Hi all my GREYsessed readers! It’s two days until Thanksgiving and I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you! Never in a thousand years would I have thought this blog would turn into anything more than a greysessed gal spewing at the mouth about randomness and kink! It has turned into so much more, both physically and emotionally. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with all of you and so happy that you seem to be enjoying the kinky fuckery;) So my Thanksgiving gift to you is two blogs in one week! Hope you get your self stuffed this Thanksgiving with whatever it is you like;)  Lots of Love & Laters©, Michele
Staring out the window at the dreary grey Seattle sky makes me long even more for this work day to be done. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means a few needed days off from work. I gently rub my not-so-pregnant looking belly and think about what the future holds. Its been a whirlwind since meeting Christian only a few months ago, and now I stand here married and pregnant with little Blip. My phone buzzes, startling me out of my long stream of consciousness. I look down at my phone. It’s an email from Christian.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Turkey Day
Date: November 23 2011 15:44
To: Anastasia Grey
Hello dear wife<— still makes me smile:) I hope your day is going well. Grace just called and would like us for dinner tomorrow at 3. Does this work for us? How’s Blip? I hope you’ve been feeding him/her! Back to mergers and acquisitions.
Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Seriously? The constant eating question is getting tiresome. Between his questions and Mrs. Jones always sticking a plate of food in my face, I am starting to get twitchy palms myself. I roll my eyes and smile as best as I know how, knowing Christian would disapprove.
From: Anastasia Grey
Date: November 23 2011 15:49 
To: Christian Grey
Hello dear husband. Please stow the twitchy palms and know that I am eating. I may be stubborn, but not when it comes to Blip’s health. I am surprised there isn’t a hidden camera somewhere to monitor my eating. And no, that was not an invitation to go super stalker on me!!! And yes, 3 o’clock is fine for dinner. Shall I make your favorite chocolate cake to bring along?
Anastasia Grey, pregnant and eating xo
I hit send and try to finish editing the story I’ve been trying to read all morning. Knowing I have the next few days off has me very unmotivated to work today. My phone buzzes again. That was quick. Seems like Christian is just as motivated by work as me today.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Did you just SHOUTY CAPITAL me?
Date: November 23 2011 15:50
To: Anastasia Grey
As if I need any reason to want to spank your little behind, you’ve given me one now. Shouty capitals my dear? Be happy that I have an important meeting in 20 or I’d come down to your office and bend you over the desk. Yes to your delicious chocolate cake. Oh, and don’t think I’ve forgotten about my special request for the one girl show featuring you.
Christian Grey,
CEO and front row ticket holder, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
Oh shit. I forgot about his Thanksgiving Day feast for one. My mind goes back to that night. Christian was out of the country and we had engaged in a lovely evening of sexting. Yet another first for me, including the…masturbating. It was definitely sexy, but to do it in front of him? I look over at my inner goddess who’s spread eagle on my desk and ready to go. I roll my eyes at her. Close the legs, sister. We’ve got work to do before the Anastasia Grey show can commence.  And I have to email Christian back with some sort of response or his twitching palms will be here in my office in no time flat.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Private Show
Date: November 23 2011 15:54
To: Christian Grey
I have not forgotten about your request. I am just not sure that I have had enough practice to put on an actual show yet. I’d hate to be booed on opening night.
Anastasia “stage fright” Grey xx
Is he really going to suggest we do this? Or rather, I do this? Granted, this theoretically seems like a walk in the park compared to some of the things we’ve done in the playroom. But flying solo is definitely not something I am used to. I’ve always let Christian take the lead in these things. Okay, hold it together. There may not even be an opportunity to make this happen. I take a deep breath in and go back to reading. At least I try to. And just as expected, my phone buzzes.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Backstage Pass?
Date: November 23 2011 16:03
To: Anastasia Grey
I am sure you will be nothing but spectacular, dear wife. As you know, I will never make you do anything you don’t want to. So if the show is to be cancelled, then so be it. It’s just that I cannot get the visual of you that night out of my head. If you do wish to cancel your show, perhaps a “backstage pass” instead?
Christian Grey
CEO & your #1 Fan, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
I giggle out loud at his email. I just love my playful Christian! If anything, it’s never a dull moment with him. And knowing that he never wants anything more than my happiness means everything and so much more. I think back to the beginning of our relationship and my introduction to his lifestyle. He always and sometimes still expects me to run for the hills. And with each passing day, I think he slowly accepts that I am going nowhere. I love him for all that he is: loving, sexy, smart, thoughtful, and kinky as hell. Suddenly, there is a calmness that washes over me. All this anxiety is for nothing. Christian is mine, and I am his.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: The Show Must Go On
Date: November 23 2011 16:12
To: Christian Grey
I have thought about this, and I say the show must go on! Besides, you’ve paid good money for your ticket. And I want you to get your money’s worth;) So if you can find a stage, I will be on it! And about your backstage pass? Well, that all depends on how well the show goes! Oh, and I just love you.
Anastasia Grey,
Aspiring actress xx
“You look beautiful as always, Mrs. Grey,” Christian says as we make our way up the walkway of Carrick and Grace’s home. I look down at the new ivory coat I am wearing thanks to my lovely personal shopper Caroline Acton from Niemans. I do have to give her credit on this one. It’s a lovely coat and so is the little black dress I have on underneath.
“Thank you, Mr. Grey. I am glad you approve.” I lean my head into him as we walk hand in hand up the path.
“I think it’s those sexy boots that make the outfit. I may be having you for dessert before dinner.”
“Behave Mr. Grey,” I say with a smirk. “We haven’t seen your family in a while, so dessert is going to have to wait.”
“Fine. I’m just holding out for my show anyways,” he says with a wink. My stomach twists into knots. The show. Ugh. “Come on nervous Nelly. No worries, remember.” He smiles at me and squeezes my hand.
“I know. I’m being silly. Let’s just go have fun with your family.” We head inside where everyone is waiting, including Mia, Ethan, Elliot, and Kate.
“Everything was impeccable,” Christian says then plants a kiss on Grace’s forehead.
“Thank you dear. I don’t get to cook much for my kiddies anymore so I like to go all out when I do.” She hugs Christian. It’s so nice to see him finally accept open emotional and physical love.
And go all out she did- turkey, stuffing, rack of lamb, lobster, oysters, three kinds of potatoes just to name some of the menu. “Yes, Grace, everything was delicious,” I say. “You’re an incredible cook.”
“Thank you Ana. I hope you and that grand baby of mine had enough to eat,” she says winking at me.
“Of course,” I reply and glance over at Christian. He has a look of pleasure on his face. I give him my best glare. I know he put his mom up to it.
Christian walks over to me and embraces me from behind. “I think my beautiful wife could use some fresh air. Want to take a walk outside?” I look back at him and he gives me a quick wink. It’s showtime. I glance over at my inner goddess. She’s thrown down her turkey leg and singing the Black Eyed Peas,” Let’s Get it Started.” Okay, time to get Fergilicious.
I stare at the picturesque skyline of Seattle twinkling in the horizon ahead of us. We make our way down the vast lawn to the boathouse. I notice that Christian is carrying a small brown bag with him. “What’s in the bag?” I ask.
“You’ll see. I am sort of in the moment right now. Just go with it.” Suddenly I am swept off the ground and put over Christian’s shoulder. I scream in surprise. “Ssh…don’t make a scene,” he says then slaps my behind. The vibration of the smack travels to all the right places, suddenly wakening up my post-turkey slumber.
He barges through the door and carries me up the wooden stairs. Flashbacks of our first tryst here comes to mind. How maddened he was for denying him at dinner that night and then him denying me an orgasm afterwards. My Fifty. How far we’ve come.
Gently, he lays me down on the couch of the sloped- ceiling room. He puts down the brown bag and turns on the lamp on the table next to us. The dim light brightens the room just enough to see where we are. “So Mrs. Grey, I do believe you are wearing way too much clothing.” He gives me his sexiest smile which works every time. He leans into me and brings his hands around to my back. Slowly he unzips my little black dress. His soft hands brush against my back sending chills all over my body. His hands move to my shoulders and he slowly lowers the straps of my dress down my arms and then down towards my stomach. I watch him intently at his expert hands as he moves down to my feet. He pulls off one bootie, then the other. Without hesitating, he goes back up to my dress and pulls it down and off of me. I lie there in my black lace bra and panties and tights.
“You are a sight Mrs. Grey.” He leans down and kisses my belly. My heart melts at the sight. Before we know it, little Blip will be here. “You. Are. Mine. And you too,” he says to my stomach. Oh my Fifty. I reach down and caress his hair.
“But I do believe you are still wearing too much clothing,” he says while pulling my black tights down from my waist and off in one swift motion. He drops them to the floor and moves back to my panties. He places his hand over my panties. There. I gasp at his touch. Slowly he circles his fingers over my sex. I moan softly as I watch his hand work its magic. I feel my wetness start to form in my panties as my clit throbs for him.
I moan a little louder. Christian then pulls them down and off again with a swift, effortless motion. He brings my wet panties to his face and inhales. Holy fuck. “Mmm, you smell divine Mrs. Grey.” Oh my.
Christian drops my panties alongside the growing pile of clothes on the floor. and sits back on the opposite end of the sofa. I lie there with just my bra on. “So, do you think you are wet my love?”  His question shocks me and I don’t answer right away. “Well, Mrs. Grey? I am a premiere ticket holder and would like my show now.” A fluttering sensation takes over, nerves mixed with excitement. He leans in towards me and gently grabs the back of my head. He kisses me slowly at first, then gradually it gets harder and more passionate. I wrap my arms around his neck and breathe him in as our tongues do a sensual dance. His hand reaches up and grabs my right arm. He brings it down there. Without stopping his kissing, he puts his hand over mine and lightly guides my finger to my clit. I moan in his mouth. He continues to guide my fingers slowly back and forth. Oh my god this is so erotic.
Christian pulls back and looks me in the eye. “Feel good baby?” I shake my head yes with a heavy breath. He scoots back into his corner keeping his eyes on me. “Keep going baby.” I spread my legs wider and crouch deeper into the couch. I slowly circle my clit, moaning loudly. “Aaah…..aaah…..”
“Fuck baby,” growls Christian. “You look amazing.” I look down at him and see his hardness through his grey dress pants. I continue to rub my clit, quickly climbing to an orgasm. “Rub your nipple Ana.I want to see you squeeze it.” Holy shit. I put my free hand up to my left breast and circle my nipple. I close my eyes at the sensation and moan harder. I squeeze my nipple through my bra while continuing caressing my swollen clit.
“Christian….oh god….” I start grinding against the couch as my orgasm approaches. He reaches over to the bag and pulls out what? A turkey baster? My eyes widen at him. Does he think I am his human turkey to baste?
“Don’t worry Ana. It’s brand new. Never used. Keep going baby, please.” I continue rubbing myself but keeping my eye on the Tom Turkey accessory. I start to climb again towards orgasm. I grab the pillow with my hand and squeeze it. Christian can tell I am about to come and kneels next to me on the floor. ” That’s it baby. Make yourself come.” I moan loud at his words and suddenly he places the plastic baster inside me. I scream out. Holy fuck it feels good. I try not to think of his outlandish display of kinky fuckery and concentrate on the fact that it feels incredible. He thrusts it in and out of me quickly and hard and I scream out as I come. A low groan comes from him as he continues to make me come with the baster.
Slowly I come down from the most amazing orgasm. Christian removes the baster from me and leans up so that we are face to face. “That was quite a show, Mrs. Grey. Award-winning for sure.” I grin at him.
“Well I guess you will win best supporting actor then,” I mutter. “Best supporting actor in a kinky role.” He laughs at me. “That was what I call embracing your holiday spirit. I am still in shock over the baster.”
“You seemed to enjoy being basted, Mrs. Grey.”
“Yes, it was….definitely one of those in-the-moment things. Put a fork in me, this turkey is done.” I laugh out loud at our conversation.
“Well, dinner may be done but we have yet to have dessert,” says Christian while picking up the brown bag from the floor. Oh jeez. I am afraid to see what’s in there. If he pulls out a big turkey leg I will run. Instead he pulls out a can of whipped cream and a slice of pumpkin pie sitting on a dessert plate.
“That looks delicious Christian. Is that Grace’s famous pumpkin pie?”
“It is. And I’d love to watch you eat it. Off of me.” It looks like this show has a second act. I look over at my inner goddess who’s smiling and getting her bib on. Looks like it’s going to be a messy dessert. Let’s get it started, as Fergie would say.
to be continued….xo  Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful day of food, friends, and family. And some kinky fuckery if you can, turkey baster optional;)