Hello my GREYsessed readers! I hope you all had a greyt week! It’s been a busy one for Ms. E L James that’s for sure. She was just in Seattle, visiting the all the places mentioned in her books. I like to call that a “full circle” moment. I can’t imagine the surreal moment of actually stepping foot into the Escala! And how lucky for her to get the tour that she did! The best I could do was kiss and lick the doors and windows when I visited last March! She also visited Texas and was at the Grove in California tonight! One thing is for sure, she takes care of her fans! Well, it’s late already so let me stop my bowing down to Ms. James and start the kink! Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele
We sit staring wide-eyed at each other. My blood starts boiling as the images of that troll bitch dance through my head. Christian’s look of shock has also turned to anger in an instant.
“I cannot fucking believe this!” He shouts and goes to grab his phone. “Did she really think she could do this and get away with it?”
“Christian wait,” I grab his arm. “Don’t be so quick to call that…her.” I stop myself from saying her name out loud. Just the thought of Mrs. Robinson being behind this disaster has me sick to my stomach. “I don’t trust that old hag and by you calling her, you are giving her a chance to cover her tracks. And quite honestly I don’t think I want you talking to her at all.” I cross my arms and look at him to react. What am I doing? Telling him to give her up? Well, I think I am completely justified in this request so I hold my ground.
He turns off his phone and places it on the coffee table. He lowers his head and stares down at the floor in silence. Is he really going to take this much time to choose between the two of us? I wait impatiently, trying to resist the urge to shake some sense into him. Christian turns to me and the sadness in his eyes speaks a thousand words. My heart shatters into a million pieces as it hits me. The person who he had a fucked-up relationship with for years has once again tried to destroy him. My Fifty! Tears start to fill my eyes. I sit up from the sofa and climb into his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and get lost in his chest. His heart beats rapidly against my face. I let the tears escape as they slowly roll down my cheeks.
“Please don’t let her get in between us, Anastasia,” he says as he caresses my hair. He takes a deep breath. I lift my head to look at him. He looks tortured and afraid. And the tears continue to make their way down my face. He reaches up and wipes them away. “I will die a thousand deaths if I lose you.”
“I am not going anywhere, Christian. I’ve told you before and I wish you would start believing it,” I whisper. “You are very easy to love. Don’t you know that?”
“Stop.” He shakes his head in disbelief. “I’m nothing but fifty shades of fucked-up.”
“Christian, you are a good man. You’ve achieved so much. You’re family loves you and I…” I stop myself from finishing. I don’t know if I could bear to say those three words and be okay if it’s not reciprocated.
He gazes at me, his eyes full of panic. “Tell me you are mine. I need you to tell me.”
“I am yours. Always.”
“Those words will never get old to me, Anastasia. I need you.”
“I need you too.” And as the words leave my lips, I realize how true they are. I can’t imagine ever being without Christian. He takes my face in his hands and leans in to kiss me. A slow, gentle kiss that sings to my heart.
“As much as I’d love to have you right now on the couch, I think we need to attend to other business first,” he says smirking at me. “I’ve got to call Welch and get a handle of the situation.”
He lifts me off his lap and places me back down onto the sofa. He grabs his phone to make his phone call. “Welch, there’s been a discovery. I need you to check Elena’s emails immediately. Yes, her emails.” The sound of her name makes me skin crawl. “Call me as soon as you get hold of them. What? No, and I don’t this fucked up. Got it?” He clicks his phone off. He runs his hair through his head and lets out a sigh.
We sit in silence for what seems like an eternity. After fifteen minutes of tension-filled silence, Christian’s phone buzzes. He jumps up to answer. “What did you find?” I can faintly hear Welch’s voice. “Really? And you are positive? You are fucking kidding me! You know what to do. Call me in an hour.” He turns off the phone and throws it onto the sofa. This isn’t good. And I am afraid to know what was just discussed.
“So,” I say with hesitation. “Sounds like our guess was correct.”
“Yes. She was definitely behind this. I don’t have all the details right now, but Welch is getting me a copy of all the emails and will touch base with me in an hour.”
My blood is once again boiling. Is it now appropriate to shout out child molesting whore? I look over at my inner goddess for permission. She’s got a lemon martini in each hand, ready to say hello to bitch trolls face. I can’t help but smirk.
“Something funny, Ms. Steele?” Oh shit. I don’t need to get Christian’s palm twitching anymore than it already is.
“No, I was just thinking that we have an hour until Welch calls back.”
“Are you suggesting something, Ms. Steele?” He lowers his gaze and gives me that come hither look. How does he do that? One look from him and I am done.
“Perhaps you could suggest something,” I get up and stand face to face with him. My breathing suddenly heavier.
“You’re biting your lip. You know what that does to me.” He inhales and groans.
I wasn’t aware of my lip. I’m usually not but Christian never misses. “And what does it do to you, Mr. Grey?” I purposely bite down on my lip just to tease him.
“Since you seem to forget, perhaps I show you. Carte blanche style?” He leans in and kisses my neck. Oh my. Carte blanche? What the hell is that? And do I really care at this moment when my clit is now throbbing?
“Yes.” I whisper into his hair as he continues kissing my neck softly. My body has just jumped into go mode.
“Christian, put me down!” I squeal out as he swiftly scoops me up and carries me across the room. He places me down on top of the grand piano. The piano? Holy shit!
He pulls my robe off in one smooth motion, which he seems to be getting much practice at doing lately. Suddenly I feel my inner goddess shrinking behind the piano in embarrassment.
“You. Are. So. Beautiful,” he whispers while sweeping my hair away from my face.
I stare up at him. Blue eyes to grey. I lean down and wrap my arms around his neck. He closes his eyes and kisses me. Our tongues move together, doing a slow dance in each other’s mouths. My body fills with pleasure, responding to his kiss. “Oh Ana.” He pulls me in to him harder. His kissing filled with need on a deeper level than ever before.
Abruptly, he stops, and gently pushes me down onto the piano. I stare up at the ceiling and try to catch my breath. His hands are suddenly on my inner thighs and I jerk at his touch. He pulls me towards him so that I am on the edge of the piano. My legs dangle over the keys, lightly brushing against them as he continues to put me into position. I am suddenly aware of what he is going to do next. My entire body is on fire and anticipating his touch.
He moves the piano bench back with his foot and is now standing in between my spread legs. I lift my head slightly to watch him. He looks up at me momentarily then lowers his head into my sex. I moan out as his tongue slowly grazes over my swollen clit. I feel him moan against me as he continues to torture me with his expert tongue.
“Yessss,” I moan out and grab onto thighs for support.
“Shall I make you come this way?” He looks up at me with his sexy eyes.
“Yes,” I whimper.
“Or I could make you come like this instead,” he says as he thrusts two fingers inside of me. I scream out.
“Oh…oh, please.” He massages me his fingers then puts his tongue back to my clit. Holy fuck. I cry out in pleasure. This is too much. “Christian…” And then he slams a third finger inside me as I come all over his hand. I scream as the orgasm takes over my entire body. I squeeze my inner thighs as he continues to finger me hard. “Oh god. Oh god.” My orgasm continues with his fingers and tongue relentlessly pleasuring me.
Slowly I come down from my climax and Christian releases himself from me. I close my eyes and catch my breath.
“Come here,” he commands. I open my eyes and sit up. He is naked and holding his hand out for me to take. I grab his hand and he slides me off the piano. He sits back onto the bench and I get a glimpse of his erection. He reaches up for my hips and pulls me right onto his hardness.
“Fuck!” I yell out. I was not expecting him to do that. Instantly I am filled with him. I wrap my legs around him as he thrusts into me.
“Hold on baby,” he says and grabs my hips. He lifts me up and down, thrusting deep inside of me with such intensity it’s overwhelming. His breath is warm on my neck as he moans with each thrust.
“Christian…oh god,” I mutter. He is so hard and deep inside me this way.
“That’s it baby, feel me. Feel me fucking you.” Holy shit. His words are a direct hit to my sex, adding to my pleasure. I am lost in this mind-blowing moment. “Tell me. Tell me why.”
“Why what?” I manage to groan out.
“Why do you stay? I need to know.” His thrusting slows, his hands still pulling me in and out of him.
“You know. You already know, Christian.” I pull my head away from his neck and look him straight in the eyes. “Because I love you. All of you. All fifty shades and then some.”
“And I you,” he softly says. Holy shit. Tears fill my eyes. I am speechless.
Christian wraps his arms around me and stands up. He places me on the floor next to the piano, still inside of me. He wipes my tears and kisses my forehead.
“Are you ready to come now, Ms. Steele?” I nod. He lifts one leg, then the other over his shoulders. I moan out as he plunges deep inside of me.
“Yes, Ana. I want you to come. Come hard for me, baby.” He slams into me and I yell out as I come all over him.
“Ah….ah…..yes….I’m coming,” I yell out. And then Christian thrusts hard into me and comes right after me.
“Fuck Ana,” he moans out and collapses onto me.
The buzzing of Christian’s Blackberry wakes us from our post-sex slumber on the floor. Christian stands and grabs his phone from the table.
“You made contact?” he asks who I assume to be Welch. “Is there enough evidence?” Moments pass with him listening intently. He doesn’t look amused. “And this won’t exasperate the situation? Ok, be here ASAP.”
He hangs up with Welch. “There is enough email evidence to prove she is responsible for all this. Welch and the rest of the security team is on their way over. And then I need to rectify this with her.”
“What? No! No, I don’t want you seeing that bitch Christian!” I get up and quickly walk over to him.
“I have to Ana. I need to know she is going to be out of our lives for good. I won’t leave this to others to deal with. And besides, I told you that if we were to ever make it back into the playroom, we need to clean this mess up first.”
This is not the news I wanted to hear exactly. I look over at my inner goddess who seems to agree with Christian. She’s twirling her handcuffs with one hand and tapping her fingers on the table with the other. Oh alright Miss Impatient! I got the message.
“The playroom will be open for business?” I eagerly ask. I suppose it’s a trade-off for him having to talk to bitch troll. Lovely thoughts dance in my head.
“Why yes, Ms. Steele. The playroom can reopen and I can finally have my way with you in there.”
“Finally? What haven’t we done yet?” And as the words come out of my mouth, I realize I’ve asked a loaded question. We are talking about the King of Kinkville after all. I suddenly fear his answer.
“Well, the possibilities are endless, Ms. Steele. I haven’t completely had all of this,” he says as his hand comes around to my bottom. “And there is a lovely spreader bar I have yet to strap you too as well my love.” A devilish grin crosses his face.
My lower body springs back to life with his suggestions. “Then you better get moving because I hear a spreader bar calling my name.”
Christian’s mouth gapes open. I love when I can make him speechless.
“Well, get moving Mr. Grey.”
Finally he speaks. “Alright. After Welch gets here, we will head over. I hope to not be long.”
“Oh wait a minute,” I walk over and pick up my robe from the floor. “You are not going without me.”
“Anastasia, no. I do not wish for you to be part of this. Stay here,” he commands.
“The hell I’m not. I have a few words of my own for that child molesting bitch troll and I intend on telling her myself. And if she is truly not going to get in the way of our relationship anymore, then you will take me with you or deal with the alternative.” Crap. Did I just bark orders? Well, too bad. I am not losing my chance at letting crazy get a piece of me.
Christian sighs loudly. “Fine. I understand your reason for wanting to come. Just promise you won’t make this worse by making a scene. I’ve had enough drama for a while. I just want this over with.”
“No drama, promise” I walk past him to go get dressed. I look to my inner goddess and gesture her to follow me, and don’t forget the lemon martinis. Somebody’s about to get a bath.
to be continued…… xo