Hello GREYsessed readers! I realize that Christmas is way over and we are heading towards Valentine’s Day. I am blaming my New Year’s resolution on being so late with this blog! I have committed to stepping up my workout regime and it’s kicking my butt! My ability to stay up until 4 am writing has been a bit compromised…lol. So before Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the bunny trail, here’s the last installment of 12 Days of Kinkmas! As always, Love & Laters©, Michele
I think I need a vacation from our vacation. Sitting here back at work is not my favorite way to spend the start of the new year. Christian begged me to take another few days off of work, but I have way too much work to catch up on. I successfully made it through two manuscripts this morning and decide that I need a mental break. I check in with Christian to see how his day back at work is.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Missing Ms. Twitchy
Date:  January 03 2012 11:24
To: Christian Grey
Good morning husband,
Are you missing Ms. Twitchy as much as me? Thank you again for a lovely trip to NYC. Our first Christmas together was everything and more. Seeing the city for the first time with you was amazing. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to show our faces again once the surveillance cameras are looked at!
Missing you xx
I hit send and lean back into my comfortable leather chair. I think about the email I just sent and wonder if we did indeed gave some New York landmarks an eyeful. Christian said he wanted to show me the Big Apple, kinky fuckery included. The first place he decided to make some New York memories was the elevator of the Four Seasons hotel. We made our way through the beautiful marble lobby towards the elevators. Christian walked with a mischievous grin on his face and he was up to no good. As we waited for the elevator to arrive, he continued looking at me with his I-will-have-you look. Put some butter on me because I was toast.
“See something you like, Mr. Grey? I said playfully.
“Let’s just say it’s not the Big Apple I’ll be taking a bite out of.” Oh. Butter.
The doors opened and we headed into the spacious elevator. Spacious enough to sprawl out on and I laugh a little as I remember what Christian said. “I’d love to see you spread eagle on the floor.” And spread eagle I did. I start to feel an awakening down below as the memory nudges at my clit. The buzzing of my phone brings me back to the present.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: Ms. Twitchy’s Brother
Date: January 03 2012 11:28
To: Anastasia Grey
Good morning my love,
I am so glad you had a wonderful time in New York. Ms. Twitchy will be back next year, yes? And don’t worry, Mr. Twitchy is available year round. Aka- my right hand. Perhaps you would like to get to get aquainted with him again tonight. He’s missed you.
Christian Grey
CEO & twitching, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Oh twitchy, he says. And he says I am the insatiable one. I stare at my computer screen but my mind goes back to the elevator. We have had our share of moments in an elevator, or moving sex box as I like to now call it. The Four Seasons was one of the nicest elevators I had ever been in. Jeez, am I really comparing elevators now? My inner goddess chuckles and gives me a thumbs up. Of course she is. But really, that elevator WAS nicer than my first apartment. And immaculate. It makes me wonder if Christian had it professionally cleaned in preparation for our horizontal playdate. It was the fastest orgasm I have had.  His naughty texts he kept sending me as he sat next to me in the limo helped for sure.  ***Once we get in the elevator you. Are. Mine.*** Oh, how his words speak to my lady parts. He sat straight-faced in the car as I struggled to keep from gasping out loud at his many suggestive texts.
We had from the lobby to the penthouse to make things happen. I grab the arms of my chair in reaction to the throbbing I am now experiencing. Remembering how he grabbed my hair and kissed me hard once inside the elevator. Then practically ripping my jeans off and my panties. I was already wet from the torturous ride to the hotel and he was…ready. He spread my legs and brought his tongue to my wet clit. My moans echoed throughout the elevator. He pressed hard against me as I grabbed fistfuls of his hair. I climbed towards orgasm quickly and just as I was there, he thrust into me. I screamed out, forgetting where I was. He pulled my legs up and over his shoulders and I came as he pushed deeper into me. A few thrusts later, he came as well. Afterwards, we laid there for a moment just laughing at what had just taken place. Then got dressed faster than you could say Red Room.
I straighten up in my chair after realizing I was slouched down and gripping my chair. Thoughts of Christian are starting to really effect my productivity at work. I look at the clock. 11:35. I decide to take an early lunch and put this editing work on hold. I grab my lunch from the staff fridge and come back to my desk to email Christian.
From: Anastasia Grey
Subject: Kink of Christmas Past
Date: January 03 2011 11:42
To: Christian Grey
Twitchy palms, Mr. Grey? Shall I remind you that your palms were happily down my pants on top of the Empire State Building? I know I remember…..
Your Ana, lover of being “on top”
After hitting send, I open my lunch. It’s one of my favorites, chicken salad made by Mrs. Jones. I don’t know what secret ingredient she puts in here to make it so unbelievably good. As I take a huge bite, I hear my phone buzzing. I know who it is.
From: Christian Grey
Subject: The Statue of Liberty
Date: January 03 2012 11:46
To: Anastasia Grey
Dear Wife,
Thank you. I am now twitchy and it looks like I’ve got Lady Liberty in my pants. Watching you come on top of the observation is one of my NYC highlights. I think we may have to bring Lyla out for a playdate again soon. Thoughts?
Christian Grey
CEO & King of the Remote, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.
Thoughts? How about throbs? I try hard to think of other non-sexual memories. Like my Christmas gift to Christian. I had it delivered to the New York apartment. Christian had tears in his eyes when he saw his gift hung up on the wall of the neutral colored nursery that Christian had surprised me with. It was a canvas print of the sonogram from Little Blip’s last doctor appointment. “It’s perfect,” he said as a tear streamed down his cheek. It was perfect. Especially for the man who has everything, yet still thinks he deserves nothing.
A few seconds later, the pull from below brings me right back to Christian’s email. So much for baby thoughts. I have been so wrapped up in my elevator memory that I have forgotten about our stop to the Empire State Building. Lyla-the remote-controlled vibrator inserted before we left the hotel. Christian’s request- “I want to see you come as you take in New York.” Me-coming on the 86th floor of the observation deck. Ah…my chicken salad sandwich is no longer as appealing as my throbbing clit. I put it down and stare out my office window. The gray clouds hovering over Seattle reminds of that windy night in New York. “Why don’t you go take in the view over there,” Christian suggested as he pointed to a spot near the rails of the deck. I walk over to the edge and took in the 360 degree view of the city. It was absolutely beautiful at night with all the lights of the buildings and cars. I grabbed hold of the bars that lined the entire deck and stood tippy-toed to get a look down below.
“Ah…” I moaned and jumped simultaneously. Christian had turned on the vibrator. It softly buzzed inside me and I grabbed hold of the bars for stability. I quickly looked around to see where he was. I hadn’t noticed that he moved away from me. I scanned the crowd and couldn’t see him anywhere. I remember being thankful that it was dark and hoping that nobody was paying attention to the lady grasping the bars like she was trying to attempt a jail break. Slowly the speed increased and I was having a hard time containing myself. The thought of letting go of the bars and finding Christian sounded daunting. My luck he would go full throttle and I’d start convulsing in the middle of touristville. I decided to not make eye contact with anyone and endure my rising orgasm to the best of my ability. My inner goddess was loving it. If it were up to her, she’d have everyone around her watching like one of those Times Square break dancers. The vibrator sped up once again and I death-gripped the bars while trying not to moan out.
Suddenly, I could feel a presence behind me. God it better be Christian. I turned slightly and made eye contact. “Can I help you with that Mrs. Grey,” he whispered into my ear. His warm breath felt amazing against my ear on that cold night.
“Are you trying to torture me? Because it’s working,” I muttered.
Christian moved in closer and unzipped my jacket from behind. He wrapped one arm around me as his other hand moved up to my breast. Slowly his fingers caressed my nipple. “Feel good, baby?” he whispered. I shook my head and closed my eyes. The sounds of the city surrounded me as I got close to coming. Christian turned Lyla up to full speed as he squeezed my nipple. The word fuck came to mind as I knew I was about to come. “That’s it baby. Come for me,” he softly whispered. And I did. He held me tight as I orgasmed on the 86th floor.
Strolling down memory lane has got to stop. Flashbacks of the Empire State Building are now being replaced by the piano memory. The lovely baby grand piano that Christian laid me on top of and had his way with me. Then there was the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show. While everyone clapped along to the Rockettes, I was coming in my seat.imagesCAWYP2JR
Christian strategically placing my coat over my lap to conceal the fact that he was massaging my clit throughout the majority of the show. My inner goddess is now doing her own Rockette dance right now. I look at her, all decked out in her red sparkly dress. Hmmmm…an idea comes to mind. I think it’s been awhile since we paid a visit to Mr. Grey’s office, wouldn’t you say?