Hi Greysessed readers! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season thus far! With less than three weeks until Christmas, I am sure you are all busy shopping and decorating like me! In case you missed it, E L James has been in LA this week! And you know what that means-Fifty Shades of Grey business! Wednesday night she went to dinner with our producers, Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca. Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter was in attendance as well! What I would’ve paid to be a fly on the wall at that restaurant! Anyways, we should all be psyched that things are definitely moving along in terms of the movie! Which means the stress factor rises with the casting of Christian and Ana soon to be announced. All I ask is a warning beforehand. I am hoping that Ms. James holds a televised election just like we do for the Presidency! Okay, enough of my rambling and onto the next installment of “Twelve Days of Kinkmas.” I hope you are enjoying the Elfin Magic with the Greys! Happy holidays to all of you wonderful people! Love & Laters, Michele



Mondays at work are always difficult, but this one is especially hard. After two whole days with Christian all to myself, I am missing him today. And with the introduction of Ms. Twitchy, aka the Elf on the Shelf, the kinky fuckery has definitely been turned up a notch. My inner goddess has never been happier.
My mind goes back to Saturday and Sunday. First there was the silver balls, then Ms. Twitchy showed up in the refrigerator with handcuffs. I shift in my chair at the memory. I decide to email Christian to revisit this weekend with me.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Elfin Magic

Date: December 5 2011 09:24

To: Christian Grey

Good morning dear husband,

How’s your day going? I am having a hard time concentrating today…thoughts of elves and handcuffs dance in my head.

Your Ana, xx

It’s true. All I have been thinking about this morning is the silver balls we used on the “First day of Kinkmas” and then the handcuffs on the second. Christian is surpassing any expectations I had for this game. I giggle out loud as I remember opening the fridge to find that elf sitting on the top shelf! But was priceless was the smile on Christian’s face! I can only imagine what he has in store for the third day of Kinkmas! I look down at my phone. Ah…an email from Christian Kringle himself.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Got Elf?
Date: December 05 2011 09:28
To: Anastasia Grey
Having trouble concentrating at work you say? I have had a hard time keeping things “down” at the office. Memories of having you handcuffed to the stove and spread eagle on the kitchen floor dance in my head. Looking forward to Ms. Twitchy’s next appearance. I wonder where she’ll be?
Christian Grey
CEO & Magically Delicious, Grey Enterprises Holding Inc.
Water sprays all over my keyboard as I laugh uncontrollably. I look down at the email for a double take. Yes, it says what I think it says…magically delicious. I grab a Kleenex and wipe up my wet keyboard while still cackling. I do love me some playful Christian. And it sounds like he’s already plotting the next round of hide and go seek with Ms. Twitchy. Although this last round with the handcuffs was pretty amazing. Even my inner goddess was impressed. Suddenly I am feeling warm in all the right places. Perhaps I should share this with Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: My Lucky Charm
Date: December 05 2011 09:37
To: Christian Grey
You have me intrigued, Mr. Grey. While I can’t wait to see where Ms Twitchy shows up again, I can’t stop throbbing over what you did to me in the kitchen. There’s a whole new meaning to the phrase, “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.” Your sweet torture to my every body part has me magically desiring your tongue.
 Your Ana xx, Suddenly craving cereal or something like it;)

I can see it’s going to be yet another day of trying to keep my composure and breathing together at work. My panties are noticeably wet now with all this talk of this weekends festivities in the kitchen. Christian cuffed me to the handle of the stove, then tortured me with his tongue and THAT feather. I throb hard at the thought.

Suddenly feeling warm, I take off my blue blazer and place it on the back of my chair. Looking down at my white silk blouse, I wonder when my belly will officially “pop.” I can definitely tell that my body is changing. My breasts are fuller, rounder and an overall curvier look to me. Christian has already hinted at tasting my breast milk. “I just wonder how sweet it really is,” he says nonchalantly. The ding of my phone snaps me out of my kinky Christian thoughts. 
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Twitchy Palms for Ms. Twitchy
Date: December 05 2011 09:45
To: Anastasia Grey
Magically desiring my tongue Mrs. Grey? How about magically sex mad and insatiable? And yes, barefoot and pregnant suits you, in more ways than one. I just can’t decide if it was your ankles cuffed to the oven was hotter than your wrists cuffed to the oven. The look on your face while I cuffed your ankles was incredibly hot. And you did taste magically delicious in that position.
Christian Grey
CEO & now craving your marshmallows, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Oh my. I stare at the words on the screen as the throbbing down below recedes. It’s not even ten o’clock in the morning and Christian has me hot and bothered. And unable to concentrate. The wheels start turning in my head. Deciding to follow Christian’s thought-process and be an in-the-moment kind of gal, I tell my secretary that I am going home for the day and pack up and leave.
Once I arrive at the Escala, I quickly start to put my plan into action. I change into comfortable clothes, grab a quick sandwich and then email Christian the picture I just took in the bathroom. Suddenly my nerves replace my adrenaline rush. Playful Christian can sometime turn to twitchy palmed Christian in a moments notice. I look over at my inner goddess who is wearing her reindeer headband and cheering me on. Okay, okay….here goes nothing.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Come Find My Pot of Gold
Date: December 05 2011 10:45
To: Christian Grey
A little elf has gotten herself into some trouble. Here’s a picture of what she left….come find me if you want;)  
 Love, Ana & ready to get wet;)
I sent the email and anxiously wait for Christian’s response. Not even thirty seconds later, my phone buzzes.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Dirty Elf
Date: December 05 2011 10:46
To: Anastasia Grey
I am getting in the car. You. Naked. Shower. Now.
Christian Grey
CEO & Ready to Slip & Slide, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Oh my. My inner goddess has her bathrobe on and is singing “Have a holly, flog me Kinkmas, it’s the best time of the year….Oh by golly have a holly, flog me Kinkmas this year.”
to be continued….xo