the words are stuck. I wasn’t expecting this. “Uh…uh, Elle?”
“Who is this?” she asks. She doesn’t know? I guess I am not programmed into her phone.
“Don’t hang up,”  I quickly say. “It’s Ana. Please listen. Can’t we talk about this? Please. I’m begging.” Pure desperation coming from me and hoping she’ll give it a thought.
Dead silence. Seconds feel like hours. Is she still there? Then suddenly she blurts out, “Ana, please. Don’t call me again.” The phone call ends and I sit there trying to comprehend what just happened. My gut instinct tells me that something is off as I suspected. She was not hostile towards me. In fact, she sounded nervous and not because of me. The wheels in my head start turning once again. If only I had access to the information that Christian’s security team has.
“Penny for your thoughts.” I jerk back in the chair in surprise. Christian is standing in the doorway. I was so immersed in being Sherlock Holmes that I didn’t hear him come down the stairs to the library.
“Well Mr. Grey, you sure know how to make an entrance.” An entrance indeed. He has changed from the robe he put on after we showered. Light blue lounge pants and a white t-shirt and barefoot. Only Christian Grey can wear a pair of comfy pants and look like a model. And does he always have to have his pants hanging just right from his hips? “Are you finished with the security team?”
Christian walks towards me. “Yes, for now at least. Welch is looking into things and will get back to me in an hour. Which means I have an hour to spend with you.” He stands in front of the chair I am in and leans down. He puts his hands on each armrest and leans into me. “So any idea what we could do for an hour, Ms. Steele?” And there’s that naughty grin again. Looking up into his eyes, blue to grey, I feel myself instantly warming up.
“Well, I think we talked about a rematch of pool. Think you can take me on?” I look up at him, waiting to see if he is going to accept the challenge.
“Take you on, Ms. Steele? I’d love to take you on at pool, but not what I have in mind at the moment.” He grabs my hand and pulls me up from the chair. “But I will take you to the pool table so that I may fuck you on it.” Oh god. His words have the power to make me come. “Will that suffice?” Uh, yes I think it will. My inner goddess jumping onto the pool table and rolling around ecstatically.
I can’t help but give him a big smile to show my approval. And without hesitation, Christian scoops me up and carries me over to the awaiting table. He places me down so that I am sitting on the edge of the table.
“You are definitely wearing too much clothing,” he says while undoing the belt on my robe. Cool air hits my breasts as the belt drops to my sides and Christian opens up the robe to expose my bare skin. “You are quite a sight,” he says as he takes the robe off of me completely and falls onto the green material of the pool table.
Instantly my groin starts to throb in reaction to his touch. He leans in and takes my nipple into his mouth. “Ah,” I moan out. His tongue slowly circles, then his teeth graze over my hard nipple. I moan out again. He reaches up and takes the other breast in his hand. He massages slowly while still sucking and biting the other nipple. I feel my clit throbbing and I shift my legs in reaction.
“Oh Ana, what you do to me.” He stands up and kisses me passionately. I breathe heavily, feeling my entire body responding to his kiss. His hand comes around my waist and pulls me closer into him. My sex now rubbing against his t-shirt. I move my hips forward and back, rubbing my clit against him as our tongues explore each other’s mouths.
He pulls back and stops kissing me. His eyes find mine as I continue to move against him. “That’s it baby, keep doing that.” I put my hands on the pool table and lean back on them to help hold me steady. Christian takes his hand and reaches for me.
“Aah, aah,” I moan out loudly. His finger circles my clit. Slow but hard. My hips buck in pleasure as Christian speeds up bringing me close to orgasm. “I’m close,” I moan out. And with those words he drops his hands and bends down bringing his face right in front of my sex. He pulls me even closer to him. I am practically hanging off he table, my legs dangling on either side of him. “I want you to come in my mouth.” Holy shit. Yes I can do that. He grabs each of my thighs and slightly pulls my legs even wider. His tongue makes small circles around my clit. “Oh….oh….” I moan, while watching him pleasure me from above. Then he  speeds up, taking my clit into his mouth and starts sucking hard. “Yes,” I moan out. “Yes!” I scream out as he sucks my clit so hard I explode in his mouth. I reach up and grab his hair with both hands as I come. His mouth continues sucking and I continue to moan out.
Christian pulls away from me and quickly pulls his t-shirt off and throws it down to  the floor. Then he pulls his pants down and steps out of them, revealing that he is more than ready for me. “Are you ready for me to fuck you on this table?”
“Yes.” I answer. He takes my legs and puts them on each shoulder. He gently pushes me down so that I am now lying on the pool table. He enters me slowly and I gasp. My legs up on his shoulders allows him to go deep inside of me. Holy fuck it feels good. He pushes into me, hitting my clit. I moan loudly at the sensation.
Then Christian starts to thrust into me. Fast and hard. I scream out as he moves in and out of me. “Fuck,” he yells out. My back arches as I try to take him in as much as possible.
“Say my name,” he says in his dominating voice.
“Christian,” I moan out.
“Again. Say it again,” he directs, looking me in the eyes.
“Christian. Christian Grey!” I yell out as he pushes harder and bringing me to the edge.
He reaches down and grabs my ass. He squeezes and thrusts me into him one last time as I orgasm. “Yes Christian. Yes.” I call out loudly, coming all around him.
“Mine,” he says. “And mine only.”
“Yes, yours. Always.” I whisper, trying to catch my breath.
Then Christian thrusts into me one last time and then has his own orgasm. Collapsing onto me, my legs still on his shoulders. “You are so beautiful, Ana.” He leans up to take my legs off of his shoulders and they fall lifeless to each side of him. He puts his head onto my chest, catching his breath.
“And you are quite beautiful yourself.” I close my eyes, embracing Christian and enjoying being laid out on the pool table.
“I’m afraid we are going to have to pay our Red Room visitor the money she wants,” Christian says, his head still lying on my chest.
“No luck in finding out anything?” I ask.
“Not yet, but we are going to check out a few ideas. And I want you to stay here. No leaving the building, understood?”
Little does he know that is exactly what I wanted to hear. “Of course, I won’t leave the building,” I answer. His course of action almost too perfect for what I have planned.
We get up from the pool table and  I put the robe back on. “Are you going to share in these leads?”
“Welch has a few ideas. But first we are going to see if we can talk to Elle in person. My men know where to find her.”
I almost blurted out that I had talked to her today, but caught myself before it slipped out. My inner goddess giving me a thumbs up for keeping it hush-hush.
We make it up to the main floor. I head towards the bedroom to get cleaned up and dressed. Christian yells, “We are going to leave in a few minutes. Stay in the building Ana. And stay out of my office, got it?”
Did he just read my mind? Because that’s exactly where I’ll be heading as soon as he leaves.
to be continued, and soon I promise!……