Hello GREYsessed readers! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with this thing called life getting in the way of blogging. I had all intentions of getting this blog out yesterday in honor of National Pancake Day and World Nutella Day. But like I said, life has its way of butting in and screwing up my plans! Did any of you channel your inner Ana and get your IHOP on? With or without a Lyla;) ? So, I hope you will still enjoy this next blog, even though it’s a day late!

Oh, and please note that it is Robin Wright, not Penn, who is in the “House of Cards.” I knew this, but still somehow managed to screw it up in my last blog. Have any of you started watching? There is lots of buzz about it and I will say the first two episodes were great, so check it out! I think you can get a free 1 month trial of Netflix, so now’s a great excuse to become a true TV whore!

Enjoy! Love & Laters©, Michele



“Shit,” I mutter to myself, rubbing the side of my hand that I just burned on the skillet. Damn it. I go to the sink and run my hand under the cold water. Why the hell people like to cook is beyond me. I try to get over it as I think of what I have planned. The thought helps as I picture my Ana in a lovely position. I am quickly brought back to the present with the buzzing of my Blackberry. I turn off the stove and pick up my phone. Damn it. Can’t these morons do anything right? There seems to be a problem with the shipment to the environmental science department of WSU, according to this text. No, I am not coming in. I hate incompetence and the unexpected. I text back for them to take care of this problem sooner than later or they will have me to deal with. I toss the phone onto the kitchen counter and take a breath. I stare out the floor to ceiling window and take in the Seattle skyline. My mood has suddenly shifted from excited to flat. Get it together, Grey. You’ve been planning this for a week and she doesn’t appreciate your mood swings. I breathe out a sigh and pick up the tray.I quickly scan the contents to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I walk down the hallway towards the bedroom, and  I am aware of the burning sensastion that is my hand. I am slightly irritated by its presence as I slowly push open the bedroom door.


I set the tray down on the side table and walk over to the bed. Beautiful, Mrs. Grey. The pillow is a sea of her brown hair. I want to reach down and caress it, but I’ve got other plans. I turn and pick up the tray and bring it around to my side of the bed. Carefully I place it down, then climb into bed. I gently pull the covers off of Ana. She doesn’t flinch. I pull them down to the end of the bed, exposing her blue lace negligee. Damn, even pregnant she is a sight. She sleeps on her side, still grasping her body pillow. That pillow is the only saving grace these days to help her sleep comfortably. Part of me feels guilty for waking her, but my controlling side wins this one.

She rolls over to her back and the pillow drops to the floor. Perfect timing Mrs. Grey. I maneuver myself so that I am at the end of the bed. I get on my knees and carefully reach for her nightie. With gentle fingers, I pull up the blue material and notice she’s not wearing any panties. Damn, Mrs. Grey. Trying not to startle her, I cautiously put my hands on her thighs and little by little, spread her legs.


I quickly glance up at her as she moves about in her sleep. I watch for a moment to see if she wakes but she doesn’t. I bring my head back to her legs and move them open slightly more. I inhale and take in her scent. God, I will never tire of that smell. I gently hold her legs open and bring my head into her. My tongue finds her clit and ever so softly, I caress it. Her body jerks and I respond by slowly moving my tongue again. I hear her quietly sigh but I don’t look up. I push her legs open slightly more and swirl my tongue around. Fuck, she tastes good. Her sighs now turn to soft moans.

Christian,” she calls out. I look up and make eye contact with her. I give her a look. My look. The one that gets her every time and she knows it. “You sure no how to…to…wake a girl,” she manages to mutter out as I rub her clit, and glare. God I love watching her like this.

Good morning, Mrs. Grey. I hope this is ok,” I say as I rub her clit harder. She moans loud, sending me into full hard-on mode. “Do you remember what today is?” She shakes her head no, keeping her eyes closed. “It’s National Pancake Day, love. And Nutella Day,” I say while continuing my finger play. “And if I recall, you told me I’ve been a bit of a downer since Christmas.” She continues to moan as if she didn’t hear me. The thought of denying her an orgasm right now crosses my mind. Just because I can. But that will delay my other activities on the menu. “So, I thought on this momentous day, we could play breakfast. Or rather, you could be my breakfast.” Still no response. Okay, then I’ll just make you come. Hard. I replace my finger with my tongue. I hold her legs down and open while I press into her clit. From the corner of my eye I can see Ana grab a fistful of silk sheet and this only makes me want to see her come even faster. I remove my right hand from her thigh and insert two fingers inside of her. Fuck Ana! You are always so wet. I find that spot inside and move my fingers in and out of her while keeping my tongue on her wet clit.


Christian…I’m…I’m..” she screams out. I know she’s on the edge. I can feel her starting to tighten around my fingers. Get ready baby. I wrap my lips around her clit and suck hard as I thrust my fingers harder into her. She bucks her hips as she comes around my fingers. God, I love driving her crazy like this. Just wait baby, this is only the appetizer portion.

I let her come down from her orgasm and catch her breath before the next course. “Was that to your liking, Mrs. Grey?” I press my fingers to my mouth then slowly lick off her sweetness. Her eyes fixate on my mouth and I watch her swallow. Oh yes, I can still do it to her. She shakes her head yes. I just love when I can make her speechless. It’s a feat not to be taken for granted that’s for sure. “Well, I am going to need you to take off your clothes. Things are about to get sticky,” I say with a grin. And there it is.I know I just saw her do that smirk and a look to the side move she does. Damn it. Not the right time to bring it up, Grey. One of these days I am going to remember to ask her about that. But I don’t want to kill the mood right now.

Ana. Off. Now,” I command. She’s taking way too long with removing her clothes. My hands are getting twitchy waiting and I am about to just rip the damn thing off myself. Luckily she responds well to my requests. Well, in the bedroom at least. She quickly pulls the nightie off and drops it to the floor. She looks at me, naked with a grin. Oh Mrs. Grey, that grin is about to turn to moans and groans. I reach back to the tray and grab an item in each hand. “Left or right?” I ask, holding my hands behind my back. She looks left, then right while arching her soft brows.

Right. No, left. No, right. Yes, right.” Is she kidding me? Okay, right it is. I put down the item in my left and hold up the jar of Nutella. A wide smile appears on her face.


Where do you want it?” Her eyes widen at my words. I grab a paintbrush from the tray and remove the lid from the jar. I scoop some of the chocolate concoction with the brush. “Perhaps we should start here,” I suggest, as I bring the brush to her breast. I slowly circle her nipple, spreading Nutella over it. She gasps at the sensation. I chose an extra soft, yet thick brush to fondle her with. “Close your eyes, Anastasia.” I bring the brush to her other breast as she closes her eyes and brings her arms above her head. Jeez, she can be such a good sub when she wants to. I lightly brush her nipple, then the other, then back again as she moans softly with each stroke. I drop the brush and straddle her. Her eyes remain closed as I lean down and blow gently on one of her breasts. She gasps at my warm breath. I bring my lips to her chocolate-covered nipple and into my mouth. I grab her other nipple between my fingers and rub in rhythm with my tongue.


Oh…,” she moans. Shit. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I need to be inside of her. She has always been so responsive when it comes her breasts and it drives me fucking crazy. Her breathing has become ragged and I find myself breathing just as heavy. “Christian…please…” Yes, beg baby. I move my mouth to her other breast and suck hard. I lick the chocolate off her hard nipple.

Taste it, baby,” I say as I lean up and bring my lips to hers. I gently bite down on her lip. She moans in my mouth as I grasp each side of her head. My tongue enters her mouth and finds hers. It’s an intoxicating taste of Nutella and of Ana. Her breath quickens and I can’t hold out any longer. I slide my pajama pants down with one hand and continue grabbing her hair with the other. “Are you ready for me baby?” I ask as I spread her legs. I cup her clit and my hand is welcomed by a pool of wetness. That’s my girl. Always ready. I move in between her legs and enter her.


Ah,” I groan out. She’s so wet for me. I look down into her scorching blue eyes. “Pull your knees up,” I quietly order. And always quick to please in the bedroom, her legs quickly come up. I thrust deeper into her and we both moan out. “I’m going to fuck you hard now,” I murmur.

Do it..hard,” she mutters. Damn it. Her words ignite me and I speed up, pounding harder. I can feel her meeting my every thrust. “Harder,” she moans. Oh shit. I pull her legs up over my shoulders and mercilessly thrust into her. I feel her start to tighten up.


Come for me,” I whisper with a labored breath. She explodes around me, while moaning loudly. With one more thrust, I come right after her. “God…Ana….” I mutter into her neck as I fill her. The smell of chocolate and sex fill the air. “That was a delicious way to start the morning,” I say as I look up at her. She smiles down at me.

I don’t know about you, but I am hungry. What else do you have on that tray?” she asks as she pokes her head up. “I thought I smelled pancakes.”

Yes, there are pancakes. And syrup,” I say with a wink.


You actually cooked, Mr. Grey? Or are they Aunt Jemima microwaved pancakes?” she says with a giggle. God I could listen to that laugh all day.

No, I cooked smarty pants. And look,” I say as I hold up my hand. “I have the burn mark to prove it. The kitchen is a dangerous place to be.”

Aww, my poor baby. Getting beat up by a skillet. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I won’t out you to any of your big time execs. Rep to protect, I know,” she teases.

Someone is looking for a spanking,” I joke. “Can you guess who?”

Spanking? I was actually hoping to make good use of those pancakes and syrup you have over on that tray.”

Good use? And what did you have in mind, Mrs. Grey? Are you going to feed me like a good sub would?” Ha. I still love teasing her about that subject.

Feed you? No. But eat off you, yes. That pancake looks like it would fit nicely around…..” she says looking at my growing hard on. Fuck, I’ve created a monster. I like this monster.

Well then, what are you waiting for?” I flash my grin at her. “Order’s up!” I say while pointing to my erection.

Lay down, Mr. Grey. This is about to get sticky.”

to be continued….. xo