Hapy Halloween my kinky GREYsessed readers! I hope you all get some tricks or treats of your own! Thank you everyone who read my cupcake blog and gave such support for it! Not going to babble here… here’s part two of Tricks or Treats. Love & Laters©, Michele
As we head out the door, I realize how I am suddenly filled with adrenaline. Perhaps it’s because Christian just gave me an incredible orgasm from underneath the table! Or because we pulled off the best Halloween costumes ever! Little does Kate and Elliot know that our Dom and Sub costumes were art imitating life! And the look on Elliot’s face when I said that Christian was taking me home to tie me up! Priceless.
“You were a spitfire in there Mrs. Grey,” says Christian as we climb into the back of the Audi. “Elliot’s mouth was stuck to the floor from shock I think.” Christian lets out a giggle. I love playful Christian!
“I think Kate’s mouth was stuck right next to his,” I say with a giggle. “If they only knew.”
“Kudos to you, my lovely wife. And may I add that this leather collar around your neck is very hot. I could get used to it.”
“You heard Elliot, husband of mine. I turn into a pumpkin at midnight. And this collar is no exception. Plus, I don’t think my colleagues would appreciate it like you!”
“Well, perhaps we just keep in for the playroom,” he says grinning. “Our own form of Disneyland.”
“Yes, dear. The playroom is one big ride that I never want to get off of.”
We start laughing together at our conversation as we head home. I shift in the seat, trying to fix my dress now that I am pantiless.
“Uncomfortable?” Christian asks with a grin.
“No, just trying not to flash Taylor. I did leave the club with less clothes than I came in with you know.”
“And what fun it was ripping those panties off of you, Mrs. Grey.” He places his hands on my fish nets that are barely staying up after he tore them open at the club. His touch immediately sends chills up my leg and awakening me once again.
I place my hand over his. “It was fun. But let’s wait until we get back to Disneyland, shall we?”
“Are you denying me some fun in the car?” He tries moving his hand down my thigh but I stop him. His eyes widen in shock, then he turns to look out the window. Great, pouty Christian.
We drive the rest of the way in silence. This is one of the areas that is a work in progress. The child-like tendencies that seem to surface when Christian doesn’t get his way. And as far as we have come as a couple, we still have work to do. I rub my belly, thinking that little Blip has my Christian worried. But we’ve been through so much and I know by now we can get through anything.
“I’m sorry,” Christian whispers into my ear and places his hand over my belly.”I just can’t keep my hands off my sexy wife.” And instantly I am mush in his hands again.
“I love that and I love you,” I whisper back. “All I know is that I want to enjoy my ride at Disney to be at full-throttle. I’m talking a “look Mom, no hands,” screaming at the top of my lungs, kind of ride.”
“Look Mom, no hands? That’s definitely another first, Mrs. Grey. And can we keep you mother out of the playroom? If not, your ride may be over before it starts,” he says smirking.
Finally, we arrive back at the Escala. Taylor stops in front of the building. “If it’s okay with you Mr. Grey, I am going to let you and Mrs. Grey out here. The car is almost out of gas and I don’t want to have to stop on your way into work in the morning.”
“Of course, Taylor,” I reply before Christian can. “We appreciate your thoughtfulness.”
Taylor gets out to open the door for me. “Thank you, we’ll see you later.”
“Good night, Mrs. Grey. Mr. Grey.” Christian nods at him and we head into the lobby.
We make our way to the elevators. I push the up button and we await its arrival.
I lean against the wall while we wait. My feet are suddenly very sore from wearing these thigh high boots. My eyes slowly close as the events of the evening quickly catch up to me, and I feel like I could fall asleep standing against this wall. A few moments later, the oh so familiar electric current I’ve come to know and love pulls my eyes open as I feel Christian’s presence right in front of me.
“Do you know how sexy you look right now?” he asks. “You’re lucky the lobby has people in it or I’d fuck you right against that wall. Oh my.
“Really?” I somehow mutter out while trying to control my breathing. In an instant he has the ability to make me come fully alive and raring to go.
The elevator dings and snaps us out of our bubble. Suddenly I am being picked up and thrown over Christian’s shoulder. “Put me down!” I try not to scream and make a scene but really? My damn stockings have a missing crotch and he’s playing games. He ignores me and carries me into the elevator. “Christian, now.” He places me down and turns to hit the penthouse button.
“Turn and face the wall,” he orders. I look at him confused. “I said turn and face the wall. If you can’t listen, I may have to spank you.” My clit throbs at his words. Holy shit. I turn and face the wall. The elevator starts to move. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Christian reach over and hit the stop button. Excited butterflies flutter about in my stomach in anticipation of what’s to come. The elevator comes to a halt and I am very aware of the small quarters we are in.
Christian moves behind me without a word. I feel his breath on the back of my head. He grabs my hands and guides them up. I place them shoulder width apart on the polished wooden wall. His hands slide slowly back up my arms sending a signal to my sex. I gasp softly at his touch. He continues up to my shoulders, then down and around to my breasts. Slowly he circles my nipples over my leather dress. “Aah..” I moan quietly. His hands move down to the hem of my dress and then he pulls it up to my waist. I gasp out loud.
“As much as I’d love to take my sweet time with you, this is going to be quick,” he whispers into my hair. He drops to his knees while still behind me. He pulls my legs further apart as my clit throbs hard from his touch. He unzips my left boot and takes it off. Quickly he turns to the other leg and unzips my boot. He takes that foot out and throws my boot to the side. “These need to go next,” he says as he tugs on my ripped fish nets. He places his fingers inside the waist of my stockings and pulls them down and off my feet in a swift yet seductive way. I can feel the wetness between my legs getting warmer with each move.
Christian stands up and comes around so that he’s standing next to me. “You said you wanted a “look mom, no hands” ride so that’s what you’re going to get.” He takes my hand off the wall and gestures for my other. He brings my hands together and pulls them towards the wooden rail that wraps around the entire elevator. He grabs my fish nets and uses them to tie me to the railing. Holy fuck this is hot.
“Ready for me to fuck you?” Umm, yes. I look over at my inner goddess who’s got her pink Mickey ears on and giving me a thumbs up. Very funny. Just don’t you dare show up with one of those nasty turkey legs they sell.
He moves behind me again and I hear him undo his pants and drop to the floor.
“Aah!” I moan loudly as his hand comes from under and finds my wet clit. He circles hard and fast, making me scream. My arms pull against my stockings as I jerk my hips.
“I told you is going to be quick baby. I want you to come before I fuck you.” He continues to massage my clit but intensifies the pressure. I moan louder. “Jeez Ana, you are so fucking wet baby.” He thrusts two fingers inside of me using his other hand.
“Christian, Christian,” I moan out. He fingers me harder and I scream as I come all over his hand. I am all sensation. “Oh yes,” I murmur. That was one of the quickest orgasms I’ve had. He removes his hands and moves behind me. he pushes on my back to make me lean down. then he spreads my legs further apart.
“Fuck Ana,” he yells out as he enters me. He slides into me and I moan. It feels almost too good. I am still sensitive from just coming and now he’s filling me back up. Oh my god it feels amazing. he grabs my hips and starts thrusting hard. “My Ana,” he whispers so softly I’m not sure if he’s even talking to me or to himself. But it’s hot regardless.
What the… suddenly Christian’s hand is on my right thigh. He pulls my leg up and guides my foot to rest on the railing where my hands are already tied to. I feel how much more open I feel in this position. He grabs my hips again, this time holding me in tighter to help stabilize me. he resumes going in and out of me. “Faster Christian. harder.”
“You want me to fuck you harder baby? Say it again. Beg me to fuck you Ana.” He slows his pace down. I thought we had to be quick here.
“Harder Christian. Please. Make me come.”
“Tell me I am yours, Ana.”
“I am yours. Always. Now fuck me.”
His hand comes from behind again cups my sex. His finger finds my swollen clit and he presses into it, making me moan out. His other hand grips my waist hard and he starts thrusting deep into me. he pounds into me and I can hear his breathing quickening. My legs start tensing as my orgasm builds quickly. “Come baby,” he hisses. He thrusts harder and I explode. It’s mind numbing, amazing, and intense all at once. Seconds later he follows me and comes inside of me. “Aah…Ana,” he growls into my back.
Moments later he helps me to bring my leg down off the rail. it feels slightly numb from being in that position. he removes himself from me and then quickly undoes the knot of my fish nets and releases my hands. I shake them out to get the blood circulating.
We quickly dress. i don’t even bother putting the stockings on. I just pull my dress down and put my boots on.
“That was amazing,” he says as he pushes the button to restart the elevator ride up.
“I like you begging.”
“You sure know how to show a girl a good time. It’s always a trip to Disney World with you. And you are my favorite ride for sure,” I say smiling at him.
The elevator dings as we come to the penthouse. “Baby, that was only “It’s a Small World. If you recall I promised torture you with your favorite pink feather while tied to the bed. And knowing how much that feather gets you wet, I’d say it’s Splash Mountain time.”
I look over at my inner goddess who’s wearing her rain poncho and jumping up and down in excitement. Okay then. I guess it’s time to go get wet. Again.
to be continued….. xo