Good evening/morning GREYsessed readers! I hope you all enjoyed the “Caught in the Act” series! I’ve gotten some requests to continue that story, and I may just do that. But since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought a blog of tricks and treats is in order! Enjoy and as always thank you for reading and supporting me! Love & Laters©, Michele
It has been a long day at work, but I won’t complain since I am happy to be here. Christian has finally allowed me to go back to work after weeks of being home. The Jack Hyde ordeal is finally behind us. The bitch troll is history. And little Blip is safe and sound after all of that has happened. I rub my yet-to-pop belly as thoughts of the last few months flash through my memory. Shuddering at my visuals, I decide to just be relieved that we are in a good place now. And that things are better than ever between Christian and I. My phone buzzes me out of my trance. It’s an email from Kate.
From: Kate Kavanagh
Subject: Halloween Party
Date: October 25 2011 09:45
To: Anastasia Grey
Hey girl! How are you feeling? Just be happy your ball and chain has let you go back to work! Lol…JK! Anyway, Halloween is soon and you know I love this holiday! Please say you and Christian will come to a party with Elliott and me. You two can dress as a ball and chain;)
xo, Kate
I roll my eyes at the email. Kate the comedian, as usual. Costume party and Christian Grey don’t seem to go hand in hand. But a party does sound fun. I pick up my phone and email Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Trick or treat
Date: October 25 2011 09:47
To: Christian Grey
Good morning husband, I hope you are having fun with all your mergers and acquisitions. How do you feel about tricks and treats?
Yours, Ana
I hit send and hope that the email brings out playful Christian. Anxiety suddenly takes over. Suppose he actually agrees to go? What costumes would he ever agree to? My phone dings. Jeez that was quick. I look down at a waiting email.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Are you the treat?
Date: October 25 09:49
To: Anastasia Grey
It depends. Are you going to let me do “tricks” to you? Or are you going to be my treat in the playroom. I think either is a win-win for me;)
Christian Grey
CEO & Bag of tricks owner, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
A huge smile stretches across my face. Playful Christian just makes me smile. He’s been slowly but surely letting his guard down and letting his playful side come out. Knowing this makes me happy and reassured that he will be a wonderful father once little Blip arrives. I do have to explain what the trick or treat comment is really about though. Hopefully he can stay in his playful mood to go along with it.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: I am always your treat
Date: October 25, 2011 09:53
To: Christian Grey
I am always ready to be tricked by you and be your treat. Always. But I was referring to Halloween. Kate and Elliott want us to join them for a costume party. I’d really like to go.
xo, Ana
Immediately there’s a reply. Looks like the both of us are doing very little work today.
From: Christian Grey
Date: October 25, 2011 09:54
To: Anastasia Grey
Christian Grey
CEO who doesn’t dress like a clown, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
Shit. Playful Christian is instantly gone. I am not giving in that quickly. My inner goddess is out and wearing her French maid costume. She’s ready to party and so am I.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: You can’t juggle anyways
Date: October 25, 2011 09:56
To: Christian Grey
Listen Bozo, by this time next year we will have a baby Blip. I would love to take advantage of these opportunities while we still have the time and freedom to. And since it will be Halloween, I will let you trick or treat me any way you wish after the party. As long as you don’t wear a big red nose!
Ana x
Your personal bag of treats
Hopefully that was convincing enough. I look up at the door to make sure I am not being watched for my lack of work today. Luckily it is business as usual out there. I turn back to my computer and try to finish reading the story I am in the middle of editing. Again, my phone buzzes instantly.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Hungry for a treat
Date: October 25, 2011 09:58
To: Anastasia Grey
Trick or treat you…. That’s quite an offer Mrs. Grey. And I will take you up on it. Our costume choice need be something I can take off of you later with my teeth.
Christian Grey
Hungry CEO for Ana Candy, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Yes! I am delighted after reading his email. And I know the perfect costumes! Now to convince Christian that it is both comical and brilliant.
We sit in the back of the Audi as Taylor drives us to the Halloween party. I look over at Christian. He catches me staring. “Yes, Mrs. Grey?” He smiles at me and my worries about his approval for this evening slightly diminish.
“Just admiring the view, Mr. Grey. I do love how you look.” And he does look amazing as usual. I am quite impressed with our costume choice and cannot wait for Kate’s reaction.
“Well, you are looking good enough to eat Mrs. Grey,” he says with his devilish grin that melts my everything. “This is a first, by the way. I have not dressed up since I was a child.”
“And I intend to make good on my word and be your trick or treat afterwards.” I give him my best sexy stare as my body starts throbbing at the thought of what he has in store.
Christian slides closer to me. “Baby, with you looking like you are, I may have my way with you at the club,” he whispers into my ear. Oh my. I shift in my seat at his words. My panties are now feeling moist. Luckily Taylor slows down the car as we arrive at the club. Any more time in the car and I know Christian will have me begging him to touch me.
We head inside to the very loud club. It’s filled with people dressed in costume and the entire place is decorated for Halloween! We head to our reserved table and I can see that Kate and Elliott are already there. I wave to them and I can see the surprised look on Kate’s face. She stands from the table and I get a glimpse of her sexy costume. She’s dressed as a flapper. Totally perfect for her gorgeous body.
“You look amazing Kate!” We hug as Elliott makes his way over. He looks great dressed as a gangster, pinstriped suit and all. “You make for a handsome gangster, Elliot.”
Christian leans over and kisses Kate. “You look beautiful,” he says to her. She winks at his remark. I am glad they are finally getting more comfortable around each other. After she found an email discussing my contract with Christian, things between them have been awkward. She suspected things after reading the email, but I had convinced her that nothing ever happened. As far as she knows, she thought he just wanted certain conditions to our relationship but luckily the email didn’t contain anything too graphic.
“And what, may I ask are the two of you?” She looks us up and down in astonishment.
“Well, Christian is a Dom. And I … I am his Sub,” I say with as much confidence as possible. I pray that she does not read into this and remember the email. I think I did a pretty good job at convincing her it wasn’t anything more than Christian’s way of protecting himself and his business. I am more than hoping right now.
“I am speechless. I mean, you look fucking hot. Excuse the language, but have you looked at yourself?” I look down at my leather dress, fish net stockings and thigh-high boots. Yes, this is definitely a different look. “And you,” Kate says to Christian. “look nothing like your normal CEO self.” She laughs out loud . I glance over at check out my husband in full leather-vest and pants. His workouts with Claude are apparent. His arms are fully exposed, showing off his muscular arms. 
“Never would I imagine ever seeing the Christian Grey in tight leather pants,” she says eyeing him up and down. “Wow!”
“Yea bro,” says Elliot. “A total new look for sure. I am impressed that you would do this. Way to go Ana.” He puts his fist out and we pump. I am relieved they approve.
“Thanks,” says Christian. “It’s Halloween, so I say fuck the formalities.” I smile at him. I just love when he can shock me with his words.
“But this,” says Kate, as she reaches towards me,”this is the most outrageous part of all.” She touches the chain attached to the collar I am wearing with Christian holding the other end. “I cannot believe you are letting him drag you around like a dog.” She giggles playfully.
“I am happily obliging Kate. It’s all part of the Sub role.”
“Ha ha! Good luck with that Christian. I think you know by now that Ana doesn’t listen to anybody. I don’t think you are the best candidate for a Sub.” Again she laughs at the idea. Shit, if she only knew. I look over at Christian who is trying to contain his smirking.
“Yes, you are right Kate. My Sub here has some learning to do. Luckily for me, she likes a good spanking.” Christian takes the flogger he’s been carrying around in his other hand and swaps me on my bottom. A shrill of excitement rushes through me.
“Oh my god. Is that a flogger?” Kate’s eyes are open wide. “Live it up Christian. Spank her good while you have her chained. Because at midnight your naughty little Ana turns back into her stubborn pumpkin ways.”
Christian bursts out laughing. “You’re right. I am married to the most non-Submissive woman on the planet. So I will take advantage tonight and make her my beck and call girl while I can” He swaps me with the flogger again. I let out a little scream.
“Don’t get too friendly with that, Mr. Grey,” I say jokingly. “Kate’s right. I could never be a true Sub.” I giggle thinking of all our time spent in the playroom. And me tied up in more ways than one all while being flogged, spanked, and blindfolded. The thoughts flash by in my head and the throbbing starts again. I look over at Christian. He’s just staring at me as if we are the only two in the room. Desire fills me as I look into his eyes.
“Well, it’s just crazy to see Mr. Billionaire dressed as a Dom,” chimes in Elliot. “Talk about polar opposites.” This time it’s me that bursts out laughing.
“Which is why our costume is so perfect,” I manage to say in between giggling. “That’s what Halloween is all about. Being someone you wish you could be. Now I need a non-alcoholic drink!”
We follow Kate and Elliot back to our table. “You do look rather hot in this collar, Mrs. Grey. I may take this into the playroom with us.”
“Oh, didn’t you hear me? I am not the Sub type. So have your way with me now,” I tease.
“Don’t tempt me. You’ll lose,” he says as we sit at our table.
After two drinks in, Kate turns to Elliot and says, “Are we going to dance tonight or what?” I can tell by her tone that she is already feeling her two glasses of wine.
“After you,” Elliot gestures towards the dance floor. “Are you two joining us?”
“I’ll pass for now. Don’t want to over do it,” I say as I pat Blip. “But go have fun.”
Kate takes Elliot by the arm and drags him onto the dance floor. I watch them start to grind to the music as I feel Christian’s hand on my thigh. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you how incredibly sexy you look tonight, Mrs. Grey.”
I turn to face him. “Thank you, Sir. And may I say how sexy you are in your leather? Quite a change from the CEO suits.” Christian moves his chair closer to mine. He leans in and kisses me. My lips part and his tongue finds mine. His fingers move slowly up my thigh. My breathing gets heavier in his mouth as his expert fingers ignite my clit. I moan softly. “Christian,” I whisper. He grabs the leash and yanks on it, pulling me further into him. Fuck that’s hot. I moan louder as he tugs on it again, making me throb for him.
“Like that, don’t you?” Christian says looking sexy as ever. “I hope you are ready to come.” Holy shit. I practically come at his words. I quickly scan the club. Nobody is paying us any attention as far as I can tell. And it’s so dark, that it’s hard to truly notice what anybody else is doing either.
“Well, you are my Dom. So I guess that means what you say goes.” I am thoroughly aware of the wetness between my legs.
“Yes, it does,” he says as he removes the leash attached to my collar. What is he planning on doing? “And what I am going to do is get under this table and make you come in my mouth.” Oh. I grasp at each side of my chair as my clit throbs out of control. I watch as Christian gracefully slips under the table. A black table-cloth covers the table and him pretty well.
My body is ignited with desire as he pulls my legs open. His hands slowly move up my thighs to right there. I squeeze the arms of the lovely black leather chair as his finger slowly caresses my clit over my fishnets and panties. “Aaah,” I moan out and shift in the chair. His finger slowly circles. Slow. Teasing. My lips becoming wetter and wetter.
Whoa. I jerk unintentionally as Christian tears open my fishnets. I feel him rip them wider exposing my black panties. “Oh god,” I moan out as he slides his hand inside. I can feel how wet I am as he swirls his fingers up and down my lips. I throw my head back against the chair and moan out in pleasure. “Aaah..” I yell out as he brings his finger back up to my clit and rubs. Oh god.
His head surfaces and he looks at me as I feel my panties being teared off of me. He pulls them from under my stockings while watching me. Blue to grey. It’s just us in this erotic moment. He brings my torn panties up to his face and inhales. Holy fuck. I am fixated on him and turned on watching him. He throws my panties down and lowers his head back down. His hands pull my legs further apart, then hold me there in place. “Yes,” I scream out as his tongue hits my clit. He slowly moves his tongue around as he brings me closer to orgasm. He grabs my thighs from underneath and pulls me lower in my chair.
“Ah.. yes…” I moan out as I reach down and grab a fist full of his hair in each hand. Fuck this is so hot. I am about to come  when he inserts two fingers inside of me. I moan loudly, continuously as he thrusts his fingers in and out. I’m getting closer….building…..building. “Aah!” I scream as his other hand surprises me as he massages me back there. Holy fuck. I cry out as I explode all over him as he inserts his finger. There. His tongue pressed against my clit. Two fingers thrusting inside of me. And another finger pleasuring my backside. I am all sensation everywhere. He feels me coming and presses harder on my clit, making me come harder. Longer. I cry out in pure pleasure, forgetting where I am.
Slowly, I come down from my orgasm. Christian releases himself from me. He plants one last kiss to my clit and I jump at the sensation. He slides from under the table and sits down next to me. Looking calm and cool as always, he picks up his glass and takes a drink.
“See what happens when you tempt me, Mrs. Grey.”
“Fair point well made,” I mutter back at him.
“I hope you weren’t attached to those panties,” he says with a smirk.
“No, it was worth losing them.”
“That’s good to know. And I am thinking you feel the same about those stockings?” I nod at him. “Good. Because we are leaving. I want you in the playroom. Its time for some tricks and treats. Starting with getting the rest of those fishnets off of you.” Christian leans over and whispers, ” I plan on slowly taking those boots off of you. Then ripping off your stocking with my teeth. Unzipping this dress and letting it fall off of you. This collar is all that will be left on you. Then I am going to tie your arms and legs to the bed. Lean over and massage your clit. Slowly. Tease you. Then the lovely pink feather you enjoyed once will surface from my back pocket. I’ll start at your feet. Lightly brush the feather up your foot, your legs, inner thighs. Brush your clit with it. Bring it down the other leg. Tickle your other foot. Torturing you slowly. Just enough to make your clit throb like I know it does.” Holy fuck I am practically coming again. He continues his seduction.
“I’ll bring the feather back to your clit. Tickle it lightly. Brush it over your wet lips. Then up to your hard nipples. Circling them as your clit throbs. And just when you want to beg, I’ll fuck you. Hard. Hard until you come baby.” He looks up at me. I am breathing heavy, lost in his words.
He reattaches the leash to my collar and gently yanks on it. “You. Are. Mine.”
“Always.” As I say this, Kate and Elliot are walking back towards us.
“You two look exhausted,” says Kate.
“Actually, we are going to get going,” says Christian.
“Pregnancy got you both down?” Kate asks jokingly.
“No, actually I am going to take Ana home to tie her to the bed and make her beg.”
Both Kate and Elliot laugh loudly.
“Yeah, right. Good luck with that one. It’s past midnight. Your little Sub is nothing but pumpkin,” jokes Elliot.
We stand up and gather our things. “Well, you got that all wrong brother-in-law,” I say as we get ready to go. “Christian is taking me home to tie me up and I WILL enjoy begging.” I wink at him and we head towards the door.
to be continued… the playroom xoxo