Hello there GREYsessed readers! I was going to say gals, but I recently gained a male reader! Who knows, there may be more than one smart male out there reading! Either way, I welcome the testosterone to my blog!!! I hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of “Fifty Shades takes a Bite of the Big Apple.” I will continue the NYC saga of how a bunch of twitterbesties came, saw, and ate up the Big Apple with Ms. E L James herself! But for now, here’s part 3. Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele
It’s been two very long days since Christian and I went to the Halloween party with Elliot and Kate. And two very long days since Christian promised me a romp in the Red Room with my favorite pink feather. His slow, whispered words that night in the club are still lingering in my mind. “I’ll bring the feather back to your clit. Tickle it lightly. Brush it over your wet lips. Then up to your hard nipples. Circling them as your clit throbs. And just when you want to beg, I’ll fuck you. Hard. Hard until you come baby.”
I shift in my chair at the thought and remember that I am at work. I look over at my inner goddess who’s still wearing her poncho. I shake my head at her.”You look ridiculous wearing that thing around for two days now.” Because of a sudden issue with an international client, Christian has been out of the country. No feathers. No ponchos needed. But I could hear his whispers, making me miss him even more than I already do. I decide to send him an email.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Sahara Desert
Date: October 28 2011 10:34
To: Christian Grey
Good morning husband. I hope the thrilling life of mergers and acquisitions is going well. I am missing you. And so is Blip. We both hope you will be home soon.
Your loving and “thirsty” wife, Ana
I hit send and try to catch up on some editing work. Perhaps getting lost in a good manuscript will get my mind out of the gutter. Immediately my phone buzzes with an email alert. Excited, I open it up and see it’s from Christian.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Thirsty?
Date: October 28 2011 10:37
To: Anastasia Grey
Hello my dear wife. Please explain the “thirsty”. I hope it doesn’t mean that you are not feeling well. YOU BETTER BE EATING! AND IT BETTER BE ENOUGH FOR TWO!!!!
Mergers and acquisitions are not as exciting as thinking of you naked.
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Did he just shouty capital me? Seriously? I roll my eyes as hard as I can, knowing he can’t see me doing it. Then giggle at myself. My Christian. My control freak Christian. I send him a reply.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Tall Drink of Water
Date: October 28 2011 10:40
To: Christian Grey
Ok, first off…I AM EATING!!! <—- YES, SHOUTY CAPITALS BACK AT YOU! I am well aware of little Blip and his/her needs. And speaking of needs, the Sahara Desert reference was about me. Visions of feathers are dancing in my head.
Your dry and loving wife, Ana xx
Did I really just tell him I am dry? My husband has definitely changed me over the past few months. But I love when we can have playful banter. Only, it makes me yearn for him more. Hopefully he will be home in the next day or two. My phone dings with another email.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Cactus over here
Date: October 28 2011 10:42
To: Anastasia Grey
Visions of feathers? Sahara Desert? Well your husband is now a standing cactus if you know what I mean;) Enjoy the picture!
Christian Grey
CEO and prickly, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Oh my! Did he just send me that picture? Again, I shift in my leather swivel chair as I throb looking at that picture. Thoughts of Christian and I in the Red Room now consume me. And did he actually say he was hard like a cactus! I love my playful Christian. I look over at my inner goddess who’s staring at the feather picture and drooling on my phone. I decide to send one more email to Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Operation Sahara Desert Diverted
Date: October 28 2011 10:46
To: Christian Grey
Cactus you say? I am thinking more of a banana baby. Can I peel you slowly before taking a bite? When are you cum…sorry, coming home? How’s this picture?
Your Ana, Chiquita lover xx
I throw my head back against the chair and laugh. These emails have gotten way out of control, especially for Mr. Conservative Christian! But I find myself giddy with excitement to see if he’ll continue this playfulness. I am also aware of the growing wetness between my legs. And a husband worlds away. My inner goddess and I are now pouting together. Really pouting. Stomping, crossing my arms like a three-year old pouting. There’s nothing like being totally turned on by your husband who’s not around to get kinky with. Suddenly my inner goddess looks up from the desk she’s banging her head against. We look at each other and smirk. Naughty. My naughty, naughty inner goddess.
Still smirking, I pick up my Blackberry and text Christian.
*heading home. Hope you are free to get some special texts from me;) **
I check with my secretary about the my schedule for the rest of the day. Luckily, it’s empty and I tell her to call me at home if anything important comes up. Little Blip has been used as my excuse to leave work for the rest of the day. Thank you Blip, I think to myself as I rub my belly. My phone buzzes.
*special texts? I am on a conference call in 20 minutes.
But will gladly accept.**
My inner goddess and I happily skip towards the door to head home.
Taylor drops me off at the front of the Escala. Ever since I’ve become pregnant, Christian has forbidden me to drive myself anywhere. And for once I agree with his over-protectiveness. After the Jack Hyde debacle, I’ll admit that I put little Blip’s safety in harm’s way. Gail is waiting outside when we pull up.
“Hello Gail,” I say as I climb out of the Audi.
“Hi sweetheart, I hope you are feeling okay. I don’t need to do all of my errands now with Taylor. We can wait until later.”
“No,” I quickly respond. Nothing worse than a sick pregnant woman to ruin a rendezvous with my Christian. “I am fine, honestly. I am just tired and want to sleep. So having the place to myself will be perfect.”
“Okay dear, just text one of us if you need us for anything. Promise?”
“Yes, Gail. I promise,” I say as I grab the front door of the Escala. “Have fun together and I’ll see you both later.” I look back and quickly wave as I head inside.
Once inside, I make myself a cup of my favorite Twinings tea, then change into my comfy clothes. It feels so good to take off my heels and work attire. The light blue silk pajama set that Christian bought for me last week feels so luxurious against my skin. I climb into bed with my phone and a cup of hot tea. Aaah. Already I am feeling totally relaxed. I pick up my phone and text Christian.
**Are you ready for me?**
I take a sip of my tea and wait for his response. Instantly he texts back.
**Always Mrs. Grey.**
I smile at his text. This is going to be fun. Why am I suddenly feeling nervous though? Perhaps it’s because we’ve never done this before. And I am the one who initiated it. Oh get over yourself Ana. He is your husband. And you have done much kinkier stuff than this innocent texting. Innocent? I look over at my inner goddess who’s giving me a thumbs down at that. Yes, my inner goddess is really an inner slut and wants Christian to know it. I text back.
**I wanted to talk bananas.**
**Bananas? Are you going to tell me how you’d eat one?**
Oh my. I gasp at his reply. I was expecting something sexual but I don’t think I was prepared to tell him how I’d perform on a banana. Or shall I say, his banana? I look towards the bedroom door and listen. Jeez, pull it together Ana. I know I’ll hear the elevator when Taylor and Gail get back. And it’s not like they know what I am doing. I take a deep breath in and respond.
**I could talk bananas with you. But I’d rather talk about yours.**
My cheeks are warm from the slight embarrassment I am feeling right now. My phone dings quickly with his response.
**By all means, Mrs. Grey. What would you like to do with my banana?
**For starters, you are in bed with me. Naked. With me in between your legs. Slowly, I grab your hardness. Feel how warm and ready it is for me.**
My clit throbs at the thought of Christian naked in bed with me. I continue to text him.
**I am on my knees in front of you. I bend down and open my mouth. My tongue lightly brushes your tip. I swirl my tongue around slowly.**
**Oh baby. Do you have any idea what you are doing to me right now? Keep going.**
**My hand is around the base as I open my mouth wider. Slowly I bring my mouth over you. Then close my lips over you, while gliding my tongue down.**
**Ana, holy fuck.More.**
**I continue to take you into my mouth. Deeper. Harder.**
**Baby, yes. Are you wet? **
Holy shit! Did he just ask me that? Does he really want me to check? Why am I having a moment right now? We have entered new territory here and I am suddenly feeling awkward. I stare at my phone for seconds, minutes. I’m not quite sure how long but the buzz of my phone brings me back into the moment.
**I am waiting Mrs. Grey. Yes that means I want you to see if you are
are wet.**
My face is burning and I am sure it’s a lovely shade of red. Seriously Ana. You can do this. I slide my straightened legs up to a bent position and bring my hand under my silk pajama bottoms. Slowly my hand inches down. There. I cup myself lightly. Instantly I make contact with a pool of wetness. I gasp at my touch. I knew I was going to be wet, but not this wet. With my other hand I text Christian.
**Yes. Wet. Very wet.**
**Fuck Ana. What I would do to you if I were there right now.**
His words make me throb hard. My hand stays frozen on my sex. I’m not sure what to do next. My phone buzzes.
**Are you going to finish with me in your mouth? And I’d like you to touch yourself as
you tell me.**
Oh my god. My clit aches at that text. I’m not even moving my hand and I can feel how sensitive my clit is already.
**I was sucking you Mr. Grey. Deep and hard. Do you like that?**
I slowly move my finger across my swollen clit. I close my eyes and moan softly. I brush it slowly again. “Mmm…” My breathing hitches at my own touch. I open my eyes to look at the next text.
**Yes, baby. I am sitting here hard for you. Wishing I was with you. Tell me more.**
**My lips are tight around you. I go down, slowly. Then back up while swirling my tongue all over you. My hand at the bottom. Moving up and down with my mouth.**
I am suddenly aware of my heart practically beating out of my chest. I circle my clit with my finger and moan out. My other hand squeezes the phone I am holding. I don’t wait for a response from him. Instead I continue texting him.
**I keep sucking you. Harder. Faster. You wrap your hands in my hair as you get close to coming. My mouth takes you in deep as you finally come in my mouth. Hard.**
Holy shit. I stare at the screen. My words glaring back at me. This is all new to me but so hot. I lie there waiting for Christian’s response. My clit is throbbing and I can feel the pool of wetness starting to escape down my inner thigh. Finally my phone buzzes.
**Baby.You. Are. Amazing. And. Mine. I had to put my conference call on hold. Couldn’t concentrate. All I can think about is my tongue on your clit right now.**
A moan escapes me.
**Ana, make yourself come. Now. Tell me you’re rubbing your wet clit.**
My body jerks while reading this. I slide my pants off quickly. Another text comes in.
**Think of my tongue baby. Licking you slowly. Imagine I have you tied to the bed so you can’t move. My hands holding your legs open for me.**
I caress my clit up and down. Soft moans escape me as I increase the speed. Holy fuck. I can feel myself reaching my climax already. Another text comes in.
*Rub it baby. Bring your fingers down to your lips. Slowly insert your finger. Then two baby. Then back up to your clit. Make yourself come baby.**
Holy shit. I practically orgasm over that. I inch my fingers down to my lips. Slowly caress them. I moan louder as I bring a finger to my entrance. I spread my legs further apart as I one finger goes in. I pull out slowly, then back in with two fingers. I somehow find the ability to text Christian.
** Two fingers. In me. it feels so good baby.**
I hit send and continue moving my fingers in and out of me. Who knew I could multitask like this?
**Fuck baby. Keep going. Are you getting close? I can’t wait to get home and bring you to the playroom. **
**Yes Christian. I am close.**
I pull my fingers out and go back up to my clit. “Aaah…” I moan out as my fingers rub my sensitive clit. I feel myself getting closer.
**Come baby. Does my tongue feel good licking your clit? Licking your wetness? Come for me baby**
“Aaah…” I moan loudly as I rub my clit hard and explode. “Aaah….Aah…” I buck as I drop the phone and grab hold of the comforter as my orgasm continues. I keep rubbing my clit, exploding hard. My head pushes against my pillow as I jerk about the bed. Slowly I ease up on my now over-sensitive clit. My breathing is still heavy and I try to slow it down. My hand continues to cup my sex as I lie there with my eyes closed. My other hand searches for my phone. I finally grab hold of it and text Christian.
**I came Mr. Grey. Amazing.**
**YOU DID?????**
**YES!!! Why are we shouty capitaling? **
**Sorry baby. I just wasn’t sure if you would go with it. I am twitching at the thought of you coming. Without me at that. **
**Twitching? is that a good twitch?”**
*Yes. Very good. The thoughts running through my head right now are….mmm**
*Mmmm back at you. I still can’t believe I just did that.**
**Yes, another first. After all this time together and we continue to have them my love.**
**That was great control you gave up, Mr. Grey. Another first.**
** You continue to beguile me, Mrs. Grey.**
*You’re just saying that because you are now a very horny man.**
**Lol. No, it’s not, Mrs. Grey. But I will say that I just booked an earlier flight home.**
**How early?**
**I will be home tomorrow night. Which means I want you ready for me in the playroom. Naked.**
**Is that an order Mr. Grey?**
**Yes. I am going to show you how much I’ve missed you. You. Me. And a pink feather. I hope you are ready to come multiple times.**
**I have been waiting for days for that feather and you, Mr. Grey.**
*Well, tomorrow Mrs Grey. Until then remember You. Are. Mine.**
**Yes. I love you**
**I love you Christian. Always. xx**
**See you tomorrow night. Naked, wet, and ready.**
I look over at my inner goddess who’s holding up her rain poncho. I give her a thumbs up. Finally. Splash Mountain here we come. My inner goddess happily gets suited up while singing, “When I think about you I touch myself.” I shoot her a look. Very funny. Let’s just hope tomorrow we are singing, “Umbrella.” Wetness redefined.
to be continued……xo