Hello GREYsessed readers! I hope you all settling into the holiday season without any twitchy palms! With a little over three weeks to go until Christmas, I am definitely feeling the holiday cheer (and mad rush for that perfect gift). So with much thought, I am attempting the “12 Days of Kinkmas.” With the holidays being so busy, I can’t promise it will all be posted by Christmas. So here’s the first installment of “The 12 Days of Kinkmas.” Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! Love & Laters©, Michele



 Christmas spirit fills the air as I walk through downtown Seattle. The light posts are adorned with festive greenery and bows, the shop windows all decked out for the holiday. I just finished my ob/gyn appointment. Little Blip and I are in perfect health, which made Christian breathe a sigh of relief. It has been so nice to see him come around with this pregnancy. I think back to when he first found out about Blip and the meltdown it ensued. We’ve come a long way, with Christian giving me a handmade onesie on Thanksgiving. My eyes swell with tears as I think back to that moment. And then I can’t help but laugh as well. Getting caught with pumpkin pie in my hair by Grace is something I never want to go through again!


I continue my way around the city, trying to find the perfect gift for Christian. What do you get the man who has everything? This presents itself a problem every occasion that requires a gift. Nothing caught my in all of Pike Place. I decide to send him an email for ideas.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Enquiring Minds

Date: December 03, 2011 11:18

To: Christian Grey

Hope you made it back to the office safely. I am at a loss for Christmas gifts for you. Help your wife out with some ideas please!

 Ana xx


As I wait for a response from Christian, I head into a Starbucks to warm up with a hot cup of tea. I sit down near the window when my phone buzzes.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: All I Want for Christmas

Date: December 03, 2011 11:25

To: Anastasia Grey

Yes, I made it back to the office just fine. Thank you. And Christmas gifts? I don’t need anything but you and Blip. But I also know you won’t be satisfied with my response. Something fun?

Christian Grey

CEO and trying not to be Grinch, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


His email make me laugh out loud. The Grinch? Sometimes Christian can be so witty. And something fun he says. My inner goddess jumps from her stool and is ready to do the jingle bell rock. But my idea of fun is not necessarily Christian’s idea of fun. I grab my tea and head out to continue shopping….for something fun.

As I walk past all the decorated shop windows, something catches my eye. I smile at the thought entering my mind. It would definitely be fun, comical even. But would Mr. Grinch be willing to go along with it? I am hesitant to email him but here goes nothing.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: This Could be Fun!

Date: December 03 2011 11:44

To: Christian Grey

So you suggested something fun….. perhaps we could partake in this holiday fun? I have included a picture. I ask for you to have an open mind, dear husband. Tis the season to be jolly….


Your Ana, spreading holiday cheer xx


I hit the send button and imagine Christian’s face when he reads it. My phone buzzes in almost no time at all. That can’t be good.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

Date: December 03 2011 11:45

To: Anastasia Grey


Christian Grey

CEO & confused Grinch, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


Creepiness? I look at the elf I am holding in my hands, ready to purchase. Granted, the thing isn’t going to win most beautiful at the Miss Elf pageant, but it’s not totally horrendous. Plus, it’s a lovely tradition to start with Blip when he/she is old enough to get it. Oh, wait a minute. Mr. Grinch in a suit probably doesn’t know what the elf is. He was very quiet and withdrawn as a child due to his past. Perhaps this is his first encounter with the potentially fun elf. Let’s try this again…

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: The Elf Brings Happiness (and fun)

Date: December 03 2011 11:50

To: Christian Grey

Ok Mr. Grinch, before you ruin Christmas for all the boys and girls, hear me out. The elf on the shelf is a fun family tradition to start. We are supposed to hide the elf each night for the other to find. Tradition is the elf is found in peculiar places, and sometimes getting himself into mischief. If it helps, you could put your own twist on the game. Please think about it! It could be FUN!

Anastasia Grey

CEO Elf on the Shelf Enterprises Inc.  


Oh dear. What have I started? Perhaps this is going to be more trouble than its worth. I have to pick and choose my battles sometimes with Mr. Grey. I look at the elf once again. You are like Blip, I think to myself. First totally rejected by the Grinch, but hopefully part of the family once he gets over his control freak issues. There’s my phone. Crap. Hold on tight miss…miss Twitchy…yes I will name you Twitchy the elf. I am laughing so hard I can barely hear my phone buzzing.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Bring on silver balls…I mean bells

Date: December 03 2011 11:54

To: Anastasia Grey

My own twist, huh? A mischievous elf? I think this is just my kind of game! I hope the playroom is open for some Elffin magic;) Because I think our new-found playmate is going to be the messenger of the 12 days of kinkmas! Yes, kinkmas. My twist to your hide and seek game is that wherever little miss stuffed with fluff hides, that is where we must engage in our own game of spreading the Christmas cheek, I mean cheer. Sound like enough FUN?

Christian Grey

CEO & Master of Games, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I stare at my phone. For a long time, or at least it feels that way. Did my husband just take a holiday tradition dating back to the 1960’s and make it part of the March of the Wooden Paddles? My inner goddess is merry and bright. She’s got her Santa hat on and is ready to jingle all the way. Well, Twitchy let’s go pay for you so that you too can jingle all the way…to the Red Room. _______________________

I wake up feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. That anxious and giddy feeling that prevents you from falling back asleep. “You’re awake early for a weekend morning, Mrs. Grey.” Christian wraps himself around me. “Any reason in particular?” there’s a playful tone to his voice.

You know why, Mr. Grey.” I turn around to face him. Isn’t today the first of our 12 Days of Kinkmas?” I can hear the eagerness in my voice. Truly I’ve turned back into a five-year old anticipating the run downstairs to ooh and aah at the pile of gifts before I ripped into them. I jump out of the bed. “Okay, I am ready to go find Ms. Twitchy. Are you coming or not?”

I hope to come, yes,” Christian says with a laugh. “And I can’t believe you named that thing Twitchy. You know we will have to rename it once Blip is old enough to ask why we named an elf after my palms.” He starts laughing and I join in. I love playful Christian. His ability to just indulge me in this and laugh hysterically  reassures me that fatherhood will suit him just fine.

Let’s go then,” I say as I grab my robe from the corner chair. “Is Ms. Twitchy going to be hard to locate? Or can I guess where she’ll be?’” I wink at Christian.

He winks back at me and says, “You know me well, Mrs. Grey. Let’s go find that kinky elf.”

We head down the hall and stop at the playroom door. “Thank you Christian,” I say before we head inside. “It means so much that you would go along with my silly ideas.You will be an amazing father.”

You. Are. Mine,” he says while holding my chin. “And I just love you.” Oh my. My lower body parts react to his words as always. He opens the door and we step in. I don’t know what to expect since Christian “hid” Twitchy on his own last night while I slept. I enter the room and my mouth drops open. Standing before me is a huge tree, expertly decorated with twinkling lights and ornaments that coordinate with the room. It’s a beautiful sight. “Do you like it? I decorated while you were sleeping.” Tears fall from my eyes uncontrollably.


Blame it on the hormones,” I say jokingly.

Christian comes closer to me and wipes my tears with his handkerchief. “You are beautiful, Mrs. Grey. When you are crying, laughing, yelling, and driving me crazy. Now go find your elf so I can have my way with you.”

I walk around the tree, admiring all the beautiful ornaments as I look for Ms. Twitchy. I assume here’s where he hid her. Oh my. “Christian Grey you are mad!” I scream out at him. Nestled in the branches is Ms. Twitchy. Holding silver balls. And a piece of paper sitting above the elf that reads, “On the 1st day of Kinkmas my Twitchy gave to me, silver balls while sitting in the tree.”



My inner goddess is suddenly wide awake and singing. “Silver balls….silver balls… its Kinkmas time in the Red Room.”

to be continued….xo