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I watch as Christian and his security team, including Welch and Taylor, head out the front door. My adrenaline kicks in, heart racing. “And stay out of my office,” rings loudly in my ears. Clearly Christian has a lot to still learn about me. Telling me not to do something just entices me to do it that much more. Plus making it a point to tell me to stay out just makes me believe all the more that there is something I shouldn’t see.
The elevator closes and I listen as it makes its descent to the lobby of the Escala. The butterflies in my stomach flutter like crazy. Part of me worries that what I may find was better off not knowing. And if I get caught, twitchy-palmed Christian is the last thing I want to deal with. Don’t, scowls my inner goddess. She’s shaking a disapproving no at me. Humph, since when is she for playing it safe?
Just to be safe, I stand near the elevator doors and listen intently. Silence. I turn and make my way to the closed door of Christian’s office. Slowly, I push the door open as I turn to look over my shoulder. Get a grip Ana! Nobody’s here and you’ll hear the elevator coming in plenty of time. I take a deep breath and walk towards Christian’s desk. My butterflies turn to a pull in my lower body as I recall the lovely time spent laid across his desk.
There are random piles of paper sprawled across his usually overly neat desk. I scan the piles to see if there is any order to this mess. There are a few emails that have been printed out. I take a closer look and see they are from Welch. Nothing that jumps out at me. The usual background check stuff that King Stalker is capable of. There’s a piece of paper with lots of scribbling on it. It’s Christian’s handwriting. A few words jump out at me. Elle Stevens. Money. Goal?. 1 million. What? I look again at the paper. No, she can’t be seriously asking him for that much. Yes, he’s a billionaire but I think that’s pretty ballsy. She obviously thinks he’ll pay that in return for her silence.
I continue rummaging through the papers while still trying to process that amount of money in my head. My mind wanders to Christian. He must be going insane with the lack of control he has and what’s at stake for him. My heart suddenly aching for him as regret of that day washes over me. I stop myself from getting upset and start searching again for some sort of hint. On the bottom of the pile is the email from Elle that has been printed out. I stare at the paper, wondering how it all came down to this. Christian has made it a point many times to tell me why he’s such a private person and doesn’t have many friends. At the time, I felt sad for him. And I still do, but now I have a whole new understanding of why.
My eyes remain locked on the email that set things in motion. Something is not sitting right in the pit of my stomach. I read it again for the third time.
From: Elle Stevens
Subject: Information
Date: July 22 2011 20:17
To Christian Grey
What is my information about your “playroom” worth to you?
Inquiring minds would like to know…..
And there it is! The off feeling I’ve been having is the email! The printout has the email address it was sent to that doesn’t always show up on your phone. But the printed out version displays all of that. This is Christian’s private email! Only a few close people have this address. His company has a public email that anyone can access from their website, but this isn’t it! Holy shit! My inner goddess and I fist pump each other and do the happy dance.
Suddenly, my running man dance is stopped mid-run by the sound of the elevator. Fear sets in and I rush to the desk to put things back in place. I organize the piles which seems pointless and make my way to the door quickly. Shit. I hear the ding of the elevator and the doors opening. My heart stops as Christian appears in the doorway.
“What the fuck are you doing, Ana?” Shit. The twitchy palms are out before he even says hello.
“Umm…let me explain.” The words seem to be lost in the fear that has now taken over my body. “I…I..well it’s good…” I am quickly cut off.
“Did I not tell you to stay out of here? Why the fuck must you always disregard me?” He walks passed me and to his desk. I turn to watch him, perhaps try to explain again.
As if I am not present in the room, Christian keeps his head down while moving the piles of paper around. Shit, he’s really mad.
“Christian, please. I was trying to help,” I quickly say before he can cut me off again. “And I do respect your wishes, but this keeping me in the dark stuff is not fair either.”
I watch him for some sort of positive reaction. His head still down, fixated on the piles of paper. Deciding that I should hold off on mentioning the email situation for now, I turn to walk out of the office.
“Anastasia, wait.”
My body tenses at his voice. I am not in the mood for another lecture about my behavior.
“Come here please.”
I hesitantly walk towards him. He’s leaning on the desk and watching me. I make my way to him, stopping so that the desk is a barrier between us.
“You’ve been a bad girl, Ms. Steele.” Is he playing or still mad? I just love it when Mr. Mercurial pops in for a quick hello.
“Yes, I suppose I have. But…” I am quickly silenced by Christian putting his hand to my mouth.
“As I was saying, you’ve been bad. And now it’s time for your punishment.” Then in one swift movement, he clears the desk of emails, documents, and background checks. Papers fall to the floor, as he lifts me across the desk and sets me down right in front of him. “So Ms. Steele, what shall I do with you?” He looks me up and down while a naughty grin appears. Whew. Playful Christian is coming around to play. I like him more than twitchy Christian.
He pulls me towards him so that I am now on the edge of the desk. “You’re wearing too much clothing again,” he says while pulling off my robe. It falls to the desk, exposing my breasts. The air hits my nipples, hardening them instantly. My breath quickens as my clit starts to throb under my robe.
I cry out in pleasure as Christian grazes his teeth over my nipple while squeezing the other. Fuck. If this is what I get for being bad, then bad is what I”ll be. I scream out again as he bites down on my nipple, making me jerk on the desk.
“Because you’ve been a bad girl, Ms. Steele, I am going to have to spank you.” His words go right to my clit. Making it throb with desire. “And after I spank you, I am going to fuck you.” Oh. My.
He pulls off my robe completely, throwing it to the floor. He takes my legs and pulls them further apart. I moan softly as my throbbing clit is exposed. He brings his hand to my sex and cups me. “Aah…” I moan out.
“Fuck Ana. You’re soaking wet just for me. Taste how delicious you are.” He pulls his hand away and offers me his finger. “Suck it baby. Taste how wet you are.” Holy shit. I open my mouth and he inserts his finger. I slowly bring my lips to his finger, taking it deeper. I swirl my tongue around, tasting the saltiness. Oh god, it’s so erotic. I suck harder going up and down his finger.
“Damn it, Anastasia. You are incredible to watch.” He pulls his finger away.
“On the desk. Now. On all fours.” I don’t reply, just respond quickly to his orders. I can feel my wetness starting to escape me as I move into position. Christian comes around to the shorter end of his desk, standing behind my exposed behind. “You do have a mighty fine ass, Ms. Steele.”
“Argh!” I yell out as his hand makes contact with my left cheek. I was not ready for that nor the next that followed. I yell out again and again as he takes turns with each cheek. With every slap, my clit throbs yearning to be touched.
I brace myself for the next slap. But instead I moan loudly as Christian tongue is now on my bottom. Slowly his tongue glides up, slightly cooling my burning skin. “Mmm…” I mutter at his expert tongue. His hand comes around and finds my clit. My body jerks at his touch and I scream in pleasure.
“Ah yes!” I moan. His finger pressures harder on my clit, as I try to grasp at the edge of the cherry desk. Circling hard and fast, I can feel my orgasm quickly approaching. “Yes. yes,” I moan out.
“That’s it baby. I want to hear you come.” His finger starts moving faster against my clit. I scream and jerk as I come.
Christian tortures me by not releasing his finger. Instead he keeps the same pressure on my clit making my orgasm go on. “Christian. Please.”
Finally I start coming down from my orgasm. I hear Christian pull off his shoes then his pants. I feel his hands suddenly on my hips. He pulls me back then off the desk. He gently pushes me down against the desk. My hands and arms spread out across the desk.
“I’m going to fuck you now. Hard. ” Christian reaches down and pulls my legs further apart. I feel his hand on my lower back, pushing me lower to the desk.
“Fuck!” I scream out as Christian enters me. He’s so hard and deep in this position. He thrusts into me while grabbing my hip to pull me in deeper.
His hand leaves my back and wraps around my other hip. Two hands gripping me tightly and pulling me hard into him. Christians’ breath warm on my back, with small moans escaping him.
With each thrust, he gets harder and faster. Another orgasm starts to form
as he fills me. “Ooh. Yes. Yes.”
Christian thrusts hard one last time, sending pleasure throughout my body as I come. “That’s it baby. Come all around me.” I lay my head down on the desk, unable to hold it up any longer.
My orgasm continues as he pushes into me even harder.
“You. Are. Mine.” he says with a deep breath. “Tell me Anastasia. “
“Yes. I’m yours.”
And moments later, Christian’s hands grip my waist hard as he has his own orgasm. His face pressed into my lower back, he moans softly.”What are you doing to me, Anastasia?” He rests his head on me and we both catch our breath. “I do hope you enjoyed your punishment.”
“Mmm, I did, Sir. I may have to be naughty more often” I softly mutter with my head still against the desk. Christian pulls out of me then wraps his arms around me. Slowly we drop to the floor, with my body lying on top of his. I turn my head to look at him.
“Don’t test my twtichy palms. I may not be as kind next time to your ass. But you do look nicely fucked, Ms. Steele.”
“I am. And so do you, I might add.”
I close my eyes and enjoy lying here on the floor with Christian. I know this isn’t going to last too long with all that is going on.
“Ana,” Christian whispers into my ear. “I apologize for my behavior earlier. I don’t want to hide anything from you. But it’s also my job to protect you. I couldn’t bear it if something were to happen to you. I promised to always take care of you, and lately I don’t feel like I am doing a very good job. Forgive me. I keep messing up he hearts and flowers part. This is all still a work in progress for me.”
My heart melts at his words. “Of course I do. And I love that you have been trying to deliver the hearts and flowers. But must I have to constantly remind you that I am a grown woman who can handle herself?”
“Well, I truly hope so,” he says. He brings his hands to my hair, gently playing with it. “Because we may have found the reason behind Elle’s demands.”
“That’s great Christian, I think I know why too.”
“You do? And you’re not freaking out that she wants another turn in the Red Room with just me in exchange for her silence?”
A loud gasp escapes my mouth at his words. “What?”
to be continued;) ……