Hello my GREYsessed readers! I know, it’s been awhile since I posted a blog. For those of you who don’t know, I was in New York City last weekend to attend Katie Couric’s new talk show. And her guest of honor was my queen, E L James! I am working on another blog that tells all of the good, the bad, and the ugly of that weekend! But truth be told, seeing Ms. James (again) was neither good, bad, or ugly. It was the best day ever! I don’t want to give away too many details, or there goes my next blog. But I will say that I am still glowing like a girl that’s been taken to the Red Room with Christian! And as far as the good, bad, and ugly goes, there was plenty of all that too! But for now, here is your kinky fuckery! Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele
I am pretty sure I am in shock. My heart feels like it’s about to explode out of my chest and I feel like I am about to pass out. Yet, I can’t move. Christian is looking at me and saying something but I am not hearing him. All I am capable of at this moment is seeing Elle in the playroom….with Christian. Because that’s what she wants in exchange for her silence. I am pretty sure that’s what Christian just said to me, but I cannot find my voice to ask him. My stare is fixated on the door of the Red Room, slightly visible from where I sit on the floor of Christian’s office.
“Ana, please.” I’m startled by Christian’s words as his hands hold my shoulders and he shakes me back into now. He kneels in front of me, blocking my view of the Red Room door. “Are you okay?”
Okay? Is he serious right now? Part of me wants to bust out in a laugh, but my voice is still not my own at the moment. My eyes meet his and I search for a clue, an answer, something. Because I feel like this is the beginning of the end of my fairytale with Christian. And there’s Elle holding the pen to destroy my happily ever after of my story.
Christian leans in and gently sweeps my hair out of my face. And slowly I feel my heart start to slow its rapid pace under his touch. “My love, you are sweating,” he says with concern. “Come on, let’s get you somewhere more comfortable.” He lifts me in one swift move and carries me out of the office.
We make it to the living room and Christian lays me down on the couch. “Relax Anastasia. I’m going to get you some water.” I muster up a slight smile to acknowledge him. He turns and walks towards the kitchen. I watch him intently and fear once again takes over my body. Fear of losing him because he won’t allow his identity to be tainted. My eyes swell with tears as I continue to be amazed at the sight of him. Gracefully moving about the kitchen, he looks beautiful as always. I can’t hold the tears in any longer. I turn my back to him and bury my face into the couch.
“Ana, here’s your water.” I hear him place the glass onto the coffee table. Tears roll down my cheeks one after the other and I hesitate to wipe them away. Part of me doesn’t want Christian to see me like this, so I sit motionless. Maybe he’ll think I fell asleep and leave me to my tears.
I hear him move around the table and can feel him standing right next to me. He gently pulls on my arm and turns me towards him. Quickly I wipe my wet cheeks but it’s too late to hide them. “You’re crying. Please talk to me Anastasia.” He kneels next to the couch and leans in. “I’m sorry,” he says. He runs his hand softly over my face, wiping the remainder of tears away.
“Just tell me what this means Christian. And don’t sugar coat it for me. Despite the condition I am in right now, I can handle it.” I look at him to respond. The silence slowly tears at my heart. Seconds feel like hours.
He leans in and puts his arm around my waist. Our eyes meet. Grey to blue. And my heart aches in anticipation. “My security team and I went to her apartment,” he quietly says. I look away from him. Will this be something I can’t bear to hear?
“She wouldn’t let us in the apartment.” Christian pauses. “But…I briefly talked to her through the door.” I look over at him. He stares at me with a look of despair.
Moments pass by in silence and finally he says, “She was crying. Crying while she said that unless I paid up the world would find out who the real Christian Grey was.” And those words stab my right in the heart. My Fifty, known to everyone else as the entrepreneur extraordinaire, sits in front of me looking helpless for the first time since I’ve known him.
“Christian, I am so sorry. I wish we could take back that day. I wish it never happened.” I lean forward and wrap my arms around him.
“The part that doesn’t sit well with me is the crying. For someone threatening to bring my world to a close, she was lacking any conviction in her voice.” Christian lifts his head from my embrace and looks at me. “Ana, I need you. These last few days have been hell on earth but all I care about is you. All I worry about is you running for the hills. I’ve wanted you ever since you fell into my office, and now I fear I am losing you.”
My voice is once again lost. Holy shit. He may not have said the word love, but it sure sounded like a declaration of it. My heart starts racing and I scramble to find the right words to say. But the dam that has been holding his feelings at bay have been broken and his words continue to flow.
“You are beautiful, strong, beguiling innocent, and the one and only person who I welcome to make my palms twitch.”
He looks at me and whether it’s an inappropriate time or not, I can no longer fight back my urgency to have him. I pull him back onto the couch with me.
“Ms. Steele, I do believe you interrupted me.”
“I love everything you said, Mr. Grey. Truly. But no more talking.” A huge grin replaces the solemn expression he’s been wearing all day.
“Didn’t we just do this?” Christian asks.
“Whatever do you mean?” I raise an eyebrow at him. ” And are you telling me you are not able to rise to the occasion?”
“Oh, Miss Steele, you do not want to challenge me in this department.” He lowers his eyes and give me his best sexy glare. Oh my. How can just one look from him get me hot and bothered in an instant? He’s right, I am no challenge.
He sits up on the couch and pulls open my robe. My body shivers as the cool air hits my naked body. He places his fingers on my neck and slowly traces down to my breasts. I gasp as his soft fingers find my nipples. He circles them slowly, lightly. I moan softly and feel the wetness between my legs. He leans in and puts his mouth to my nipple. His teeth graze over my erect nipple, making me jerk at the sensation. He starts sucking while rolling his fingers over my other breast. My breath hitches.
He peers up at me.”I want to be rough with you, Ana. I hope you’re okay with that. If it’s too much I need you to tell me.”
“Safe word?”
“No, Anastasia,” he says then continues to massage my breasts with his hands. Ahh. “Just tell me you want me to slow down and I will. Understand?”
“Yes, I understand.” I am perplexed by his insistence but definitely not going to argue with him about it. “Are we going to the playroom?”
Christian stops mid-suck and looks up at me abruptly. “No. I don’t want to go back to the playroom until this mess is figured out. And for the record Anastasia, we are lovers. Lovers don’t use safe words. Got it?”
“Okay.” How am I supposed to know that? I didn’t receive my copy of The Idiots Guide to the Red Room of Pain yet. Jeez.
He pulls me up from the couch and turns me over. Gently he pushes me down so that I am leaning over the arm of the couch. His hands are on my thighs, spreading my legs wider. A moan escapes me from the throbbing of my clit. Christian kneels on the couch behind me. I can feel his breath on my back and that electric feeling rushes through my body in reaction to the close proximity of him. “I’m going to spank you now. And you need to stay still or I will really let you have it.”
What? Stay still while I’m spanked? I hug the arm of the sofa, bracing myself for the blow. My clit is throbbing in anticipation and my breathing has turned into short pants.
“Spread your legs wider.”
My throbbing intensifies at his words. I spread my legs wider on the couch as my entire body feels like it’s on fire. He moves in closer to me. I feel hand come up and around the nape of my neck then he grabs a fistful of hair. He leans into me and I can feel his erection against my skin. I am at his mercy in this position.
His other hand slides down my back. Slowly. Then down my behind. I feel myself clench at his touch. He circles his hand around my bottom then he smacks me. Hard. I gasp as he hits me again. The feeling vibrates throughout my body. The pain is not as bad as I anticipated. Christian’s breathing deepens as he smacks me again. And then again. Hearing his arousal makes me moan out loud. He pushes me down harder against the arm of the sofa, rubbing my clit against it. Oh fuck. I feel myself liking this. Wanting more as I plunge deeper into his dark world.
Christian shifts to the other side of me, pushing me against the couch again. His hand comes down on my other side. But instead of hitting me again, his hand glides across and his fingers slide up my entrance. Holy shit. His fingers brush over my clit and up my sex. I moan out in pleasure. “Aah…yes..” He smacks me again then slides up my wet sex. I scream out with each cycle of his expert hands. I feel myself start to quicken. He senses it too and stops my spanking. My bottom is burning hot and I can feel my wetness starting to make its way down my inner thigh. I lie my head on the sofa to catch my breath. I can hear Christian getting undressed quickly behind me.
“Ah!” Christian grabs a fistful of my hair, pulling my head slightly back.”Spread those legs baby. I am going to fuck you now.” I comply quickly, his hand still wrapped in my hair. He pushes me lower into the couch then brings his hand there. He cups my sex and I moan out. His index finger moves up to my clit and he starts circling it. Holy shit. He runs his fingers up my sex, continuing to back there. He slowly massages me in that forbidden spot. Holy fuck it’s hot. He grips my hair tighter every time I moan out.
“Feel good baby?” he asks as his finger continues to circle my backside. I shake my head as best I can with his hand in my hair. He moves his fingers back to my clit and rubs hard. “Oh god!” I scream out. He’s merciless with his fingers. I want to hug the arm of the sofa for support but I can’t. I am up on all fours and Christian has my hair in a tight grip.
“Argh!” I scream out as Christian slams his erection into me. I wasn’t expecting that and it shocks and pleasures me at the same time. It’s almost too much to take. He grabs my waist, thrusting me against him as he pushes in and out of me. He takes his hand out of my hair and I instantly drop my head. With both hands on my hips, he plunges deep inside of me. I close my eyes, savoring the sensation of Christian inside of me.
He starts thrusting harder, moving in a pounding rhythm. I moan louder as I start to reach my orgasm. His hand comes around and he flicks my wet clit. “Yes. Christian I’m close.” His finger moves harder over my clit.
“That’s it baby. Come.” And as always, his words send me over the edge. He plunges harder into me as I orgasm. My body convulses around him and moments later he comes hard inside me. “Fuck, baby.” He says breathing hard into my back.
I collapse into the couch and Christian follows. We spoon comfortably together and catch our breath. “Thank you,” he whispers into my ear.
“Why are you thanking me?” I turn my head to look back at him.
“Miss Steele, you’ve bewitched me.” He wraps his arms tighter around me.
I close my eyes and let those words find their way into my heart to stay. We lie together in silence for a few moments. The buzzing of Christian’s Blackberry brings up back to reality. He reaches over to the table and picks up his phone.
“Fuck.” Angry Christian is back with a vengeance. He grips his phone in anger then slams it onto the table.
“What is it?” I ask, almost afraid to know the answer. Could things get any worse?
He picks his phone back up and turns it on. “It’s another email. From her.” He hands me the phone.
I read the one-sentence email. It simply reads, “Your decision is to be made by midnight tonight.” Fuck. Tonight? I haven’t even heard from Christian what the alternative is or what he is thinking of doing. This email is a loaded gun. Email. Oh my god!
“Christian you never gave me a chance to tell you what I think I figured out in your office.” He looks up at me with sad eyes.
“You printed out the email from Elle, remember? Well, don’t all of your emails stream together on your phone?”
Christian looks puzzled. “Yes, but what does that matter?”
“I read the printed emails. And they contain all that extra information a cell phone doesn’t. Her emails were addressed to your private email, not Grey Enterprises.”
We lock eyes and simultaneously say, “Elena.”
to be continued……xo