Hello GREYsessed readers! I hope you are all having a great start to your week. Did you all get a chance to read the interview on me by the Laters, Baby forum? If not, find it on Twitter and their Facebook page! Thanks ladies! It was an honor!
In other news, have any of you been following the “war of words” regarding the Fifty Shades movie? Looking at the greater picture, this was not a big deal. Apparently the word “raunchy” was used to describe the sex in the we-are-getting-twitchy-waiting movie by Kelly Marcel. Personally, I do not like the word. Yes, I want to see Ana’s arse redder than a cherry flavored Twizzler, but never while reading the books would I say the sex was raunchy. Ms. Marcel herself tweeted that she did not use that word, regardless that the news article flying around Twitter suggests so. The lesson? Don’t believe everything you read! There are tons of rumors, stories, and misquotes everywhere. My rule is this: unless E L James, or a member from Team Fifty waves the flogger with information, I am keeping my twitchy hand stowed!
May I mention that I copy/pasted this blog and the fonts got all messed up. Techo-challenged one over here could not fix it. Lesson learned. Stick to one writing site. So I apologize for the small and mixed up fonts.
Okay, so you are about to witness a first. The blog you are about to read….wait for it……. wait for it…. is from Christian’s point of view (insert gasp, mine not yours!) The story takes off from where the last blog left off. Recap: Ana and Christian are remembering their kinky Christmas spent in NYC. At the end of the story, naughty Ana comes up with an idea….to go see Christian at work! So without further adieu but much nervousness, here comes Mr. Grey…
As always, Love & Laters©, Michele

For fuck’s sakes! Why are people such morons? I loathe when my employees are unprepared for a meeting. I sit at the head of the enormous cherry table trying to look interested. Ros has fucked up the numbers with some overseas business and I really don’t have time for this. She just announced that she doesn’t have all of the information available to enable us to move forward on the deal. I scowl at her and watch her recoil in her seat. “You’re dismissed from this meeting,” I flatly say to her. “Get your act together and come back and see me when you’re prepared.” I scan the room and watch all heads drop down, avoiding all eye contact with me. Good little subs. Damn, I wish I was back in New York with Ana. She is the only one these days to keep me in line. My phone buzzes in my hand, it’s my Ana. 131378514100985310_8IzR0Glz_b

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Breakfast for Dinner

Date: January 03 2012 12:17

To: Christian Grey

Lyla aka the vibrating, incredible, edible egg could possible get me scrambled tonight.


Lover of eggs, the breakfast of champions xx



Fuck! She’s done it again. I nonchalantly adjust myself under the table. Damn it Grey, keep yourself together. The owner of one of the most succesful businesses cannot be dealing with a boner during a staff meeting. I stare down at my phone. Breakfast of champions. I feel a slight twitch in my hand. The thought of Ana squirming on top of the Empire State Building with Lyla, the wonder egg inside her will do that. Who knew the delicate flower with soft, full lips –those lips- would blossom into my kinky, adventurous wife.

Does anyone have anything important to contribute to this meeting or is someone else going to tell me they are not prepared?” Let’s make them squirm. I look around at the fifteen, ,no, now fourteen board members. They scramble quickly through their folders of information. I look down at my hardened pants and shift again. I call on Terrence, one of my financial guys, to break down his opinion on this project. As he is talking, I quickly email Ana back.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Sunny Side Up

Date: January 03 2012 12:26

To: Anastasia Grey

After I scramble your eggs, get ready for your bottom to get the sunny side up treatment…spatula included. And since we are on the subject of food…YOU BETTER BE EATING!!!

Christian Grey

CEO & sous chef, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.


I hit send and try to get my head back into this meeting. Terrence is finishing up his rambling about acquiring some failing business overseas. My phone buzzes. Damn, she’s quick today. Seems like both of us are getting nothing done today.

From: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Here’s something to twitch about

Date: January 03 2012 12:27

To: Christian Grey

STOP TELLING ME TO EAT! OR NO EGGS FOR YOU! (said in my best Soup Nazi voice)

If you really want something to get twitchy about, well….here you go!


Ana xx


 Shit. She did not just do that. I have to look away from my phone. Staring out into the Seattle skyline, I concentrate on getting my breathing under control. I cannot believe she just sent me that picture. I don’t know whether I want to put her over my knee or fuck her senseless. I can’t help but look back at the picture. It’s Ana doing the one thing that will undo me since the first day I met her- biting down on those damned lips. My lips.

Mr. Grey, you’re thoughts sir?” I turn back to the meeting. Terrence is looking for approval from me.

Sure, sounds great. What’s next on the agenda?” I gesture to the group to keep the meeting going. Oh, what I am going to do to you Mrs. Grey. Spatula,, table, Ana’s arse. Damn it! 


Before I have time to send a reply, my phone is buzzing already.It’s a text message. I look up at the meeting in progress. Things seem to be going smoothly. My twitchy hand opens the message. Oh, you are in so much trouble Mrs. Grey. I can feel the hardness pressing into my gray dress pants. I need to see her…now. Calling me to look again, I am drawn back to my phone for another look. This time she has texted me a picture of her licking her lips. lips

Her words flood my head. “Raising the ordinary to extraordinary.” Indeed, Mrs. Grey. Those words can easily describe what this last year has been. Somehow this extraordinary woman has decided to make her life with this ordinary, souless man. It’s a work in progress, being me. And because of Ana, I am slowly but surely accepting what she has offered me- a life filled with love. My phone buzzes me back into the now.

Fuck me ! I look up and see a few leering eyes on me. Keep it together Grey. “How does the farming project look so far? Are we ready to break ground soon?”Good diversion. Ana. Is. Mine. In all sense of those words. Thoughts of the Red Room and her strapped to the bed overtakes my concentration.

Seriously? Another text? My phone buzzes and I almost feel like I can’t look at another picture….almost. I open the text.

***You look uncomfortable in that chair Mr. Grey. Something got you…hard?***

Oh , baby. Someone is here to play. Game on Mrs. Grey. And under that is a picture. Ana in the lobby of Grey Enterprises….wearing THAT trench coat. The fucking trench coat she wore the last time she paid me a visit at work. imagesCAF51QWC

“This meeting is done. I have something to attend to. We’ll pick it up after lunch.” Everyone looks at me puzzled. I gesture for them to speed up the damn process and get out. In no time flat, the meeting room is cleared. I move my head to peer out the doorway from my leather chair. A pair of bare legs and black stilettos slowly enter my line of vision.
Fuck she is hot. Pregnant or not….damn hot. I hope she knows what she has coming to her.

Good afternoon, Mr. Grey,” she sweetly says as she enters the room. Her hair has that just-fucked look-tousled, long, and sexy. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

You know what your lip biting does to me, don’t you?” I arch my brow at her. “I exercise control in all aspects of my life, Mrs. Grey. But you have tested my boundaries today.” I stand up and keep my eyes on her. Slowly, I glide my hand across her trenchcoat-covered bottom as I walk past her. I close the door, lock it, and shut the blinds. I turn back towards Ana, who is watching me intently. 314337248961285511_s0YOPygO_b

Grabbing a fistful of her hair, I tilt her head back and kiss her neck. God she smells good. I move my tongue up and find her lips. Those lips. I pull her back into me and kiss her hard. She moans in my mouth.


I rip open her trench coat. “You. Table. Now.” This meeting has now recommenced.