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I settle into the Audi alongside Christian. My heart is still racing from screaming at the bitch troll. Taking deep breaths in, I try to relax and focus on more important things. Like Christian’s willingness to go back into the playroom. Oh, the playroom. My mind wanders into the Red Room and that familiar pull in my sex starts. I shift in my seat at the feeling.
“Everything ok, Ms. Steele? You look uncomfortable,” Christian whispers to me. His breath on my neck only brings more throbbing. Again, I wiggle in my seat. This may be the longest drive back to the Escala ever. “Penny for your thoughts.” My thoughts? Should I tell him that the mere feeling of his warm, sweet breath is enough to set my lower half on fire? I look up at him. Damn he’s beautiful. My heart practically jumps out of my chest at the sight of him.
“Just admiring the view, Mr. Grey.” He turns towards me and caresses my cheek. I close my eyes and let his touch sweep me away.
“I apologize for what just happened. You shouldn’t have to endure all of my baggage.” He holds his hand to my face but looks out the window. I reach up and gently grab his face so he has to look at me.
“It’s not your fault. You are not responsible for her actions. I just hope this is the end of this debacle,” I say as I look deep into his eyes. Inside, I am hoping that my words are sinking in. That he isn’t going to revert to his idea that I will run.
Christian gives me a slight grin. “Thank you for that. I actually feel a sense of liberation from all this.”
Whoa! Liberating? “You do?” I hope he will indulge me with details willingly.
“Yes. As horrific as this situation has been for us, it has also made me certain that Elena should not be a part of my life. Of our life together.”
I search his face for something. I don’t know what. Perhaps sadness over her or feelings that may still remain. But there was conviction in his words and a sense of calm in his voice. “Well, I am sorry this is the way that it ended.”
He chuckles. ‘You are?”
Unable to hold it in, I laugh out loud. “No, not really. I’m just sorry I drank the amount of wine I did. It would’ve been better all over her face.”
“Yes, Ms. Steele, you never cease to amaze me. I didn’t know you had a thing for throwing my favorite Bollinger into people’s faces.” He lets out a chuckle. Hmm, playful Christian is discussing the bitch troll and laughing. There may be hope after all.
“Amaze you? I don’t know about all that. But everyday with you seems to be more interesting that the last.” I let out a yawn. It’s been quite a day.
“Come here,” Christian taps his lap for me to come lie down. I undo my seatbelt and happily make myself comfortable. I look up at him and he’s grinning at me.
“Care to share?” I ask.
“Nothing love. I am just wondering what I shall do to you in the playroom,” he says grinning like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Instantly, the oh so lovely throb awakens my senses and sets my body on fire. “It wouldn’t be any fun if I told you what I had planned, now would it?” I give him my sad face to see if he’ll take the bait and spill it.
“Not going to work, Ms. Steele. But perhaps I can give you a preview of tonight’s festivities.” He brings his hand up from where it was resting on my stomach. Slowly he drags his hand up my plum dress and then stops at my right breast. Ever so softly, he circles my nipple. Even through my dress and bra, I can see my hardened nipple. I moan softly, aware of Taylor in the front seat. Luckily, it’s now dark outside so hopefully he can’t see a thing.
Christian continues caressing my nipple, then the other. I am throbbing so badly that my hips are jerking left and right from the pulsating pleasure I am feeling. Suddenly I feel his fingers on my leg and working its way up my dress. Oh my god! He isn’t! I look up at him and he is looking straight ahead as if nothing is going on. Damn him! I can’t let him do this with Taylor driving! I start to sit up to avoid his fingers, but his hand comes off my breast to push me back down. I am speechless. Part of me is appalled that he just did that, but the other part of me is turned on. And by the wetness pooling in my panties, I would say that the naughty girl in me wins.
He resumes trailing his hand under my dress and slowly moves up my leg. His fingers tickle as he makes his way up to my wet panties. I bury my face in his shirt to soften the moan that escapes me as his fingers softly slide across my sex. He makes small circles along my panties. I breathe heavily into him and have to wrap my arms around him for support. Again, I look up at an unphased Christian. He’s going to torture me while acting like nothing is going on.
I grab a fistful of his white dress shirt in both hands as his fingers slide under my panties. My clit is throbbing so bad, aching to be touched. His fingers slowly creep down to my sex and circles around my clit. Slow and torturous. Oh my god!
“Aah,” I moan into his shirt as his finger finally brushes my clit. Squeezing my fists tighter, I anticipate him caressing my clit once again. But he doesn’t. Instead, he releases his hand from under my panties and pulls my dress down. My inner goddess is not happy. She’s got a glass of Bollinger wine ready for Christian, and it’s not for his drinking pleasure.
My head pops up from Christian’s chest. He’s looking down at me with a devilish grin. “I am sorry Ms. Steele, but you’ll have to wait until the we get home to come.” Say what? My inner goddess now positioning her glass of wine right for Christian’s face.
He leans down and whispers,”You are so wet, my love. I hope you will be that wet when I spread your legs in the playroom.” An involuntary gasp escapes me and my clit throbs at his words. “I would love to watch you come right now for me baby. But I think I like you lying here wet and wanting me.” If he keeps talking like this, I will come without him even touching me.
The rest of the ride home seems to like an eternity. I remain lying on Christian’s lap but he refuses to touch me. Luckily, we are almost to the Escala.
As if the ride home wasn’t torture enough, the elevator ride up is adding to my throbbing. Christian’s hand around my waist that slowly made its way to my bottom had me once again breathing heavy. With Taylor riding up with us, there was no way of getting what I wanted. Not that Christian would give in to his decision to have me begging anyways. And begging is what I am ready to do. Christian leans over to me and whispers, “When we get upstairs, I want you in the playroom. Panties only. Waiting.” Holy shit. I keep from moaning even though I feel myself climbing towards coming. I can’t even look at Christian. If he were to even look at me in that way, I may come in this elevator.
Finally the elevator reaches the top floor. The doors open and we exit the elevator in silence. Taylor walks ahead of us towards the kitchen. I hear Mrs. Jones greet him hello. Christian grabs me around the waist and pulls me into him. “Playroom. Now.”
His commanding words excite me. He walks away from me and heads towards the kitchen where Taylor and Mrs. Jones are conversing. I quickly turn and head towards the Red Room.
The door of the Red Room is unlocked. I slowly pull open the door and stand in the doorway. The last time we were in here was with Elle. Visuals of what we did flood my brain. It was a day full of surprises for sure. And as incredibly hot that afternoon was, it’s hard for me to remember it fondly. The whole day now overshadowed by bitch troll and her plan to destroy the man I love. I enter the room and I am immediately welcomed by the lovely smell of wood and leather. Quickly, I undress down to my black lace panties and sit over by the door.
A few minutes later, the door opens and there he is. Christian walks in and stops at my feet. I look up at him. Dressed in his ripped jeans only and looking as sexy as ever.
“Come here,” he says as he extends his hand out to me. I grab hold and he pulls me up off the floor. “Are you okay with this? I want to be sure this is where you want to be.”
“Yes, it’s okay. Now that we have closure I am completely ok.”
He puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. My body is on fire since the car ride and is only getting hotter. I moan softly in his mouth.
“On the bed. Now.” He commands after abruptly stopping our kiss. I don’t question, just anxiously walk over to the bed and sit.
Christian walks over to the dresser and opens the bottom drawer. He takes out something and closes it back up. As he walks over to me, I can see what he’s holding. The spreader bar. Oh my.
“Remember this?” he asks as he holds up the bar.
“Yes,” I answer as I watch the cuffs swaying from the metal bar. My inner goddess jumps up in excitement.
“Are you alright with using it?”
“Yes,” I answer. Christian’s eyes blaze open. He gestures towards the bed. I practically jump onto it I’m so ready. I watch with desire as he quickly undresses. As he climbs onto bed, I can see that he is fully ready for me as well.
“You are so beautiful,” he murmurs as he crawls in between my legs. I can’t help but give him a huge smile. He reaches up and slides my panties off. I try to control my breathing as his touch drives me wild. ” And if I do recall,Ms. Steele, that you taste divine.”
He reaches for spreader bar on the bed. “Aah,” I moan out loudly as he brings my foot to his mouth. He slowly licks the bottom of my foot from top to bottom. Then he quickly wraps my ankle in the cuff. The buckle feels tight, but not painful. He reaches over and grabs my other foot. Again he tongues the bottom of my foot, making me moan and grab the comforter. He then wraps that ankle in the cuff, quickly and expertly. I look down and see that my feet are approximately two feet apart.
“I think I want you spread further for me,” he says as I hear a click on the bar. He then pushes the bar, making my legs spread further. This is so hot. I feel my heart beating rapidly in excitement. “That’s better,” he says then brings his head in between my legs. Holy fuck.
“Oh Christian,” I moan out. His tongue hits my clit and I grab hold of his hair. He isn’t playing anymore. He sucks my clit hard and I wrap my fingers in his hair, moaning and screaming.
Suddenly, he thrusts two fingers inside of my wet entrance while continuing to suck my sensitive clit. “Please. Christian.” I beg.
“Please what?”
He softens his lips on my clit, slowing down my climb to orgasm. “Please, I want to come. Please.”
“Oh that’s better baby.” And then he thrusts his fingers hard inside of me, hitting that spot. He takes my clit in his mouth again and sucks. Hard. I scream out as my long-awaited orgasm takes over my entire body. My legs forced open by the spreader prevents me from jerking around too much. I moan as my orgasm goes on. Christian doesn’t let up on my clit, sucking hard as I orgasm all over his fingers.
I am still coming down from my orgasm and don’t realize that Christian has flipped me over onto my stomach. He pulls me up on all fours, spreader still attached. He kneels behind me and reaches up for my behind. He gently massages me, rubbing gently. My clit reacts, throbbing again.
“Oh Ana, what you do to me,” he whispers. I can feel his breath on my backside. His hand slowly slide down towards my sex. I clench at his touch. My body is still coming down from the orgasm, but I’m quickly heating up again.
“Fuck!” I scream. Christian reaches under and cups my soaked sex.
“Ana, your dripping,” he moans into my back. He removes his hand and suddenly his tongue is there. Yes there. He spreads my further with his hands on my behind.
“Aah, aah, oh god,” I moan intensely as his tongue slides up and down, top to bottom. Holy fuck it feels amazing. My hips jerk from the pleasure. He grabs me tightly so I can move as much. I hear him groan against me as his tongue brings me closer to another orgasm.
His tongue stops suddenly and Christian is now grabbing my hands back towards the bar. He cuffs them to the bar. It feels awkward and slightly painful, but not unbearable.
“Aargh!” I scream as Christian slams into me without warning. Holy fuck. I am completely at his mercy with my hands and legs cuffed. I bury my face into the bed as he thrusts into me again. He fills me…moving in a rhythm…harder…total pleasure.
“Aaaah!” I yell out as his hand smack my bottom. The vibration of his hand to my cheek is exquisite, flowing all the way to my clit. He smacks me again and continues to thrust hard into me.
“That’s it baby,” he quietly moans. “You. Are. Mine.”
“Yes.” I murmur. And I am. Happily at his mercy, helpless, and surrendering myself to him. I cry out as I come. I scream his name as he keeps moving hard inside me.
“Ana. Baby.” he cries out in his own release moments later. I fall to my stomach and he follows.
Quickly he releases me from the spreader. I stretch my body for a minute, then curl up exhausted. Christian wraps himself around me. Mmmm, his warm body against mine is heaven.
“Ana, I need you. Always.” He softly speaks against my neck. I close my eyes and let those words sing me to sleep like a lullaby.
Hope you enjoyed…perhaps this story will continue…. more Elena? Stay tuned! xoxo