Hello GREYsessed readers! I got to thinking today about the ongoing debate for casting of the Fifty Shades movie and it dawned on me that there hasn’t been nearly as much talk about Ana. I myself do not have anyone specifically in mind. Until now. I came across a blog excerpt that mentioned the actress Amber Heard, who I have not “heard” of (insert laugh). So I called upon my BFF, Google, and did some research. She is an American actress and model who does not shy away from getting naked. She stripped down for The Rum Diary, The Informers, and The Joneses. What I love about her is that she has a lot of movies under her belt, but is still not someone synonymous with a particular role. And for me personally, I’d rather it be that way. With actresses such as Emma Watson, Ashley Greene, Emme Rossum, and Felicity Jones being tossed into the casting pot, I’d like to stir it up with the addition of Amber Heard. Couldn’t you picture her in the Red Room?imagesCA2CI05TimagesCAA1PV1UFor today’s blog, we unfortunately will not be heading to the Red Room….just yet. I am still basking in the love from all of you who sent me a message about the last two blogs. I have decided to ride the wave and give it one more go from Christian’s point of view. So here it is…one of my favorite scenes of from the books.

As always~ Love & Laters© Michele



This workout was just what I needed to take away from my…urges. After Miss Steele’s drunken incident last night, all I have wanted to do is introduce her to my lovely riding crop. I make my way back to the hotel room and knock on the bedroom door. No answer. She’s probably still passed out but jeez, I hope not. Last night was enough to last me a lifetime. I open the door and stroll in to find her awake. Damn she looks good even hung over.

Good morning, Anastasia. Feeling okay I hope.” I place the shopping bag I am holding on the chair and turn to face her in the bed. I’d love to tie you to that bed right now. I grab the ends of the towel that is wrapped around my neck to contain my twitching hands. Our eyes lock, her blue captivating eyes searching. In due time Ms. Steele. In due time.

Far better than I deserve, thank you.”

She wants to know how she got here and I explain the projectile vomiting debacle and my fear of her painting my car a lovely color of puke. Watching her squirm as I told her that yes,as a matter of fact, I did undress her was priceless. And what lovely skin you have Ms. Steele, the better to make red with my flogger my dear.

With much hesitation, she asks if we did it.“I am not into necrophilia Anastasia. You were completely comatose, and I like my women sentient.”You’d know if we had done it by your inability to move right now. She lets out a noticeable sigh of relief. Next subject, please. “What did you have to eat last night?” I ask with authority. She shakes her head with hesitation and I feel my jaw clench. I manage to keep it together despite the fact that I’d really love to put her over my knee. I remain impassive to the situation at hand, and coolly say, “Drinking rule number one, Anastasia.” The overwhelming need to take care of her is almost too much. I let out an irritated sigh.

Why does this woman get under my skin so easily? Am I going to continue to scold her, she wants to know. . She’s lucky that is all I am doing at the moment. I watch her eyes widen as I explained that she would not be sitting for a week if she was mine. Mine. Not with the way this conversation is going. She doesn’t seem to be the submissive type. Yet.

Our discussion continues and I can tell I fluster Miss Steele. My wicked grin seems to render her defenseless after she accuses me of being “quite the disciplinarian.” Yes, I could discipline you alright. A flogger perhaps. Or maybe some cable ties. I see that I affect her and a glimmer of hope fills me. “If you were mine. Shit. Did I really say that?” I shift subjects and announce that I am going to shower. Fuck. I start to feel myself harden at the thought of her. Naked. Showering. I lean my head and give her a salacious grin. Is it just me or have I hindered her ability to breathe? I reach over and stroke my thumb down her cheek and across her lip. Those lips will be my undoing.

I whisper, “Anastasia, breathe.” I stand up and tell her that breakfast will arrive in fifteen minutes then head for the shower. Once inside the bathroom, I assess what has just transpired. Damn, I just had to go to there, didnt’ I? Why must she have this…this…control over me? Of course if I hadn’t shown up at that shit hole of a bar, with that shit hole photographer hitting on her, well, who knows where she would’ve woke up. The thought of anyone else having her but me just…Damn it! She’s not yours Grey. But, maybe. I jump into the steaming shower and hope to wash away all this doubt and uncertainty. Christian Grey does not do uncertainty.


As I exit the bathroom, I notice that she is out of bed and scrambling around looking for what I assume are her clothes. “I sent them to the laundry.” I gaze at her cheeks turn a lovely shade of scarlet. And how I’d love to see your other cheeks turn scarlet. “They were covered in vomit and so were your shoes. I sent Taylor out for a new pair. They’re in the bag, along with some new clothes,” I say as I point to it on the chair. She doesn’t speak, but her face lights up in surprise. A good surprise, I hope. She mutters something about taking a shower, then scurries off. Shit. I hope I didn’t go too far with the shopping. But seriously, I think she’d be more embarrassed if she saw the condition of her spattered old ones.

I hear the shower start and my mind starts racing again. There’s something about this girl that makes it hard to resist her. I am drawn to her but once I am honest with my her and myself, she’ll never want to see me again. Sure, she comes off as charming, meek, submissive even. That is, until she opens her unfiltered mouth and gets my hand twitching like nobody has ever done. I quickly get dressed in a white linen shirt and gray dress pants then head to answer the door.

As I am setting the food out on the table, Anastasia emerges from the bedroom. She’s wearing the new jeans, a pale blue shirt, and new Converse. It all seems to fit like a glove. I give her an approving smile as she makes her way towards me. Her hair is tied back in a messy ponytail. Just the way I like it in the playroom. I watch as her eyes scan the opulent sitting area, study, then back to where I am sitting at the enormous dining room table.

Sit,” I command, pointing to one of the cushioned chairs. “I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I hope there’s something here to please you.” I give her an apologetic smile. She murmurs a thank you and states how profligate I am. Shit. I guess it is, but I didn’t want to fuck up breakfast.

Tea?” I ask as I gesture towards the silver teapot. Redemption is mine when her face lights up at the sight of the Twinings English Breakfast tea I ordered. Yes! Good call Grey. She thanks me for organzing her new outfit and shoes. I tell her that the pleasure is all mine. I could get used to taking care of you Anastasia. She responds by fiddling with her fingers and turning scarlet again. It’s taking everything out of me to not clear this table with one hand swipe, then have my way with her on it. Fuck! She’s biting that lip again. I want to suck on those lips. Those full, pink lips.

The moment is ruined once again as she offers to give me money for the clothes. Case in point- why I cannot touch her until she knows everything. A good sub will accept clothes without hesitation or apology. She continues by bringing up the books I sent to her and reiterates how she cannot keep them. Seriously? My emotions go from lust to anger and back to lust again in a matter of minutes. Explaining how I can more than afford them still does not sit well with her. Jeez, she’s relentless and now wants to know why I would buy them for her. Really?


Because I can,” I say with audacity. Miss Steele seems to enjoy a challenge. Little does she know who she’s dealing with. I decide to give her some honesty. “Anastasia, I know you were all ‘kiss me Christian’ when I was holding you after you were run off the road by that cyclist. And your pride got hurt. But there’s something you should know. I am not a hearts and flowers person. Romance is not my thing. Perhaps you should steer clear of someone like me.” I close my eyes because it’s almost painful to say this and look her in the eye. “But with that said, I also find it extremely difficult to stay away from you, which you seem to have already figured out.” My stomach drops and my eyes widen at her response.

Then don’t.”

We gaze at each other for what seems a lifetime. I fight the urge to ask her if she feels the same electric pull that draws me to her. She smirks at me and I can’t help but wonder if she just read my mind. I don’t know if this will ever work between us, but I do know that I can’t imagine my future without her. The only question is whether my world will fit into hers.

She bites down on that lip again and I can’t help myself. “I want to bite that lip,” I whisper.

Why don’t you,” she challenges back quietly. Fuck! Miss Steele has some balls. And speaking of balls, I would like to play with some silver ones. In her. She needs to know what she’s getting into. Sooner than later.

I explain that I will not touch her until I have her written consent.And in usual style, she has a ton of questions and wants to know why I can’t be direct with her right now. I smile escapes me as the thought of fucking her seven ways to Sunday enters my mind. She seems confused, as she should be, and desperate for answers. If only it were that easy.

Tonight, Anastasia. What time are you finished work?”

I’m done around eight.”

I pick up my Blackberry and ring Taylor. “I’m going to need Charlie Tango. From Portland. No..standby at Escala. I’ll pilot myself from Portland to Seattle.” I eye Anastasia while I am speaking to Taylor. She sits frozen, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not. I’m guessing she is overwhelmed but she just sits looking stunned. Just wait until you see the NDA, Miss Steele.

I hang up the phone and instantly she has questions.“Are you always this way with people?” she asks. “I mean, do they just do what you tell them?”

Yes, if they want their jobs. And I am very persuasive,” I say with a smirk. I notice she has not touched her breakfast.

Eat,” I sharply say. “Anasatasia, I have issues with food going to waste…eat.” I hold in my anger as I watch her play with her food. This is going to be a problem if she’s like this all the time with food. I feel my body settle as I watch her take in a few bites of pancake. I give her an approving smile. “I’ll take you home once you blow dry your hair. I don’t want to see you get sick.” Did I just say that? I watch her tentatively leave the table, looking like she wants to ask permission or something. Fuck that would’ve been hot actually. A submissive in the making.


We head back to the bedroom. I follow her down the hallway and can’t help but notice how well she fills out those jeans. She turns her head to look at me quickly. Our eyes lock momentarily and the hallway fills with…with something. She turns back around just in time to stop me from grabbing her and throwing her against the wall. Yes, sweet yet intoxicating Anastasia straddling me as I fuck her against the wall. I squeeze my hands together to stop the twitch I am feeling…again.

So, where did you sleep?” she asks as we enter the bedroom.


In the bed,” I reply impassively. “It was quite the novelty.” I smile and wink at her.

Oh. Not having um….sex you mean.” She looks fifty shades of embarrassed.

No, not the sex part. The uh, sleeping with someone part.” Shit. Abort! Abort the subject. Damn it. Too much information and not the right time Grey. Shit. I put my head down and engulf myself in the newspaper, hoping the Ana Inquisition doesn’t start-up again.

She continues to pack up her belongings and doesn’t bring up the sleeping comment. I breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t want her running before I actually give her reason to run. But the hope that maybe she’ll actually stay after she knows the truth is what I am willing to hold on to. For now.

Are you ready to go?” I ask. She nods yes and a suddenly feel overwhelmingly happy knowing I will see her again. Shit, where the fuck did that feeling come from? Well, it has been over two months since Susannah. But no, that’s not it. There’s something about her. It’s a feeling of need, deep within my soulless heart. Shut this shit down, Grey. “After you,” I murmur and open the door for her. She stops momentarily and gives me an inquisitive look. The feeling is mutual, Miss Steele. And I intend to see how far I can get those to go.


We silently walk down the corridor towards the elevator. My lip twitches as I glance at her from the corner of my eye. She stands against the wall and all I can think about is how lovely she would look tied up in my playroom. Thankfully the elevator arrives. We step inside the empty car and the doors close behind us. Suddenly, I am hyper aware of our proximity and overcharged with anticipation. My heart starts racing and my breathing labored. Fuck. Keep it together. I realize I have been staring down at the tan carpeting of the elevator. I raise my head up slowly and turn to face her. My eyes focus on her mouth as she bites down on her lip.

I can’t hold back. “Fuck the paperwork,” I growl out and lunges at her. I push her against the wall of the elevator. I grab both of her hands with one of mine and pin them above her head.. My other hand grabs hold of her ponytail and I pull on it, forcing her head up. I bring my lips to her and inhale her sweet scent. She moans into my mouth, awakening me further. My tongue finds hers and I slowly explore her mouth. I grind my hips against hers, aware that my erection is rubbing against her stomach. Her breathing hitches and I pull harder on her hair. Fuck, I want her. Here. Now.

You. Are. So. Sweet,” I mutter in between kisses.


Suddenly the elevator comes to a stop. Well,, looks like we have got ourselves a game, Miss Steele. Three businessmen step into the elevator. I slowly blow out a deep breath, hoping to go unnoticed. I cock my eye and see Anastasia watching me. She gives a slight grin then looks away. Yes, Miss Steele, you will be my undoing. We come to the next floor and the businessmen exit.


I turn to her after the doors shut. “So, you’ve brushed your teeth,” I say, glaring at her.

Yes, I used your toothbrush,” she says flatly. I cannot contain my smirk. Miss Steele has a naughty side. The question is-how naughty?

The doors open and I take her hand and pull her out of the elevator.


What is it about elevators?” I say to her, myself, I’m not even sure. My head is filled with a million thoughts at this very moment. What am I going to do with you Anastasia Steele? I am hoping a flight to Seattle will start to answer that question.