Hello GREYsessed readers! I am so very happy and relieved that my last blog from Christian’s POV was well received! It was something I have been wanting to do for a long time, and I just hope it gave justice to Ms. James’ characters. All of your lovely comments on my blog page and Twitter have been super supportive and greatly appreciated!
By the way, I once again copied/pasted this blog into WordPress, and the fonts got all messed up. I am not a fan of this blog site and looking into alternatives. So again I apologize for the many fonts.
In other news, Kelly Marcel, screenwriter of the Fifty Shades movie, tweeted that she was at LAX airport. Hmmmm….can we assume/hope/pray that this means another step forward for our movie? Perhaps a meeting with Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca are on the agenda and talks of a director are on the table. With so much talk about casting, I am clueless as to who will direct. Thoughts? I am just excited that it seems like things are moving…slowly, but surely.
And speaking of Mr. Brunetti, are you all getting excited for his Netflix release of “House of Cards?”It is available on February 1st, with all the episodes ready for streaming! I’ve read numerous articles about it and have seen the trailor. Let me just say that it looks like badass Kevin Spacey is bringing his A game to this show! So make sure to check it out and support our Fifty Shades of Grey movie producer!
Okay, I have babbled enough and it’s go time. If you recall, the previous blog ended with Mr. Grey ordering Ana onto the table. And just for the record, I’d be on that table before he could finish saying table! I hope you enjoy this next blog!
Love & Laters©, Michele
“You. Table. Now.” This meeting has just recommenced. Ana glances at me, then looks quickly to the side with a smirk, as if she’s looking at someone else. She does it often, usually after I go Dom on her and suggest something kinky. It’s ever so slight, a normal person would probably not notice. But I have made it my life’s mission to know her….all of her. And as much as I would love to know who her imaginary friend is in the room, I won’t bring it up. For now.
Right now I need her to get on this table. I have ripped open her trench coat and she stands before me half-naked. “Ah…my beautiful wife,” I murmur and then pull her coat off. It drops around her stilettos.

I reach under her arms and lift her onto the edge of the table. Damn Grey, you are a lucky guy. I stand between her legs that are dangling off the end of the large table. “You’ve been a naughty, naughty girl, Mrs. Grey,” I say as I brush her hair out of her face. Remember you are at work. Making her scream and beg would not be professional. “Consider yourself lucky though. I won’t totally torture you. That can be done at home,” I say as the thought of spanking, flogging, and fucking her come to mind.

Mr. Grey,” she whispers in a breathy and surprised response. Oh, my naughty wife likes that idea. Damn it, why must we be here at Grey Enterprises?

I reach down with both hands to her breasts. Pregnancy has done wonders to them. They are spilling out of her black lace bra. Touching lightly, I fondle her nipples. She lets out a sigh that immediately has me wanting to fuck her hard. I squeeze down on her hard nipples and she moans harder. “Shall we see if you can come this way?” I whisper into her ear. She grabs hold around me neck, as if my words are her undoing. Oh, this could be fun. She recently told me how super-sensitive her breasts have been since getting pregnant. Well, let’s see how sensitive they really are.


Ahh….,” she moans into my neck as I circle her nipples lightly. I brush over the top of her nipple, making her tense up.


Feel good baby?” I whisper as I continue to tease her.

Yes…please…squeeze them. Please Christian,” she pleads. Fuck! I love torturing her. And she’s so good at begging. I refuse to give in. She should know by now that I won’t give in to that. Her orgasm will be all the more intense if she just lets me do what I do. And that is to give her more pleasure than she can handle.

These?” I ask as I brush her nipple every so gently. “You want me to squeeze them? Hard so that it makes your clit throb?” She gasps in my ear. Oh, just give it another minute, baby. “Are you throbbing now?” I whisper as my fingers slowly move up towards her erect nipples. She shakes her head and squeezes her hands that are tightly around my neck. My fingers reach are now at the tip of her nipples.God, they are so hard. Thoughts of tasting her breast milk enter my head. Oh, yes-the visual . She’ll never go for it.

Do you know what I am going to do to you after I make you come?” She shakes her head no, while breathing heavy. “After you come, I am going to rip your panties off, then spank you for being so bad today.” Ana sinks her teeth into her lips. Why does that drive me insane? 22166223135459680_5yKxCc2G_b

I can no longer take it. I grab her nipples between my fingers and tug. “Oh god…oh god….” Ana moans out.I squeeze harder as she yells out, “I’m coming Christian.” She pulls me into her and tries to quiet her moans. I bend down and pull her breasts out from her bra. I suck her right nipple and bring my other hand to her panties. I moan against her nipple as my hand caresses her wetness. Screw this, these panties need to go. I rip them off in one swift motion. Ana doesn’t say a word. I think she’s getting used to panty shopping on a regular basis. I bring them to my face and inhale. Delightful as always, Mrs. Grey.

I throw them to the marble floor.

Oh, Ana,” I breathe out. Her clit is so wet and swollen. I move my finger slowly up and down. I lean up and pull her to me with my other hand. Her lips find mine. She moans in my mouth as my tongue meets hers. I hope you’re ready for another orgasm baby. I wrap my arm around her back as I increase the pressure on her clit. She struggles to hold in her moans by pressing into my chest. My fingers glide hard and quick over her clit and she explodes moments later. “That’s it, baby,” I say as I hold her steady on the table.


As she starts to come down from her orgasm, I gently push her back onto the table. I grab her legs and put them over my shoulders. I undo my pants, letting them fall around my ankles. I look down at Ana. “You look incredible,” I say as I look at her sprawled out on the table, her hair wild and flowing. What I could do to you right now. She smiles up at me as if she’s reading my mind.


My breathing is ragged as I enter her. Fuck,! Remember you are at work  damn it! This is going to have to be quick. I thrust into her. Hard. I hold on to her legs that are draped over my shoulders. Damn, I love this position. I am so deep inside of her. I watch as Ana is desperate to grab onto something as I push harder into her. “Play with your nipples,” I order. She quickly complies and moans out as I watch her fingers squeeze. I feel myself climbing quickly to orgasm and I need Ana to come first. I reach in between her legs and find her wet clit. She arches her back and moans louder in response. Seconds later, I feel her orgasm around me. I rub her clit harder as I watch her writhing in pleasure. I could watch her come all day. She has no idea what she does to me. You’re a lucky fuck, Grey. Moments later, its my turn to come. I pull her legs into me, moaning out her name and thrusting hard. 128704501821458859_cj4kRWjY_b

I fall onto her and try to steady my breathing. Wow, that was amazing. I look up at Ana. Her eyes are closed and she’s got a grin on her face. How I got so lucky is beyond me. Memories of that day in May when she literally stumbled into my office come crashing back. And now, as I lie on her ever-growing belly, I still can’t believe all we have faced and conquered. Self-doubt starts to creep in at this moment. Let it go. Let it go. What does Flynn say? Trust the unknown. Something like that. Basically, just don’t be a fuck up, I tell myself. This girl loves you.

Penny for your thoughts.” The always inquisitive Ana interrupting my self-loathing.

Nothing. Just thinking that when we get home I am going to do to you what I couldn’t do here.”

Couldn’t do here, Mr. Grey?”


Yes, I don’t carry a flogger in my briefcase. Although it’s not a bad idea. You never know when you will need one,” I say with a wink. “And if you don’t recall, I owe you a spanking for being a naughty girl.” And there it is again…that smirk and look to the side from her. 133137732704602443_QrF8VGkI_b