Good evening GREYsessed readers!! I am typing quickly before my power goes out! Are some of you experiencing the effects of storm Sandy as well? The winds have picked up and it’s about to get worse overnight. Now I realize that Halloween is two days away. And I also realize that I have not posted part 2 to “50 Shades of Tricks and Treats.” As soon as I post this, I will do my best to get that done, weather permitting. The important thing is that I got my Starbucks fix. Yes, I went out in the storm for my latte. There’s not much this addict won’t do for her coffee, including getting Yankee-heckled by the haters at Starbucks.
Before I get to cupcakes, I must address the issue with my blog. I was messaged on Saturday morning by one of my lovely followers. She told me she was on and read a blog that sounded exactly like one of mine. Oh my god.My “You Scream, I Scream..” story was reposted under a new name. I sat there staring at my screen for a full five minutes at least. I could feel my face turning red with anger and my blood boiling. Someone told me to take it as a form of compliment but hell no! The entire story was there. Verbatim. I couldn’t do that while seeing all the lovely comments she received for my hours of work. That story had some clever ice cream flavors, and my inner goddess some kick ass thoughts as well.
So to you, “pearlsinfire,” I hope you enjoyed stealing my work and getting credit for something you didn’t do. And mostly for hurting me, a person who takes pride in her work and loves all her readers.
Now to my twitter friends, you know who you all are. Thank you thank you for all your love, support, and solidarity. And for offering to provide the beatdown to the blog thief. I have not met most of you, but I love you all like family. We’ve shared a lot in these last few months and I appreciate how you all were ready to kick some twitter ass after hearing what happened! Love you girls!
Okay, on to happier times. For all of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the picture I tweeted this Friday with Dana Brunetti.  Yes, THE Dana Brunetti-producer of the much-anticipated Fifty Shades movie. And how did this chance meeting come about?  Perhaps the Fifty Shades gods were looking down on me. Or maybe it’s just because he is an amazing guy who I am so happy to have met!
I will try to make a long story short. Dana tweeted a picture of a highway in Maryland. I asked why he was in town and he said he’s producing a show here in the area. The show happens to be “House of Cards,” starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It’s a political drama based on the BBC miniseries. It is set to air on Netflix February 1st! All of you should mark your calendars for it! With an amazing cast (and producer) it’s sure to be a hit!
So being the cupcake maker that I am, I offer to bring him cupcakes on set! Yes, a ballsy move but if you read my blog you know my motto is “Go big or go home.” After some suspect hesitation on his part, “Did you poison them?” and who is this twitter nut?, we figure out that he was only 20 minutes from me-score! And offers to come to the burbs to get them! Say what? My inner goddess starts doing her happy dance right there in the kitchen, apron on and all! But hold the phone…. did he just tweet that he’ll see me in 20 minutes? I look around the kitchen. It’s covered in powdered sugar, icing, and every kitchen tool is out and a mess. Panic sets in but then I make my call to Robin.
Yes, Robin-aka Kelly. Batman here tells her that a Hollywood producer is coming to pick up cupcakes and can I send him to her house instead of mine? Lucky for me, Robin is always my wingman and never disappoints. So I quickly run upstairs, throw on a dress that doesn’t need ironing, and wipe the powdered sugar off my face and hair. Oh well, my look is going to have to do. No time for hair and makeup. There goes my part as the token Asian in the movie.
Looking back, it’s probably best that I had zero time to panic. Because Kelly and I are notorious for popsicling out on a celebrity. And if Dana had given anymore time to stress, I may have dropped the ball on my vocal skills.
A few minutes later, an Escalade pulls into the driveway. Holy moly guacamole he’s here! Well, I cannot express enough how down to earth and wonderful Dana Brunetti is. He chatted with all of us, including Kelly’s husband and kids. The visit was way too short in my opinion, but that’s just because I would’ve stood there talking all night. But life beckons and television shows need to be filmed. But it was truly a wonderful experience. After he left, I just stood there flabbergasted. Not so much because he is one of the best producers in Hollywood, but because he actually took the time to drive to us and pick up cupcakes. From me.
Thanks again Dana, for being so wonderful to your fans! I only hope for continued success in movie and television making, and for my walk on role as the token Asian in Fifty Shades!! Seriously, you made me as happy as Christian Grey holding a flogger! And did I learn any insider information about the movie? Let’s just say a lady never gives out her cupcakes and tells;) xo