Good morning GREYsessed readers! Today is National Pancake Day! Are you heading to IHOP for your free stack? Well, here’s a repost of Ana and Christian’s sticky and sweet day at IHOP. Enjoy and look for a new post tomorrow! Love & Laters©, Michele 
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Happy holidays! Love & Laters©, Michele
I can’t get the thought of pancakes and syrup out of my head. It’s been three days since Christian and Ms. Twitchy announced that the fifth day of Kinkmas will include a road trip to what I think is IHOP, a childhood favorite of Christian’s. I smile as I remember driving up to the restaurant. Christian Grey at IHOP. Who would’ve guessed the billionaire favors their original buttermilk pancakes! Of course now I can’t imagine how he plans on bringing the kink to the pancake house. But then again, this is Christian Grey, who’s always bringing the ordinary to kinkstraordinary.
There’s a knock at my door. “Come in,” I say as I put down the manuscript I am trying to get through. My secretary walks in holding a small brown box. “What’s this?” I ask.
“It was just delivered. By Taylor,” she says as she places it on my desk.
“Okay, thank you.” I pick up the package and shake it.Whatever is, it doesn’t shift around in the box. I tear open the brown packaging and stare at the box. The words “Lyla 2” are printed on the box but that means nothing to me. My inner Sherlock Holmes is interrupted by the buzzing of my phone. I pick it up and see that Christian has emailed me.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Breakfast for Dinner
Date: December 08 2011 15:44
To: Anastasia Grey
I believe you received a package…perhaps we could discuss it over pancakes?
Christian Grey
CEO & craving you, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Discuss it over pancakes? I do love the idea of breakfast for dinner. My inner goddess like this idea as well. She’s got her big girl bib on and up for the challenge. Hmm, challenge? I look down at the box for a closer look. There’s a picture of a pink vibrator on it. It’s small and shaped like an egg. Wait a minute! Does he think … NO! As I am just about to go full freak out, my phone buzzes me. Another email from Christian. Jeez, somebody is twitchy today.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: iCum
Date: December 08 2011 15:48
To: Anastasia Grey
Christian Grey
CEO & Oh Yes I shouty- capitaled you, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
I roll my eyes as hard as I can. I have become quite the expert in the privacy of me, myself, and I. Okay, I’ll give it to Christian. He knows me well enough to realize that I was in fact frozen like Bambi. But it’s more because of the shock value than anything else. He’s great at bringing the shock and the kink, you think I’d be used to it by now. But this box looks very high-tech. And not IHOP appropriate. I am pretty sure it’s not a spork inside this box. I quickly email him back before he beats me to it.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Kinky fuckery with a side of bacon?
Date: December 08 2011 15:56
To: Christian Grey
Dear Husband,
I was NOT freaking out…much… the words don’t even make sense. Lyla 2? I don’t even know Lyla 1? Just saying… okay, see you soon.
Your Ana xx
Professional Eye Roller when you’re not around;)
We head into IHOP- Christian, Lyla 2, and I. After drooling over Christian, the waitress seats us in the back of the restaurant. I slide into the long booth. Christian places the box next to him as he slides in across from me.
“The poor hostess,” I say. “She could hardly speak in your presence. It’s almost unfair what you do to women.”
“I didn’ notice,” he replies. “Besides, it’s only you I am constantly trying to impress.”
I giggle out loud. “Seriously Christian? Didn’t notice? The girl was stuttering over her words in your presence.”
“It’s just my face, it means nothing.” He opens the menu and starts glancing at it. I guess we are done with that subject matter. “Shall I order for the both of us?”
“I want what you want,” I quietly say with a smirk.
“Is that right, Mrs. Grey. Be careful what you wish for,” he says, raising his eyebrow at me. “Don’t forget we are a threesome today.” He points down to the box that’s next to him on the bench. Oh my. His smoldering stare starts to awaken certain parts of me.
“Stop biting that lip or I will be having you for dinner,” he orders. “We haven’t even ordered our food yet and you are testing my desire.” Oh shit. I still don’t realize I do that as often as I do.
“Good evening folks. My name is Leandra. Can I start you off with… er…with umm… something…something to drink?” Her stumbling words and scarlet red face is the result of an eyeful of Mr. Beautiful. I look down so that I don’t stare and embarrass her, although part of me sympathizes. Christian can still stop me in my tracks with his good looks.
“We know what we want,” Christian replies with a sexy smile. Oh jeez. He’s pouring it on thick like syrup this morning. “We would like the original buttermilk pancakes, bacon on the side, two glasses of orange juice, one English breakfast tea if its available, and coffee with skim milk please.”
“Thank you, I’ll get that order right in,” Leandra whispers and avoiding all eye contact. She turns and walks back to the kitchen.
“Another one bites the dust.”
“What?” he asks.
“The poor waitress. She could hardly speak. You disarm people.”
“I only care about disarming you, amongst other things,” he says with his signature smirk. Damn.
“You know you do, Mr. Grey.”
Christian reaches down and opens up the box. Oh shit. Here come Lyla. He takes out the pink egg-shaped vibrator and hands it to me like it’s the salt shaker.
“Christian, some discrepancy please.” I grab it from him and put it in my lap. “This is a family establishment.” He laughs loudly at me.
“And if I remember, we are a family,” he says pointing to my belly. And speaking of my belly, I am suddenly starving. “Go to the bathroom. Put little Lyla inside of you.” Excuse me?
“Christian! Are you serious? Here?”
“Didn’t you look at what this is?”
“I thought it was just a vibrator. I didn’t have time to do my Wikipedia research that you love so much.”
“Very funny. It’s a remote-controlled vibrator,” he says while holding up the small remote in his hand. And smiling like he just won the kinky fuckery lottery. “It’s time to have some finger licking fun.” Oh my god. Did he just say what I think he said?
“Anastasia, go. Now.”
I don’t say anything. I slide out of the booth as Christian grabs hold of my arm and pulls me gently towards him. “And when you get back, I am going to make you come in your seat.” He turns back to the table and acts like he just didn’t make me throb down below. I turn and walk towards the bathroom. I look back at Christian who is sitting there grinning at me. He winks and mouths the word “go” to me. Okay, okay twitchy one.
“So, how does it feel?” Christian asks as I slide back into the booth.
“It feels…okay.”
“Just okay? We’ll have to do something with that.” He is holding the remote in his lap. Suddenly the little egg inside of me starts humming to life. I jump at the sensation and surprise.
“Christian,” I whisper with wide eyes. I cannot believe we are doing this. “I am not sure about this.” Although the buzzing is starting to warm my blood.
He goes to say something but is interrupted with the arrival of our food. Leandra sets down our plates and drinks quickly and quietly. If she only knew what Mr. Beautiful was up to right now.
Are you kidding me? I grab the upholstered bench as nonchalantly as possible. Christian gives me a slight smirk knowing what he just did to me. He increased the speed of Lyla ever so slightly, but enough to make me jerk. I lock eyes with him and try to contain my breathing. It’s starting to feel good. Really good. I take a quick glance at the waitress. She’s busy placing down all the glasses and a plethora of syrups.
A small moan rumbles in the back of my throat and I struggle to keep it in. Christian hasn’t taken his eyes off of me. Talk about being center stage.
“Enjoy your meal,” says Leandra. As she turns she looks at Christian then to me. I think she senses something but can’t possibly know what.
After she is gone, I manage to speak somehow. “Christian. I can’t do this.”
“Yes you can. You are doing great. The restaurant is practically empty. Eat your dinner.” He lowers the speed of the wonder egg. It’s not so bad at this rate, but still has me breathing heavy. I pick up my utensils and attempt to eat.
I get in a few bites and go to grab my cup of tea. “Aah…” I moan out uncontrollably. Christian has increased the speed. I shoot him a nasty look. Is he just going to torture me through this entire meal? I bring my hand back to my lap. Trying to drink a hot cup of tea seems out of the question right now. Christian smirks at me as the speed increases once again. Holy shit. I grab the bench cushion and try to keep my composure.
“Feel good, Mrs. Grey?” I shake my head yes. My breathing quickens as he increases the speed once again. Jeez, this thing has more speed than Charlie Tango. I grasp the seat harder and shift in my seat. Holy shit. I can feel my orgasm slowly but steadily approaching. I look at Christian who is now eating his bacon with one hand and holding the remote in the other. I am glad I am his entertainment to watch as he gets his bacon eating on.
“Everything okay?” Leandra looks at me. Well that’s a loaded question.
I shake my head and smile through my breathing. She looks over at Christian.
“Sir, can I get you anything else?”
“No, but thank you. We have everything we need.” He smiles at me.
“Okay, here’s your check. You can pay up front when you’re ready. Thank you for coming.” I hold my laughter in as best I can but a giggle escapes. No, Leandra. Thank you for letting me come.
“Thank you. We love coming here. In fact, it’s our favorite place to come.” He smiles at her and then turns back to me. She looks at us like we’ve lost our minds and walks away.
“You,” I mutter out but can’t seem to finish my sentence. I just shake my head to let him know that his behavior is too much.
“Having trouble speaking, Mrs. Grey? Perhaps I should come over by you and help you eat.”
He comes around to my side with the remote in his hand. I look at with part excitement and part fear. How many speeds does this think actually have? And do I really want to know? I can hardly move to make room for him. The egg wonder is buzzing away and any movement makes it that much harder to bear.
“Your pancakes are getting cold,” he says while offering me a bite. I shake my head no. Does he really think I can eat a time like this? “No? Perhaps we need to scramble your egg a little faster so that you can finish your dinner.” Oh shit.
Christian puts his arm around me and pulls me into him. I bury my face into his chest as he once again increases the speed. My moans vibrate off his Brooks Brothers shirt and I inhale the fresh laundered scent.
“Oh god….” I moan into him. His hand is now in between my legs and rubbing my clit over my skirt. I grab hold of him as I get closer to coming. I bury my face as hard as I can as his hand slips under the waist of my skirt and down my panties.
“Ana, you’re soaked,” he growls. His fingers find my clit and he rubs hard. Oh my god it feels beyond good. “That’s it baby, come.” And those are the words are my undoing. I moan into his chest as I come hard. His fingers relentless on my clit and the vibrator still going at mach speed makes my orgasm seem to go on and on.
“Everything okay here?” Oh shit. It’s the waitress. I keep my face buried in Christian while trying to slow down my interrupted orgasm.
“We’re great. My wife is pregnant and just tired.”
“Okay, just checking. I thought I heard moaning.” Oh gosh.
“I think it was her moaning over the deliciousness of the pancakes. But thank you for checking.” I hear her walk away from the table. I look up at Christian who is trying to hold in his laugh.
“I am glad you find this all funny, Mr. Grey. Now get me out of here please.”
Christian gives me a soft kiss on my head. “Yes love. But first things first.” He reaches under the waist of my skirt and slowly glides his finger over my clit. I moan and jump at the sensitive feeling. “I’m not done with you yet. When we get home you. are. mine.” He looks me in the eye as he pulls out little Lyla. I gasp in surprise. He holds it by the string and eyes it with an evil grin.
“I bet this would taste incredible.”
“Christian! Don’t you dare! Again…family establishment.”
“Oh but I love scrambled eggs.” Oh my. My husband has just brought the kinky fuckery to a new level.
“Put the egg away. And get me home so you can have your way with me, Mr. Grey,” I say hoping to distract him from the dangling hors d’oeuvre.
“Point well made Mrs. Grey. But I will try the scrambled eggs at some point. Oh, and before we go, there’s something I want to show you.” He grabs his phone and starts scrolling for something. I can only imagine what at this point. “Ah…here it is. A message for you.” He hands me the phone. It’s a message from Twitchy the Elf.
“Twinkling strings?” I ask.
“Yes, I think I can tie you up nicely in a string of lights.”
My inner goddess already has her coat on and is heading for the exit while singing, “Silent night. Holy lights. All we come. My arms bound tight.”
to be continued…..xo