Hello my Greysessed readers! I hope you all well! If you haven’t heard the big news, well here it is: Miss Kelly Marcel has been chosen to write the screenplay for the Fifty Shades movie! I myself am glad it’s a woman who is writing the script. And although some of us may have our hesitations since she is relatively unknown but I have and will continue to have 50 shades of faith in Ms. E L James! Let’s just hope the next step which is director will not be so long! I know I am twitching like mad for the casting to be announced! I mean, isn’t that why we are all holding our silver balls in hand and praying to the greysessed gods for? Enjoy this next installment! Love & Laters©, Michele
The elevator opens and Christian and I step in. I am a mixture of anger and anxiety. After learning that Elena was behind this entire blackmailing scheme with Elle, I have never felt so much animosity towards someone. And now we are on our way to confront her about it. Truly, I don’t understand why we need to do this. I really want Christian to cut all ties with her, but he has insisted on dealing with her. The butterflies in my stomach have gone haywire, almost making me nauseous.
“Are you going to be okay, Anastasia?” Christian turns to me places his hands on my face. He looks me in the eyes and I instantly melt. Just one look from him can erase all my anxiety instantly.
“I’ll be fine Christian. It’s just…I mean, don’t you see how fucked-up this is?” I look him straight in the eye, hoping he gets that I am serious. His eyes look fearful.
I continue to glare at him, waiting for his answer. “Yes, it is.” He at least looks somewhat remorseful. He moves in and places a kiss on my lips. I breathe in Christian’s scent as his soft lips find mine. And for a moment, I am taken away from this mess we are in.
“Distraction will get you nowhere, Mr. Grey,” I whisper to him. My inner goddess would like to argue that point. She’s up and ready to roll.
“Nowhere?” he says, raising his eyebrow and giving me his devilish grin. “I mean, what is it about elevators?”
My body suddenly stirs awake with his words. Really, what is it about elevators? Well, with Christian it’s anything but a means of going up and down.
“Christian, you are insatiable.” I wrap my arms around his neck. He responds by putting his hands on my waist and guides me back to the wall of the elevator. His hands on me signal a throb down below.
“Insatiable for you, Ms. Steele.” His hands move up to the back of my head. He clenches a fistful of hair and pulls me into him. Oh. His mouth on mine, he presses into me and I can feel his hardness. He continues to kiss me as he moves his hand down my back then stopping at my bottom. His fingers dig into my backside. “Aaah,” I moan softly into his mouth.
The ding of the elevator snaps us back into reality. My inner goddess is now pouting and trying to close the elevator doors.
We exit the elevator and I adjust my plum dress. Leave it to Christian to completely mesmerize me in 20 seconds. I look at myself as we walk by the mirrored wall of the Escala lobby. There’s Christian in the reflection, looking like he stepped off the runway in Paris. I at least have some color to my cheeks after my momentary distraction in the elevator.
“You look beautiful, Ms. Steele,” says Christian as he takes my hand. I smile at him and his sweet gesture. Does he realize that I am now a walking hot mess? Something tells me that asking to go change my panties would be out of the question right now. In fact, I am sure Christian would just love knowing and I don’t need him distracted when dealing with the bitch troll.
My nerves come running back as we exit the Escala and I see Taylor waiting for us in the Audi. We haven’t discussed what the plan is once we see Elena, but part of me would rather not know. I decide to just sit back and enjoy the calm before the storm.
It’s getting dark as we drive through Seattle. Taylor slows the car down then pulls over to the right. We come to a complete stop and I am confused as to why. I peer out the window. We are on a busy Seattle street that’s full of stores and restaurants. Right out the window is the cafe and wine bar named purple.
“Ok Mr. Grey, we are here.” Here? I thought we were going to Elena’s home.
“What’s going on Christian? Why are we at a wine bar?” I ask with a bit of annoyance to my voice.
Christian lets out a sigh while pushing his hair back with his hands. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to answer me but that’s unavoidable.
“I thought it would be best for all involved if we met in a public setting. Taylor and the rest of the security team will be strategically placed throughout the bar in case of any um… incidents.”
And once again, I feel like the only one left out of the plans. I suppose I could’ve asked in the car, but it would be a lovely change if Christian could offer up some information once in a while.
“Anastasia, don’t be upset. The security team all thought it would be safer if we were in an open space. She is less likely to do anything out of the ordinary.”
Out of the ordinary? Other than pounce on young boys and blackmail? I look over at my inner goddess who’s got her finger over her mouth signaling me to keep my mouth zipped. I shoot her the stink eye. Who’s side is she on anyways?
“Let’s just get this over and done with Christian. I’d like to be done with this situation.” I open the car door and slide out. The butterflies come to visit once again as we head towards the front door. Keep calm I tell myself. Christian has this under control. I am merely an innocent bystander.
Purple is alive with excitement. It’s a large, open-spaced restaurant with a large circular wine display right in the middle. It’s almost as tall as the ceilings, with a winding staircase that wraps around the wine display. Taylor whispers something into Christian’s ear and points over to a table. I look over and there she is. Mrs. Robinson.
We walk towards the table and I set my eyes on her. Bitch troll is her usual stunning self. Her platinum hair is shiny and perfectly coiffed as usual. She’s dressed in a black turtleneck with dangling silver hoops in her ears.
“Christian,” she says quietly and stands to greet us. She extends herself to embrace Christian. Is she kidding me? My blood is boiling and we’ve been here all of five seconds.
“Elena, don’t,” Christian says as he jerks his body back to avoid her arms. “This is not a social visit and the last thing I want to do is to hug you.” Point well said Mr. Grey.
He pulls out a chair and gestures to me to sit down. I am now sitting directly across from a very embarrassed Mrs. Robinson and I have to control my grin. Christian pulls out the chair next to me and sits. Taylor leans in to whisper something to Christian then moves towards the bar. As he walks away, he says something into a mouthpiece as his eyes survey the restaurant. The security team must be placed throughout the restaurant and watching us.
A waiter comes to the table and Christian orders a bottle of Bollinger. An excellent vintage, I think to myself. I give a slight grin to him after he orders.
Suddenly, there’s an awkward silence. I refuse to look at her, so I turn to Christian who is checking an email on his phone. Jeez. I nudge his arm and he looks up at me. I give him my best “what the hell are you doing?” look.
“I apologize for my rudeness. There was something that needed my attention.” The waiter comes back to the table with our wine. He opens the bottle and pours two glasses. Christian waits for him to leave the table before speaking again.
“So Elena, I considered just cutting you off completely and never speaking to you again. But then I thought that I’d like to hear your explanation face to face.” There is anger rooted in his words. I take a drink of my wine and sit back to witness her undoing.
“Christian, I… I don’t know what got into me. You have to believe me that I never meant to hurt you.”
“Hurt me?” Christian says with a raised voice. “You never meant to hurt me? What the fuck is that kind of bullshit? You threaten to destroy me and then expect me to believe that your intention was to NOT hurt me?”
I look over at her. She’s got a horrified look on her face. Not very attractive I may add.
She takes a huge drink of her wine before speaking again. “I know what it looks like. I regret everything I’ve done. It was only to protect you. All I want is to protect you Christian. I know you better than you know yourself.”
Protect him? Is she talking about me? I can feel the blood boiling in my veins. My face suddenly feels hot with anger. Christian better address this and quick. I take a drink to settle my twitchy self.
“I do not need protecting, Elena! And even so, you have a really fucked up way of showing it. How is this protecting me? I want the truth and I want it now damn it!” And there it is. Christian Grey in full Technicolor. “Tell me why you were trying to destroy me. Everything I have worked for to be at your mercy. Tell me now or god help me you will regret it.”
I look up from my wine glass and see that she is staring at me. The horrified look has been replaced with one of anger. Adrenaline rips through my body at the sight of her stare. She turns away to address Christian.
“You want the truth?” She asks with anger in her voice. “The truth is you have needs. Needs she cannot give you,” she continues while glancing over at me. “And when you chose to be with her and not take me up on my offer to get back together, I obviously reacted badly.”
Without hesitation, I stop her from going on. “You fucking bitch! Do you have any idea what we’ve been going through? You fucking child molesting whore!”
“Ana, let me…” Christian interrupts.
“No, don’t Ana me Christian. I have every right to express my opinion since she has made our lives a living hell. She doesn’ t even deserve this much of our time but I am glad I got to hear first hand how pathetic of a human she is.” Elena’s face is struck with horror. She glances over at Christian with a gaping mouth.
“Don’t look at him. Don’t you dare look at him like you want him to stop me from saying these things to you. And don’t you dare think you know about his needs, you bitch.” She looks like she’s about to attack me from across the table.
‘”Oh yes, you proved that just fine when you needed a third-party in the playroom honey. When I was with Christian, we never needed a third wheel to satisfy his needs. Obviously you have yet to learn how,” she says with a pointed finger in my face.
Fury takes complete control over me and I reach up and grab her finger. “Keep your slutty fingers out of my face you bitch,” I growl at her and push her finger back towards her. She stumbles back a bit and looks like she is coming back for seconds.
“Elena, stop it now!” Christian growls at her between clenched teeth. From the corner of my eye, I see Taylor inching his way towards us.
“Fine, I’ll stop Christian. It’s obvious you’ve made your choice with this little gold digger.” Oh you did not just say that.
I pick up my glass and throw my wine in her face, soaking her.
“Stay the fuck away from us you desperate and pathetic troll bitch!” I scream at her. Heads turn towards us throughout the restaurant. “Christian doesn’t want you. Deal with it you psychopath.” She doesn’t respond. She’s too busy wiping wine off her face.
Christian stands quickly from his chair and pulls me up with him. “I have said it before and I will say it again-this is none of your business. Taylor has explained the conditions to take place with you and I expect you to keep to your word. And if you don’t, so help me, I will destroy you so fast you won’t know what hit you.” He turns and gestures to Taylor that it’s time to go.
We leave the table and follow Taylor towards the exit. I am shaking from the incident. My legs feel like they are going to give out at any moment. Christian must sense this because his arm is suddenly around my waist.
“Just walk baby, I want to get you out of here,” he whispers into my ear. “It’s over. Taylor will take care of the logistics of a new arrangement with her. But it’s over.”
Taylor is holding the door open for us. I quickly turn my head and get one last glimpse of her. She is still wiping her face and hair dry. Our eyes lock for a moment and I decide to just turn back around before she has time to say or do anything else.
We walk quickly to the car. “Ms. Steele, you sure know how to show a man a good time.” I look over at Christian who is grinning. Relief washes over me. Playful Christian is a good sign that he isn’t completely mad at me for what I did.
“Well, Mr. Grey, it’s really all about the playroom. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do to get her playdate.” I grin back at him.
Christian looks at me in utter surprise. “Well, Ms. Steele. You once again cease to amaze me. And as far as the playroom is concerned, your wish is my command. The playroom it is. But that last wish was your last. Once we get in there, I’ll be the one doing the commanding.”
Oh my.
to be continued in the playroom….. later today if you are all good;) xo