You have got to be kidding me. I stand facing Ms.Twitchy, all snug in the Christmas tree that Christian has just surprised me with. “I see you are rewriting a classic?” I ask as I take the note from the tree. “So instead of a partridge in a pear tree, I get silver balls from an elf,” I say while giggling. I have got to hand it to Christian, this is truly a sweet and kinky gesture.

“I am hoping you will like my version of the song better, Mrs.Grey. And may I suggest you take your silver balls from Ms. Twitchy before she decides to keep them for herself.” We both laugh. I take the balls from the lap of the elf, giggling at what we must look like. Two assuming normal people, one a well-known billionaire, playing Elf on the Shelf.

“So Mr. Grey,” I say as I roll the cold balls around in my hands, “what shall we do now?”

Christian gives me his come-hither stare, and my lower body instantly reacts. “First things first, I’ll take those.” He extends his hand out to me. I place the now warmed balls into his palm. “Now get undressed so I can put these inside you.” Oh. My clit throbs at his words. I quickly remove the black silk nightie I am wearing and matching panties.

“You. Are. Beautiful,” Christian whispers in my ear and grabs a fistful of my hair. He brings my head to his and kisses me. Slow. Passionate. I could get lost in his kisses forever. His hands move down my back and I arch my back in reaction to his light touch. I moan softly in his mouth as he continues to make his way down my body. His hands stop on my bottom and he softly massages me there. My moans grow more intense as his touch gets harder.

He looks up at me and right before my eyes, I sense a subtle change in his demeanor. Dominant Christian has come to play. I feel the warm wetness between my legs and my heart beating out of my chest.

“Bend down and grab your ankles.” I look at him momentarily. “Now.” Oh shit. I quickly bend over and hold each ankle.I watch Christian’s bare feet move closer to me. My breath warms my legs as I wait in anticipation. He places his hand on my backside and then traces a finger down to my sex. My body reacts to the sensation with total arousal and I tighten my grasp around my ankles for support.

His finger glides up and down my sex. I moan loudly to my surprise and hear a low groan from Christian in response to me. He slides his finger into me and moves it slowly in and out of me. Holy shit, it feels good. He slowly withdraws his finger and replaces it with the balls, one at a time.

“Stand up,” he commands. I comply quickly and suddenly feel the weight of the balls inside me.

Ahh…there’s that feeling I have come to welcome. The feeling that makes me yearn for sex. Christian has his eyes on me, looking like he’s searching for something. “I’m waiting.” His voice sounds impatient. Shit. I should know the drill by now.

“Spank me Chri…Sir,” I whisper.


He grasps my hand and walks me over to the sofa, and gently pushes me down over the arm. I place my hands down on the cushion to stabilize myself. Standing behind me, he grasps a fistful of my hair with one hand and massages my backside with the other. “I am going to spank you now. For my pleasure and yours Anastasia,” he whispers into my ear. I throb hard for him.

He lifts his hand then swiftly brings down an emphatic slap to my backside. It reverberates through my entire lower body. The balls move forward and I am filled with sensation. My bottom responds with a stinging tingle as my clit throbs for more. He massages my backside then brings down his hand again. The smack echoes throughout the room and I scream out in pleasure as the ball vibrate against me. The pain is ….pleasurable. He continuous to rotate between slaps and caressing my behind. I moan from the pleasure and pain each time he makes contact. The balls massaging from the inside adds to my growing orgasm.

“Good girl,” he growls with a labored breath. He releases my hair and brings his hand down to my clit.

Fuck. My moaning turns to screams as he rubs my swollen clit and continues spanking me. The balls pulsate faster and I start coming. Hard. “That’s it baby. Come for me,” Christian whispers into my back. His finger rubs my clit harder, sending me over the edge.


“Aah….aaah….yes…yes..” I mutter as I continue coming. He takes his pajama bottoms off in one swift motion and without hesitation pulls at the string attached to the balls. They slide out and I practically come all over again.He pushes me back down against the couch and slowly fills me where the balls had been.

“Fuck!” he growls and thrusts into me hard. I scream in complete pleasure. His hands grasp each side of my hips and he moves in and out of me. I push back to meet his every grind. We moan together and moments later we climax simultaneously. After months together, Christian has become so familiar with my body that we are able to come as one.


We lie in this position for a few moments with Christian toppled on me. “That was a lovely first day of Kinkmas, Mr. Grey.” I look over at the tree. Twitchy the elf sits nestled in the branches of the beautiful tree Christian decorated. “When can I expect the second day of Kinkmas?”

“Sex. Mad. Insatiable. That’s what you are.” He leans up and removes himself from me slowly. “All in due time, dear wife.” He massages my backside gently. “Does this feel okay? Are you in any pain?”

“It feels lovely Christian. And no pain. Just some stinging.”

“You are a lovely shade of pink Ana. It suits you.”

“So I have heard from somewhere.” I look back at him and wink.

“Well, I suppose we should get you and Blip something to eat. Shall we?” he asks and extends his hand to help me up from the sofa. I am starving actually. We get dressed and head to the kitchen for a late breakfast. “Why don’t you take a shower and I will make us some pancakes, okay?”

“That sounds perfect Christian. Thank you.”

“Anything for you. Always,” he kisses my forehead and then I head for the shower.


Clean and refreshed, I walk down the hallway towards the kitchen. The aroma of homemade pancakes fill the air. Suddenly I am aware of how hungry I am. “Smells delicious Christian,” I say as I sit on one of the bar stools.

“Good, I hope you are hungry. Little Blip needs to eat, as do you.” He turns back to face the stove and flips a pancake with the spatula. “Would you please get the orange juice from the fridge?”


“Sure,” I reply. I walk over to the refrigerator and open up the massive stainless steel door. “Christian Grey, what have you done now?” I yell out. Sitting on the top shelf is Ms. Twitchy. The elf sits inside a set of handcuffs and has a piece of paper in its little clasped hands. I lean into the fridge further so I can read what it says.

“On the second day of Kinkmas my Twitchy gave to me, 2 pairs of handcuffs and silver balls while sitting in  the tree.” My inner goddess jumps off her stool and starts belting out, “We wish you a kinky christmas, We wish you a kinky Christmas and a happy red rear.”

to be continued….xo