The familiar scent of leather, wood, and citrus welcomes me as I open the door to the playroom. Adrenaline sweeps through my blood and my heart is pounding out of my chest. It seems like forever since I have seen Christian, but in actuality, only days. My anticipation for him to finally come home from his business trip turns to lust and desire as I remember his last text to me.
                    **see you tomorrow night. Naked, wet, and ready.**
My clit throbs at his words. Days of waiting to be together in the Red Room ever since Halloween has me longing for his touch. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be begging for the playroom. Yet, here I am. In my black lace bra and panties. Sky-high black stilettos. Feeling naughty for sending Christian a text after knowing his plane landed.
                                 **I’ll be in the playroom. Waiting.**
His immediate text back proved that he is just as ready to play as I am.
                 **You. Are. Mine. In every and any position I want.**
Suddenly, I hear the buzzing of the elevator. Those familiar butterflies once again do their dance, filling me with excitement. I take a quick glance at myself in the mirror that hangs over the dresser. My breasts full and as big as they’ve ever been thanks to Blip. I tousle my long curled hair. Not exactly the runway model look I was going for but it’ll have to do. I quickly walk over to my position on the floor near the door. My heart is racing as I hear the elevator door open. I close my eyes and concentrate on listening.
The doors close and I hear Christian’s footsteps on the marble floors. Then the sound of his bags being put down. A few more muffled sounds come from the kitchen area, then his footsteps head towards the playroom. I wrap my arms around my bent knees and wait. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, dying to run down the stairs to see what Santa has left.
His footsteps get closer and closer. Finally, the door slowly opens and I look up at Christian standing there. Our eyes lock and just want to jump up into his arms. He enters the room and closes the door behind him. Without saying a word, he scoops me up off the floor and carries me to the bed. My eyes never leave his as he lays me gently down. The silk comforter feels cool against my skin. Christian straddles me on the bed.
“You’re biting your lip.” His eyes gaze at me. I didn’t realize I was doing it. “You know what that does to me, Mrs. Grey.” My body tenses in reaction to his dark words. I want him. Here. Now. But I know not to speak to him.
He leans down and brings his lips to mine. His warm breath on sends shivers to my body. He parts his lips and his tongue finds mine. We kiss slow and passionately. “Ah,” I softly moan out as he gently bites down on my lip as we kiss. My lower body grinds the bed as I throb for him. Suddenly he stops and looks down at me.
“Stay here. Do not move.” I shake my head and watch as he gets off the bed and leaves the room. Where’s he going? My inner goddess is pouting and ready to take her poncho off when Christian enters the room. He’s changed out of his suit and into his jeans. Those jeans. Oh my.
He walks over to the dresser and I watch as he takes out a few things from the drawer. Making his way back over to me, he dangles a pair of handcuffs in front of his face. My body quivers at the sight of them. 
“Ready to play?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good,” he says as he walks to the side of the bed and takes my left arm and brings it up over my head. Carefully he handcuffs my wrist then brings it to the bed rail. It clicks into place then he grabs my other arm and handcuffs that one as well. “Does that hurt?” I shake my head no. The metal is rubbing against my wrists but it’s nothing painful. Yet.
Christian reaches into his back pocket and pulls something out. And there it is. The promised pink feather from the Halloween party. His whispered words that night linger in my head as I watch him move towards me. “Close your eyes,” he orders. I promptly comply. My body is begging, waiting, anticipating his touch. What is he waiting for? I so badly want to open my eyes but I don’t dare.
I gasp as the feather makes contact with my neck. It’s soft and light against my skin. Slowly he brings the feather down in between my breasts. I pull against the handcuffs as the feather tickles me. He glides it over to my left breast, circling my nipple. “Mmm,” I moan softly. He brings it to my other breast and teases that nipple. I grind against the sheets as my clit throbs at the sensation.
“You look amazing,” Christian whispers. He brings the feather slowly down my stomach and finally to my panties. His hands are suddenly on my legs, pulling them wider apart. My breathing deepens at his touch.
“Aah…aah,” I moan as the feather gently caresses my swollen clit. He slowly circles the feather around making me moan harder. I quickly start to climb towards orgasm. But then he stops and continues down my leg. Lightly it glides down my leg, then to my foot. Oh fuck. He knows what this does to me. I brace myself as I feel the feather touch the bottom of my foot and I gasp out loud. It’s a mixture of feeling. It tickles yet feels so erotic. He gently sweeps it up and down my foot, and my clit throbs harder than ever. He does the same to my other foot, and I am ready to explode. My moaning has gotten louder and my panties are soaked.
“These need to go,” Christian says as he pulls my wet panties down and off of me. I hear them drop to the floor as Christian moves in between my legs. “Open your eyes,” he commands. “I want you to watch as I make you come.” Holy shit, did he just say that?
He leans down and pulls my legs open. “Ana, you’re soaked baby. Always ready for me.” I bite my and gasp as his tongue finds my clit.
“You taste mighty fine, shall I make you come now?”
“Please,” I practically beg.
He bows his head down and licks my clit. Hard. I scream out in pleasure. His tongue circles against me again and again. He holds me legs open and down so that I am helpless against him. “Oh god…oh god…” I scream as he slides two fingers inside me while his tongue continues to torture my clit. His fingers move faster inside me and I let go and come with such intensity I am almost speechless.
“Fuck baby,” Christian growls as he continues to move his fingers in and out of me. I slowly come down from my orgasm. My eyes are now closed as I try to get my breathing under control. I can hear him removing his pants. Then I suddenly feel his hands on my waist. I open my eyes to him hovering over me and turning me over to my stomach. The handcuffs grind against my skin as he flips me and I winch a little.
“Are you okay?” he asks. He places his hands over mine and rubs around the handcuffs.
“I’m fine Christian. It just hurt for a second. Continue.” He places a kiss on my neck. I inhale and take in my favorite scent that is Christian. He moves down and behind me and lifts my hips off the bed so that I am on all fours. He places his hand on my right cheek and rubs gently. His other hand comes around to my front. His fingers find my soaked clit. “Aaah…” I moan as he circles my sensitive clit. His other hand moves off my cheek and down my backside to my center. He glides his finger down and finds my pool of wetness.
“God Ana, you are so wet.” His fingers continue to rub my clit as he takes the other and moves up. There. Slowly circling the entrance to my backside. Holy fuck it feels good. My body tenses up as I feel another orgasm quickly approaching. “Come for me baby,” he whispers into my neck. “I want to feel you come.” I moan at his words.
“Christian, I’m about to come,” I mutter. And with that he rubs my clit harder and inserts a finger to my backside. “Aaargh,” I yell out. The sensation feels so forbidden yet so damn good. He fingers me faster and I come hard all around him.  He pulls out of me quickly and I moan loudly as he brings himself into me. I lose all sense of what’s going on as he thrusts into me. “Aah!” I scream as his hand comes down hard on my behind as he continues moving in and out of me. He spanks me again and again, making my clit throb each time his hand comes down. Then he grabs my waist with both hands and intensifies his thrusts. He moans against my back as I feel another orgasm approaching. “Christian….” I moan.
“Come baby,” he mutters and thrusts hard. I scream as my third orgasm hits hard. Christian follows right after mine, and holds me tightly as he releases into me.
My legs fall straight to the bed in pure exhaustion. Christian reaches up and releases my wrists from the handcuffs. “Are you okay baby?” he asks and rubs my wrists.
“Yes,” I whisper. I close my eyes and hug the pillow.
“You look thoroughly fucked, Mrs. Grey,” Christian says with a chuckle.
“I feel thoroughly fucked, Mr. Grey.” I peek up at him. He’s looking down at me grinning. “What are you smiling about?’
“I just love you.”
“And I just love you. Always,” I say with a smile. “I’m glad I finally got my Halloween treat. Even if it was an agonizing wait.”
“Well, if I do recall you were pretty creative in filling the time while I was away.”
“Yes, the sexting was pretty amazing.”
“You are amazing, dear wife. Another first that I truly enjoyed.”
“So did I. What will we think of next?” I ask with a giggle.
“My favorite sound Mrs. Grey. That giggle gets me every time. And what’s next you ask? Well, Thanksgiving is soon approaching. Perhaps we can get creative again.”
“Thanksgiving? Aren’t we going to your parent’s house?”
“Yes, and I’d like to show you how thankful I am for you while we are there.” Christian gives me a sly smile. “Or perhaps you could show me what you did while we were sexting.” Oh shit.
“What? You mean….” I can’t say it.
Christian just continues to give me his bad boy smile. Our first Thanksgiving together and apparently I am going to be the centerpiece. I look over at my inner goddess who’s up, ready, and doing her best Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade wave.
to be continued…..xo