Happy Holidays GREYsessed readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Here in Maryland we were treated to a white Christmas! And now that the day has come and gone in a flash, I hope you will indulge me and continue to read the rest of the Kinkmas stories! In other news, Fifty Shades of Grey was voted most popular book of 2012!!! Duh, as if we thought otherwise, right? The accolades keep pouring in for Ms. James and I couldn’t be happier! Let’s hope and pray that a director is soon cast, followed by the casting! Will 2013 be the true year of the apocalypse? When our own personal doomsday hits our hearts as “our” Christian isn’t cast? As I have said before and will say with utmost redundancy, “May the odds be ever in your favor!”
For you lucky ducks who received one of Jennifer Trouton’s “Raising the Ordinary to the Extraordinary” portraits, Fifty Shades of congrats to you! I, unfortunately did not receive one. *insert sad face* I guess Santa misconstrued this blog as being naughty! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, get to it! There’s a limited quantity, and you don’t want to miss out. *insert sad face again*.  Love & Laters©, Michele
The work week is dragging as usual. With all the Elf on the Shelf festivities over the weekends, editing and such has gotten quite boring. I sit back in my leather swivel chair and put my tired feet up on my desk. I think back to all of the “12 Days of Kinkmas” thus far. Let’s see, on the first day there was the silver balls. I chuckle out loud thinking of Ms. Twitchy sitting in the tree holding those balls. Mmm…. silver balls. The thought warms the blood in my veins. And then there was Day 2 and the handcuffs. Getting handcuffed to the stove is one thing I never thought we’d do….or love. Really love. I shift in my seat as I recall the incredible orgasm I had on our kitchen floor. I am suddenly aware that I am breathing hard. And am I throbbing? Yes, there is definite throbbing going on. I remove my feet from the desk and sit up. Perhaps I should get my mind out of the gutter and back to work. But wait…what was day 3? After a good hard minute I remember. The wet and wild shower of course. How could I forget? I was the one who initiated that rendezvous. Then of course Day 4 just comes screaming back in droves. Our trip to IHOP proved that scrambled eggs has more than one meaning. I am now aware of the wetness between my legs. I must put these lovely memories to good use. I sit up and decide to email Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Memories….the way we were
Date: December 19 2011 10:25
To: Christian Grey
Good morning dear husband. I was just sitting here going over all of our 12 Days of Kinkmas. Was just getting to Day 5. Do you recall that one? Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star, How many times have you come so far?
Ana, xx
I send the email with the vision of twinkling lights stirring in my head. Christian had tied me to the bed using a string of lights. And because I was nervous about them being plugged in, he said that he would have to make me come quick. Really quick. And after making me come with his mouth in record time, he proceeded to unplug the warm lights and make me come again. And again. And perhaps again. My throbbing has now intensified. Luckily, my phone buzzes me out of my trance.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Death by Christmas
Date: December 19 2011 10:33
To: Anastasia Grey
Are you trying to kill me? I am sitting here in a meeting and cannot move from my seat. Let’s just say your email has got the attention of certain body parts. And yes, the visual of twinkling lights wrapped around your wrists is something we need to revisit. But do you remember Day 6? Or as I like to say it, “6 times Ana I’m a laying.” I’ll leave you with that memory.
Christian Grey
CEO & Stuck in the Chair, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
I laugh hysterically at the visual in my head. Christian with a dilemma down south. My inner goddess is ready to play. Her naughty side is out and singing, “Just hear his sleigh balls jingling, ring ting tingling too. Come on its lovely weather for a sleigh ride on top of you.” Okay Bing Crosby, I get it. I decide to play with Christian a bit, knowing well that this could go either way.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Ana Likes A Laying
Date: December 19 2011 10:38
To: Christian Grey
Now you are the one killing me. Yes, Day 6 was definitely….well…. the word “lay” has a whole new level of meaning. My behind still remembers that day very well. Let me recall the places I was told to “‘lay.”  First there was the dining room table, then the piano, the kitchen island, against the wall…. I  could go on but it seems I have a problem with my panties….
your wet wife xx
Oh boy. I could have possibly just sentenced Christian to a life sentence in that chair. As I sit and wait anxiously for his response, I try to remember what day 7 was. Ah…yes. Ms. Twitchy sitting under the tree with a flogger. A lovely black leather flogger. With the words, “On the 7th Day of Kinkmas, Ms. Twitchy gave to me, a flogger to chase you with around the tree.” And chase me he did. Well, as quickly as I could with my growing belly. I rub little Blip gently. I smile as I recall Blip’s first kick and how Christian was present for it. The tears in his eyes justified his want for this baby. It wasn’t an easy road to get to this point, but I know that Christian will be a wonderful father. Oh no. My phone buzzes and I am nervous to see what it says.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Problem Solver
Date: December 19 2011 10:44
To: Anastasia Grey
Problem with your panties? Perhaps you should take them off and FedEx them to me? In the mean time, I will be stuck in this chair until things…subside. What verse were we on anyways? I do recall a lovely flogging I gave you under the Christmas tree. And you were more than “Telling it on the Mountain” as you came. And then I do believe Ms. Twitchy asked for a special request in the near future. I am still waiting for your answer. What did Ms. Twitchy’s sign say? “On the Eighth Day of Kinkmas, Ms. Twitchy gave to me, eight tastes of your milking.” I know. 50 shades of fucked up here. We can put that one on hold. I’ll move on quickly to Day 9, one of my favorites. You. Masturbating. Me. Hard. Waiting for those panties;)
Christian Grey
CEO & Dairy Tolerant, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Oh my. I stare at the screen in shock. Well, not entirely shocked. This is Christian we are talking about. But yes, he can still stop me in my tracks. He never ceases to amaze me with his level of kinkiness. And not that I am complaining. These past few weeks have been amazing. And I am so touched that Christian has indulged me with all this playful banter with our little elf.
Suddenly, I get an idea. I can’t even believe I am considering it. My cheeks warm instantly from slight embarrassment. This is so not me. Or is it? Christian makes me feel sexy and wanted, and he’s my husband! My inner goddess is jumping up and down while singing,”It’s getting hot and in here, so take off all your clothes.” I shake my head at her. Always getting me into trouble, that one. I ring my secretary and set it up. Ten minutes later my plan is executed. Now all I have is time. I make another attempt to finish my editing work, but the wait has me feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve.
Five minutes pass. Then ten. Then eventually twenty. This can’t be a good sign. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. “Come in,” I holler. The door slowly opens and it’s Christian. He stands in the doorway, dangling my panties.
“Lose something?” He continues to dangle the lacy black panties in front of his face. Oh shit. This is not what I thought would happen. I was thinking he’d just email me back in full shock. Not show up at my work. I am still waiting to see if he’s mad or not.
“Well,” I say innocently, “you did say you were waiting for them.” Hi sexy grin shows up on his face and I know I am not in trouble. “Are you here to return them?”
“Return them? No, you sent them to me via messenger. They are mine now.” He brings my panties to his face and inhales. Holy shit…did he just do what I think he did? Of course he did. And now he’s giving me that come hither stare. I’m toast. “These showed up for me during a very important meeting, which I had to postpone due to unexplained circumstances.” He glances down at his crotch.
“Yours? Well, lucky for you I don’t need them,” I say as boldly as possible. “And if I am not getting them back, then why are you here?” I nervously wait for his answer. He doesn’t respond. Instead he steps into my office and closes the door behind him. Oh no. I have been adamant about his coming to the office and trying to get kinky.
“Christian…whatever it is you think is going to happen is not,” I whisper with authority. He continues to not respond as he walks slowly over to my desk. “Christian…do you hear me?” Our eyes are locked on each other, but he doesn’t speak.
david gandy
He comes around the desk and swings my chair out to face him. Oh dear. He keeps his eyes on me as he bends down and pulls my grey pencil skirt down. My head is screaming for him to stop, but the words don’t come out of my mouth. I am under his spell, sitting in my chair with only an ivory silk blouse on and gray suede pumps. He grabs me by the hips and lowers me in my seat. Then in one swift move, he has my legs over his shoulders as he squats in front of the chair. I can’t believe he’s going to do this. I glance over at the door and wonder if he remembered to lock it. Shit.
Before I get the words, “Is the door locked?” out of my mouth, Christian is between my legs. His tongue immediately sweeps over my clit. I moan as quietly as possible. He continues to lick me there, slowly and precisely. I grab the arms of my chair and try to hold in my moans. He increases the pressure and inserts a finger. He thrusts his finger inside of me in sync with his tongue.
“Yes,” I breathe, trying to contain myself. My orgasm is quickly approaching. “Christian…yes…” He continues torturing my clit and then inserts a second finger.
“Please….oh….oh….” I groan loud. Louder than I intended given the surroundings. He thrusts his fingers just right and hits THAT spot as I come hard. I cover my mouth with my shirt as I bite down on it to help muffle my moans. Christian grasps my hips harder as I continue coming in his mouth. Oh this feels amazing. And before you know it, I feel my legs drop and Christian is pulling me off my chair. Too dazed to fight with him, I find myself bent over the chair. He quickly lowers his pants and thrusts into me from behind.
“Argh!” I moan into the seat of my chair. I grasp the seat for stability as he grinds into me hard. “Oh god….oh god…” Christian knows I love this position.
“Ana, rub your clit. Now.” Oh my. I quickly comply. “Oh god….” My clit is so wet and sensitive from his oral treat. I rub gently. It feels incredible. “That’s it Ana. Imagine it’s my tongue on your clit.” Holy fuck. I caress my swollen clit while he continues thrusting into me hard.
“Christian, I’m close.” Really close.
“Come for me Ana.” He pulls me into him with more force. I bite down on my lip as I come quickly and hard.
I moan as quietly as possible as he continues to slam into me. It’s almost too good to take. He pounds on and on until finally he groans into my back as he orgasms. “Fuck Ana,” he groans.
I try to quickly catch my breath as I suddenly remember where we are. Shit. I try to remember if we were loud or not. I could just imagine my secretary out there getting an earful from us. Christian stands up then helps me to my feet. He kisses me passionately on the lips. Mmm….that never gets old.
“You know that was bad Mr. Grey. Very, very bad.”
“The sex?”
“No, silly. Of course that was amazing. But you know how I feel about sex in the office.”
“Well, it’s not my fault. It’s Ms. Twitchy’s. See,” he says as he holds up his phone. There’s a picture of the elf holding a sign. It says, “On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Ms. Twitchy gave to me, Ana’s loins a leaking.” I burst out laughing.
“My loins a leaking? Really?”
“Well, these panties are proof that your loins were definitely leaking for me, were they not?” He grabs my panties off the desk and holds them up. “Yes, still wet,” he says as he rubs them against his face. My king of kinky fuckery.
“Yes, you are right. I was definitely hot and bothered while thinking of our ghosts of Kinkmas past,” I say with a giggle. Christian joins in on the laughter.
“Well, it seems there are only two days left in our Kinkmas carol,” Christian says. “I say we go out with a bang.” He gives me a wink.
Speaking of days, I just remembered that I have not bought a gift yet for him yet. And Christmas is only days away. I have been so caught up in our sexcapades that I forgot about presents.
“Yes, a bang. But I also need to get moving on the gift hunt Mr. Grey.”
“Ana, I don’t need anything,” he says as he wraps his arms around me. “I have all I need and more.” He looks down at my tummy. “You and Blip are my Christmas gift.”
My phone buzzes, alarming the two of us. Shit. I am half-naked and Christian is pantless. “Get dressed,” I order as I gesture towards the door. We quickly get dressed. My phone continues to ring and finally I pick it up.  It’s my secretary reminding me that I have a meeting in five minutes. I thank her and hang up the phone.
“Okay, you have to get going. I have a meeting in five.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he jokingly says. “I leave you with this Mrs. Grey.” He places a picture on my desk and kisses me on the head. “And I hope nothing interrupts YOUR meeting,” he says with a wink and an evil grin. Shit. He better not be up to no good. This surprise visit was enough. I am afraid to show my face outside the office.
“Bye Mr. Grey. I love you.”
“And I, you Mrs. Grey.” He turns and walks out the door. I look down at what he left on my desk. Are you kidding me? It’s another picture of Ms. Twitchy. She’s holding a small yellow cab in her hand. Huh? I read the clue.”On the eleventh day of Kinkmas, Ms. Twitchy gave to me, a naughty night in New York…” New York? I’ve never been! And maybe I will find the perfect Christmas gift there for Christian. Before I can beat him to it, I get a text message.
***Can’t wait to take a bite out of your Big Apple;)***
to be continued……xo