Happy New Year GREYsessed readers! I hope all of you had a wonderful evening ringing in the new year! My friends got a good laugh at me as we watched the repeat of the Katie Show with E L James. Eleven minutes in-there I am, full screen shot of moi. Watching my big television debut again brought back great memories! Meeting E L again, the Katie Show tweeting a picture of my cupcakes, and meeting some of my twitter buddies for the first time in person!
With a new year, I am hoping that we will soon here about a director being chosen for the Fifty Shades movie, and then the much-anticipated casting (gulp). Ms. James tweeted a picture during the holidays of her and Kelly Marcel, the screenwriter. They had dinner together which I believe took place at E L’s home. Could you imagine the conversation at that table? And although the waiting is pure Red Room of Pain torture, I am glad to see Team 50 working together to get this movie done.
So with Christmas and New Year’s come and gone, I bring you the somewhat anticipated and much overdue last installment of the 12 Days of Kinkmas! I appreciate all of you for being with me in 2012 as I blogged my way into your lives. May 2013 bring you peace, love, and kinky fuckery! Love & Laters©, Michele
It’s impossible to try to get anything done at work the week before Christmas. The office is alive with holiday cheer. All the employees giddy like school children on the last day of school before vacation. And I was just as guilty. Christian just surprised me with a trip to New York City via Ms. Twitchy and our kinky reindeer games. I have never been to New York and I am beyond excited! We are leaving tonight after work and the day cannot be going any slower. I decide to email Christian to see how his day is going.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Call me Twitchy
Date: December 23 2011 11:16
To: Christian Grey
Morning husband,
Is your day going as slow as mine? I can’t wait for our trip! When do we leave?
Your Ana, xx
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Mile High Club
Date: December 23 2011  11:18
To: Anastasia Grey
Good morning dear wife,
I am letting everyone here leave at noon. Why don’t you do the same?  This way we can board sooner than later. I can’t wait to put some jingle in your 30,000 feet;)
Christian Grey
CEO and getting a “candy cane”, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
I burst out laughing at the image. Christian definitely has a way with words. I buzz my secretary to send out an email to everyone that they can leave at noon and then reply to Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: The Candy Man
Date: December 23 2011 11:20
To: Christian Grey
A candy cane you say? I wonder how you taste…. Are you like the Candy Man? Mixing it with love and makes the world taste good? I hope you’ll bring enough candy to share on the plane;)
lover of all hard candy xx
Oh dear. I seriously question my morals lately. In less than a year I have become the queen of sexual emails. And texts. And phone calls. I have to remind myself that for one, I am a married woman. And two, I am married to Christian Grey aka Mr. Sex on a Stick. I have definitely come out of my sexual shell this past year to say the least. Christian makes me feel so comfortable with it all, regardless of all my insecurities and questions about his sexual preferences. Who knew that just a few months ago I was a virgin and now am embracing the lifestyle of the rich and dominant. I giggle and roll my eyes. My phone buzzes me back to the present.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: “Rock”ing around your Christmas Tree
Date: December 23 2011 11:23
To: Anastasia Grey
When we get on that plane…. YOU. ARE. MINE.
Christian Grey
CEO & silver-balled, Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
Oh. Well that email has gotten my eggnog flowing. I look over at my inner goddess who is packed and singing her version on New York, New York. “Start spreading your legs. I am leaving today. I want to be on top of him. New York, New York.”  Okay, Sinatra. I’ve got a few things to wrap up before I can start doing my Rockette kicks with you. I stare at Christian’s last email. Yes, the eggnog is stirring. I finish sending a few emails to clients and text Taylor to come pick me up.
We drive on to the tarmac and I can see Christian’s jet ahead of us. The large blue “Grey Enterprises Holdings,  Inc.” splashed across the fuselage greets us as we pull up next to it.
“Ready, Mrs. Grey?” Christian says with a wink. He is still dressed in his lovely gray suit and tie from work. Looking like he’s fresh off the runway as usual.
“Yes, Sir,” I say as he leans in to kiss me. Mmm….I inhale his scent as his lips touch mine. Our mouths slowly open and our tongues start a slow dance. Warmth runs through my veins as he presses into me and passionately kisses me.
Christian pulls away. “What you do to me, Ana. We better board this plane or I will have to have you in the back of this car.” My inner goddess is voting for the back of the car. He opens his door and slides out. Darn. Taylor comes around to my side and lets me out of the Audi.
We walk up the steps to the plane and I recognize Christian pilot who is standing at the top. “Hello Stephan,” I say as I extend my hand to him.
“Welcome aboard Mrs. Grey,” he says with a grin. “It is nice to see you again.”
“It’s nice to see you, too.” I respond and head into the plane. I haven’t been aboard since our honeymoon. I forgot how vast it is inside. I set my purse on one of the dozen leather chairs available. I overhear Christian speaking to Stephan about our flight. It sounds like it should be smooth flying and clear skies ahead.
“Let me help you buckle,” Christians says as he gestures to one of the seats. I sit down as he stands over me and gently buckles me in. His arm graces my breast as he does so. A low gasp escapes my mouth and I look up at him. He’s got a grin on his face as we make eye contact. “Sorry. My arm slipped.” He thinks he is so sly. Well, two can play at this game.
I gesture with my finger for Christian to lean in. Softly and slowly I whisper into his ear. “That’s okay. You’re arm isn’t the only thing that’s slippery on this plane. In fact, I am feeling very ummm…..wet.”
I give him my best evil grin and sit back up nonchalantly in my chair. Christian gazes at me in shock then adjusts his pants. I look away, trying not to laugh at my successful comeback. “Oh, there’s Natalia,” I say with intention. The too-pretty for her own good flight attendant from our honeymoon is back. Great. I wave to her and she waves back as she stares at Christian. Oy vey.
Christian leans into me once more. “Once we get to flying altitude, its you and me in the bedroom. You’re mine. For dessert.” He stands up and takes his place in the seat next to mine. I take a deep breath in and try to settle my raging hormones.
Once we are airborne, Natalia comes prancing down the aisle towards us. “Can I get you anything, Mr. Grey?” She cocks her head to the side and smiles at him. Is it me or is she flirting? Or at least trying to flirt?
Before Christian can answer I jump in. “No thank you Natalia. I think we are going to head to the bedroom now.” I smile ever so sweetly at her. She stands there speechless then looks over at Christian.
“Yes, that’s correct,” Christian adds. “My wife is tired and needs her rest.” Rest my arse. My inner goddess is getting very impatient and wants to share her eggnog.
I unbuckle my seatbelt and stand up to face Christian. “Oh yes, VERY tired,” I say with complete sarcasm in my voice. “Let’s go and get that sleep.” I over exaggerate a wink and walk towards the back of the plane. I turn my head and take a glance at the scene I’ve left behind me. Christian is unbuckling his seatbelt and Natalia is still standing there speechless. I fist bump my inner goddess and do my best sashay.
The corridor to the cabin is a short walk. I open the door to the cream-colored room. The smell of maplewood welcomes me as I walk in. Straight ahead is the gold and taupe double bed. Honeymoon memories come back in flashes. The bed. My dress. My dress on the bed. I feel his hands on my waist and his breath on my neck.
“That was quite the show you put on out there,” he whispers into my neck and makes me jerk.
“Whatever are you talking about?” I can’t help but smile. I was pretty conspicuous I suppose.
‘Oh, I think you know what you did out there. Perhaps you need a punishing?” Oh.
My inner goddess is awake and ready for her candy cane.
“Punishing? I thought I was getting to lick your candy cane.” Christian’s eyes come alive with …that look. I move closer to him and put my hands there. “Can I help you with this?” I ask as I massage him. His eyes close at my touch. I love that I can undo him with one touch, one word. “I’ll take that as a yes, Mr. Grey.” I unbuckle his belt then work on the rests of his pant removal.
Christian watches intently as I quickly remove his pants. They drop to the floor and he kicks them off, along with is socks and shoes. I look down at him as visions of candy canes dance in my head. I push him gently back onto the bed so that he is sitting on the edge. I kneel down in front of him and look up. He catches me eye as I wrap my right hand around him and bring my mouth to his tip. He lets out a low groan and my body instantly responds. I start to throb as I continue to bring my mouth around him slowly. My tongue makes slow circles along his skin as I tighten my grip.
“Aah…fuck Ana,” he whispers with force. His words are like a drug, pumping through my veins and making every piece of me come alive. I tighten my lips around him and take him in deeper. My hand moves up and down in sync with my mouth. From the corner of my eye, I see Christian’s hands grip the comforter on the bed. I bring my mouth back to his tip and lick the circumference. I glance up and see that his eyes are closed and his head tilted back. Holy shit. He looks like a Greek god. Again I bring him into my mouth deep and hard. Christian moans out and grabs my hair with both hands. “Ana…Ana…I’m close,” he moans out. I increase the pressure and he responds by tightening his grip on my hair and a low moan from deep in his throat. And then a few strokes later he orgasms. I take all of him in as the saltiness drips down my throat.
“Damn Ana. You still amaze me with your non-existent gag reflex,” he says while catching his breath. “You amaze me. Every. Damn. Time.” I look up and smile, then knowingly bite my lip. Christian lowers his gaze. “Are you biting that lip, Mrs. Grey?”
“Perhaps I am. What are you going to do about it 30000 feet in the air?” I look up at him with an I dare you look.
“You. Bed. Now.” Oh yes. My inner goddess does a front flip onto the bed. “Get ready to come. Hard.” Oh hell yes! I climb onto the bed and lie down on the pillows. Christian climbs up after me and leans over me. He pulls up my blue shift dress up to my waist. What the? The sound of my tights being ripped off and then pulled down startles me. He takes off each of my black pumps then my tights. He moves back up the bed and opens my legs wide with his hands. I am throbbing hard now. And I can feel the wetness pooling in my panties. He brings his hand in between my legs and caresses me. There. I moan out at his tender touch. My clit has been on fire since I was sitting at the office hours ago. This may be the quickest orgasm I have to date. He teases me with his finger, gliding up and down ever so lightly.
“Oh god,” I practically scream as he grips my panties and pulls them against my clit. Holy hotness. I bury my face in the pillow to muddle my moans. Slow and precise, his grip rubs me just right as I start climbing towards a quick orgasm.
“Oh no Mrs. Grey. I want you to come in my mouth,” he commands as he rips my very expensive panties off and throws them to the floor. He holds my legs down and brings his tongue to my swollen clit. Oh fuck. His tongue massages my clit and I cry out. He pushes against it harder and I start to come. He thrusts two fingers inside of me and I come hard.  “God you’re so wet.” I continue to come all over his mouth and fingers. I close my eyes and try to absorb all the sensation. 
After a few minutes, I come back to reality. I open my eyes and find Christian lying next to me. “I love watching you, Mrs. Grey. You are so beautiful.” My heart aches at his gentle words.
“I love you,” I whisper.
“I love you, and you are going to love where we are staying.”
“Staying? I  thought we were staying in your apartment.” I’m confused.
“Our apartment, for one,” Christian orders. “And two, let’s just say that OUR apartment is under a facelift.”
“So I won’t be able to see it? I was so looking forward to seeing it.” My inner goddess is now pouting. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I hate when I hear about things after the fact.
“Well, it was or is a surprise,” he says. “I am having it renovated for Little Blip’s arrival. So when we visit New York, it’s all ready. We can stop by and see it. We just can’t stay there. I hope you’re not too upset.” Part of me wants to be upset but it really is a sweet gesture. And just as I am getting over my wanna-be tantrum, a Christmas gift pops into my head! I just hope it can be done in the few days I have left.
“No, it’s okay Christian. I can’t wait to see what the baby’s nursery will look like. Where are we staying anyways?” He gives me a smirk as he sits up to reach for his phone.
“Ms. Twitchy has a surprise for you. Here.” He hands me his phone. Oh my. I don’t know whether to laugh or jump for joy. There’s Twitchy, our kinky little elf sitting in an elevator. She’s holding her usual paper that has the next part of our Kinkmas song.
“An elevator? And twelve orgasms? Are you mad? “
“No, not mad. We are going to the Four Seasons Hotel. And I will have you in the elevator to start. Then we will do our tour of the Big Apple-kinky fuckery style,” he says with authority. Twelve orgasms? In what time frame? I look over at my inner goddess and shake my head. She’s got her Rockettes Christmas outfit on and singing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Kinkmas, everywhere you go; Take a look in the five and ten, glistening with butt plugs again with Christian’s candy canes and silver balls aglow.” Well, New York is the city that doesn’t sleep. And apparently, either will I.
last installment coming soon! …..xo