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Wow. I stand speechless while staring at the words on my phone. You. Naked. Shower. Now. Christian is on his way home and expecting me to be joining Ms. Twitchy the elf in our shower. A wet and wild shower to be specific. I put my phone on the counter and head to our bathroom. I look up at Ms. Twitchy who is sitting on top of the shower head. Well, you may have to go elsewhere little elf, I think to myself. That shower head is detachable and I am pretty sure it will be used. I take the elf down and place her on the marble counter. Christian will probably be home in ten minutes, knowing how fast Taylor can drive. I want to be ready for his arrival, so I change into my favorite baby blue silk robe to wait. Suddenly, butterflies are fluttering about in my stomach. Why am I worried? Well, maybe not worried but anxious. Jeez Ana, pull yourself together. This is your husband. Your husband who wants only you. Perhaps it’s because I have taken the reins of Santa’s sleigh this time. The dominant one if that’s what this is. I giggle out loud. Me, dominant? My inner goddess is clearly her throat loudly for my attention. I look over and she’s got her black leather outfit and cracking her whip. I roll my eyes with extreme exaggeration.
I hear my phone buzzing against the kitchen counter. I’m hoping it’s not my secretary texting me about a work issue. Today probably wasn’t the best day to just get up and leave to play hide and seek with a stuffed elf, but oh well. I pick up my phone and see that it’s a text from Christian.
                                 ***Be there in 5. You. Naked. Shower.***
And there it is. The pull down below as every nerve ending comes alive with excitement. I quickly text him.
                                 ***You. Naked. Shower. Waiting.***
I hit send and race down the hallway to start the water in the ridiculously large shower. There’s not one but two shower heads so that we both get equal amounts of hot water. It’s a definite upgrade from my old shower that had non-existent water pressure. Steam starts to take over the bathroom. I lean and turn down the heat a bit. The sound of the elevator startles me and I turn to face Ms. Twitchy. This is it, you naughty little elf. She sits there with her hands holding on to the Kinkmas song. Why I am standing her staring at an elf and thinking it’s staring back at me? I pick it up and place it face down on the counter. Much better. I am busy giggling when I hear the elevator door open. Shit! I quickly remove my robe and hang it on the hook next to the shower. I open the glass door to the shower and step in. The numerous jets spray hot water all over me and it feels incredible. I put my head directly under one of the shower heads and get my hair wet. I close my eyes and lean my head back. Aahh…the water massages my entire body and I relish it for a few moments.
“I am going to have you in this shower, Anastasia.” I jump back in surprise and open my eyes to a naked Christian. “Startle you?” he asks as he wraps his arms around me.
“Yes. I was lost in a moment of tranquility. But I am glad to see you.” I follow suit and wrap my arms around him. Christian leans down and kisses me on the neck. I move my head to the right, allowing him more access. The water showers my head as he explores my neck. His hands come off my waist and slowly move down to my bottom. I moan softly.
“You are so beautiful. Your skin is so soft,” he says as he massages me. His hands slowly move back up and around to my front. Gently he places his hands on my growing stomach and looks me in the eye. “You are glowing, Anastasia,” he whispers then bends down to kiss my small bump of a belly. I smile at his incredibly sweet gesture. Our eyes lock, blue to gray. He stands back up and takes my face in his hands. He kisses me slowly, passionately. I feel his erection against me. I grab hold of his waist harder and pull him into me. His breathing is jagged in my mouth and my clit throbs in response.
“Ready for your wet and wild shower, Mrs. Grey?” Christian reaches down between my legs and slides his finger up my sex. I moan loudly as he swiftly caresses my clit. “Ready as always.” He brings his finger up to my mouth. “Taste yourself.”Oh my. I can see this isn’t up for discussion by his tone. I open my mouth slightly and he brings his finger closer to my mouth. Slowly I bring my lips around his finger and slide my tongue around the tip. I taste my salty pleasure as I suck harder, getting even more aroused.
“Fuck” he groans. “I need you in my mouth.” He turns me around and gently pushes me down onto the small bench that’s built into the shower. Droplets of water cover my back as Christian kneels down behind me. He spreads my bottom and I feel his tongue on my sex. I moan. Slowly his tongue glides up and he squeezes my bottom. Holy shit. His tongue moves back down and stop on my clit. I buck my hips at the sensation. Christian grabs hold of me harder to keep me from moving. His tongue presses slow and hard against me.
“Ah…ah…ah…” He is not taking his time with me. His tongue sweetly tortures me and I start to get close to orgasm. “Christian…” I cry out his name as he pushes his tongue harder to my clit and I climax, screaming his name.
I start coming down from my orgasm as I feel Christian’s hands on my hips. He pulls me up and turns me to face him. “I am not done with you yet, Mrs. Grey. This wet and wild shower is just getting started.” He sits me down on the marble bench. I comply easily while trying to get my breathing under control. My inner goddess is obviously excited. Her blast from the past raincoat has emerged and she’s ready for another wet ride.
Christian kneels down on the shower floor and spreads my legs open. “You are a sight, Mrs. Grey.” He stares at my openness with desire. “Are you ready to get wet?” Oh my. I  thought I was.
“Wetter than I already am?” I ask.
“Yes,” he answers while reaching up for the detachable shower head. He pulls it off the hook as he looks at me with a devilish grin. He twists the head of it to change the water pressure to the massage setting. Hard and strong. 
He reaches in between my legs and inserts a finger. Then another. Oh shit. I am sensitive from just coming and I scream out. Christian brings the shower head to my clit.
“Oh god. Christian. Yes.” The intensity of the water against my swollen and sensitive clit is almost too much to take. He moves his fingers in and out of me, hitting the right spot inside of me. All too quickly, I start coming. I couldn’t stop it if I tried. I scream out while Christian is merciless on me. My orgasm only invites him to thrust his fingers deeper and harder into me.
“God Ana. I love watching you come.” My orgasm goes on and on. I close my eyes and let the feeling take over me. Slowly Christian’s fingers ease up on me and he removes the shower head from my clit. I open my eyes and gaze up at him. His lips are parted and I can hear his deep breathing. I have seen this look before. Christian wants me.
“Come here,” he says and helps me up from the bench. “Wrap your legs around me,” he orders as he lifts me into the air. Slowly he eases into me. My body is in sensitive-overdrive. I tremble as he enters me. The sensation is overwhelming good.
“Is this okay?” Christian asks. My trembling must be more obvious than I thought.
“Yes. I’m good. Please….harder.”
“Oh Ana…” he breathes out heavily and starts thrusting into me. Oh, it feels amazing.
“Yes,” I moan, holding on to his neck. He pushes me against the shower wall, grinding deeper into me. I’m already close. “Christian….harder…harder…” He grips my waist and thrusts again as I come. I scream out in pleasure as I feel the orgasm throughout my entire body.
“Ana,” he growls and climaxes inside of me. We hold each other tightly as our bodies come together.
Christian reaches up and turns off the shower. To say my fingers look like raisins is an understatement. “Well if that’s not proof of a wet and wild shower, I don’t know what is,” I say as I inspect my crinkly hands.
“Yes, you do look like a California raisin.” Christian laughs while holding up my hand. I pull my hand away to grab my stomach. I stand there motionless, staring at Christian.
“What is it,” he asks with a disconcerted look. “Damn it Ana, what?”
My eyes fill up with tears. I look at Christian. “It’s Blip. I just felt a kick. The very first kick.” I can’t hold back any longer. Tears of joy stream down my face. “Come here. Feel. Christian rapidly places his hands on my stomach. I place mine on top of his. We stare down at my bare belly, waiting.
A few moments go by silently. And there it is. My stomach does a little jump. “Oh my god…was that…” Christian gasps and looks up at me.
“Yes, its little Blip.” I start crying uncontrollably. Christian bends down and plants a kiss on my belly. He grabs hold of me and leans his face to where Blip just kicked. I look down and fall in love with Christian all over again.
“That was amazing,” he whispers into my stomach.
I look up at the clock. Four o’clock! I only intended on sleeping for an hour, not three! Well, the wet and wild shower must have really tuckered me out. I stretch then sit up in the bed. “Christian?” I call out, wondering what he’s been up to this whole time. I crawl out of bed and grab my robe from the chair. “Christian,” I yell out his name again. I make my way down the hallway to the kitchen.
Oh. My. God. I burst out laughing. Sitting on the counter is Twitchy with a plate of pancakes and syrup. She’s holding what I assume is the next verse of our Kinkmas jingle. I walk over to get a closer look and read the paper.
“I see you’ve woke up,” Christian says as he enters the kitchen.
“Yes, and I see that you’ve been busy cooking and scheming, Mr. Sex Mad and Insatiable.”
“Oh, we aren’t doing this right now. This is just setting the scene for what or shall I say who’s to come.” Christian grins from ear to ear. I have no idea what he’s talking about.
“What’s to come?” I ask.
“Yes, we are talking this Christmas party on the road. Are you up for it in a few days?”
“A road trip? To eat pancakes?”
“Yes, to my favorite place of course.” Ah…IHOP.
“Sounds delicious. But I don’t know how it plays into our fun with Ms. Twitchy.”
“You will. Let’s just say that the maple syrup isn’t the only sticky thing I’ll be eating.”
Oh. My inner goddess is wearing her Santa hat and singing, ” You better put out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why. Kinky Claus is cumming to town. He wants you when you’re sleeping. He wants when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be bad for spankings’ sakes!”
to be continued…..xo