Hello my GREYsessed readers! It’s been almost two months since my trip to NYC to see E L James on the Katie Show, so this blog may have missed its window of interest. So indulge me as I take a short (stow the twitch) break from the kink to write about meeting our Queen, Ms. James. Love & Laters©, Michele
For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I am what we call a “Twitterwhore.” Now don’t get your panties in a bunch~ it’s a term of endearment really. A twitterwhore is one who basically tweets throughout the day, all day. I blame it on my iphone. In todays day and age, we are never move than a foot away from our phones at any given time. And if you are shaking your head no, then you are in what we call denial. But back to twitterwhoring, it finally paid off this past September. While trolling my timeline, I saw a tweet from @50shadessource. They are an amazing twitter, pinterest, and facebook account run by two fabulous women, Natalie and Tracey. You must follow them on one or all of these social media sites for your Fifty Shades fix.  
                              (That’s me with Natalie, from 5o Shades Source)
The tweet was them asking for anyone in the tri-state area interested in a Fifty Shades of Grey event. Ummm, yes! After immediately tweeting them back, I learn about Katie Couric’s new talk show. They have scheduled an entire episode dedicated to all things Fifty Shades and want the audience filled with fans!
                                      Tracy and Natalie, 50 Shades Source
By now, you know about my partner in crime, Kelly. She and I have been to Portland, Forks, and Seattle over the last few years. She shares in my “go big or go home” mentality, and we’ve definitely had our share of big moments! I resisted calling her, even though my palms were twitching like crazy. She was coming over later that afternoon, so I decided to tell her in person. Needless to say, she was ecstatic as I was! “Our story continues…” I told her, in reference to our ongoing saga of crazy but true adventures of Batman and Robin!
One of the exciting things about this trip was that we were going to meet some of our twitterwhores in person! This was pretty big, being that the group of women I tweet with are spread out all over the country! The biggest surprise was that my friend, Lisa, was going to fly all the way from Seattle for approximately 24 hours then head back! It goes to show how dedicated us Fifty Shades fans are! Our other friend, Linda was also coming to NYC with us. Not as far as Seattle, but she is about six hours from the city and still true dedication to the cause.
The funny thing is that a few days before the show, I started feeling like I was prepping to go on a first date. You know those nervous butterflies you get in anticipation of the unknown? Well, that’s what I started experiencing! Yes, I have tweeted with these gals for months. And have shared TMI and then some with them! But meeting in person? The questions that went through my head are just funny in retrospect. What if they are crazy in real life? What if we have nothing in common other than Fifty Shades? What if we have to tweet each other as a form of communication because that’s all we know? What if one or all of them are really a guy? Yes, laugh if you will. I know I am as I type this. But when I was telling non-tweeters about this event, those are some of the ideas a person will put in your head. My favorite was a nameless person telling us that we would end up on tv with Chris Hanson from NBC, you know, Mr. I- Confront -Pedophiles- on- National- Television. What? America’s Most Wanted perhaps but definitely not Chris Hansen. We don’t aim to please in THAT way. And add my overactive imagination to the equation and you’ve got someone with 50 shades of anxiety!
Truth be told, meeting Lisa and Linda was amazing! Tears come to my eyes now just thinking that I am truly blessed to have met them and get to call them my friends. I also had the privilege of meeting the ladies from @50latersbaby, Mags and Chrissy. They run a blog on Twitter as well and are in the know of all things 50 Shades. A shout out also to Tracy, another Twitterwhore that I was able to meet that day in New York! It was definitely a “group hug” kind of day for all of us!
So as I sit here recalling all the events of two whole days in the Big Apple, I realize it’s a lot to blog about. Yet, I don’t want to leave anything out just in case you may actually be interested;) What I am going to attempt to do but may fail and have to rewrite, is more of a list of events: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s sort of like twitter, where you have to get your point across in 140 characters or less. It calls for creativity at times, with the major help from the use of emojis! My tweeting life would be as dull as a doornail without them! Hopefully my fifty shades  trip will be well presented and you experience all the fun that we did!
THE GOOD-pre Katie Show
  • learning that E L James herself was going to be attending the show! The good just got better!
  • Two days of complete freedom in my favorite city? Definitely good, actually great. Got to also visit my sister and her newborn baby. Love you baby Sarah!
  • Booked our hotel online and scored a sweet deal! Thank you priceline.com!
  • Did I mention that E L was going to be at the show? Getting better with each passing moment!
  • Kelly and I eat at the Cheesecake Factory while waiting for Linda. This would’ve been a bad since she was running super late. But will be classified as a good. Cheesecake is always a good-red velvet cheesecake to be exact. And because I almost tweeted that “I was just bent over and spanked at the Cheesecake Factory. $19 for a 5 bite bowl of pasta,” and was stopped by one of the managers. He couldn’t believe I would tweet such a thing.(It really was 5 bites. Okay-8 or 9 at most. It was from their “skinnylicious” menu.) Well, to stop me from tweeting that, he took our bill and cut it way back! It was all in good fun, although he really did stress about the tweet! (“Can you untweet that?”) Ummm, tweet much? After wiping the tears from our eyes from laughing so hard, I explained that I never hit send. Fun times.
  • Okay, that was a long power point there. Must scale back or this is now a book.
  •  Finally meet up with Linda at Kelly’s house. Definitely a good. She’s normal! And so sweet!
  • We stay at my sister’s apartment in NYC the first night. She sees that I am not hanging with serial killers. Just some twitterwhores. That’s a good.
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that I spent hours making Fifty Shades of Grey cupcakes to give to E L and Katie. Happy with the turnout so definitely a good. And they survived the drive from Maryland to New York. Double good.
  • The next day we spend walking around and shopping. Ok-without going on and on about this, but we went to Macy’s shoe department. Where the entire floor is shoes. Yes, the entire floor. I don’t remember what floor it was, all I remember is I had multiple shoegasms. And I am pretty sure Kelly and Linda did too. I almost spent an ungodly amount of money on these light pink heels with a bow on the back. Oh and they had some sparkle to them. I am a sucker for pink, bows, and sparkles. Then the lady comes back to tell me they don’t have my size. Talk about a shoegasm getting cut off from you right before the good part. Bottom line-you must visit when in NYC. Bring your credit card and a Shamwow ladies.
  • All good things must come to an end. Meaning we had to leave shoe heaven to go get Lisa from LaGuardia Airport. This would’ve been classified as a bad, but I love Lisa too much. So this is a good.
  • We make it TO the airport basically unscathed. A good. The way home after dropping Lisa the next day…… you’ll hear about that later. That doesn’t make this list by a long shot.
  • Kelly helps with a make shift sign to greet Lisa at the airport. “Twitterwhore” lovingingly written just for her.
  • Lisa is cute as a button. A good. And she knows how to read a map on her ipad. Definitely a good. I get lost in my backyard.
  • We drive to our hotel. The Marriott never disappoints in my opinion. And it’s accent color throughout the lobby red. As in the Red Room red. Only us freaks would point that out and get excited.
  • It is decided by me that tweeting each other for conversation will not be needed. We all get along great in the car. Not that tweeting doesn’t happen and all of our phones start simultaneously dinging. “Is that my phone?” “Did you just tweet me?” Our twitterwhores not attending the show wanted to be kept up to date, which meant that we did wind up tweeting each other throughout the trip. Yes, dorks. All in the life of a twitterwhore.
  • Dinner in Little Italy. Obviously a good, if not great. Carb heaven for this girl who is actually now on a no carb diet. Why, you ask? Because I have been on a “see food, will eat” kind of diet lately. And I have not run any marathons in a year. So my non-training runs plus eating whatever I like has me now eating anything with taste. Check back in a month to see if I am still alive or have checked myself into the Krispy Kreme factory to live, breathe, and eat fried dough.
  • Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Lack of carbs and it being 2:29 am will do that. Little Italy was what I was saying. To die for food. Especially the bread of course. But I am only speaking for myself. Oh, and didn’t mention that it happened to be the time for the San Gennaro Feast! This means the streets were blocked off and people everywhere! And food everywhere! The C-word everywhere. What’s the C? Only my favorite Italian dessert that kills me to type because I am now forbidden to go near these desserts put on earth to torture me. I am talking about cannolis. My weakness! And there were vendors everywhere with shelves and shelves of them. My mouth is watering, so I am going to drop it before this section is a bad instead of a good.
                            Dinner in Little Italy. Kelly, myself, Lisa, and Linda
    Well, on that note I am going to close out the “good” section of the pre-Katie show. There is a lot more to come. Including the show itself, and the bad and the ugly of this section. So hopefully you’ll check back in for the next installment. Thanks! xoxo, Michele